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News contributors - in the service to the RWA community

We are pleased to inform that Mrs. Meera Sabharwal & Mr T P S Oberoi, have joined us in the service to the RWA community as News contributors from their areas.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Big win for Geeta colony - comments

Cheers ! ! ....after ......20 Years ? ? Wha ,

Well for every social Cry why we have to knock at the doors of our Honourable Court only ? for what all other Govt. Agencies are there and don't they know what is with in the law and what is not .

So, at the time of such activities like Marriage processions, Bands, Nach gana, Crackers and open Drinking on Roads and in Parks etc.till late at nights we do not see any check on these happenings by any Law enforceing agency.

Bride- side keep on waiting and waiting for the Barat and all the baraties, out of joy, keep on Danceing only without caring for the timely arrival of Barat, Should we also show up for every function/Barat respectful peaceful and joyful as well as LAWfull, there shall be no problem at all, no harm to keep DJ Volume under cantrol ? Malody and loud noise are two different feelings in music.

These functions are for our happiness at that time BUT there may be a sick person or serious case or exeminations of young childern in the nearby Flats or colony Residents they will certenly not like the loud music and noise / disturbance as they are in a sad and serious mood.

This is every where then Why all these Agencies are not doing any thing ?
Answer may be, beacuse No one is answerable or accountable in their Duties.

It is suggested; that in our all such type of functions at least we must send the invitatins to the Area Police Station, MCD and Horticulture Dept. to participate as our guests and also keep a check in the activities which are disturbing other Residents around that Pandal/Hall or Park . Let us THINK ON IT.

Pocket-3, Mayur Vihar-1.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Take your civic problems to the next level - absolutely free !

If you are a member or office bearer of any RWA, you can become a NEWS CONTRIBUTOR. As a result you will be able to upload details of any civic problems from your area as well details of activities of your RWA with pics & vids absolutely free.

If you are not from any RWA, still you can mail us about any civic problems being faced by you in your area.
You can also subscribe the Blog - Absolutely free and you will start getting our regular updates in your mail box. You can also add your comments on various issues raised in the blog.

Please note, it's a service to the community & therefore
no money involved at any stage.

Mayur vihar - 1, Pocket - 3, Open Drains

With thanks : Hindustan Times

Big win for Geeta Colony

with thanks : Hindustan Times

Muddy water in Preet Vihar

with thanks : Hindustan Times

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Illegal subdivision of shops

Just to give example, shops in Madhuvan and Preet Vihar (new delhi 110092) markets have been subdivided.
Are these with approval of MCD or these are illegal constructions?
Why police and MCD as well as politicians are sleeping.
Citizens need answers.
Because...such subdivisions are common in every pocket of Delhi.

We park where ever we want

Recently Metro has built upfoot path from Madhuvan chowk to Karkri Mod along south side of Vikas Marg. The cars climb the foot path as at couple of spots near Nirman Vihar, Malba has been dumped to make a ramp.
Go from Nirman Vihar towards Madhuvan Chowk and on the side of Nirman Vihar, You will see foot path blocked by cars. Even on road below railway station, half the carriage way is blocked by parked cars, causing immense jams.
Traffic staff just at less than 50 yards do nothing to challan or tow away.
Please tell what is the solution.
Is there any solution or we have to live with it.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

15 days to pay tax : MCD

New Delhi : Illegal constructions are once again under the hammer of MCD. The civic body has issued public notices asking asking people running commercial & professional establishments from residential colonies to pay annual mixed use charges, one - time parking charges and additional Floor Area Ratio FAR charges ( in case of basements) and conversion charges within 15 days. The officials said if someone fails to deposit the required charges in the stipulated time, heavy penalty amounting to 10 times the normal fee will be charged.

with thanks : source : Hindustan Times

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Monorail - the next option for Delhi ?

The Prestigious Delhi Metro is so over crowded now, that people have started comparing it with Blue line buses. The exception is that you can reach in time if you use Delhi Metro & ofcourse the air conditioned atmosphere. Just try it once during peak hours and imagine what will happen, when NCR is thoroughly connected by Metro.

The Delhi Govt. must give a serious thought to the Monorail also, as it is comparatively cheaper than Metro, as well, it can take the sharp turns & reach even those areas, which are not possible through Metro.

Mumbai gets Monorail on Republic day

Monorail Mumbai to face trial run today

Mumbai: Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA)will today conduct the trial run of Mumbai's first monorail on 61st Republic Day of India.

Maharashtra Chief Minister Ashok Chavan will flag of the test run of Mono Rail. The trial run of Rs 2, 460 crore monorail project will be done on a 108 metre track at Wadala.

The proposed route of this monorail is between Jacob Circle and Chembur. The 19.4 km line will be jointly completed by L&T and SCOMI Engineering Bhd.

The MMRDA wants to conduct the test run on a one km stretch but the electrification work was completed on only 108 metre line.

The Jacob Circle and Chembur monorail route will be ready by the year 2011, MMRDA sources said.

The Monorail Mumbai will be a substitute of local trains and other road transportation. According to the sources, initially, 14 Monorails with four coaches each will be available to take commuters to their destinations in no time. The capacity of monorail will be 500 passengers and it will complete its destinations in few minutes.

The operations of Monorail will be frequency basis and it will be 4.5 minutes. The fare will be Rs 8 to 20 (Approx).

with thanks source :

Former President A P J Abdul Kalam's seven-point resolve on the occasion of ensuing Republic Day (2008):

1. Wherever I am, a thought will always come to my mind -- *What can I give?*

2. Whatever the mission I will do, my motto will be *to work with integrity and succeed with integrity.*

3. I will always remember that *my winged days, be not spent in vain*.

4. I realise I have to set a great goal that will *lead me to think high*, work and realise the goal.

5. My greatest friends will be *great human beings, great teachers and great books*.

6. I will firmly believe that no problem can defeat me; *I will become the captain of the problem, defeat the problem and succeed.*

7. My National Flag flies in my heart and I will bring glory to my nation.

A P J Abdul Kalam

uploaded by :
Dr. Gurdeep Kaur

Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Republic Day - 26th January, 2010

Happy Republic Day - 26th January, 2010

with best regards

B S Vohra

with thanks : source :

Improvement in Bus Service for the Commuters of Hari Nagar

Reminder 1st : January 25, 2010

The Chairman/Managing Director
Delhi Transport Corporation
Delhi Parivahnalaya, IP Estate
NEW DELHI-110002

Sub. : Improvement in Bus Service for the Commuters of Hari Nagar

Dear Sir,

A very large number of residents of G Block, Shiv Nagar, Virender Nagar, Asha Park, Usha Park, Fateh Nagar, Pratap Nagar, Delhi Govt. flats at Tihar Jail Complex, BF block and many blocks of DDA flats, are being denied direct bus service to famous destinations like Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, Hanuman Mandir, RML, CP, ITO, Laxmibai Nagar, Mayur Vihar, Anand Vihar Bus Terminus and New/Old Delhi Railway Stations.

There used to be a few routes originating from Hari Nagar Depots, which have been discontinued, and other routes have not replaced these routes. There are three DTC depots at Hari Nagar but not a single route originates from this very important place. Every day the residents of above mentioned colonies learn about low floor buses being deployed on many routes in West Delhi but there is no effort as yet to introduce these low floor buses on routes covering these colonies.

In the past, the ACP, Traffic(West) had pointed to your office as also to Delhi Govt’s Transport Department about the prevailing congestion at Hari Nagar Clock Tower from where route numbers 73 and 108 are originating. To overcome this problem, it was also suggested that both these routes could be extended to Hari Nagar Depots because of sufficient parking place in front of the three bus depots. But this proposal is yet to see light of the day. In the recent past, some low floor buses have been deployed on route 73 but residents of our areas have to first reach this place from their respective colonies to avail themselves of this service because the distance is not walkable.

You are requested to kindly depute your experts to verify the above stated facts and report back to you the dire need for extension of routes 73 and 108 and also to introduce new routes from Hari Nagar Depots for important destinations.

Thanking you and hoping to have immediate action on residents’ grievances,

Yours truly,
TELEFAX: 25530483, 9015152976,
Copy for n.a. to: Shri Mahabal Mishra, Hon’ble Member of Parliament, West Delhi.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mobile phone problems ?

I am also having a similar horrifying experience with Airtel. I have not been receiving signals at my residence since March last year. Their executives had visited my premises in April and July 2009 and had verified the complaint. They had promised that my grievance will be redressed within a week or ten days. Nothing happened. Meanwhile their advance rental of Rs.1000 for next two years became due some time in August-Sept. last year and this Airtel added to my bill making it somewhat around Rs.1300. This again got enhanced to over Rs.1500 with late payment penalty, etc. My compllaint of not receiving signals inside the house continued till October 2009 and this company withdrew the outgoing and income facility for non-payament of bills. I made them clear that as they have beenfound deficient in service for not days, weeks but for long eight months, I will not pay them any amount till this problem of mine is rectified land I am also compensated for bearing with the problem. Every time I had to rush out to my corridor as and when there was a call. Similarly, for making a phone call also, I was required to move out of the house at a place where I got signals. Like the above blogger, I was also sent a legal notice from Airtel's solicitors, Mr. Narender Kumar, and was given some time to pay the bill or face charges under various criminal sections including 420 for retention of sim card, etc. I took the matter with TRAI, Airtel's Appellate Authority and Customer care people as also with the concerned Ministry in the GOI. Ms. Aarti Handa from Airtel's Appellate Authority insisted me that all other charges have been waived but I should make payment of Rs.375.41 immediately. She did not respond to my query 'If their total outstanding amount included Rs.1000 towards advance rentals for next two years. Last week this mail was sent to her and others including their lawyer for action at their end. Mean while, our Welfare Association's mail ID was hacked and despite of asking Ms. Aarti Handa to forward my own mail sent to her and others through my hacked Email ID, she did not respond. This is the state of affairs with this internationally known company, Bharti Airtel Ltd.

NEW DELHI-110058.


