Friday, August 31, 2012

DJB water meters : HT Live Delhi east

Old Yamuna Bridge : Hindustan Times

If the Govt. listens RWAs

My dear Vohra:

Appreciate your efforts. If the Govt. listens to RWA and leaves its Vote Bank politics, the fate ofthe city willbe changed.

S.K. Chandan,
RWA/B3a Block 

fill the pot hole as soon as it develops !

SIR ,Imagine how much time we together waste in traffic jams due to pot holes & stagnated water on roads.With consensus we should have a batalion of our own who can detect & fill the pot holes as soon as it develops.Mostly the stagnant water on the road is not due to overflowing drains but due to the small connecting drain transferring road water into the drain because contract is never given to clean these small narrow connecting drains from road to drain under the footpath.Because these are thin & quantum of water is little in these  drains ,the pressure of water is not so much so as to clear it of mud causing stagnation even if the big drains are patent.
With little devotion of mind to know the actual cause of stagnant water causing damage to road & traffic jam ,can solve the problem for ever & help us in reduction of invisible dangerous pollution ,loss of man power, loss of costly fuel etc due to traffic jams.
East of Kailash, Delhi

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Meri Delhi - Meri Shaan !

A friend of mine had to catch a flight to CHINA at 6.50 today. We moved by car at around 4.00pm. The rain had just started. But by the time we reached halfway, it was all over. In the Massive water logging, traffic jams every where, my car was just floating in the knee deep water. To cover the rest half of the way, it took so much of our time that we could reach Terminal 3 by 6.10 pm only. By that time, the counter had already closed & none was there to listen or cooperate. The result - he missed the flight. There were many more passengers who suffered the same  for reaching Terminal 3. Though he will get a fresh date soon, but just think of the mental agony we faced for almost 5.30 hours as we could reach our home only after 9.30 pm. And i an writing this at 10.40 pm.  Meri Delhi - Meri Shaan.

B S Vohra

Just viewed the news :

HC asks Delhi govt to form panel on waterlogging

New Delhi: The city government was today directed by the Delhi High Court to form a committee of senior officers to evolve a mechanism for desilting drains to prevent waterlogging during monsoon season.

A division bench of justices Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Vipin Sanghi said the panel set up by the government should have in it the officers from various authorities including the Public Works Department (PWD), the trifurcated Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD), the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC), the Delhi Jal Board (DJB), besides the Irrigation Department and other concerned authorities.

The bench directed government's Standing Counsel (Civil) Najmi Waziri to inform it within a week about the structure of the committee and posted the matter for September 5.

The bench also said the government may also include experts from IIT in the committee.

"All the heads of corporations and stake holders, including experts, should be in the committee so that every time people don't have to rush to the court on the issue of waterlogging," the bench said adding "the committee should hold frequent meetings for short term measures to address the problem of waterlogging."

The court, meanwhile, summoned the DJB chief executive officer to appear before it on the next date of hearing as no counsel for the department was present in the case.

The civic body claimed long-term plans were there as per the Master plan 2021 to solve the waterlogging problem.

The bench was hearing a bunch of petitions, including that of NGO Nyaya Bhoomi, for launch of contempt proceedings against various civic body officials for their alleged failure in complying with the court's July 11 order.

The court had directed the officials to take steps to end the problem of waterlogging in the capital within 15 days. 
with thanks : Zee News : LINK : for detailed news.

SC pulls up govt, says your work on Yamuna pollution is ‘casual’

The Supreme Court on Monday sought replies from all authorities concerned in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh regarding “in what form and where they discharged industrial waste and other effluents”. 

“It is a very unhappy state of affairs. It is very unfortunate that such a serious matter about a river is being dealt with such casualness by all authorities of different state governments. You are treating it like a tree and not like a river. Yamuna is polluted to the core now,” said a bench of Justices A K Patnaik and Swatanter Kumar. 

Infuriated that all the authorities were engaged only in pushing the burden on each other and filed “vague” affidavits to explain their stands, the bench said that it was giving the last opportunity to the Delhi and UP governments, besides their authorities like Delhi Jal Board (DJB), Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) and Noida Authority, to file affidavits in categorical terms to apprise the court if they were dumping effluents in Yamuna and if so, in what form — with or without treatment. 

with thanks : Indian Express : Link : for detailed news.

Re: MCD’s policy/guidelines for installation of gates for security purposes in colonies.

