Sunday, February 28, 2010

We the citizens of delhi

Joint family system has broken down giving rise to nucleus families. It is the neighbours who rush to help when suddenly some one is ill and need to be rushed to hospital. When staying in East Of Kailash for more than thiry years, we at RWA level or at neighbour hood level knew when some is ill,confined to bed or crippled by incurable disease or event of death.

But in a colony like Madhuvan, near preet vihar new delhi 110092, only snobishness prevails. I remained at helm of affairs as honourary secretary of our dochbs society as well as member of MC, but i could not cange any thing.

Way back in 1995, my mother expired in a hospital located in Gurgaon. I brought her body to Madhuvan and no body came to my rescue to take body inside. The labourers working for construction just oppposite to our home helped me to bring my mother inside.

Plenty of white collared persons cannot afford medication due to high cost. They suffer because non knows and their self respect prevent them to stretch their hand. What can we do for such persons who are confined to bed or when some body has died in neighbour hood or to organise medicine distributions as we throw these when expiry date is over.

I do not know answer to these questions.

I really get depressed to notice our in action even when somebody merges storm water drain in his plot or when even rwa or society merges public road in their plot. MCD fails to act due to our in actions.


K K Ghei

BRPL Playing Games

Having received inflated power bills from BRPL for months of June 2009 to September 2009 I applied to them for refund as per scheme announced by them. I made a written complaint on 3-12-09 for refund duly receipted by them. I receive a letter from BRPL on 14-1-2010 to give consent for installation of a check meter. I give my consent in writing on 16-1-10 duly receipted by them on 16-1-2010. Surprising I receive another another letter from Mr Bishwajit Biswas DGM (B), Alaknanda one month later dt 20-2-10 received on 25-2-10 by me that on 8-1-2010 , eight days before I gave my consent to install a check meter on 16-1-2010, he sent a person to install the meter and that I refused this to be installed at our premises.
This is the height of manipulations by BRPL and the extend they go to twist facts. I do hope hope they install check meter.
Mrs. Manmohan Kaur
CRN No. 2510037475
36, Shivalik Aptts,
Alaknanda, Kalkaji
New Delhi-110019

Submitted by
Mr. Gurcharan Singh

Saturday, February 27, 2010

DTC fails the commuters

News Story Submitted earlier to the RWA Bhagidari blog by Mr. Lalit Mohan Sharma, Gen. Secy., RWA Vishwas Nagar, published in Hindustan times dated 26th Feb, 2010

With thanks to : Hindustan Times

DERC Public Hearing

Dear Mr Ghei Sir,

It is very sad that a learned person like you is absent on the day of hearing at DERC. We missed you a lot. I was thinking that you might have some other urgent piece of work that’s why you had not attended the hearing. Now only I came to know that you did not get invitation. It was (I think) due to yours not quoting your address in your objections or may be DERC people did not find your address in the letter that you had e-mailed them.

Sir your name was there in the list, but in address column only your e-mail ID was given and this information (list of persons filled objections with their addresses) was also available on DERC website.

Many of us including me, who filed the objections, received invitation from DERC by speed post on 19-2-2010. Hearing held on 23rd for RWAs, on 24th for Industrial /Commercial Associations and on 25th for NGO /Govt Bodies.

Basavangudi residents’ plea to Lokayukta

The Residents Welfare Association (RWA) of Basavangudi on Thursday lodged a complaint with the Lokayukta over the ‘unwarranted underpass at the Tagore Circle.’

In a petition submitted to Justice Sanotsh Hegde, the residents of Basavangudi appealed to him to look into the matter. The petition submitted to the Lokayukta states that the underpass was thrust upon the citizens by the authorities where it was not required. They have also listed names of eminent people including bureaucrats, sitting MLAs and former ministers who opposed the project.

The petition also carried figures on the Passenger Car Units (PCUs)/hr that was conducted by an independent third party consultant which also disputes the official figures as shown by STUP consultants under Government directions.

Meanwhile, the residents have also asked the Lokayukta to investigate into the report by the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) formed for the purpose of looking into the feasibility of the Tagore Circle underpass.

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This news is being added just for RWA Awareness.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Message from Major Mehar Sood ( veteran )

Dear Shri Vohra Ji,

I am getting your mail regularly and going through each with care. What ever you are mentioning it a really a cautioning the residents and exposing the government official who are non-performer. I appreciate your untiring efforts.

In fact you know well that we are having unlimited corruption at all level and those who need to act they do not take action in favour of public. This is never ending story and solution we have to find if we unite under one banner with a aim to ensure vote for trusted and honest person.

Take the price rise of essential commodities no one is concerned for the "AAM ADMI" there are Law, act, rule and various general instruction in existence to control the inflation but nothing is exercised by the government machinery..

You have rightly said in the case of vegetables etc. I saw the whole rate in daily papers but there is nothing at what rate these are sold in retail. I think the rates are with profit of above 80 to 100 percent profit.

Please be in touch.

With lot of regards.

Major Mehar Sood (Veteran)

Veggies on Fire

With thanks : source : Detailed news at :


I read in news papers that derc has conducted hearings and would finalise Tariff by march end. Kindly confirm if u recieved any invite as i had no invitation though filed objections. SINCE IT IS VERY URGENT KINDLY CONFIRM STATUS.

K K Ghei

Thursday, February 25, 2010

RWAs of DDA Flats

DDA while allotting flats had taken an undertaking that all allottees will form an association as per model constitution and it will be mandatory for all to be its member. Such association will have to register itself under co-operative act along with its constitution and conduct its affairs accordingly. The main function of the association is to maintain common potion and common services, and the welfare of its residents. The members are required to elect its executive body consisting of President, Vice-president, Secretary, Joint secretary and the Treasurer besides block representatives. The executive body is responsible to conduct day to day affairs of the association as per needs of its residents in line with the constitution and hold general body meetings once in three months. The term of the executive body is for one year. At the end of its term it is required to present its accounts duly audited in the general body and take its approval. The members are required to pay their monthly subscription as fixed from time to time.

With the passage of time DDA colonies were handed over to MCD thus de-linking itself from these associations. With the result there is no one to look into its affairs accept apex body of co-operative societies who have no time or infrastructure to monitor them. Many of these flats are more than 30 years old and there common portions are ill maintained and crumbling. At most places unplanned and unauthorized alterations and construction has taken place threatening basic foundation and structure and can be a disaster in waiting. There are members who do not pay their subscription and association has no legal authority to collect over-dues from them. Even at most places associations are not functioning as per the constitution. They do not hold elections or in time, instead executive members are planted by a dominant group and they conduct their affairs in the way they want ignoring general feelings and needs of its residents. Accounts are misappropriated and fudged, and no one is held accountable for all the lapses. Either these associations are prisoners of political groups or of vested interests. Civic sense and general ethics among residents is lacking. By and large members are busy with their own affairs and have no time and interest in the working of its associations. There are conflicts among residents at different floors in the same building on seepage, cleanliness and obstructing or occupying common portions, leading to police complaints and court cases. Thus general atmosphere and interaction among neighbors is vitiated or apathetic.