How far and how long we the ordinary Citizens of India ( Mera Bharat Mahaan) can cry ? Now the tears have also dried just like our Taps " Long live DJB".

There is no end to such debates, discussions or representations. Are we not doing this for the past 50-60 years ? The entire system and rules and regulations have to be totally scraped and all new and advanced plants and machinery, Charges, the staff, the DJB systems needs overhauling to start afresh and use or misuse of water LAWS, all loop holes must be plugged, enough is enough now lets be not at the mercy of DJB officials or un-lawful misuses of drinking water in Delhi.

If no awareness/ action by the Ministry firmly on the above points, we all should be rest assured we shall have to live in such obslete systems for our life time at least. In my child hood I use to read small boards in President's Estate, " DESH KI BHALI KAY LEIA PANNI AUR BIJLI KA THEEK ISTAMAL KAREYN " Be good citizens first.Let us think on this quote.

Pocket-3, Mayur Vihar-1.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

RWA Blog for RWA's & all of you

If you are from Delhi, please log on to the RWA blog
and add about any civic problems being faced by you, with pics & vids. You can add any ideas, suggestions as well comments on various issues raised in the blog. You can subscribe the blog for a regular update in your mail box. The main purpose of the blog is the interaction amongst RWA's of Delhi as well sharing the common problems being faced by all of us and try to take these to the next level, so that these could be solved. The blog is very well covered by media.
Looking forward to meet you on this blog with your comments, suggestions, ideas.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Mr. Ajith from Triveni Residents Welfare Association, Sheikh Sarai-II, New delhi.

Since you are associated with lot of Residents Welfare Associations now, kindly guide us how to resolve below mentioned issues faced in our RWA.

1.Residents are not paying their monthly subcription - What action can be taken aganist these people?.

2.Residents are not pasting the car stickers issued by the RWA - What action can be taken aganist these people?.

If any one else who is associated with your blog are also requested to answer this questions from their experience.



DJB should install its own meters

DJB should install its own meters, in Hindustan Times, HT live - East dated 22nd january, 2010.

Traffic jam at F block, Mandir marg, Krishna nagar

Traffic jam at F block, Mandir marg, Krishna nagar, Delhi - 110051 in Hindustan times, HT Live - East dated 22nd January, 2010.

E mail hacking news on Amar Ujala

E mail hacking news on Amar Ujala dated 22nd January, 2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Residents consultation mechanism in running society and other affairs

While Delhi witnessed growth of residential areas, the societies played an important role right from the stage of formation of societies, allotment of land on lease,development of area according to sanctioned lay out plans,then allotment of plots to members and finally handing over of services to respective authorities like MCD.
There after came a problem, arising out of death of original members and resale and then construction of flats purchased by different owners.
This problem was taken care of RCS and SOCIETIES WERE EXPECTED TO WIND UP except those who had built community centre etc.
Now the residents got divided into two groups....member and non members.
In certain cases non members were more than members of society.
The charges determined as security charges, annual maintenance charges were required to be made applicable to all residents.
BUT THEY HAVE NO SAY IN DETERMINATION OF CHARGES OR WHETHER A particular services is required or not.

Jagran City Plus

Jagran City Plus
My humble request is kindly keep me in mailing list and send me paper daily.
Further, kindly help to consolidate list of mobile and e mail addresses of ative social workers of RWAS, society or other groups.
Then we can create discussion groups to solve problems of citizens, to exchange activities and to help each other in specific cases.

Dangerous feeder pillars and service pillars of BSES

The poor quality of FEEDER AND SERVICE PILLARS are legacy of erst while desu/dvb.
But BSES and NDPL are equally guilty and will be responsible of man slaughter if any person dies on account of this neglect.
The need is to provide earth leakage protecctive device on each out going 400 volt feeder as well as to replace or repair such pillars. An action plan needs to be in place for losing further time.
Further, i am shocked on casual attitude that when consumers bring such situations, they fail to act and thankfully acknowledg.
Immediately a press note could be issued to educate public and request their participation to list out above type of defetive feeder pillars.
Furhter, During six years when i was hony secretary of DOCHBS LTD MADHUVAN, not even as single meeting was organised by NODAL officer despite pointing out this in bhagidari meetings.
Kindly do something to correct this situation.

E-mail ID of ex-Delhi MLA Vijay Jolly hacked

NEW DELHI: The e-mail ID of senior BJP leader and former Delhi MLA Vijay Jolly was hacked recently. The hackers shot mails from his account claiming that Jolly had misplaced his wallet in UK and needed financial help. The hacker circulated the mail to Jolly's acquaintances mentioning he needed $1,450 to pay hotel bills so that he could return home. "I will appreciate whatever you can afford to assist me with. I'll pay back the money as soon as I return. Let me know if you can be of any help. I don't have a phone where I can be reached,'' the mail had claimed.

Jolly has lodged a complaint with Neb Sarai police station alleging that his mail account was hacked by cyber fraudsters.

"Some cyber criminals are misusing my name to cheat and commit financial e-mail fraud. The mails have been sent to all my public, political, business, diplomatic and journalist friends. I have been in Delhi. I appeal to all my friends and well wishers not to be misled by the fraud e-mail message,'' Jolly said.

With tanks : source :

YESTERDAY, we received a similar mail on the name of Mr. T P S Oberoi, RWA, HariNagar. We duly informed him about this. Today, we got a call from Mr. T P S Oberoi, that his Mail account has been hacked. The mail we received yesterday said that :

Sorry for not informing of my recent trip to London. I had intended to stay for five (5) days,but for the mishap I had Some gangsters stopped me of my money and my traveling document, that I was left empty. I need to pay for my hotel accommodation and other traveling expenses, therefore will need candid help by asking for a soft loan of Two Thousand and five hundred Dollar ($ 2500.) to enable me solve the financial burden. Please, you can remit to me through Western Union Money Transfer.Name:TPS OBEROI,I will appreciate. Here is the address:
42, New ark Hse., Brixton, Lough Borough, London SW9 7SH. I promise to reimburse you in good time, soon as I am back.
Thanking you in anticipation.
Best reagrds,
TPS Oberoi

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

And now milk prices may rise in the capital ?

Earlier Mr Sharad Pawar had spoken about Sugar & its prices rose immediately. Now prices of milk may shoot up after Mr. Pawar said about the possibility of increase in milk prices in the capital.

Traffic jam on F Block, Mandir marg, Krishna nagar, Delhi - 110051

Though, Traffic cops are now visible on the Road number 57 at Mandir marg intersection, a lot still needs to be done on this road. We request to the ACP Traffic to deploy regularly cops at this section of road.

In adition, A red light at Happy school crossing must be there.

In adition, crane should be deployed to carry away the unauthorised vehicles parked on this road. Even now, while typing this post, i can hear the Siren of an Ambulance struck in the traffic jam on this road for the last over few hours.

They cheat using your mail ID

They will use your mail ID & will send a distress mail to persons you know. They will request that you are in foreign, & have lossed all the money. They will use your name, your ID & will give the Western union address to send immediately, some Money on your name in US Dollars which they promise will return on coming back to India. But please note they are the CHEATERS. Even earlier news have been published in various news papers.

Today our blog received a similar mail on the name of a known RWA from the mail ID of that RWA :

Sorry for not informing of my recent trip to London. I had intended to stay for five (5) days,

but for the mishap I had Some gangsters stopped me of my money and my traveling document, that I was left empty. I need to pay for my hotel accommodation and other traveling expenses, therefore will need candid help by asking for a soft loan of Two Thousand and five hundred Dollar ($ 2500.) to enable me solve the financial burden. Please, you can remit to me through Western Union Money Transfer.Name:TPS OBEROI,I will appreciate. Here is the address:
42, New ark Hse., Brixton, Lough Borough, London SW9 7SH. I promise to reimburse you in good time, soon as I am back.
Thanking you in anticipation.
Best reagrds,
TPS Oberoi

Though, we knew of this kind of mails, still out of curocity as well courtsey, we called Mr Oberoi and found him very much in Delhi in good spirits. Therefore, if you get any such mail, please dont rush to send the money. Check & verify the facts. Please note, any one can use your E Mail ID by using the bulk mailer softwares and you can be in problem for no fault of you. Therefore, YAHOO is giving the facility of DOMAIN KEY CERTIFIED MAILS. If a key is visible on the senders mail ID, it means ( as per Yahoo), it has been mailed from the said mail id. And in case no such key is visible, it can be a fake mail.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Requested Indane to Educate the consumers about :

First of all, we expect a clarification about the EXPIRED CYLLINDERS. Much is being said about the expiry date of LPG Gas Cyllinders. Even we uploaded it in our Blog. We found three Expired gas cyllinders in our street. The news was also published in the AMAR UJALA. Please explain us about the EXPIRED CYLLINDERS. If any of these cyllinders are exploaded, and the consumer suffers the loss of life or property, who will be responsible ? How a consumer can prove that the cyllinder was an Expired one after it is exploaded.

Secondly, please try any of the gas dealers for the booking of a Gas cyllinder and there is more than 100% possibility that continuously for many hours, it will be engaged or none will pick it up. Why dont these dealers keep more than one working phone. Is there any norms in this regard. In our opinion, these dealers try to avoid phones to skip the booking and to sell it in the grey market.

Lastly, The dealers ask for a 20 days gap in between the booking of second cyllinder. As per RTI, the Gas companys have denied about any such gap period. Than why these dealers are still continuing this practice. How long they will harrass the consumers.

Order in respect of admission procedure for pre-primary classes in the recognized schools in Delhi.

Govt of NCT of Delhi (Education Department) has issued Order in exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) of section 3 of the Delhi School Education Act, 1973 (18 of 1973) read with rule 43 of the Delhi School Education Rules, 1973, and on the recommendation of the Delhi School Education Advisory Board, the Lt. Governor of the National Capital Territory of Delhi, made the following Order in respect of admission procedure for pre-primary classes in the recognized schools in Delhi.

