Thursday, April 30, 2015

DERC vs. GNCT of Delhi - CIC - Anil Sood

Dear All

I am pleased to inform you all that Hon'ble High Court  in Writ petition filed by DERC appearing in the trailing mail, has refused to stay the order passed by Hon'ble CIC (Attached) wherein DERC was directed to Suomotto disclose the issues framed, as mandated under section 4(1)(c) of the Right to Information Act, 2005, by it on its web site before asking suggestions from General Public and extend the date of receiving suggestions and thereafter hold public hearing.

However, the DERC instead of complying with the said order rushed to the High Court. The Hon'ble High court after hearing both the parties directed the DERC to appear before CIC on 6th May  2015 and make submissions. The High Court further directed the CIC to pass an order by 8th May, 2015. The Court has listed the matter to be heard on 13th May 2015.

This is the first positive step towards people's participation in meaningful governance. We must appreciate Hon'ble CIC for taking cognizance of such a serious/blatant  non compliance by the Regulator. 


Anil Sood

Certification of Repair & Maintenance Expenses (R&M) and Administration and General Expenses (A&G)

Dated 27th April, 2015

Malviya nagar,
New Delhi

Subject : Advertisement by DERC says : Engagement of a Chartered Accountant (CAG Empanelled) for Certification of Repair & Maintenance Expenses (R&M) and Administration and General Expenses (A&G) for BRPL and BYPL for FY 2004-05 and FY 2005-06 

Dear Sir, 

We understand very well that a CAG Empanelled Chartered Accountant does not mean that its the certification by CAG. Anyhow, i would like to ask a few questions as below :

1. Why DERC requires such Certification of Repair & Maintenance expenses as well the Administration & General expenses for the years 2004 - 05  &  2005 - 06 and that too in April 2015 i.e. after 10 years ?

2. Does it mean that the Statutory Auditors have not checked above heads ?

3. In such a case how DERC has relied upon the rest of the expense heads and why DERC has not asked for the Certification of Purchases, Sales, Surplus sales, AT&C Losses as well the Distribution losses for all these years ?

4. If the above figures are yet to be certified, does it mean that the True Up is not done till date for various heads of expenses ? 

5. In such a case, how we can rely upon the Statutory books of accounts of BRPL & BYPL & how the DISCOMs can ask for the review of Power Tariff regularly since 2004 - 05 onwards while even the last Audit report clearly states that : Managements responsibility for the financial statements : Management is responsible for the preparation of their financial statement that give a True & Fair view of the Financial position, financial performance and cash flow....

Sir, Awaiting your most valued reply.


B S Vohra
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front - Federation

High Court directs DERC not to hold Public Hearing ...... BIG BLOW TO DERC

Congratulations to our Friend Anil Sood.

DERC Cannot hold Public Hearing till they comply with CIC Order ......... CIC to hear the case on 6th May ..... for more info call Anil Sood.

Today in a petition filed by DERC in the High Court SEEKING A STAY on CIC Order wherein DERC is to comply with requirement of section 4(1)(C) of the Right to Information with regard to suo motto disclosure of impact of following facts on tariff determination:-

(a) Impact of True up of 04-05 & 05-06 of R & M Expenses of BYPL & BRPL for which tenders were issued somewhere in March 2015 and the Quotation receipt date is on 27th April 2015 - which is after submission of responses by the Stake Holders;

(ii) Impact of actual true up on account of Capital Assets since 2002 till 2014 in case of two DISCOMS where the DERC itself has stated before Apex Court that in case of BRPL & BYPL the DATA submitted by them is incorrect and full of inconsistencies. As per Minutes of Meeting dated 11-06-201 of SAC  there is mismatch of assets in Asset Register and physically available;

(iii) Impact of  DT wise Negative losses for all the three DISCOMS since 2011-12 onwards

The Chief Secretary of GNCT of Delhi, Principle Secretary, CIC and Anil Sood have been impleaded as Parties.

The GNCT should make categorical statement that before the court that the DERC has to comply with the mandate of Section 4(1) (c) of the RTI Act, 2005.


Warm Regards,

Rajiv Kakria

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

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Our prayers for everone in Nepal !

Kaushambi RWA seeks swift action on diesel vehicle ban

GHAZIABAD: Alarmed over the high level of air pollution in the city, residents of Kaushambi have demanded immediate implementation of the National Green Tribunal's (NGT) ban on diesel vehicles older than 10 years, in Delhi and Ghaziabad. 