It is high time that agencies responsible should look in to the affairs of DDA flats and ensure that they maintain common portions by undertaking timely repairs. It is heard that Govt. is considering greater role for these associations in self/local governance. If that be the case then before providing them with funds it should look into the democratic functioning of associations. It should also check unauthorized alterations and construction. There should be a proper monitoring agency to check the working and accounts of the association and recovery of dues from those who do not pay their subscription at all or not pay in time. Mismanagement in DDA colonies is the order of the day while private colonies developed by colonizers or builders are better governed. I hope some one will take notice of the points raised in this blog and make the concerned wake up.

Submitted by :
Mr. Satyendra Malik
from Janak Puri DDA Flats

Rs.28,000 security deposit to cut one tree in Delhi


The Delhi government Wednesday decided to drastically enhance the security deposit for cutting down a tree while carrying out developmental work -- up from the present Rs.1,000 to Rs.28,000.

'The Cabinet has decided to raise the security amount from the existing rate of Rs.1,000 to Rs.28,000 for each tree to be removed under the Delhi Preservation of Trees Act, 1994,' Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit said.
She said that this amount will have a refundable and non-refundable component of Rs.14,000 each for ensuring compensatory plantation in the city.
Thousands of trees have been felled during the last few years while carrying out several developmental works ranging from road expansion to laying of the Metro network.
Diskhit said her government is committed to preserving and conserving the green cover in Delhi 'which has been increased from 26 to above 300 over the years. It is keen to ensure cent percent required compensatory plantation in lieu of felling of trees'.
The move has been taken with the twin objectives of ensuring effective implementation of the provisions of the Act and compensation on account of loss of greenery.
Presently the permission for removal of a tree under the Act needs a security deposit of Rs.1,000 for ensuring compensatory plantation of 10 saplings on the identified land at the applicant's cost which is refunded on verification of the compensatory plantation.
It has now been decided that compensatory plantation will be split up into two components -- one to be carried out by the forest department on government land and second to be raised by the applicant on identified land, the site from where trees are to be removed. Further it has been decided to fix plantation cost at Rs.2,540 per sapling.
Dikshit hoped that this will go a long way in enhancing the green cover in the capital.
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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Membership open : RWABhagidari blog

We are pleased to announce that the membership of the RWABhagidari blog is open. If you are from any registered RWA, you can join the blog as a member. It is absolutely free. No money is involved at any stage. All the members can directly upload the activities as well details of any civic problems of the area. It's a service to the RWA community and we can work much better if all of us are working as a team. Please note our blog is very well covered by the Print & Electronics media. You can view the list of existing team members on the left side. If interested, please mail us at :

Just a mouse click away,

with best regards,

B S Vohra
RWABhagidari Blog

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

End of family picnics at india gate rajpath

On Monday evening, Delhiites were formally banished from their favourite evening haunt - India Gate.
Road signs proclaiming the 2-km stretch a ‘No Parking’ area left it looking barren, lifeless.
Families out for an enjoyable evening with loved ones feared stepping out of their cars as patrolling Delhi Traffic Police officers imposed fines on halting vehicles.
“It’s suddenly become very inconvenient to visit India Gate,” said Satvir Singh (23), an MA student of Delhi University.
“I took a long detour as they’ve closed half the carriageway on Rajpath. Then, while I was asking an ice cream vendor where I could park my bike, a traffic police officer came and fined me for improper parking,” he said.
Observing Satvir’s dilemma from a distance, Gurinder Singh (36) and his family decided to go back home.
“The only time that I’ve seen this area under such tight security is a day before the annual Republic Day celebrations,” said Singh, a resident of Rajouri Garden.
Glimmering ice cream carts, which used to do brisk business and provide radiance to the concrete street leading to the cherished war memorial till just a week ago, stood in a corner.
“Doing business here has become almost impossible,” said Shankar, an ice cream vendor.

Retail loot : Mandi prices a fraction of what you pay

NEW DELHI: It's profiteering of the worst kind and you are at the receiving end. The potatoes you bought yesterday for anything between Rs 8 and Rs 12 per kg depending on which part of the city you live in, cost your retailer just Rs 3 per kg at the mandi. And the cauliflower he is selling for Rs 12 to Rs 16 per kg costs him only Rs 2 per kg.

You've probably often cribbed to him about the exorbitant prices and he has in apparent sympathy told you, ``kya karen memsahib (or sahib), peechhe se hi mahenga aa raha hai''. Well, that sob isn't true -- in fact, going by the prevailing wholsale rates, it is a pack of lies.

The wholesale prices have, in most cases, dropped to a fraction of what they were at the beginning of December or January, but there has been only a marginal slide in retail prices. In fact, you're paying up to five times the mandi price at your doorstep. Cabbage, for instance, is Rs 4 per kg at the mandi while parts of Delhi are paying Rs 20 per kg to get the leafy vegetable.

Wholesale rates at present are actually among the lowest in the past few months, having seen a continuous downward trend since December 2009 and there is reportedly no shortage of any vegetable. The government is aware of the situation, but says it is helpless.

When contacted, chief minister Sheila Dikshit told TOI: ``It is very difficult since the retailers number in thousands. I have asked the weights and measures department to get active and crack the whip, but simultaneously we have to educate the consumer. Each week we try and get the wholesale rates published so that consumers are aware of the market situation. At least, we have clamped down on the rising trend for the time being.''



Our history is replete with examples of rich donating for temples,dharamshalas and learning centres. Even a rishi while live allowed a cow to eat his flesh so that he could give bones and a king succeeds in yudh.
Now we are combatting terrorism, day light loot and murders. No area how so powerful or near police station is safe.
Crowded markets like krishan nagar,gandhi nagar are sitting ducks for terror acts.
Let us donate such cameras,cover entry and exit points or main traffic points and POLICE CONTROL WILL BE REQUESTED TO MONITOR 365DAYS,24 HOURS OF EACH SEVEN DAYS.
Police or delhi administration or MCD will get a wake up call and start own their own to privide such installations keeping in view common wealth games.

Monday, February 22, 2010

‘Beaten’ up for seeking info?

Information Commissioner Shailesh Gandhi has asked the Delhi Police Commissioner and Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) Commissioner to probe an incident wherein RTI users were allegedly beaten up at the behest of a local councillor in the presence of police and MCD personnel.

“Prima facie it appears that there has been serious collusion involved herein,” Gandhi wrote on February 18 in his letters.