Page 1 of 9
No.F/DE/15/1031/ACT/2007/ 7002 Dated:24.11.2007
No.F/DE/15/1031/ACT/2007/7002. -In exercise of the powers conferred by sub -
section (1) of section 3 of the Delhi School Education Act, 1973 (18 of 1973)
read with rule 43 of the Delhi School Education Rules, 1973, and on the
recommendation of the Delhi Sch ool Education Advisory Board, the Lt.
Governor of the National Capital Territory of Delhi, hereby makes the following
Order in respect of admission procedure for pre -primary classes in the
recognized schools in Delhi, namely: -
1. Short title and commencemen t. – (1) This Order may be called
the Recognized Schools (Admission Procedure for Pre -primary Class)
Order, 2007.
(2) It shall come into force with immediate effect.
2. Definitions. – In this Order, unless the context otherwise requires,
(a) “Act” means the Delhi School Education Act, 1973 (18 of 1973);
(b) “Delhi” means National Capital Territory of Delhi,
(c) “Form” means the form appended to this Order.
(d) “Management” means the Managing Committee of a recognized
school, imparting education in Delhi,
(e) “Rules” means the Delhi School Education Rules, 1973;

Page 2 of 9
3. Within a period of three years from the date of coming into force
of this Order, every school shall introduce a pre -primary class for the
admission of children, who have completed the age of minimum four
years as on the 31st March of the year in which admission is being
Provided that no admission shall be made in standard one unless
the child has completed the age of minimum five years as on the 31st
March of the year in which admission is being sought .
4. With effect from the date of coming into force of this Order, all
admissions in the pre-primary class shall be made in the manner
provided in this Order.
5. Display of information relating to proposed admissions. – Each school
shall display the following infor mation by the 30th November of every
year on its notice board, in its prospectus and website (where available),
(a) Total number of seats available for admission in pre -primary
(b) Total number of seats to be filled from the children of
economically weaker sections of society, if the school has been
allotted land on concessional rates by Government agency;
(c) Date, place, mode of distribution and receipt of registration forms;
(d) Infrastructural facilities available in the school;
(e) Details of Faculty of the school;
(f) Facilities available for children with special needs;
(g) Fee structure;
(h) Past performance of the school in different fields, such as, -
(i) Academics;
(ii) Sports;

Page 3 of 9
(iii) Cultural activities;
(i) list of supporting documents to be produced by the parent at the
time of admission (This list will be as per the requirement of the
6. i) Every school shall use the Standardized Registration Form as per
Form-I, ensuring that each form has a unique number.
ii) Photocopies of the supporting documents may be submitted with
the Registration form. In no case original documents shall be asked for
at the time of registration. Parent or guardian shall submit all original
documents at the time of admission.
iii) The school shall scrutinize the regis tration forms to verify the
details and other particulars filled up by parents or guardian.
7. The school shall not conduct any interview of, or interaction with the
child for whom admission is being sought. There shall also be no
observation of the child either in formal or informal conditions.
Similarly, the school shall not conduct any interview of or interaction with
the parent(s)/ guardian(s).
However, the school can have informal interactions with
parent(s)/guardian(s) only with the purpose to ascertain the veracity and
correctness of the documents/details , which will be communicated to the
parent(s)/guardian(s) in writing in advance.
8. There shall be no overall lottery system to select/short list a child for
admission. Limited use of lott ery may however be adopted in case there
is a tie amongst applicants.
9. Schedule of dates for admission. - The school shall make the
admission as per the following schedule, namely: -

Page 4 of 9
(a) Distribution of registration forms for admission shall be done from
15th December to 31st December ;
(b) Filled up forms shall be accepted at the school till 7th January up
to 16:00 hrs;
(c) After scrutiny of forms as per admission criteria adopted by it, the
school shall display the following information, namely: -
(i) lists of selected children (First list) and waiting list (Second
List) on 1st February;
(ii) Third list, if any on 28th of February;
(iii) Fourth list, if any on 15th of March.
10. The school shall, display all the above mentioned four lists on their
web-site (where available) and notice board on the dates above with the
following information:-
(i) Names and registration number of all the children whose
standardized Registration Forms were received by the school;
(ii) Names and registration no. of children selected for admission;
(iii) Draw of lots and date, time and venue of the draw of lots in
case of tie.
11. Fees from the parent(s) or guardian(s) of the selected children in the
First List shall be accepted in the school till 16.00 hrs on 15th February.
Similarly, fees from the parents or guardian of children selected from the
Second list shall be accepted till 16:00 hrs. on 26th February . Fees from
the parent(s) or guardian(s) of children selected from the Third and
Fourth List will be accepted till 16:00 hrs. on 10th March and 25th
March, respectively.
12. In case any fee is collected f rom the parent(s) or guardian(s) of a
child whose admission is cancelled subsequently due to non-submission
of original documents by the due date, or any information or document

Page 5 of 9
submitted at the time of registration being proved to be wrong or false,
the entire fee except registration fee shall be refunded.
13. If any parent or guardian, after depositing the full fee for admission of
a child, chooses to withdraw the child from the sch ool within one month
from the date of the admission, then the school may retain the
Registration Charges, Admission Fee and the tuition fee for one month
only, and shall refund all other amounts of fee or other charges.
14. The school shall develop and adopt criteria for admission which
shall be clear, well defined, equitable, non - discriminatory and
unambiguous. The school shall adopt th ose parameters which are in the
best interests of children and are in line w ith its own philosophy, and
these shall include the following:-
(i) Neighbourhood - It is in the interest of children that they are
provided admission in a school nearest to their residence. The
schools shall, therefore, give preference to children living in
nearby areas. If the school is satisfi ed that a good and safe
transport is available for a child, then, it may consider giving
admission to such a child even if he/she lives at a place quite far
off from the school. This is also important as distribution of
schools is not uniform in the city.
(ii) Background of the Child - Children from all social and
economic backgrounds shall be equally considered for admission.
The school shall make a conscious effort to admit children with
special needs or from vulnerable backgrounds.
(iii) Sibling - Generally, parent(s) or guardian(s) prefer that their
children study in the same school. Therefore, the school may give
preference to a child who has a sibling studying in that school.
(iv)Transfer Case: - Many parents or guardian are working in
transferable jobs, in the government and other private sectors.

Page 6 of 9
The school may give preference to the child of such parent (s) or
(v) Single Parent i.e. divorced/widow/widower/unmarried: - The
School may give preference to admit child of such single parent.
(vi) Management Quota – School may have a management quota
which shall not exceed twenty percent of the total seats available
for admission in the class.
Schools can also fix additional parameters but are required to stipulate a
point system for each criteria/parameter
15. The admission criteria adopted by the school shall be made by the
Managing Committee and be finalized with the prior approval of the
Directorate of Education. The final approval/ disapproval shall be
communicated to the concerned school within four weeks from the date
of receipt of request from the school concerned.
16. Every school shall make public the approved admission criteria
adopted by it, on its website (where available), prospectus and Notice
17. The school shall not change, alter or modify its approved admission
criteria during the admission process in an academic session.
18. An Admission Committee under the chair personship of the Principal
of the school shall be constituted with the following, as members:-
(i) Two representatives from the parent(s) or guardian(s) in
the Managing Committee/ PTA;
(ii) Headmaster/Headmistress of the school/In charge of the
primary section.
19. The functions of the Admission Committee shall be as follows: -

Page 7 of 9
(a) Overall monitoring of the admission process;
(b) Conducting the draw of lots, if required, in a transparent
manner in front of parents or guardian and all members
of the Admission Committee;
(c) Ensuring that the norms and criteria specified by the
school for admission are objectively applied to determine
the admission.
(d) Ensuring that the time schedule and other stipulations in
the admission procedure are fully adhered to;
(e) Attending to the complaints, if any, in an impartial manner
and taking remedial and corrective manners.
20. Special Provision for the session commencing April 2008 :-
i) In case the Management of any school finds that the
school does not have any vacancy for pre - primary class
for academic session starting from April 2008, then, it shall
notify the same on its website, prospectus and notice
board, respectively and shall also inform the Deputy
Director of the District concerned, in writing, by 15th
ii) All children who have been given admission for academic
year 2007-08 in a class lower to pre-primary class shall
move to the pre-primary class for the academic session
starting from April 2008.
21. There shall be one year of pre -primary class in every school. A
class of one year duration preceding this called pre -school may be setup
as a neighboring pre-school and the Education Department shall
frame the guidelines in this regard, in consultation with experts. The
schools which are already running pre -school class may continue to do
so subject to the following conditions:

Page 8 of 9
(a) Every child admitted to pre-school shall be of minimum
three years by 31st March of the year in which admission
is being sought;
(b) The schools shall frame their own guidelines for admission
to pre-school class and the same criteri a as for admission
to the pre-primary level may be adopted, until such time as
the guidelines for pre-schools are framed;
Explanation: - For the purposes of this clause, the ages stipulated for
entry into standard one, pr e-primary class and pre school class are the
minimum ages and there is no bar to children older than the ages
specified in this clause being given admission to these classes.
22. Monitoring by Education Department:-Every school shall furnish a
soft copy, and hard copy of the information in clause 5 of this Order ,
duly signed by the Principal , to the Deputy Director (Education) of the
District concerned by 30th November, who shall ensure that this is
placed on the web-site of the Education Department
23. A copy of the adopted criteria as approved by Management
Committee shall be submitted in the office of the c oncerned Deputy
Director by 30th November, for approval/disapproval.
24. Every school shall furnish detailed information r egarding admissions
made in the pre-primary class, on the Reporting Form in Form II and
District Deputy Director of Education shall put the same on the website
of Education Department for public viewin g.
25. A Monitoring Cell shall be constituted in each district under the
Chairmanship of the District Deputy Director, who shall look into
complaints regarding admission and shall also conduct regular

Page 9 of 9
inspections to ensure that the process is hassle free , objective and
26. Any non-compliance of the above Order shall be viewed seriously
and necessary action shall be taken as per the provisions of the Delhi
School Education Act & Rules 1973.
By order and in the name of the Lt. Governor of the
National Capital Territory of Delhi,
Joint Secretary

Original copy of order can be downloaded from Directorate of Education website.

taken with thanks from the source :

View the complaints of parents to Directorate of Education regarding Nursery Admissions

Check the link to view the complaints of parents to Directorate of Education regarding Nursery Admissions & the details of action taken by Directorate of Education :

Nursery registration fee should not be more than Rs 25

Taken from the comments section of the website : Source :

Recently, the Directorate of Education passed orders that nursery registration fee should not be more than Rs 25, but there are still many schools in the city that are charging separately for the form and prospectus. This joint fee, when put together is way above the norm which has been set by the DOE. There are a few schools which are giving their prospectus free of cost, but are charging a “processing fee” for the same. The fees charged are anywhere between Rs 200 - Rs 800 for a single school prospectus.