            The policy/guidelines framed by the MCD are clear. However, this has created problems for the RWAs. Of late ‘security’ of persons and their properties residing in different recognized colonies has become a perennial problem and the RWAs in their wisdom based on the decisions taken in their respective Managing Committees install iron gates where absolutely required based on security aspects.

            Specifications and guidelines for provision of gates in the internal roads and back/service lanes etc. have been provided in the MCD guidelines. However, the problem arises when there is ‘no consensus’ among the residents relating to the placement and operation of gates.

            Notwithstanding, the RBECHSociety/Anand Vihar had taken the initiative and provided iron gates in their colony’s service lanes after taking permission of the local Police authorities and remain locked. However, the Society provide one set of keys to the residents nearer to such gates, besides keeping a set of keys of all gates with the Society’s security staff apart from keeping yet an another set of keys in the Society’s office. Thus abundance precautions have been taken so that the residents/public agencies are not inconvenienced in opening/closing of the gates as and when required. Besides, the Society have also displayed the contact nos. of individuals etc. in a plate welded on the gates who could be contacted, if needed.

            As far as the operation of gates on the inner roads, we are trying to regulate the mobility on specified timings, again displayed prominently on the gates, but this causes a little inconvenience to a few people who wish to have access as and when required by them, which is difficult to meet, from the security view point. We have to see the convenience of majority residences and not to succumb to a handful of individuals to their whims and fancies, where interest clash!

            We are confident that ‘security’ could be tightened if all agencies and residents cooperate in their own interests instead of resorting to litigation, as after all the utmost interest of all residents is ‘security and safety’ of themselves and their properties! Of course, wherever gates have been provided on inner roads, they have to be manned and kept locked for specified timings when not-manned. This increases the cost of security manpower and added responsibility too to regulate their attendance/presence etc. and the Society struggles to meet the cost particularly when the residents do not pay the ‘service charges’ levied by the Society. This is a perennial problem where the RCS should step in.

T K Balu

Recreation centre for senior citizens

Dear Mr. Vohra,

We are facing a similar problem relating to provision of a 'recreation centre for senior citizens' in our colony. In brief, the Society have proposed to provide a 'recreation-cum-reading room' centre for the benefit of senior citizens in our colony, which is a record number, as most of them are retired railway employees settled over here, at the place (which is a nursery plot) where the Police station of Anand Vihar had been functioning and is now moving out to their own building near Karkarduma Courts. We have taken up the matter with our Hon'ble MLA/Councillor and with our Hon'ble Lt.Governor/CM etc. but no avail! They only profess that they care for 'senior citizens' in all forums but little they do in practice for their welfare! On every issue and every time we have to constantly and consistently pursue and do a lot of leg work etc. but no result. Nothing comes out of correspondence albeit they require all in letters! Can't YOU TAKE UP SUCH ISSUES PENDING OVER A LONG PERIOD OF TIME WITH NO OUTCOME?

With regards,

TK Balu
Secretary/RBECHS/Anand Vihar

Monday, August 27, 2012

Suggested amendments to MCD Guidelines for installation of gates for Security purpose in colonies.

The Commissioner
East Delhi Municipal Corporation
Udyog Sadan
Patparganj Industrial Area
Delhi – 110 092.

Dear Sir,

Re:  Suggested amendments to MCD Guidelines for installation of gates for
        Security purpose in colonies.

On the directions of the Hon’ble Delhi High Court, the MCD issued Policy/guidelines for installation of gates for security purpose in colonies vide R.O. No.250/DPI/07-08 on 30th June 2007 (copy attached for ready reference).  Unfortunately, the MCD failed to consult the very people, the Residents’ Welfare Associations and the Housing Societies, for whom the guidelines were issued.  As a result, many clauses of the guidelines are faulty and do not serve the desired purpose.

Our residents have been suffering for the last several years when security gates on our internal lanes were removed by the MCD.  Consequently, there has been a spurt in the incidents of crime in the colony (list of crimes enclosed for your information).  As victims of these faulty guidelines, we earnestly request your indulgence in favourably considering the following amendments in the Guidelines, as early as possible:

Clause 3.d) -  There is a total ban on erecting gates on back lanes which do not open towards roads outside the colony.  Most of the crimes including thefts and burglaries are perpetrated through these lanes only.  Hence, security gates should be allowed on back lanes also.