The incident referred to RTI users’ NGO Public Grievance and Welfare Society from Kishan Ganj in north Delhi.

The members have alleged that around 25 people beat them at the behest of local Municipal councillor Satbir Sharma. Sharma has denied the charges.

The society had filed an RTI application with the MCD about alleged unauthorised construction by Sharma. With the civic body not forthcoming, they approached the Central Information Commission (CIC). Gandhi asked the civic body and the appellants to conduct joint inspection on January 12.

Society president Surinder Puri claimed that MCD officials asked only two of their members to go for inspection. Hence, only Ajay Kumar, also the society general secretary and Manmohan Gupta, entered the area. “Sharma himself asked his men, around 25, to thrash us, which resulted in my fractured nose,” Kumar said, adding, “Neither the police nor the MCD officials helped us.”

Puri alleged, “The police registered an FIR on January 18, after we took up the matter with the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate. But to our horror, we found that on January 12, they had filed a false FIR against us in connection with a weapon found in our car.”

Sharma claimed he was not present at the site and added, “I was in hospital till 4 pm. My men were not involved in any kind of fracas.”

Further, calling the appellants “habitual trouble-makers”, he alleged, “A loaded katta (countrymade gun) was found from their car. The crime branch can testify about it.” He also denied charges of any encroachment or unauthorised construction done by him.

with thanks : source :

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Co operative socity act and housing societies

The new act 2003 and ammended upto 2007 states that since purpose for which these societies came into existence has been fufilled and serives handed over to MCD or other agencies,these socities shall be wound up. Residents shall decide furhter formation of association. Most of the societies fall in transyamuna area. The following questions need to be considered and if deemed fit, choose further line of action.

a. Whether societies can legally recover security and other charges from residents who are neither member or connected in ay manner running society afairs.

b. What action is called for if society mangement does not start process of winding up or refuses to call meeting of residents despite order from Registrar.



RWA compels NHAI to make agreement public

Dwarka residents have won an year-long battle against the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) and made it to agree to upload the agreement it entered into with Jaypee-DSC for the construction and operation of the Gurgaon Expressway on its official website.

With this, the agreement would now be under public scrutiny. Running into 400 pages, the voluminous agreement between NHAI and Jaypee DSC Ventures Limited was signed on April 18, 2002 for the construction of 27.7 km long 8/6 lane Gurgaon Expressway, between Rao Tula Ram Marg (Delhi) and village Kherki Daula (Gurgaon) on National Highway No. 8.

Costing about Rs. 1000 crore, the project was awarded on built-operate-transfer (BOT) basis.
“Action has already been initiated to up load the agreement on the website of NHAI,” read an email from V K Rajawat, deputy general manager (Technical), NHAI to Rejimon CK, president of Dwarka Forum, the residents’ body that has been fighting for the cause of the commuters of Gurgaon Expressway for a long time.


(TELEFAX: 25530483, 9015152976, Email:

Dr. Dharam Prakash URGENT PLEASE
CDMO(West Distt.)
Deptt. of Health & FW, Govt. of NCT of Delhi July 29, 2009
Paschim Vihar, NEW DELHI REMINDER 1: February 3, 2010


Dear Sir,

After submission of our letter dt. July 29, 2009, patients visiting Delhi Govt. Dispensaries in West Delhi, specially the ones attached to Tihar Complex Dispensary, have not found any improvement. Immediate action is requested on the long pending grievances including delays of over two weeks in getting the medicines prescribed by Medical Specialists of Hospitals after submission of documents to the concerned pharmacists in the dispensaries.

As you are aware, after Government of Delhi declared Medical Cards compulsory for its employees including teaching cadres in the Deptt. of Education, there has been quantum jump in the number of card holders including their family members registered with each Delhi Govt. Dispensary. There are over 700 cards with Dispensary at Tihar Complex.

There have been instances where serving as well as retired employees evince their preference for a particular Dispensary due to its known better service. An example of this has been the Dispensary at Tihar Jail Complex. The MOI and the supporting staff are dedicated towards their responsibilities, prompt in providing service to the visting patients and all of them are soft spoken. These qualities are not only winning the hearts of existing OPD patients but are also attracting new Medical Card holders who have been registering with this Dispensary from far flung places.

At times it is noticed that the staff, specially the pharmacists, have not been able to cope up with the rush. This results in long delays and the medical card holders are required to visit the Dispensary repeatedly after submission of papers for the medicines to be indented. In an earlier communication, the Association has brought to your notice the cumbersome procedures existing in the system for getting the medicines prescribed by Medical Specialists of Delhi Govt., Central Govt. as also private empanneled Hospitals.

The Dispensary located at an isolated secured place within the Tihar Jail complex has no facility around for getting the photocopies of Medical Cards and Prescription Slips of MOI as also the Hospitals. The patients, despite of their serious ailments, have no option but to get the needful done from nearest Janakpuri shops for which there is no public transport or rikshaws. Patients, not owning conveyance, walk this long distance.

The delay in issuance of indented medicines is also caused when the papers get delayed at the Dispensary due to one of the two pharmacists deputed for other duties by your Deptt. or one of them proceeding on leave in emergency conditions. MOI have not been authorized to issue ‘Chemist Authority’ for urgently required medicines for the period these are received from DDUH and issued. The authorized chemists have also been responsible in these delays as they do not deliver the indented medicines/perfect substitutes within the permissible time as agreed to by them with DDUH. The sufferer in all such circumstances has been poor patient who has no option but to go on visiting the Dispensary and enquiring about medicines prescribed by specialists which are required to be taken urgently. Your Deptt. is requested to come to their rescue to overcome sufferings by urgently introducing computers and simplifying the existing procedures where pharmacists have to visit DDUH frequently.

In CGHS Dispensaries, to overcome the above mentioned procedural problems, computers have been introduced which save time and avoid paper work. All print-outs in duplicate giving names and quantity of medicines prescribed by Dispensary Doctors and the Hospital Medical Specialists, marked ‘D’ for delivered and ‘I’ for indented, Chemist Authority authorizing patients to instantly take urgently required medicines from designated chemist, CGHS Medical Store authority for very expensive medicines/injections, etc. for home delivery, and permission for getting tests, X-rays, etc. from approved labs are taken by doctors after centralized registration of card holders. Entire record of each patient is saved in the system and on repeated visits the doctors are not required to re-enter medicines prescribed for longer durations as the previous record is accessed and fresh print command for issuance/indenting of medicines is given.

Copies of this letter are being faxed/posted to Mr. J.P. Singh, Principal Secretary, and Dr. Narender Singh, MS, DDUH, for urgent action at their end. They are requested to kindly have the grievances of medical card holders looked into and issue instructions to all concerned officers for implementing their orders. Association will provide desired assistance.