With parents applying in at least 10 schools to ensure that their child bags a seat, admission process this year seems to be a repeat of last year. Parents have actually chartered out a budget just to buy the admission forms. Parents belonging to the lower strata of the society do not have much choices left, just because of the high “processing fees’ charged by the schools. Making a mockery of the DOE’s directives, the admission process has begun in the city and the parents are again dacing to the tune of the schools.

Taking this into consideration, there is a hue and cry in the public and the general opinion is that to prevent this, the directorate should immediately issue a public circular clarifying that the cost of admission form, which should not exceed Rs 25. This cost should include the cost of prospectus, as contemplated in DoE orders.

Also, to urge the Delhi government to “rein in private schools”; the Delhi Abhibhavak Mahasangh will stage a dharna at Jantar Mantar on December 23.

With thanks : source :

BSNL donates Rs 9.95 lakh for 'Aap Ki Rasoi' scheme

New Delhi, Jan 18 (PTI) State-run telecom operator BSNL today donated Rs 9.95 lakh towards Delhi Governments 'Aap Ki Rasoi' programme under which homeless and poor people are given cooked food.

BSNL General Manager S C Alhuwalia handed over a cheque amounting to Rs 9,95,625 to an official of ISKCON in presence of Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit.

ISKCON has collaborated with the government and set up seven centres in the city to distribute cooked food to the homeless and the poor.

Dikshit appreciated BSNL's help to the 'Aap Ki Rasoi' programme being implemented under Government's Bhagidari initiative.

The money donated by BSNL will be used to run the food centre near Lajpat Nagar. A number of such centres have been closed down for want of financial assistance.

In all, more than a dozen centres are being run under the programme across the city.

with thanks : source :

Monday, January 18, 2010


I had a very disturbing and harrowing experience.
I started getting calls from AIRTEL MOBILE that i need to pay unpaid bill of a mobile phone bill.
First i thought, it could be for my broad band connection or IPTV or even land line connection.
Today i received a legal notice from Ranvir Vats & Co Advocate & Legal advisor regarding a mobile connection no 9650 640 303 accout number 102-103496696 to immediately make payment or face action.
then i started ewceiving calls.
My wife got panicky,compelled me to go to AIRTEL MOBILE OUT LET.
We went to Jagat puri near Krishan nagar and checked status.
I me a copy of my application where i had asked for mobile connection of air tel,place or outlet name and since when this connection was asked and and then activated, verification report.
I am still awaiting reply..but heard that a particular DSA was very welknown for such things but is now closed.
I am waiting for written reply and then i will initiate action.
But i discussed this issue and was told that hundreds of mobile connections had been in existence on stolen or forged papers.
My case of similar not panick and share information so that proper course could be worked out.



Due to short circuiting on a pole with very healvy load, fire broke out in July 2009 which could not be extinguished by Firemen, policemen, BSES employees. They all joined the residents for hours till the fire got extinguished on its own. This affected closeby power connections including mine. We started getting inflated bills for which repeated complaints were lodged. Parallel meters have been installed on two of the three meters but the problem was in the bus bar (distribution box) before meters. In November, there was short-circuiting in the domestic bus bar which resulted in no-current. The LEDs indicating Earth Leakage were on in two meters. This complaint was attended to and it was found that previously when bus bar was fitted, no thimbals were used and the loosely tied wires caused short-circuiting. After this the LEDs showing earth leakage also were found 'off'. This wrong wiring in the bus bar was the main reason of inflated bills for which Mr. Jha, Business Manager, at Maya Enclave, Mr. Kapoor, DGM and Mr. DP Singh at B-1 Janakpuri No Current Office were met and handed a detailed letter of my complaint narrating the reason of receiving the inflated bills. Today, it is Jan. 18 and this letter was personally delivered on Nov.18, 2009. No reply or action has been found till date. This is the state of affairs at BSES ground level which needs immediate rectification by DERC and Delhi Government.


Sunday, January 17, 2010


The games in 2010 will mean additional expenditure and therefore reason for increase in taxation...price rise of essentials like Water,bus travel, and vegetables.
But My concern is...BECAUSE GOVT FAIL TO COLLECT PROPERTY TAX,SALE TAX AND INCOME TAX..etc...should an honest tax payer be burdened.
The thieves are not being caught due to nexus between various groups..administrative,political and business interest group.
It is in the interest of honest TAX PAYER TO CREATE PRESSURE GROUPS and see that dishonest are made to pay.
DEPARTMENTAL AND SECTIONAL HEADS MUST ADOPT A LOCALITY/MARKET and monitor actual and realistic realisation of sales tax, vehicle tax as private cars at most of the taxis stands are sent as taxis.
The social spirited citizens must be associated in such ventures.

Proposed electricity tariff hike by BSES and delhites

Every year Private companies in Delhi expect increase in electricity rates without bothering about poor or middle class. BSES has failed to check theft or to meter energy supplied to street light and govt office including police stations. So,this burden is passed on to consumers. Why should i pay for the stolen electricity? Secondly, compare per kwhr energy billed in any comparable city served by STATE ELECTRICITY BOARD. Before privatisation, the Expenses in supplying electricity per kwh need to be compared with present charges.

Expenses are high because of over head high charges and purchase of equipment at exorbitant prices. We have to firm up our replies and submit before 4th Feb 2010 to DERC.

Kindly comment so that a proper replied could be firmed up.

K K Ghei

Subscribers of the blog RWABhagidari : please note as below :

After subscribing the blog, you get a confirmation mail for verification that you have subscribed the blog. It's only after the verification of this mail, you start getting the regular updates in your mail box. We have found that many of you, who have subscribed the blog have not yet confirmed the verification mail. As a result, though you are in our mailing list, you are not getting our regular updates. We again request you to please check your mail box in this regard.

May we request you to please forward about this blog to your friends & relatives in various areas of Delhi. We will be thankful to you for your co-operation.

with best regards

Delhi East Dist. administration

Mr. S.S.Ghonkrokta

Deputy Commissioner (East)
The District is headed by the Deputy Commissioner followed by an Additional District Magistrate (ADM) as second-in-command. The district is divided into 3 subdivisions and one Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) is head of each subdivision. Each Subdivision is having revenue and clerical staff for its various functions. For revenue functions each subdivision has Tehsildar, Naib-Tehsildar, Kanungo and Patwaris in that order. For other functions, there is clerical staff. The three subdivisions are-:
1 Preet Vihar
2 Vivek Vihar
3 Gandhi Nagar
Preet Vihar Sub-Division
List of Police Station in Preet Vihar :-
1 Preet Vihar
2 Shakar Pur
3 Pandav Nagar
4 Mandawali
5 New Ashok Nagar
6 Mayur Vihar
7 Kalyan Puri

Vivek Vihar Sub-Division

List of Police Station in Vivek Vihar :-

1 Anand Vihar
2 Farsh Bazar
3 Vivek Vihar

Gandhi Nagar Sub-Division

List of Police Station in Gandhi Nagar :-
1 Geeta Colony
2 Krishana Nagar
3 Gandhi Nagar

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Traffic jam on F Block, Mandir marg, Krishna nagar, Delhi - 110051

The bottle neck on both the ends of the road is the main reason for the traffic jam, noise pollution, air polution & a lot more. Just yesterday, we saw two AMBULANCES struck in between the jam. These two points are :

First : There is a bottle neck at Vaishy Dharam Shala. The traffic from the 60' road behind is forced to enter the 40' road causing bottleneck & traffic jam from Vaishay Dharamshala onwards.

Second : There is another bottle neck on the same road at Happy School crossing. Traffic from the 60' main road enters the 40' road and hence causes the bottle neck & traffic jam.

The unauthorised parking of cars on the road adds fuel to the fire.

Another main reason is the Intersection at Road number 57 : The intersection of F Block, Mandir marg at Road number 57 is badly controlled by the Traffic police. When enquired, the reply is that there is not enough staff. As a result the uncontrolled movement of vehicles causes a lot of problem even when the traffic lights are on.

We again request to the ACP Traffic to please look into the matter.

B S Vohra
RWA - Krishna Nagar Welfare Society

Traffic Jam on F Block, Mandir marg, Krishna Nagar


One of the major factors that contribute leadingly to these jams is that the area available for use by pedestrians is encroached by shops and major part of the road( by lanes) is used to park the vehicles of customers who are coming to these shops a special mention of eateries on the main road of F block...Need some urgent steps to be taken to curb this menace!!!


No time bar for taking a second refill cylinder

Most of Gas distributors do not book the cylinder before a periodd of say more than n 20 days after the cylinder has been supplied. But there is no such bar. Through a RTI Application I have confirmed from the Oil Companies. as details below.

On 14th Nov.2009 I filed a RTI Application with Various Oil Companies to which I have received following reply:

Q:-Copy of rules for refilling of Gas Cylinder both for domestic & Commercial specifying the time gap between receipt of filled up Gas Cylinder and Re-booking of refill.