The residents, under the banner of Kaushambi Apartments' RWAs (KARWA), on Friday served legal notices on authorities in Ghaziabad and Delhi, demanding immediate enforcement of the NGT order that prohibits plying of diesel-run private and commercial vehicles older than 10 years in the NCR. 

The notices have been served on the state governments of Delhi and UP, the Delhi Pollution Control Committee and the UP Pollution Control Board among others, according to the KARWA, a federation comprising 22 RWAs. 

with thanks : Times of India : LINK : for detailed news.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

RWAs Disaster Management Committees in every locality

Our Tweet To Deputy CM of Delhi : Sh Manish Sisodia :

We hereby request Delhi Government to form RWAs Disaster Management Committees in every locality, with complete training, so that if an earthquake of this much magnitude comes in Delhi, scores of lives could be saved. 

दिल्ली के हर इलाक़े मे RWAs की एक डिज़ास्टर मॅनेज्मेंट कमिटी बननी चाहिए ताकि इतना बड़ा भूचाल अगर दिल्ली में आता है तो दिल्ली को तबाही से बचाया जा सके. दिल्ली की RWAs हर तरह के सहयोग के लिए हमेशा तैयार हैं.

An IMMEDIATE action is expected from Delhi CM. We the RWAs are ready to cooperate in every possible manner to save our DELHI. 

B S Vohra

Saturday, April 25, 2015

East Delhi RWAs Joint Front's suggestions to Delhi Government over Delhi Budget !

With thanks : City Plus : Jagran Group Publication

Hydrojal Plus– the Alkaline way to improve immune system & body resistance !

It’s a well known fact that 70% of our body constitutes water & therefore we must drink substantial quantities of water, regularly, to stay fit & healthy. But have you ever tested the quality of water that you get from Taps in your home  ? The reality is, that most of us get dirty water from the taps which contains invisible bacteria, parasites, chlorine, fluoride and dioxins that often lead us to various hospitals for immediate medical attention.

As a result, water purifier has become a part of our lifestyle, but we don’t understand that even the RO water contains acidic pH that makes our body more acidic. This acidic water causes acidity, fatigue, constipation, headaches, cancer, arthritis, immune dysfunction, hangovers as well the premature aging. The truth is that the purified water is an active absorber  & the minute it comes in contact with the air, it absorbs carbon dioxide that makes the water acidic.  Even the cooking of food in such water, lowers its nutrient value.

Many of us consume cold drinks as an alternative of water, without even understanding that these beverages are also made from the purified water only. Those with regular intakes of soft drinks spill huge amount of calcium, magnesium and other trace minerals into the urine that may lead to osteoporosis, coronary artery disease, high blood pressure etc. Isn’t it shocking that in order to replace the water stolen by soft drinks, we must drink at least 12 glasses of water for every glass of soft drink consumed.

The truth is that the ideal water for human consumption should be alkaline, which has the presence of minerals such as calcium & magnesium. Water filtered through a solid charcoal filter is slightly alkaline and Ozonation of this charcoal filtered water is ideal for regular human consumption. Alkaline ion water attracts the acidic ions & carries them out of the body. 

It must be noted that the healthy cells live in an alkaline environment & all kinds of unhealthy cells live in an acid accumulated waste environment. Alkaline water provides the stomach mucosa to excrete the right amount of hydrochloric acid for food digestion. We must note that 1 glass of Alkalized water is equal to 3 glasses of ordinary or bottled water in its hydration capability. Therefore, if we want to be on the safer side & want to be fit & healthy, we must opt for the Alkaline & Anti – oxidant rich water, that can keep us more healthier & fit as its absolutely non acidic in nature.

Hydro - Jal Plus is India’s most advanced, compact, stylish & affordable water ionizer. It is the most efficient and powerful mechanism that converts the regular water into the absolute healthiest ionized alkaline water that is perfectly fit for drinking. You can get a Free Demo of the Hydro jal at your home and can get a free test of your normal drinking water to prove its acidity.  

We must remember that the regular intake of Ionized Alkaline water improves the immune system and body resistance to diseases as no disease can live in an Alkaline body. Therefore, if you want to transform your health with 3 – 4 litres of Alkaline & Anti oxidant rich water every day, just call Hydro Jal Plus, for a Live Demo, NOW ! 

Link :

India TV Pics of Earthquake in Nepal

India TV Pics of Earthquake in Nepal : With thanks

Delhi Jolted by a BIG EARTHQUAKE !