Thanking you and awaiting acknowledgement and a reply to this letter,

Yours truly,

Vice President

Copy for information and MOST IMMEDIATE ACTION to: Mr. JP Singh, Principal Secretary., Deptt., of Health, Medical Superintendent, DDUH, CMOI, Tihar Complex Dispensary, and Grievance Cell, at Dte. Of H&EW, Kadkardooma, Delhi.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


BSES Yamuna Power Ltd and RWAS had an interactive sesssion. I have voice recorded total proceedings. Specific examples like Breakdowns for very long hours in Vishwas Nagar was given by way of showing and rebutting claims of Performance and hence asking for additional hike.

I submit that we must always ask for the records of deliberations of such inter active sesssions. I further submit that RWAS must even at this belated stage, file objections.
We have to gear up for ORAL SUBMISSIONS.
kk ghei
a-78 Madhuvan New Delhi 110092

Now no parking on Rajpath

Delhites moving to India Gate on every Sunday or Holiday will now face another problem of parking the cars as the Delhi Police will not allow, from Monday, any parking on Rajpath i.e. the road running between India Gate & Rashtrapati Bhavan.
It's being said that the new parking lot will be near the water channel which will be properly manned. Traffic police will now guide the public for few days to take the vehicles to the new parling & thereafter will start panelizing.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Chat with us on Saturday's & Sunday's on Yahoo ID " rwabhagidari "

We will try our best to be available for LIVE CHAT on Saturday's & Sunday's between 9 to 10 pm on our YAHOO ID " rwabhagidari ". The chat logo on the left side shows if we are online or not. If we are not online, please leave the IM so that we can revert when online. You can also mail us on Please feel free to mail details of any civic problems of your area for uploading on the blog. Please add your comments on various issues being raised in the blog. Please share the activities of your RWA's with fellow RWA's through this blog.

Please subscribe the blog. As a result, you will start getting our regular updates in your mail box. After subscribing the blog, you will get a verification mail for confirmation of your subscription. Please note, this subscription is absolutely free. Many of those who subscribed the blog, have not yet confirmed the verification mail. We again request you to check your mail box.

with best regards,

B S Vohra E Mail us at :


To my knowledge, it is first time BSES is inviting MRWA , MADHUVAN NEW DELHI - 110092.
You are aware BSES has for hike of electricity charges from 20% onward. One argument is that all no current complaints are attended within three hours. That the break downs are attended within shortest possible time. Kindly furnish or bring any record which demolishes GOEBLE like truth( or gospel truth).

Form my personal knowledge i know duplicate supply is not restored from alternate source EVEN when failure extends beyond four hours. Under frequency relays operate because BSES has forgotten load management. If we remain asleep, rest assureof a hefty hike.

kk ghei
A-78 madhuvan
new delhi 110092


I humbly request our beloved vohra ji to be on line for at least ONE HOUR of his choice and then see results.
Let is be From 9pm to 10pm or any slot which suites you.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dear valued Yahoo! Customer OR Some information needs to be reactivated

These are E mail frauds to extract your password & misuse your mail box. These may include LOGO of YAHOO or any other search engines. Plz do not reply & do not click on any such links.


Dear valued Yahoo! customer,
It has come to our attention that your Yahoo! information needs to be reactivated as part of our continuing commitment to protect your account and to reduce fraud.
Once you have reactivated your Yahoo! records, your account service will not be interrupted and will continue as normal.
To reactivate your Yahoo! account click on the following link:
Thank you.
Failure to verify your records will result in a account suspension.
Yahoo! will periodically send you information about site changes and enhancements.
Visit our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service if you have any questions.
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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

YEAR'S have passed, but seems there is none to EAR the issue

The worst traffic position can be viewed at Krishna nagar, Mandir marg, F Block crossing at Road number 57. While one lane has Green light to pass, bikers from other lanes intersect in between, halting the steady flow of the traffic as well causing chances of accidents. Barriers removed for 26th January Parade are not yet back. A single cop on duty is unable to control this mis management. The bottleneck at two points on this road causes major traffic jam between Happy School to Vaishay DharamShala on Mandir marg touching Road number 57. YEAR'S have passed, but seems there is none to EAR the issue.

Passport Application Status Through Phone, SMS

Want to know the status of your passport application? Just make a phone call or send an SMS.
The Regional Passport Office, Delhi has launched an inter-active Voice Response System (IVRS) based tele-enquiry to provide application status for callers.
Applicants can also get procedure for applying for passport and miscellaneous services, procedure for tatkal services and other information by calling 125535 (for MTNL users) and 55352 (for Airtel GSM and other CDMA users). They can also know the status of their passport application by just sending an SMS to 55352 with the file number. All mobile and land phone owners, who have SMS facility, can avail the service effective from February 9, the Regional Passport Office said in a release here.
with thanks : source :

नई बिजली दरें घोषित हो सकती हैं मार्च में

बिजली दरों में बढ़ोतरी करने के मामले में दिल्ली इलेक्ट्रिसिटी रेग्युलेटरी कमिशन (डीईआरसी) ने लोगों की जो राय मांगी थी उसका सोमवार को अंतिम दिन था। इसके बाद अब 23 और 24 फरवरी को सार्वजनिक सुनवाई की जाएगी। उम्मीद है कि मार्च के अंत तक बिजली की नई दरों की घोषणा कर दी जाए।

डीईआरसी ने बताया कि बिजली कंपनियों ने उसके पास 13 जनवरी तक अपने-अपने अग्रीमेंट रेवेन्यू रिक्वायरमेंट (एआरआर) जमा कर दिए थे। इसमें सिर्फ एनडीएमसी को छोड़ते हुए बाकी बीएसईएस यमुना और राजधानी सहित एनडीपीएल ने घाटे का हवाला देते हुए बिजली की दरें बढ़ाने की मांग की थी। डीईआरसी ने 17-18 जनवरी को पब्लिक नोटिस जारी कर इस मसले पर 6 फरवरी तक पब्लिक की राय मांगी थी। इसके बाद यह तारीख 15 फरवरी तक के लिए बढ़ा दी गई थी। डीईआरसी का कहना है कि अगर कोई 15 फरवरी की रात 12 बजे तक भी ऑनलाइन अपनी राय देगा तो उसे भी इस प्रक्रिया में शामिल किया जाएगा।
इसके अलावा जिन लोगों ने लेटर के जरिए उन्हें 15 फरवरी तक राय भेजने का काम किया है उनके लेटर भले ही 16 या 17 फरवरी तक उनके पास आए, ऐसे पत्रों को भी शामिल किया जाएगा। डीईआरसी का कहना है कि फिलहाल अभी इस बात की जानकारी नहीं ली गई है कि कितने लोगों ने अपनी राय भेजी है। इसका पता एक-दो दिन बाद लगाया जाएगा। फिर इन लोगों की राय को पढ़ा जाएगा और उनमें से कुछ कमेंट्स को बिजली कंपनियों की राय जानने के लिए उन्हें भी भेजा जाएगा।
डीईआरसी के मुताबिक इन्हें पढ़कर और सार्वजनिक सुनवाई के बाद बिजली की दरें बढ़ाने या न बढ़ाने के बारे में कोई अंतिम फैसला लिया जाएगा। मालूम हो कि बीएसईएस यमुना ने बिजली की दरों में 60.04, बीएसईएस राजधानी ने 69.60 और एनडीपीएल ने 52.48 फीसदी तक की बढ़ोतरी करने की मांग की है।

with thanks : source :