INDIA OIL COPORATION LTD Sector 19 A Chandigarh through PIO cum-Dy. Gen Manager (LPG) vide Letter NO.PSO/LPG/RTI dated 16th Dec.2009 informed as under :

Refill can be booked as and when required by a customer to meet his/her genuine requirement of LPG for domestic cooking purpose. No time gap has been specified between the date of supply of a domestic LPG cylinder and the date for booking of the next refill. The same is also true for commercial LPG supplies

HINDUSTAN PETROLEUM CORPORATION LIMITED lpg Regional Office at Rohtak Road Jind-126012 through Chief Regional Manager cum CPIO Jind LPG RO Letter NO.LPG/SM/RTI dated 12.12.2009 informed as under :

There is no time bar taking refill cylinder. However it should be used for Domestic cooking by genuine domestic customer. There is no time bar for Non Domestic refill.

R K Garg

Submitted by : Mr. Ajith via Mr. Rejimon ; with thanks : source :

Friday, January 15, 2010

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Why don't you add your comments on the news READY TO PAY 70% MORE ON POWEWR BILLS ? I am sure this is going to cut your pockets very sharply.Please use the comments button below to add your opinion.

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RTI - for extracting right information

RTI is very Powerful tool that one can be use to get informatin and correct the dirty system or system misuse. Its just cost Rs. 10/. RTIINDIA.ORG has many such informations. Instead of going to argument on various issues like these with service provider, we must get real information on the proce to correct. Use RTI..

submitted by Mr. Ajith via Rejimon

Ready to pay 70% more for power?

It is now official. The Capital’s power distribution companies have sought up to a 70% increase in power tariff.

In the annual document called Aggregate Revenue Requirement (ARR) submitted to the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC), the discoms have shown humungous revenue gaps, which, if approved, will be passed on to consumers next year and will cause a sharp spike in the cost of consumption.

Going by the ARR calculations, BSES Rajdhani (BRPL), the biggest discom, has sought around a 69 per cent increase, while its cousin, BSES Yamuna (BYPL), the smallest commercial discom, has pitched for around a 60 per cent hike.

Both the discoms are controlled by Anil Ambani's Reliance. The Tata-backed North Delhi Power Limited (NDPL) has asked for 52 per cent increase in tariff.


with thanks : source :

New maternity ward at GTB

Sharing beds may be the norm at the 135-bed Gynaecology and Obstetrics Ward at Guru Teg Bahadur (GTB) Hospital, Dilshad Garden, but the status quo is all set to change.

"A 300-bed mother and child health centre combining gynaecology and obstetrics and paediatric departments will be ready by June," said medical superintendent Dr U.C. Verma.

Verma says there is little the hospital can do about the bed-sharing, as everyone who needs treatment has to be accomodated.

“GTB Hospital hospital is a tertiary health centre and ideally only emergencies and referrals should come to us but this does not happen. We are forced to admit even normal delivery cases as we cannot turn away anyone,” said Dr Verma.


with thanks : source :

Noise norms: cops can stop the music on their own

To get your neighbour to stop playing loud music late at night, you no longer need incur his lifelong hostility by complaining to the police.

Contrary to previous norms, the new noise pollution rules made by the environment ministry make it the police’s duty to stop loud noises after 10 p.m. — even if no one has complained.

The Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) Amendment Rules notified on Monday empowers district administration and police to suo moto stop sources of noise pollution.

Incorporating various earlier directions by the Supreme Court, the new norms set the permissible noise level at no more than five decibels between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. Five decibels is the moderate volume of sound from your television.

For just 15 days, at the peak of the marriage and festival season, two extra hours of noisy merrymaking will be allowed — up to midnight. “It’s a small step in making our cities less noisy,” said Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh.

with thanks : source :

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Message from : Mr. T P S Oberoi, Welfare Association, Hari Nagar, New Delhi - 58

My dear Vohra Sahib,

Let me take the opportunity of congratulating you at the first instance for the blogspot initiative to benefit the Delhi based RWAs and then also thanking you for the Lohri Greetings. Makar Sankranti and Lohri in this New Year 2010 will give us boost in taking up our common problems with the Civic Agencies and Delhi/Central Govt. Departments/Ministries.

Where is your office and will you also be arranging interactive sessions for the West Zone based RWAs to build pressure on common issues?

With warm person regards,


Water meter's must be replaced by the MCD

Sometime in mid-eighties MCD had floated a scheme advising users to adopt MCD meters against a specified fee, under which MCD was resposible for working and mintainance of such meters. Many had subscribed , but MCD had not cared to repair/change nonworking faulty meters. They have been billing on average basis. I had also appraoched MCD to replace the meter soon it had stopped working, but they advised me to get it replaced at my own cost or let the status continue. Eversince the MCD has issued ultimatum to rectify faulty meters i and many like me have filed written request to replace the meter since it was provided by MCD under the scheme. It is requested RWABhagidari should take up the matter with MCD and pressurise them to honour the contract.


S N Malik

Partial list of Licensed Plumbers in DJB : Plz check if they had renewed licence for current year. ( E.&.O.E.)

K.N.Markar 57, Punchkuian Road , N.Delhi
Tej Pal Singh R-753, New Rajinder Nagar, N.Delhi
Kailash Chander Shanti J-10/25, Rajouri Garden , N.Delhi-27
Daryodhan Pradhan C-44, Green Park , N.Delhi
Kuldeep Singh WZ-18, Mukharji Park , N.Delhi
Jai Bhagwan Sharma WZ-60A, Ramgarh Colony, N.Delhi
Radhey Shyam Sharma 112, Gali Krishna, Pahar Ganj, N.Delhi
Dobson Haughes D-1/C-49C, Janakpuri, N.Delhi-58
Laxman Dass Plot No. 7, New Market, West Patel Nagar, New Delhi-8
Hans Raj D-1/20, Janak Puri, N.Delhi-58
J.S.Yadav 2/27, roop Nagar Subzi Mandi, Delhi
Raje Lal 688, Main Bazar, Subzi Mandi, Delhi
Ram Dutta Lagwal F-21, East of Kailash, N.Delhi
Dalip Singh Thukaral V-40 IInd Floor, Rajouri Garden , N.Delhi-27
Padam Chand Jain 4754, Hall Kaidara, Bara Hindu Rao, Delhi
Ganga Singh XX-118, Tulsi Ram Dharamshala, Najafgarh Road , N.Delhi
Vishwnath E-258 Sultanpuri, Delhi-41
Baikunth Nath Jena A-184/4 Arjun Nagar, New Delhi
Girdhari Lal Gupta H.N 4, PH III Prem Nagar, Najafgarh, N.Delhi-43
Ram Kumar 316 Raghubar Pura No. I Gandhi Nagar, Delhi-31
D.S.Garg 3/15 Kalkaji Ext. New Delhi
Vishwanath RZ-528/21, Tughlakabad Ext., Tara Apartment, New Delhi-19
Gobind Lal 13/52, Subhash Nagar, N.Delhi-27
Gobind Lal 13/52, Subhash Nagar, N.Delhi-27
Kansi Ram Jawa J-41, Kalkaji, N.Delhi
S.L.Sharma 15/134, Dakshin Puri Ext., N.Delhi
Munsi Ram Hazari B-12, Ganesh Nagar,N.Delhi-18
Satya Prakash Gupta 714, Mukimpura, Subji Mandi, Delhi
Deepak Massi I-9494, West Rohtas Nagar, Shahdra, Delhi
J.N.Behura A-142, Shivalik, N.Delhi-17
Ajambar Pradha 35-B, DDA Flats, Shahpur Jatt, N.Delhi-49
Mohan singh A-2/40, Pasricha Market, Rajouri Garden , N.Delhi
Ved Prakash Goel 20 A/26A Tilak Nagar, N.Delhi
Amin Chnadra DA/1B GF LIG DDA, Flats, Rajouri Garden , N.Delhi
Naushi Ali B-898 Avantika Colony, Sector-1 Rohini, N.Delhi-83
P.S.Pawa D-345, Raghuvir Nagar, Tagore Garden , N.Delhi-27
Itwari Lal 1/51, Geeta Colony Gandhi Nagar, Delhi-31
Rajender Kr. Garg Plot No.403/5 Chand Nagar, N.Delhi-18
Brijesh Kr. Gupta 1619 Gali No.116, Ganesh Pura Tri Nagar, Delhi-35
Chandra Mohan Gupta 81 (UA/3) Jawaher Nagar, Delhi-7
Munna Lal Saini 8418 Arya Nagar, Pharganj, N.Delhi
Sat Guru Das 209/1 Gali No.5 Padam Nagar, Delhi-7
Hari Ram Yadav C-1/127 Seelampur Ph.III Delhi-53
Raman Kumar 1/6209, East Rohtash Nagar Shahdra Delhi
Barkat Ali E-1219 Jahangir Puri Delhi
Kashmir Singh 1/10853 Gali No.IV Subhash Park , Navin Shahdra, Delhi-32
Manmohan Singh 6/94 Malviya Nagar, New Delhi-17
Devendra Kr. Sharma 46/B Begumpur village, near Malviya Nagar, N.Delhi
Satish Kumar 258 Teliwara, Shahdra, Delhi-32
Sachdev Singh A-111 J.J.colony Budh Nagar, Inderpuri, Delhi-12
Maheshwar Jena RZ-J-64/232 Sagar Pur West N.Delhi-46
Satish Chander A-8/37 Rana Pratap Bagh Delhi
Krishan Chander Sahoo 3 B DDA Flats, Shahpur Jatt, N.Delhi-49
Ganga Pd. Muddgal 256/1 Gali No.12 Than Singh Nagar, Anand Parwat N.Delhi
Mata Deen E-4/381 Nand Nagari ,Shahdra, Delhi-32
Chakra Dhar Behra A-3 Hauzkhas, N.Delhi
Krishan Saini G-196 Savitri Nagar, N.Delhi-17
Sampat Yadav RZ-740 Gali No.22 Tughlakabad Ext. Kalkaji N.Delhi-19
Kamlesh Kr. Jain 123 Shankar Nagar, Delhi-51
Daya Shanker 3239 lal Darwaja, Sita Ram Bazar, Delhi
Sanobar Ali 1422 Gali no.50 Jafarabad, Shahdra, Delhi-32
Krishan Lal 7263 Prem Nagar, Sabzi Mandi, Delhi
Jag Ram Verma 6/398 Dakshin Puri Ext., N.Delhi-62
Harbash Lal Vohra Sector-6 Flat No.173 A, Rohini Delhi-81
Gopal Das F-452 J.J.Colony Inder Puri,N.Delhi
Rajender Samal 31 DDA Flats, Lado Sarai, N.Delhi-30
Mohan Lal Sharma 11 B, Masjid Lane Ghoghal, N.Delhi
Sri Nibas Samal D-1/22 Chhattar Pur Hills N.Delhi-74
Ganpat Rai 205/1 Street No. 9 Than singh Nagar Anand Parwat, N.Delhi
Govind ram C-68 Inder Puri J.J.colony N.Delhi
Sampat Lal A-2/157 Sultanpuri Nangloi, N.Delhi
Laxmi Narain WZ-103 Vishnu Garden Ext. N.Delhi
Ram Saran Das 242 Ishwar Colony Bawana, Delhi-39
Laxman Dass M-310 Raghubir Nagar, Tagore Garden , N.Delhi-27
Madan Lal 189 C Savitri Nagar, N.Delhi-17
Anand Kumar 90/65A Malviya Nagar, N.Delhi-17
Jagmohan Saini 216 Hari Nagar Ashram N.Delhi
Rameshwar Dayal A-20 Shastri Nagar, Sarai Rohilla, Delhi-52
R.K.Singh 218 Hari Nagar Ashram, N.Delhi
Ram Kr. Gupta 1067 Village Bawana,Delhi-39
Prem Anand Jena A-32 Prayavaran Complex N.Delhi-30
Bhim Sen K-511 J.J.Colony Wazirpur, Delhi-52
Tassawar Ali 1424 Gali No. 50 Jafrabad, Shahdra, Delhi
Yash Pal 59 C Ist Floor Pandav Nagar, N.Delhi-8
Sahib Ditta Mal 1 A/30 Geeta Colony Shahdra N.Delhi
Anil Kr.Jain 3016 Banarsi Bhawan, Masjid Khajoor, Delhi-6
Khirod Kr.Sahoo 1/12 Jang Pura Ext. Double Storey, N.Delhi
Suraj Prakash Luthra F-4 New Govind Pura, Delhi-51
Love Ram Village Rajapur Post Naharpur, Delhi-34
Subhash Gandhi 5/175, IInd Floor Subhash Nagar, N.Delhi
Amit Sehgal 3135/55 Mughal Building , mori Gate, Delhi
Nathi Singh L-229 Laxman Puri Ram Nagar, Pahar Ganj, N.Delhi
Govind Chander Rot 5 Arjun nagar, near Green Park N.Delhi-29
Satish Kr. Gupta 105 RPS Colony Khan Pur, N.Delhi
Amar Nath Harjai 4/159 Subhash Nagar, N.Delhi-27
Satya Dev B-75 Paryavaran Complex N.Delhi-30
Harmesh Kr. 2675 Main Bazar Shadi Pur, N.Delhi
Kapoor Chandra Gupta 1997 Gali Neela Wali Bazar Sitaram, Delhi
Moolchand Gupta 1997 Gali Neela Wali Bazar Sitaram, Delhi