Clause 3.m) -  RWAs have been given the responsibility of appointing watch and ward staff at their own cost.  In practice, such arrangements are made by residents of the individual lanes by collecting funds. RWAs have not been vested with any authority to force the residents to make contribution for watch and  ward arrangements.  There are several families in our colony who do not pay.  So, this responsibility needs to be coupled with authority.  Timings of closing and opening of gates should also be flexible in accordance with seasons and other factors.
Clause 3. p), q) and r) -  Onerous mandatory responsibilities have been  put on RWAs which need to be reconsidered.  They should dovetail with ground realities.

We thank you for your kind consideration.

Sincerely yours,

( B. L. Poddar )                                        ( R. N. Gupta )
   President                                          General Secretary

Copy for information and appropriate action to:

1.                  Dr Annapurna Mishra
Hon’ble Mayor of East Delhi

2.         Mrs Asha Singh
                         Hon’ble Councillor, Ward 222, EDMC

Encl. as stated.

Recreation-cum-reading Room for Sr. Citizens at Priyadarshini Vihar

Shri K. S. Mehra
Municipal Corporation of Delhi
Ambedkar Stadium
New Delhi 110 002

Dear Sir,

Re:  Recreation-cum-reading Room for Sr. Citizens at Priyadarshini Vihar

We refer to our letter of 18th February 2010 (copy attached for ready reference), regarding construction of a Recreation-cum-reading room for the benefit of over 250 senior citizens living in Priyadarshini Vihar, in Shahadra South Zone.  Consequently, a team from your Community Service Department, Civil Line Zone had inspected the three tot-lots lying vacant in our colony as a possible site for constructing the above Centre, in March 2010. 

A letter No.339/SSV/M/2010 dated 28/06/2010 from the Assistant Director, Shahadra North Zone, Community Service Department has now been received advising that the proposed site was a park which came under the green belt of the Horticulture Department (copy enclosed).  As such, a senior citizens’ recreation-cum-reading room could not be constructed there.

In this connection, we have to submit that while we agree and support that greenery is very important to protect our environment from global warming, you will appreciate that it is equally important that our senior citizens are looked after well so as to utilize their knowledge and experience for the benefit of the society.

There are already six parks in our small colony with only 253 houses.  Moreover, by constructing a room in the middle of a tot-lot, no plants/trees will be destroyed.  On the contrary, it would be our best endeavour to grow more flowers and medicinal plants around the recreation room, and perhaps the senior citizens would be able to contribute a lot in maintaining the garden, which would be their own.  As mentioned before, RWA would take the responsibility to manage the functioning of the Centre.  In view of the foregoing, you are once again requested to kindly re-consider our request in the overall interest of the senior citizens of the area. 

Thank you for your kind consideration.

Sincerely yours,

R. N. Gupta
General Secretary

Copy to:   Dr A. K. Walia, Hon’ble Minister of Finance & Urban Development
                Govt. of the NCT of Delhi.

Problems faced by residents of Priyadarshini Vihar, Ward 222.

Dr Annapurna Mishra
Hon’ble Mayor of East Delhi
Udyog Sadan
Patparganj Industrial Area
Delhi – 110 092.

Dear Madam,

Re:  Some of the problems faced by residents of Priyadarshini Vihar, Ward 222.

We have been pursuing with the Commissioner, MCD (now EDMC) for resolving our following two major concerns without any success.  We now solicit your kind support and recommendation for an early solution:

1.                   Recreation-cum-reading room for senior citizens:  There are about 300 senior citizens in our colony, many of whom are professionals, like engineers, doctors, management consultants and chartered accountants.  Their knowledge and experience can be usefully utilized, if there is a common place where they can meet, relax and interact with people.  This Association has been pursuing for a Recreation-cum-reading room in our colony for the last several years, but nothing has been done by the MCD so far.  A copy of our self-explanatory letter dated 18 February 2010 addressed to Shri K.S. Mehra, Commissioner, MCD is attached for your information.

2.                   Amendments to MCD guidelines for installation of gates for security purpose in colonies:  A copy of our self-explanatory letter addressed to the Commissioner, EDMC is enclosed for information.  It is very important that the guidelines are amended and made people friendly at the earliest.

It would be greatly appreciated, if you kindly intervene and use your esteemed office to ensure that our above legitimate demands are favourably considered.

Thanking you.

Sincerely yours,

R. N. Gupta
General Secretary