Amnesty scheme for taxpayers

New Delhi : The Municipal Corporation of Delhi ( MCD ) has launched an Amnesty scheme for property tax payers for settling ex - parte assessments under rateable value and properties under the unit area method.

source with thanks : HTC

Traffic woes because discipline blows away

I travel some time to Defence Colony,Lajpatnagar and a couple of places in South Delhi.
From India Gate by moving in clockwise direction You hit Dr.Zakir Hussain Marg and then oberoi on your south before you land near Humayun Tomb.
The above said Marg is blocked near Khan Market and detour via minni khan or new khan market through a narrow road is unavoidable.
The automobile repair shops block almost half the road and of course shopkeepers also park along road side.
I was imagining better road sense and discipline in this posh part of Delhi.
It is sickening that traffic management is as bad as in jheel and Gandhi nagar market.
1. Provide as many CCTV CAMERAS as you can afford.
2. Infact shop owners associations must come to donate such equipment.
The shoppers will have ease of movement and government coffers will swell by way of traffic violation challans.

Kk ghei
a-78 madhuvan delhi 110092

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Join us in the service to the community

Join us in the service to the community. If you are from any registered Residential welfare society, you can join the blog as a News contributor. As a result, you will be able to upload the activities of your RWA as well details of any civic problems of your area on the blog.

If you are not from any RWA, you can still share with us by a mail, details of any civic problems of your area. We will try our best to highlight the issue.

Any one of you can add comments on various issues being raised from time to time. Please join us in any of the three ways as above, in the service to the community.

Monday, February 15, 2010


The Secretary
DERC, Viniyamak Bhawan, C-Block
Shivalik, Malviya Nagar,
New Delhi - 17
Ref: Public notice in HT dated 17.1.10
Dear Sir,
Following observations which are common to all Licensees be considered before taking up ARR. Format for presentation of ARR data is not the same, therefore comparison and making observation for an ordinary consumer is difficult. Hence, more details in terms of fixed charges and category wise recovery, in a standard format, be made available for reasonable feedback.
4. Discoms had proposed tariff increase from 50% to 70% whereas no increase had been proposed by NDMC. Discoms in private sector had already implemented four increases taking it almost to twice the tariff in July 2002. At the same time there is no increase in NDMC area since 2002. So why the consumers with DISCOM should suffer when tariff, quality of supply and grievance redressal, are much better in NDMC.
5. AT and C, loss calculations are not correct, when major consumption in DISCOM offices as well as sub-stations not recorded. This stand is confirmed in the petition with CIC on the RTI by Shri H.L. Kalsi. However metering be done now in all discom offices as well as sub-stations and these figures be accounted for since July 2002. It will have repercussion on previous increase in tariff, and suo-moto refund.
6. Levy of fixed charges differ between DISCOMS & NDMC. The date of implementation is also different. It was made effective during 2004 in DISCOMs whereas during 2008 in NDMC. The rate of fixed charges is Rs. 2/- Per kw in NDMC against Rs. 12/- per kw in DISCOMs. Discrepancy be rectified before approval of ARR for 2010-11.
7. Fixed charges are not part of regular tariff, therefore it’t of receipts and expenditure, be projected separately and not as a part of total revenue.
8. The Services being rendered against fixed charges, not elaborated as on date. How long consumer is expected to pay fixed charges, be projected as the same are not part of consumption tariff.
9. Crors-subsidy in tariff, was basically introduced to support agriculture. Therefore, commercial and industrial sector, pays higher tariff whereas domestic sector contribute at par. As regards agriculture area in Delhi, it had reduced to 1% whereas commercial & Industrial revenue, increased to more then 40%. This amounts to undue benefit to licensee, hence bifurcation of revenue in different categories be made public in the ARR.
10. Replacement of electro-mechanical meters by electronic meters, is yet to be implemented in domestic sector of NDMC. On the contrary, DISCOMs carried out replacement twice i.e from electro-mechanical meters to electronic meters and subsequently electronic meters to digital meters. It appears that technology improvement is not required in VIP areas under NDMC, else DISCOM motive is different which may be made clear.
11. There is no transparency in DISCOMs under private sector particularly in tendering and salary structure. Norms and delegations of ECGRF are not available on website. Hence accountability in power sector is low, inspite of DERC performance standards, tilted in favour of Licensees.
12. Consumers are bound to bear discretionary higher pay package for employees. After seven years of operations pay-scales/perks are yet to be standardized, especially when govt. holds sharing of 49%. Salaries, without norms, should not be considered in ARR.
13. Merger of different categories in tariff and reduction of slabs, are not acceptable, while looking at ARR

B. L. Poddar R. N. Gupta
Acting President General Secretary

Sunday, February 14, 2010


On behalf of over 500 families of Priyadarshini Vihar and our neighbouring colonies,Gyan Kunj and East End Enclave (in East Delhi), I wish to register our anguish and frustration due to evident discrimination by the Government in supply of electric power to the people living in NDMC areas with others living outside the NDMC areas. We submit the following for your thoughtful
consideration before distribution companies hike the tariff further as proposed:

1. The power tariff in NDMC areas is much less as compared with our areas;

2. Govt continues to provide fat subsidies in the NDMC area, where most of the VIPs live; whereas
govt has withdrawn the subsidy in our area. It is pertinent to mention that people living in NDMC areas do not pay higher rate of taxes than us, then why this discrimination?

3. Mechanical meters have not been changed in the NDMC area, whereas fast running electronic
meters have been thrusted upon the consumers in other areas. Why?

4. Already, we are paying 250 to 300% more since the change of electronic meters and withdrawal of
subsidy; if the tariff is increased further (as proposed), it would be suicidal for us.

5. In stead of increasing the tariff further, BESS should check the pilferage. We understand that most of their own
sub-stations do not have meters. They themselves are the culprits. In view of the foregoing, the DERC is requested to first try to eliminate the basic difference between NDMC and other areas. While, we do agree and appreciate that the rate of power failure has improved a lot since the privatization, any further increase in tariff will be unbearable!!

Thank you for your consideration.

Sincerely yours,

R. N. Gupta
General Secretary
Priyadarshini Vihar Residents' Welfare Association
B-170 Priyadarshini Vihar
Delhi - 110 092.