K.P.Sharma WZ-1/27 (B-133/1), Ganesh Nagar, Tilak Nagar, N.Delhi
Amrit Purohit K-28-B, Chankaya Palace , II New Delhi
Noor-Ul-Ain Shop No.5 Property No. C 71, Majlis Park Gali No.6 Delhi-33
Pradeep Kumar L-30 Majnoo Ka Tila Delhi-54
Fasahat Ali X-13/B, DDA Flats, New Ranjit Nagar,N.D
Suresh Malik Flat No.10 Rattan Lal Bhawan Arakshan Marg, Ram Nagar, Paharganj N.D
Son Dayal Yadav 15/39 Kalyan Puri Delhi
Shanker Singh Negi 3/314 Dakshinpuri Ext. N.D-62
Kishore Dutt Gaur WZ-487/2 M.S.Block Hari Nagar, N.Delhi
Ram Kumar WZ-67 village Buddedlla Vikas puri Tilak Nagar, N.D
Jai Bhagwan 168 Village Malikpur Delhi-9
Rajender Singh 351, Alipur Delhi-36
R.C.Gupta 56 A DDA Flat, Masjid Modh PhII N.D-48
Anil Kumar Kapoor 1/6210 East Rohtash Nagar, Delhi
Bhim Singh Village Buddella Vikas Puri, Tilak Nagar, N.Delhi
Ram Bodh 400-A/12, Opp. MCD girls School , Munirka, N.D.69
Harish Chand Behl W-30 A, Rajouri Garden , N.D.27
Kimti Lal 28/18, A/2 Bhola Nath Mkt. Shahdra Delhi
Baishnab Charan JP-118, Pitampura, N.Delhi
Jagdish Chander Gupta 106, Avtar Enclave, Paschim Vihar, N.Delhi
Rajender Kr. Saini 124, Saini Street , Rampura, Delhi-35
Yudhvir Singh Saini 68-A, Aruna Park , Vikas Marg, Shakarpur, Delhi-92
Anil Kr. Malik A-136 Dayanand Colony, Lajpat Ngr,ND
Chander Pal Singh 127 Aliganj Kotla Mubarakpur, Delhi-21
Syed Mohammad Gali No. 3 Near Ram Ghat Wazirabad Delhi
Som Prakash Aggarwal A-56 Gurunanak Pura, Shakarpur Delhi-92
Anil Kr.Jain 1285-86 Faiz Ganj, Bahadur Garh Road , Delhi
Ram Udit 624 Gali No.5 A Govindpuri Kalkaji N.D
Sadhu Charan Behura A-92 Sukhdev Nagar, Kotla Mubarkpur , ND
Mam Chand B-4/431 Nand Nagari Delhi
Jagdish Prasad A-2/66 A, Dharam Pur Ext. Najafgarh Delhi
Nanak Chand 1047/1 Gali No.4 Bagichi Allauddin Motia Khan Delhi

Sochan Ram R-127 Jawalapuri ND-41
Manohar Lal B-4/351 Nand Nagari, Shahdra, Delhi
Karan Singh Village Razapur, Post Naharpur, Delhi-34
Kapish Dutt Sharma 2013 IInd Floor Rani Bagh Delhi-34
M.S.Tanwar WZ-283/276 Vishnu Garden, ND-18
Rasruddin Tyagi B-889 Gali No-20A Subhash Mohalla North Ghonda, Delhi-53
Girdhar Sahoo 697/11 Kotla Mubarakpur, Sewa Nagar, N.Delhi-3
Ambrish Kumar 1193 Gali No.81 Tri Nagar , ND
Rajender Prasad Tyagi WZ-126 A Village Bundella Tilak Nagar, New Delhi
Sarfraj Ali V-419 Gali No.26 Vijay Park maujpur, Delhi-53
Krishan Kumar Srivastava GH-5 & 7 Flat No.49 Meera bagh Paschim Vihar, Delhi
Mool Chand 5/14 Trilokpuri, Delhi-92
Anmol Ratna Vohra B-221 Karampura Delhi
Ram Dayal Bhatia A-538 Jawalapuri Nangloi Delhi-41
Krishan Gopal 2597 Nai Basti Queen Road , Delhi -6
Jawahar Lal Khatri RZ-32 A, Hans Park West Sagar Pur,ND-45
Ram Lal B-4 Dayanand Colony Lajpat Nagar , ND
Sita Ram Gaur 4582 Street No.13 Jai mata mkt. Tri Nagar, Delhi-35
Sri Siya Ram Verma 1085 Block L-2 Sangam Vihar , ND
Pawan Kumar Haryana H/d & Sanitary Store, Shahi Pur near BH Block Shalimar Bagh, ND
Raj karan WZ-3281 Mohinder park Shakur basti, Rani Bagh, Delhi-34
Sant Ram Madan 666/D Jheel Kuraini, Padpad Ganj Road , Delhi -51
Nand Kishore Madan 666/D Jheel Kuraini, Padpad Ganj Road , Delhi -51
Raj Kumar Sehgal 342,LIG Flats, Jai Dev Park , East Punjabi Bagh, N.Delhi
Rajender Singh Wahan Block R-32A, Dilshad Garden ,MIG Flats,Delhi-95
Shanti Prasad jain 82 Circular Road Pal Gali Jawala Nagar, Shahdra Delhi-32
Vijay Kumar Sachdev WZ-84 Sant Garh MBS Nagar, Tilak Nagar , ND
Ratnakar Samal J-3/96 DDA Flat Kalkaji ND-19
Gian Singh Saini 19/3/5 Dayabasti Rohtak Road , Delhi -35
O.P.Sharma S/o Sh. R.P.Sharma 283/76 Gali No.9 Vishnu Garden, ND-18