MASSIVE EARTHQUAKE : Delhi jolted by a massive Earthquake. Almost for 2 minutes everything was shaking. We all ran out of our home. Fans were jolting heavily. It was a BIG earthquake. It was in entire North India upto Sikkim, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Gujrat & upto Peshawar. Metro in Delhi has stopped functioning temporarily as after shocks of the earthquake are expected after every big earthquake. . Epic centre was in Nepal with Richter Scale of 7.4 magnitude. It was a big earthquake. In Delhi its being said that it was of Richter Scale of 6 Magnitude & 35 KM in Depth.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

आज दिल्ली में इंसानियत की मौत हो गई !

इस से ज़्यादा शर्म की बात क्या हो सकती है की देश की राजधानी में, सैंकड़ों लोगों के सामने एक आम आदमी, थोड़े से मुआवज़े की आस में अपनी जान दे देता है और सब खड़े खड़े देखते रह जाते हैं.सब अपने दामन को सॉफ दिखाने की कोशिश कर रहे हैं लेकिन सच सिर्फ़ इतना है कि आज दिल्ली में इंसानियत की मौत हो गई.

Pics with thanks from various sources.

Monday, April 20, 2015

#india4india - on the journey of doing right

Boating for fun & masti is very common in every part of the world, but have you ever heard about a school on a boat ? Yeah ! this thought came into the mind of Ajeet singh, whose only aim was to DO RIGHT. He found small kids of fisherman, wasting their time and energy, aimlessly, on the banks of river Ganges in the Varanasi city. On his journey of doing right, for the small kids, he thought of educating them on a boat, under the banner of NGO GURIA.
All of us know & understand very well that for the economic growth of our country, the basic education for the kids is a must. But do you know that currently, we have the largest number of illiterates in the world ? Do you think, we can achieve our growth targets with such a large force of unguided illiterates. Our economy can grow at a much higher rate and our GDP can also touch the peak if we could concentrate on the education of these deprived children. 
Varanasi boat club has set an example for all those who want to do something for the society. We must come forward to support Ajeet Singh by helping him in his noble cause. Please log on to the website to understand the entire concept and come forward to stand by him so that more & more kids could join the group of literates in our country. We must keep in mind that such views are very common in almost every part of our country & every rupee spent by us for this noble cause will lead to the Economic growth of our country.
Those visiting Varanasi for various religious commitments must come forward for the education of poor kids by providing them #scholorship so that more & more students could lead a settled life which is the foundation stone for the development of any country.
We must come forward for the magical transformation of all such kids by giving them an opportunity to get educated in an ideal learning environment as provided by Ajeet singh, to the poor children of fisherman, by way of a boat school. I am sure that you too will join us for spreading the spirit of DOING RIGHT for this common cause as being done by Tata Capital, #India4India, so that more & more children could be accommodated on the path of development and glory.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Safe City, Public Transport and Raja Hindustani's

Dear Friends,

Yesterday Dwarka and today this small blip in the Times of India ..... (attached) ..... Dhaula Kuan ..... Nibhaya ........ Uber

We talk of safe cities and how unsafe Delhi is for women after sunset. Security, I think is a State of Mind, if there is assurance that a citizen is sure of a safe ride home in late hours from office, a party, movie or travel then all those connected to the individual feel a sense of relief.

This state of mind is akin to all, Netas, Cops, Babus and us Lesser Mortals - those with a criminal bent of mind also know this and exploit it to the fullest.

Net, Net, if there is reliable public transport then there will be a sense of security in the citizens, therefore more positivity. So what should Governments be doing  - its not rocket science - take care of the Public Transport and for BONUS we get Clean Environment.

For safe Public Transport there should be reliable verified vehicles, GPS installed to keep track, no refusals, no over charging, easy access, good frequency, no straying off designated routes, uniforms, training etc.

Those in the Public Transport business - Taxis, Autos, Grameen Sewa, E-Rickshaws are the new vote banks and what's more they can hold the city to ransom by going on a strike.

It is easy to grease palms and pick up a license, buy a vehicle on easy EMI's, get a permit (many times none of these, just rent a vehicle from a cartel) and you are in business ....... no one will verify your past record ....... remember Uber.

AAP Government has just taken back the one stick with which the Traffic Police could control them with .......

AND NOW MY FRIENDS ..... THE RAJA HINDUSANI IS COMPLETE ...... the growing incidence of Rape by Taxi Drivers reminds me of Amir Khan Starer, where a RICH TOURIST falls for the taxi driver and even revolts against her own father .... that was in a film ..... BUT DO WE NOT SEE MORE N MORE OF LIFE IMITATING FILMS?

And how dare a hapless woman, girl, child repulse his advances, after all, the all powerful Government is also scared of his clout and unlike Amir Khan in the Movie, he has MONEY TOO ...... therefore IRRESISTIBLE.