Every ward will have Senior Citizen Centre-MCD

New Delhi, Elderly persons in the national capital may soon get senior citizens centres near their homes to assemble and interact with each other.

The MCD today said it plans to set up one such centre in every municipal ward.

Presenting the budget estimates for 2010-11 at a meeting of the MCD House, Standing Committee Chairman R K Singhal said an allocation of Rs 10 lakh has been made for each ward for such units which will also have televisions and newspapers.

"This will give the senior citizens a place to assemble and interact with each other. This will be made on the lines of 'panchayat ghar' in villages," Singhal said.

The Standing Committee Chairman said the MCD also wants to open working women's hostels in various parts of the city and asked the Delhi government to allot land for the same. - (Agencies)

Saturday, February 13, 2010


On 11th feb there was joint inspection by MCD SE-I,SE II and staff along with Sh.AC agarwal and my self..
A road blocked for more than ten year along NH PARK Madhuvan has been opened up. While MCD has admitted 27 encroachments in Madhuvan, action by MCD DESERVES A PAT.
Illegal taxi stand opposite to Nirula restaurant A Block preet Vihar was removed..but again You find taxi stand persons plying their trade despite round the clock police chowkee just less than ten pards away


Kindly look at the functioning of BSES Yamuna Power Ltd regarding Power Supply and its maintenance in Vishwas Nagar Block-10. There was a BIG POWER CUT started from 7:00pm on 8th Feb to 10:00am on 9th Feb (Next Day) of about 15 hours in the area.
There was another power cut from 2pm to 7:30pm on 11th Feb. Complaint made to BSES with complaint no.10021101334 and no. 1364.

Now today i.e. on 12th Feb there is a Power Cut starts from 10am to 9pm for 11 hours (only power restored twice for very little time from 3:15 to 4:15pm and 6 to 6:45pm). Complaint made to BYPL customer care with complaint no.386. Neither action nor any status is available with BSES Customer Care, hours after making the complaint.

The officers of BYPL like DGM(O&M), Asst VP(O&M), VP(O&M) and also BYPL CEO office with CM control room are apprised about the problem /situation but of no help.This is the pattern of maintenance and system up gradation /modernization by BSES and for these types of services, BSES is asking for Tariff Revision?

Lalit Mohan Sharma (General Secretary),
Vishwas Nagar RWA

Friday, February 12, 2010


I had an opportunity to present my submission on hearing of second appeal today in CIC office.
All the superintending engineers concerned with this issue in MCD were prest.
Besides other directions, land mark direction was that MCD shall put up guide lines on MCD WEBSITE beefore but not later than 5TH MARCH 2010.
The data of zone wise number of towers and ACTION TAKEN AGAINST CONCERNED OFFICERS will also be available.
A copy of detailed order is available with me.

kk ghei

Milk prices up in Delhi, Petrol & Diesel to follow

Prices of Milk are up in Delhi. The full creamed by Rs. 2 & the tonned by Rs. 1 per lt. Now seems to be the turn of Petrol & Diesel, which is likely to go up very soon. Water tariff was raised on the very first day of the new year. What next in the liquid products ?

RWABhagidari blog

RWABhagidari blog - in the right direction

The purpose of launching of this blog is to make it a common platform for the INTERACTION of RWA's of Delhi East Dist., where, they could share the problems being faced by them, as well, could also contribute their suggestions, ideas, opinions & a lot more.

The result in a month is :

Some of the best persons from various RWA's are visible on this blog. Many more are in the process of joining soon. The blog is getting hit's from almost every part of the world. You can check the red points on the recent visitors map on the blog. Many of the issues raised by this blog have been published in various news papers which include :

Hindustan Times, Amar Ujala, Rashtriy Sahara, Dainik Jagran City Plus as well Delhi AajTak TV Channel. It has been mentioned by our contributors in their posts that due to the blog effect, many works have been done by various agencies.

What more we can expect in just a month ?

What we need now is to raise the awareness amongst various RWA's as well general public, so that they come forward to upload their issues & comments on this blog. It will take some time, but we are sure that we are moving in the right direction.

with thanks & best regards

B S Vohra

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Who is to blame for mobile towers goof up?

The authorities are leaving no stone unturned to make the lives of people miserable. The latest is the mobile phone towers. I ask and kindly raise my voice to get answers to the following questions:
1) What are the norms accepted by authorities to grant permission to put up wireless towers in residential areas?
2) Who overviews illegal constructions, including mobile phone service providers towers?
3) Is there any mechanism to check and stop constructions?
4) Name of officers and their designation, complete addresses, phone numbers, etc.

1. Arrest officers who overlooked this matter initially.
2. Impose punitive fines on service providers, property owners and agencies who erected these towers.
The role of press is to expose such scandals and monitor till guilty are punished.
3. Kindly help in seeking above information from authorities under the Right to Information Act.

KK Ghai, A-78, Madhuvan, Delhi

with thanks : source :

School encroaches on public lane; authorities mute spectator

Schools are considered a place where children learn good values and to be responsible citizens. But if schools break the law then one can imagine how adversely it'll affect innocent minds of children. A clear example of this can be seen at Madhuvan near Preet Vihar where Universal Public School has allegedly encroached on a 15-foot-wide public lane.

"In 1964-65, the Delhi Officers Co-operative House Building Society Limited was established by DDA. The entire colony was developed according to the plan. This land was then leased to the society in 1978. In the society's map, the entire layout of the colony is clearly mentioned. A few years back, Universal Public School put some wooden fences on the lane that was earlier used by the people as a shortcut to reach the main road," said KK Ghai, secretary Delhi Officers Cooperative House Building Society Limited.

Ghai said initially the residents thought that it was a step to stop trespassing into the school and that the school will soon make its own boundary wall and open the lane later. "But gradually the school raised the height of the fences and now they have constructed a cemented wall and joined it with walls of the houses next to the school. Although we have complained to the authorities, no action has been taken to date," he said.

For the detailed news, please click the headline above. With thanks : source :

Submitted by Mr. K K Ghei

Decongesting Delhi : `Charge Congestion Fee From Private Cars'

Private vehicle owners in Delhi may have to pay "congestion fee" if the government adheres to the Delhi High Court suggestion.

On Wednesday, the High Court asked the Delhi government to consider steps to restrict use of private vehicles to curb road congestion.