Vijender Prakash Vashisht RZ-66 B Sadh Nagar Palam Colony ND
Krishan Gupta WZ-484 MS Block Hari Nagar , ND
Munni Khan HN1284/3 Gali No.6 Near Khajoor Wali Masjid Chauhan Bangar Delhi 53
Kashinath Malik WZ-510 Basai Dara Pur, ND-15
Uma Shanker Verma 1080 Block L-2 Sangam vihar, ND
Trilik Kr. Dudeja 8/966 Govindpuri Kalkaji, Nd-19
Vijay Pal 221 Diwali road Krishan Park ,Khan Pur, ND-62
Radhey Shyam 46 A Village Hauz Khas N.Delhi
Kaunakar Biswal E-104 Arjun Nagar, ND-29
Ashok Kumar 340/4 govind puri Kalkaji , ND
Bhagat Ram Goel K-2/13 Model Town Delhi
Chander Lal RZ/B-166 Gopal Nagar Dhansa Road Najafgarh Delhi
Surat Singh Village- Razapur Post Naharpur, Delhi
Devi Dayal III-B/103 Vishnu Garden Khyala Road,ND-18
Sukhdev Arora 7 B-GG-I MIG Flats Vikaspuri ND-18
Laxman Das A-122 Amar Puri Pahar Ganj , ND
Sudhir Kr. Ahuja E-38 Mansarovar Garden , New Delhi
Mahabir WZ-276 Shakur pur, shakur Basti, Delhi-34
Vinod Kumar S-30 Budh Vihar, Delhi-41
Narender Kr. Kaushik RZ-F-1160 Raj Nagar Palam Colony, ND-45
Surender Kr. Gupta D-16 /288, Sector-3 Rohini Delhi
Bharat Bhushan 69 Madan Park Punjabi Bagh, Delhi-26
PremNarayan Verma 38 Baba Farid Puri West Pate Nagar, ND
Ahmed Ali 47 Hauz Rani malviya Nagar , ND
Vijay Sen Verma F-71 Jagat Puri Main Road , Delhi -51
Devender Kumar 10478 Gali No. Roxy Drycleaners manak Pura karol Bagh , ND
Sultan Singh BS-158 DDA Flat,Shalimar Bagh Delhi
Ram Abhilash B-1 Shiv Park Khan Pur ND
Ram Lal Dua 15/43 geeta Colony Delhi-31
Ram Karan Chaudhary D-267 Vivek Vihar, Delhi-95
Mohan Lal 16/555 E, Bapa Nagar, Padam Singh Road Karol Bagh, ND
Vinod Kumar X-2397 Raghubar Pura No.II Gandhi Nagar, Delhi
Balvinder singh X-2959 Raghubar Pura No.II Gandhi Nagar, Delhi
Inderjeet Garg 403/5 WZ-204/1 Chand Nagar,ND-18
Sunil Kr. Gupta WZ-167/ F-2 Uttam Nagar, Near state Bank ND
Vijender Sharma 21 Sujan Singh Bldg. A block Connaught Place ND
Desh Raj Singh WZ-66 Nimri Village Shastri Nagar, Delhi-52
Jai Kishan Village & Post Ladpur, Delhi-81
Hari Kumar 106/1 Gali No.11 m Bew Modern Shahdra Delhi-32
Mohd. Arshad 316 kabir Basti Malka Ganj, Delhi-7
Balwant Rai Malhotra 1/9942 West Gorakh Park Gali No.III Shahdra Delhi-32
Mustaffa Hussain 1445 Gali No.51 Jafrabad Maujpur Shahdra Delhi
Yog Bahadur Nayak B-1/176 Sec-17 Rohini ND
Dambroo Dhal 145/C Katwaria Sarai PH II DDA, N.Delhi
Subhash Chander B-464 Prem Nagar II Nangloi Delhi-41
Ashok Kr. Pradhan 385, Janta Flat Village Khidki Malviya Nagar, ND-17
Ramesh Kumar 26/65 West Patel Nagar, Bhagwati MKt. ND-8
Sohan Lal A-714 Gali No. 16 Mandoli Ex. Delhi-93
Ashok Kr. Kapoor 112 Gali No. I Sri nagar Shakur Basti, Delhi
Chhatru Ram 2105/4 Chuna mandi N.Delhi
Ajay Kr. Babuta E-66 Vishnu Garden , ND
Shmmim Ahmed 7831/59 Nai Basti Bara Hindu Rao, N.Delhi
Abdul Latif WZ-607 Village Tihar, Delhi
Kali Ram Saini 384 Saurabh vihar Hari Nagar Ext. N.Delhi
Mange Ram Jindal C-1029 Jahangir Puri N.Delhi
Shri Bhagwan Garh B-1486 Shastri Nagar, Delhi
Sanjeev Kumar HN-1 Blind School Mehta House, Dargah Shiel Hussain, Punchukiyan Road , N.D
Ran Bir Lal B-10 A Kalka ji N.D
Gulab Rai Gupta 7/11 Kalkaji Ext. N.D
M.A.Sultani 6868 Gali Fateh Puri, Beriwala Bagh, Delhi
Suresh Chand Gupta C-120 I Floor Kirti Nagar, N.Delhi
Jyoti Ram Sahoo 189 Shahpur Jatt, Khelgaon, Delhi
Sunil Kr. Duggal NIL -45 Malviya Nagar, ND
Dhaneshwar Biswal C-145, Katwaria Sarai, N.D
Basant Chand Saxena 93, East Azad Nagar, Delhi-51
Satish Kr. Sethi C-52, Om Vihar Uttam Nagar , ND
Sanjay Oberoi J-83 Vishnu Garden , N.D
Chetan Swaroop A-42 New Multan Nagar Rohtak Road ,N.D
N.C.Khuntia 1534 Wazir Nagar Kotla Mubarakpur, N.Delhi
Bharat Chander Biswal 87 Janta Flat DDA, Badar Pur , ND
R.C.Rout 967 Arjun Nagar Kotla Mubarakpur ND
Haffjuddin 62 Kalu Sarai, N.Delhi
Suresh Chand 224 village & P.O Mangol Pur Kalan Delhi-83
Krishan Kumar K-725 Jahangir Puri ND-53
Vijay Kr. Bansal K-1588-1589 Jahangir Puri Delhi-53
Abdul Wali D-2/C Rana Pratap Nagar Adarsh Nagar Delhi
Gauri Shaker 12/B Janta flat Shekh Sarai PH II N.D
Radhey Shyam Kudra RZ-134/4 Sadh Nagar Palam colony N.D
Basant Lal 17/171 Subhash Nagar New Delhi
Manoj Kumar Jagota IX- 1584 Gali Krishna , Gandhi Nagar, ND
Lal Chand A-34 Hastal Vihar Uttam Nagar N.D
Navin Kr. Pal WZ-129 Nimri Village Shastri Nagar, Delhi
Rajesh Lamba 156-152 Double Storey New Rajinder Nagar, ND-60
Muni Ram WZ-87 Bundella Village Vikas Puri ND
Arun Jain C-5/13 Model Town Delhi
Badri Prasad F-197 J.J.Colony Inderpuri N.D
Rajender Kumar M-119 Shstri Nagar Delhi-52
Subhash Kumar 14 A Rashid mkt. Ext. Parwana Road Delhi -51
Jai Narayan 62/356 Baba Farid Puri West Patel Nagar, New Delhi
Suraj Prakash 62/356 Baba Farid Puri West Patel Nagar, New Delhi
Ram Chander Pradhan 146 A, Shahpur Jatt Village N.D
Nasimmuddin WZ-573 A Tihar Village N.D-18
Suraj Pal 115 Malik Pur Village Kingsway Camp Delhi-9
Ajay Kumar C-7/14 Miya Wali Nagar, Rohtak Road ND
Baiz Nath J-256 Sunder Nagri ,Nand Nagri Ext, Delhi-93
Dharam Pal Khattar 242 Ishwar colony Bawan Delhi-39
Suresh Kumar C-458 Gali No.7 Ashok Nagar Delhi-93
Ram Babu Yadav I-120 Vijay Vihar Rohini Delhi
Swapan Kumar Gharai 20/503 DDA Flat Dakshin Puri N.D-52
Kundan Singh 99 Pushpanjali Enclave Pitampura Delhi-34
R.K.Parcha 1/51 Geeta Colony Post Gandhi Nagar Delhi
Dharam Pal WZ-66 Village Bundella Vikas Puri N.D
Jai Prakash 724 E Talab Wali Gali Babar Pur Shahdra Delhi-32
Satypal Goel H-10 Krishna Nagar Delhi-51
Kewal Krishan Bhalla I- Radheypuri, Ext,I Krishna nagar, Delhi
Bhim Rai A-11/5 Deen Dayal Upadhyay Marg Hari Nagar, N.D-64
Ravindra Nath Pradhan Y-56 Hauz Khas N.D.16
Suresh Chandra A-21 Shiv Ram Park Nangloi, Delhi
Ashok Kr. Pradhan F-173 sher Singh Bazar Kotla Mubarakpur N.D
Mahenra Pal Gautam 116 Gali No. 5 Ambedkar Basti Mauzpur, Delhi
Nasir Ali HN Rly Quarters Anand Vihar,Delhi-92
Hosilla Prasad I-93 Vijay Vihar PH-I Rohini Sec-4 Delhi
Prem Chand Saini 196 A- Hari Nagar Ashram N.D
Bijender Singh WZ-15 A Dayal Sen Near Gurudwara Uttam Nagar Delhi
Amrish Kr. Gupta 89 Baldev Park Parwana Road Khureji Khas Delhi
Suraj Prakash A-400Gokul Puri Delhi
Ram Sagar H.N.164 A Hari Nagar Mathura Road , N.D-14
Karimmuddin 65 A/2 Kalu Sarai, N.D
Mohan Lal Tyagi E-184 A East Vinod Nagar Delhi-92

Abhay Kumar Pradhan A-3 Hauz Khas, N.Delhi
Dhurender Dev Sharma 3031, Gali Meerawali, Ballimaran, N.Delhi-6
Raj Kumar Dudeja 4/58 Malviya Nagar N.Delhi-17
Udey Bhan Singhal S-606 Balak Nath Market, School Block Shakarpur, N.Delhi-92
Ram Prakash Jindal 96 A, T Ext. Uttam Nagar, N.Delhi-59
Subhash Chander WZ-23 A, Uttam Nagar, N.Delhi-59
Madan Lal Sharma G-8, Uttam Nagar, N.Delhi-59
Subhash Chand Saini D-12 Sidhhart Basti, Hari Nagar Ashram N.Delhi-14
Manmohan Sharma 63 Nahar Pur, Sector-7 Rohini, N.Delhi
Zameer Ahmed T-664, Main Road Gautam Puri ,Shahdra, Delhi-53
Vipin Bansal 1/4952 Gali No.5 Balbir Nagar Ext. Shahdra, Delhi-32
Heerawan Lal Kalakar 106 A Samman Bazar, Jung Pura, Bhogal, N.Delhi
Krishan Chand AP-49 Shalimar Bagh, Delhi-52
Digamber Jha A-5/78 Sector-15 Rohini N.Delhi-85
Satish Prakash 123/2 Circular Road , Near Railway Station Shahdra, Delhi-32
Pratap Kumar Barick WZ-474 Basi Dara Pur, Ramesh Nagar, N.Delhi-15
Devhand Chaprana 264 Shahpur Jatt N.Delhi-16
Jaldhar Shah B-192 DDA Flats Kalkaji N.Delhi-19
Narayan Naik A-3/16 Sector-7 Rohini, N.Delhi
Mahavir Singh V-647 Arvind Nagar Ghonda, Delhi-53
Dalip Kumar A-112 Yadav Gali, Chander Nagar, Karawal Nagar Road , Delhi
Chakra Dhar Jena 51/AHauz Khas Village N.Delhi-16
RichPal Singh C-26 Old Govind Puri Parwana Road, Delhi-51
Naresh Kumar Panwar 417, Shahpur Jatt, N.Delhi
Dhonde Ram 11/77 Punjabi Bagh, Shri Hanuman Mandir, N.Delhi-26
Basu Dev Patra 7/95 III rd Floor Malviya Nagar, N.Delhi-17
Bansidhar Pandey B-68 Nathu Colony, Mandoli Road Shahdra Delhi-93
Ram Bilash T-60 Main Road Gautam Puri Delhi
Damodar Sahu RZ-A/5 Jai Vihar, Near DTC Depot, Najafgarh, Delhi-43
Rajesh Jain F-169/6 Mangal Bazar Laxmi Nagar, Delhi-92
Nidesh Kumar Saini 89 Village Bhorgarh, Post Narela, Delhi-40
Mohan Lal B-365 Transit Camp, Kalkaji Ext. N.Delhi-19
Satya Narayan Singh RZ-23 Khushi Ram Park , Uttam Nagar, N.Delhi-59
Amar Nath Bhakta A-31/4C Shastri Gali, Maujpur, Delhi-53
Kuljeet Singh 883 Dr. Mukharjee Nagar, Delhi-9
Sunil Kumar 74 Hakikat Nagar, Kingsway Camp, Delhi
Radhey Shyam RZ/L 20,New Roshan Pura, Najafgarh ,N.Delhi-43
Jeevan Khan F-36 New Seelampur Delhi-53
Ram Prakash Chhabra J-80/8 Pandav Nagar, Opp. Mother Dairy Padpad Ganj Road Delhi-92
Shiv Kumar Goel 249 A Navada Bazar, Najafgarh,N.Delhi
Devendra Nath Samal RZ-2554 B/27, Tughlakabad Ext.Kalkaji, N.Delhi
Dharampal Y-318 Prem Nagar II Nangloi Delhi-41
Gurdayal Gupta A/B-59 Shalimar Bagh, N.Delhi-52
Man Singh 4/257 Dakshin Puri Ext. N.Delhi-62
Jagdish Prasad Rohilla 16/26 Dakshin Puri Ext. N.Delhi-62
Bishambar Dayal 16/26 Dakshin Puri Ext. N.Delhi-62
Rajender Singh A-18/1 Shakar Pur Main Market Delhi-92
Avinash Kumar 487/19 Peera Garhi N.Delhi-41
Rashid Ahmed WP-471 Shiv Market Wazir Pur, Delhi-52
Sri Nivas Pachori Behind Mehra Petrol Pump Badarpur Border N.Delhi
Jitender Singh Rana 66,Shastri Park gali no:-4 near Chander Nagar Delhi-51
Hari Singh Chauhan Wz-19 gali no .14,Sadh Nagar,Palam Colony,N.Delhi
Swatantar Kumar Kohli Wz-A/128 ,Uttam nagar, N.Delhi-59
Dushyant 67, Hemkunt Colony, N.Delhi-48
Satender Kumar 403/5, Chnad Nagar, N.Delhi
Parsan Kumar Rai 622/5, gobindpuri, Kalkaji, N.Delhi-19
Mani Ram 4575, Arya Samaj Road , Karol Bagh, N.Delhi-5
Ram Bilas Dubey C-99, Tigri Extension, N.Delhi-62
Mukesh Kumar K-484/485, Wazirpur J.J.Colony, Delhi-52
Radhey Shyam 2971, Masjid Khajoor, Kinari Bazar, Delhi
Harish Chander Saini H.No.73, village Lampur, Narela, Delhi-40
Prahlad Singh 277, main Road, Mandawali, Faizal Road , Delhi -92
Deep Chand Gautam J-254 Sunder Nagari, Nand Nagari, Delhi-83
Mazahar Ali A-888, Avatika Sector-2 Rohini, N.Delhi
Anil Kumar 1816 wazir singh Street, Chuna Mandi Pahar Ganj, N.Delhi
Raghunath T-481/2B,Baljeet Nagar Opp. Patel Nagar police Stn.N.Delhi-8
Nanak Chand 29/40 West Patel nagar, Delhi-8
Subodh Kumar Rastogi A-56 Gurunanak Puri Laxmi Nagar Delhi
Kartar Singh Angaria X-2928 Gali No.V Raghubar Pura No.II Gandhi Nagar, Delhi-31
Prafful Kumar Barik B/52A, Arjun Park , Nangli Diary Colony Najafgarh, Delhi
Rajinder Singh K-1/66 Ext. Mohan Garden , Uttam Nagar New Delhi
Radhey Shyam Jonwal BH-50 Maidan Gir, N.Delhi-62
Bhagirath L-149 Mangol Puri, Delhi-83
Bhagirath F-75, New Ranjit Nagar DDA Quarters, N.Delhi-8
Kishori Lal D-122 Basant Nagar, N.Delhi-57
Charan Singh 16/801 H, Bapa Nagar, Millitry Road , Karol Bagh, N.Delhi-5
Mukesh Kumar 20 A/3A, Tilak Nagar,N.Delhi-18
Bhagirath B-93 Aman Puri Nangloi, Najafgarh Road ,
Vijay Kumar 348, Gali No.II Than Singh Nagar, Delhi
Prem Chand Kaushik J-1/45 DDA Flats,Kalkaji N.Delhi-19
Ramesh Chander 159 Village & Post Barwala Delhi-39
Subhash Goswami RZ-57L,Gali No.7 Tughlkabad Ext.,N.Delhi
Noor Mohammed Village Hamid Pur, Post Ali Pur Delhi-36
Chhedi Lal Rawat 470/1 Alipur Pipe Store Shivaji Mkt. Pitampur Delhi-34
Jag Mohan B-1025 Shastri Nagar Delhi-52
Pradeep Kumar Jain F-36 East vinod Nagar Delhi-91
Bhori Prasad K-617, J.J.Colony Wazirpur,N.Delhi-52
Yad Ram Verma 1070, New Chand Mohalla, Gali No.III Gandhi Nagar Delhi-31
Jagat Narain Pandey X-523 Mangol Puri New Delhi
Anil Kumar H.N.535 Village & Post Garhi Burari, Delhi-84
Kartik Charan Patra 539, Sunlight colony No. II Hari Nagar Ashram, N.Delhi-14
Kalu Ram Saini H.N.591, A/1 Arjun Gali Vishwas Nagar, Shahdra, Delhi-32
Ravinder Pathanin F-42 Shastri Park Post New Seelampur, Delhi-53
Om Prakash Arora 10/30 Geeta colony Gandhi nagar, Dellhi-31
Tek Chand Arora 10/30 Geeta colony Gandhi nagar, Dellhi-31
Ganesh Prashad Behura 218-A,Har Nagar Asharam,N.Delhi-14
Puran Mal RZ-B/166,Gopal Nagar, Dhansa Road , Najafgarh, N.Delhi
Satish Kumar 230, Hari Nagar Ashram, Delhi-14
Jitender Kumar Jain E-125/2, Main Road , Subhash Vihar, North Ghonda , Delhi-53
Rakesh Kumar Jain E-125/2, Main Road , Subhash Vihar, North Ghonda , Delhi-53
Surinder Singh A-122, Gali No.9, Meet Nagar, Shahdara, Delhi-94
Tri Bhawan RZF-1/187, Gali No. 1, Mahavir Enclave, Palam Village , N.Delhi
Krishan RZ-98, Indira Park , Parajapat Colony, Uttam Nagar, N.Delhi
Pushphas sharma 15/134, Dakshinpuri Extension, N.Delhi
Yashawant Singh K-II/352, Sangam Vihar, N.Delhi
Hari Prakash H.No 813,Panna,Narela Delhi-40
Jagdish 4/237 Dakshin Puri, N.Delhi
Rabindra Kumar Samal 20 A/ DDA Flats Shahpur Jatt, N.Delhi-16
Shyam Sunder Parida 210 B Shahpur Jatt, N.Delhi-16
Naveen Behl 149 G Khurenja Delhui-51
Babu Lal 5 A/175 Gali No. 5 Sat Nagar, Karol Bagh, N.Delhi-5
Ballabh Charan Patra WZ-1123 Basai Dara Pur Ramesh Nagar, N.Delhi-15
Om Prakash WZ-435 Near Jain Mandir Palam, N.Delhi
Vishambhar Nath Miglani C-8 Om Vihar Main Najafgarh Road , Uttam Nagar, N.Delhi-59
Suresh Chand Village Chilla Saroda Delhi-91
Lal Ji Prasad D-431 Nehru Vihar, Near Timer Pur, Delhi
Sanjay Kumar 62 Colony Sultan Pur, Mehrauli, N.Delhi-30
Ashok Kumar D-239 Karam Pura, N.Delhi
Mohinder Narain Yadav H-18 East Jawahar Nagar, Loni Road , Ghaziabad (U.P)
Sanjay Saini 197 Hari Nagar Ashram N.Delhi
Samunder Singh H.N.92 Village Lampuri Post Narela Delhi
Ramesh Kumar 40- A New Govind Pura, Near Chandan Nagar Bus Stop, Delhi-51
Jai Singh H.N.189 village Hamid Pur, PO Kham Pur, Delhi
Om Pal H.N. 24 Sawan Park Ext., Ashok Vihar, N.Delhi

E. &. O. E .

Please check and confirm if they had renewed the licence for the current year.