What has been proposed is a "stiff congestion fee" on the lines of London where it is levied on private cars entering certain parts of the city.

for detailed news, please click the headline above. With thanks : Hindustan times

Objections to DERC reg. Tariff hike

The Secretary
DERC, Viniyamak Bhawan,
C-Block, Shivalik, Malviya Nagar,
New Delhi-110017

Subject: Public Response to ARR-Tariff for FY 2010-11

Ref: Public Notice in HT dated 17.1.2010

Dear Sir,

Following observations which are common to all Licensees be considered before taking up ARR’s for Financial year 2010-11

1. Physical Verification

i) ARR of Discoms should not be considered till the process of physical verification of capital expenditure is scrutinized.

ii) M/s ASCI Hydrabad ,assigned the work for physical verification be directed to involve local RWA’s, NGO’s and individuals to assess ground realties.

2. Format

Format for presentation of ARR data is not same, therefore comparison and making observation for an ordinary consumer is difficult. Hence more details in term of fixed charges and category wise recovery in a standard format be made available for reasonable feedback.

3. Tarrif Revision

Discoms had proposed tariff increase from 50% to 70% whereas no increase had been proposed by NDMC. Discoms in private sector had already implemented four increases taking it almost to twice the tariff prevailing in July 2002. At the same time there is no increase in NDMC area since 2002. So why the consumers with DISCOM should suffer when tariff, quality of supply and grievance redressal is much better in NDMC.

4. AT & C Loss

AT & C loss calculations are not correct, when major consumption in DISCOM offices as well as sub-stations is not recorded. This stand confirmed in the petition with CIC, RTI by Sh. H L Kalsi. However, metering shall be done now, in all DISCOM offices as well as Sub-Stations and these figures be accounted for since July 2002. It will have repercussion on previous increase in tariff, and suo-moto refund.

5. Fixed Charges

i) Levy of fixed charges differ in DISCOMS & NDMC. The date of implementation is also different [ DISCOM effective in 2004 whereas NDMC- effective in 2008]. The rate of fixed charges is Rs. 2/-per KW in NDMC against Rs. 12/- per kw in DISCOMs. This discrepancy be rectified before approval of ARR for 2010-11.

ii) Fixed charges are not part of regular tariff, therefore it’s account in respect of receipt and expenditure be projected separately and not as part of total revenue.

iii) Services being rendered against fixed charges are not elaborated as on date. How long cosumer is expected to pay fixed charges be projected , as the same are not part of consumption tariff.

6. Subsidy

Cross-subsidy in tariff was basically introduced to support agriculture. Therefore commercial and industrial sector pays higher tariff whereas domestic sector contribute at par. As regards agriculture area in Delhi, it had reduced to 1 5 whereas commercial & industrial revenue increased to more than 40 %. This amounts to undue benefit to licensee, hence bifurcation of revenue in different categories be made public in the ARR.

7. Meter-Replacement

Replacement of electro-mechanical meters to electronic meters is yet to be implemented in domestic sector of NDMC. On the contrary DISCOMs carried out replacement twice i.e from electro-mechanical meters to electronic meters and subsequently electronic meters to digital meters. It appears that technology improvement is not required by VIP area under NDMC, else DISCOM motive is different, be made clear.

8. Transparency

i) There is no transparency in DISCOMs under private sector particularly in tendering and salary structure. Norms and delegations of ECGRF are not available on website. Hence accountability in power sector is low in spite of DERC performance standards tilted in favour of Licensees.

ii) Consumers are bound to bear discretionary pay package to employees. After seven years of operations pay-scale / perks are yet to be standardized especially when Govt. holds sharing of 49 % salaries without norms should not be considered in ARR.

9. Merger of categories
Merger of different categories in tariff and reduction of slabs are not acceptable while looking at ARR’s. NDMC slabs and tariff be implemented in DISCOMs.

10. Time of day metering should not be implemented, till previous issues related to metering and billing are streamlined.

11. Enhancement of load on consumption
and subsequent 30% surcharge on fixed charges as proposed by DISCOM should be rejected. This is nothing except additional harassment to consumers like false cases of theft.

Under the circumstances DERC should not consider ARR’s for 2010-11 till basic issues as mentioned above are not resolved in the interest of lakhs of consumers.

Yours sincerely
Lalit Mohan Sharma
General Secretary
Vishwas Nagar RWA
New Delhi-110092

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

CONGRATULATIONS...Blog effect mcd is removing encroachments in Madhuvan

Yesterday, junior engineers came to my place, wanted a pat for removing kithcen gardens along roads.
I told them that on 10th feb at 4pm is hearing on our second appeal regarding encroachments in our 15 ft road merged by UNIVERSAL PUBLIC SCHOOL preet vihar delhi 110092.
But they appear to be under some pressure.
Already second appeal had been upheld and last opportunity has graciously been given to MCD to name guilty officers.
Today i wish some of you friends could be in OLD BLOCK JNU
OPP TO BER SARAI.. to encourage us,share our joy and sufferings.
I am available on mobile 9811 868 133.


MCD councillors to spend 25 Lakhs PA in consultation with RWA's

MCD has announced that now onwards, the MCD Councillors will get additional Rs. 25 lakhs per annum, which they have to spent in consultation with the local RWA's. It will definitely give a boost to the Bhagidari scheme of the Delhi Government. Details of the scheme awaited.

Cell Phone Towers On School, Hospital Buildings `illegal'; Ensure People Don't Suffer, Says CM

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) has framed a policy to regularise cell phone towers in the city.

The policy will be tabled in the standing committee meeting of the civic body on Tuesday.

The MCD has said mobile towers installed on schools, hospitals and dispensaries will have to be removed in 15 days' time.

"The installation of mobile towers is not allowed on school buildings and hospitals as per the present policy also," said Ram Kishan Singhal, chairman of the standing committee of the MCD. "These towers will be removed but at least 15 days' time will be given so that the network in the city is not affected."

Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit, meanwhile, said her government has asked the MCD to remove the illegal towers but without causing inconvenience to people.

The civic agency is yet to decide on the time frame it will give to cellular providers under the new policy.

for detailed news, please click the headline above. With thanks : source : Hindustan times.

Soon, Cancer Drugs At Half-Price From Govt Outlets ?

In a first-ever initiative to bring down prices of expensive cancer medication, the government plans to retail them through its `Jan Aushadhi' stores, which offer essential `unbranded' drugs at discounted rates. It has already initiated talks with domestic pharma companies to procure cancer drugs. To start with, first line cancer medicines may be sourced from major companies like Cipla, Sun Pharma and Dr Reddy's, and offered at nearly half the price at `Jan Aushadhi' stores to be set up at state hospitals where cancer is diagnosed and treated.

for the detailed news, plz click headline above. With thanks : source : Times of India

Property Tax Hike Not Steep, House Owners Get In Delhi Some Relief

Residents of posh colonies in Delhi will have to shell out more money for property tax as compared to those of other localities. The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) finalised a budget of over Rs 6,000 crore for the year 2010-2011 on Monday under which property tax payable by people living in A and B colonies has been increased from 10% to 12%.

For the detailed news, please click the headline above, with thanks Times of India.

No lights? Send SMS complaint

For complaints regarding no supply or voltage fluctuations, all the consumers have to do is type BSES 'fault code' 'CRN number' and SMS it to 5545464. The various fault codes are — NC for no current, VF for voltage fluctuation and MB for outages on account of meter issues. To get bill and payment details, consumers just need to SMS their CRN number to 5545464 and immediately, they will receive the requisite details. All they have to do is type BSES BILL 'CRN number' and SMS to 5545464.

For the detailed news, please click the headline above or use the code as below with thanks to the source :

Monday, February 8, 2010

Worldwide hits on RWABhagidari blog

We are pleased to inform that, in just one month period, from the date of launch of our RWA Bhagidari blog,, it is getting hits from various Indian cities as well from almost every part of the world. Please log on to the blog & view the RECENT VISITORS MAP to check the same. We are thankful to our most valued visitors, who are showing great interest in the blog. We are also thankful to the RWA personalities who have already joined the blog and also those who are in the process of joining soon.

with best regards

B S Vohra

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Subscribers : please participate actively in the service to the society

Dear subscribers of the RWABhagidari blog,

Please participate actively in the service to the society. Please add your comments on various issues being raised in the blog by valued contributors. Please mail details of any civic problems of your area with pics.

Many of you, who subscribed the blog, have not yet verified the confirmation mail. Please note, after subscribing the blog, you get a mail on the same ID that you used to subscribe the blog. You have to open that mail & verify the confirmation link. Only after that you will start getting our regular updates. Please forward about this blog to your friends & neighbours.

with best regards

Winding up of societies ...Residents need to be made members

All societies which function under SOCIETIES ACT 2003 MAY KINDLY READ and advise your reactions.
I had been hony secretary and member of managing committee for more than six years.

The The house building cooperative societies came up from 1964 on wards. Members of various services,like medical,press, delhi administrative services, mcd and like wise services laid down conditions and membership was opened. The objective was to obtain prime piece of land on lease(govt policy). Societies had a long wait. The land allotment started somewhere in 1975 and Delhi Officers also got a chunk of land opposite to sharkur and on eastern side railway track...delhi..ghaziabad was the boundary.
Our plot was allotted for 225 members and thereafter services were laid in accordance with DDA SANCTIONED LAY OUT PLAN, plots carved out and allotted to members. I was allotted plot number 78 in block A. The founders of our DOCHBS LTD were persons of exemplary dedication, honesty and integrity.
So, after allotment of plots and handing over of services to Muncipal Corporation of Delhi, the objectives were achieved.
The co-operative societies ACT 1978 was revised in 2003 and amended from time to time.
Act stipulated winding up of societies within stipulated time frame.
Original members(like me) were issued share certificates and i yhink face value was rs 100/ or rs 10/(kindly correct me).
The amount for development was collected from time to time and accounts presented every year.
How ever problems came up after completion of services work.
The account was to be prepared and got approved from general body including the following informations.
1. What was total amount collected from members from time to time.
2. Amount spent on laying of services and handing over of services.
3. What was profit or loss ?
4. Value of share.
This has not been done and needs to be done on priority.
All residents are to be part of decision making like annual charges for various activities (if RESIDENTS WANT).
Our madhuvan society consists of 225 members at the time of inception. A couple of members have expired and their nominees have not come forward for becoming members.
So our actual strength has dwindled.
At present the dwelling units have almost doubled by way of hectic activity.
Residents have no say nor participated in deciding ANNUAL charges for security and annual Maintainenance charges.
Kindly decide whether charges demanded by society are payble or NOT PAYABLE BY RESIDENTS(non member residents).
The residents have full right to hold meetings for the benefit of residents and no MRWA or society politics should dictate further line of action.


Worried on the possible increase of POWER TARIFF ? Please file your comments now, before it is too late.


The Electricity distribution companys have filed petitions for approval of revised ANNUAL REVENUE REQUIREMENT ( ARR )and Tariff for FY 2010 - 11. Last date for receipt of comments from stakeholders was 6th of February, 2010. This has now been extended to 15th February by DERC.

Please refer few earlier news messages in print media as well on this blog, which indicated about a significant increase in the Power Tariffs. Therefore, please file your comments in any case before the 15th of February.

Please contact Mr.K K Ghei, who is working on it. Please feel free to add your comments on this blog with your contact details. Mr. Ghei will contact you for further discussions.

Please note, the reply is to be filed with :
Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission,
Viniyamak Bhawan, C- Block, Shivalik,Malviya Nagar, New Delhi, INDIA,
TeleFax.: 91-11-266736081,51,51, E Mail :

Saturday, February 6, 2010

New cross-border threat? Calls offering cash for data

NEW DELHI: When in doubt, don’t call back. More so if you happen to be an Airtel subscriber and have a missed call from a +92 number. Cellphone major Bharti Airtel told TOI that many of its subscribers are receiving fraudulent calls — usually a missed call — presumably from across the border. “Callers often call back thinking 92 is a Tata Indicom number, overlooking the fact that +92 is Pakistan’s country code”, a company spokesperson said.

On returning the missed call, the person at the other end would pretend to be an Airtel staffer and inform the caller that he/she has won a lottery/award conducted by the company. The fraudster would then attempt to dupe the customer into sharing sensitive personal information about his/her voter ID, PAN, bank account and credit card data and demand a commission (usually DTH recharge vouchers) to receive the winnings. “We issued an advisory which is up on our website to protect all mobile/landline users from falling victim to these malicious activities. We believe it is best to avoid responding to suspicious missed calls from unknown numbers,” the spokesperson emphasized.

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Vivek Vihar (C -block ) : Mrs. Alka Gupta


It is the same every where. In our Vivek Vihar (C -block ), all the rain water drains are filled and encroached upon.

Alka Gupta

Bhagidari and we the bhagidars

Despite appearing in minutes of bhagidari monthly meetings some problems remain unsolved.
Most of the issues raised can be tackled if officers are sympathetic.
Unfortunately, meetings are attended by junior most functionaries and these poor souls are not able to satisfy members. ACTION remains pending and MCD,DDA OR POLICE do not bother that minutes are sent to CM and top functionaries.
Let us list out from these minutes problems remaining pending for more than ONE YEAR.
To start with, i refer to our Madhuvan. Kindly add yours.
1. Public road of Madhuvan merged by UNIVERSAL SCHOOL PREET VIHAR....Since 2005 we are crying and praying but No Action.
2. Foot paths along NAGRAJ MUNI MARG TO END OF PREET VIHAR heavyily encroached by outsiders and residents.
on southern side it is unusafe to walk(LEVEL RESEMBLES LIKE PATH OF SNAKE(zig zag up and down level))
Who will solve these problems?
Are they waiting we go on FAST UNTO DEATH.

Friday, February 5, 2010