LET THE ENVIRONMENT GO TO HELL ...... I can afford it and I will give my Daughter a Car ..... just to avoid a Cab Ride in the late hours. We have seen all Governments competing to bend over backwards to please these Raja Hindutanis ........ WE DO NOT COUNT.

SORRY ..... and I am not generalising ..... like all in MCD or Police are not corrupt ....... but take a Poll ..... these guys do not instill Confidence.


Rajiv Kakria

Monday, April 13, 2015

Delhi discoms demand 20% hike in power tariff ?

Since last many years, we the activists of Delhi are regularly raising the issue of Power Tariff. DISCOMs have again asked for a hike of another 20% in the power tariff. Lets see which political party comes to our rescue. If you have any thoughts, views or opinion, please feel free to mail us for uploading on this blog that caters to the largest chunk of RWAs from Delhi & NCR. You can mail us at :

Delhi discoms demand 20% hike in power tariff

NEW DELHI: Citing a severe fund crunch, the power  distribution companies in the Capital have sought a hike of up to 20% in power tariffs from power regulator, Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC).
Currently, the DERC is in the process of reviewing the tariff for 2015-16 and has hinted that it may go up notwithstanding the AAP government’s firm position against any increase.
Sources said the three power distribution companies have sought up to 20% hike in tariff to meet rising power procurement costs.
While Tata Power Delhi Distribution Ltd has sought around 20% increase in tariff, the BSES Yamuna Power Ltd (BYPL) and BSES Rajdhani Power Ltd (BRPL) have demanded a hike of 19% and 16% respectively.
DERC, a quasi-judicial body, is likely to announce revised power rates next month after taking views of all stakeholders including resident welfare associations and discoms.
The AAP government had asked DERC to explain a series of hikes it effected in the last couple of years and indicated to it not to hike the tariff again till the Comptroller and Auditor General completed audit of the discoms.
However, DERC refused to follow the government’s diktat and decided to go ahead with the tariff determination process, arguing that the commission was “totally independent” to review rates.
The discoms have already conveyed to the DERC that “absence of cost reflective tariff and denial of Power Purchase Adjustment Cost (PPAC) for the last few months have depleted their financial positions”. The PPAC, which was introduced four years ago to help discoms adjust their power purchase cost, was discontinued by the regulator five months ago.
As per DERC figures, the two BSES discoms have a revenue gap of around ` 10,000 crore between 2009-2013.
According to power experts, cost of buying power by Delhi discoms has increased by around 300% since 2002 though the retail tariff has risen by only around 90% which has put strain on finances of the discoms.
Officials in power department said the three discoms had ut the revenue gap till current year to around ` 27,000 crore.

with thanks : Hindustan Times : Dated 13th April, 2015

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Congratulations to retired Colonel Shivraj and his wife Laxmi ji on this great achievement


With best wishes,
B S Vohra

Remove illegal hoardings immediately: HC to MCDs

Concerned over billboards, hoardings and posters, both political and commercial, being put up across the city in “gross violation” of outdoor advertising policy, Delhi HighCourt today directed municipal authorities to immediately remove such illegal structures.
A bench of justices B D Ahmed and Sanjeev Sachdeva observed that “there appears to be prima facie evidence of violation” of the 2007 Outdoor Advertising Policy and the 2009 Delhi Prevention of Defacement of Property Act.
The court issued notices to the municipal corporations of east, north and southDelhi, the New Delhi Municipal Council, Delhi Cantonment Board, city government and the police seeking their replies on whether the policy and Act were being implemented in “letter and spirit”.
“It is prima facie evident that there is gross violation of the policy and the Act. We need to see some action in implementation of the policy and Act. The respondents (Delhi government and other authorities) shall act immediately and remove illegal hoardings,billboards, posters which have been put up in violation of the policy and Act,” the court said.
The court was hearing a plea filed by Colonel (retd) Shivraj Kumar, a 83-year-old resident of the city, who has contended that advertisement hoardings, banners, posters and billboards, of any size, are being put up on residential buildings in violation of the policy and Act.
with thanks : Financial Express : LINK : for detailed news.

No poll, RWA head says he is winner

NOIDA: The election to the residents' welfare association (RWA) of Sector 20 turned out to be a farce with the acting president declaring himself the winner in a poll that did not take place. 

On Sunday morning, acting president Pyarelal Yadav called a meeting to push for re-election of erstwhile office bearers. But the attempt failed as about 300 residents landed at the meeting demanding details of last year's expenses under Yadav. 

An old timer in the sector, Suresh Tiwari, said when residents questioned Yadav on the expenses, he read out from notes written with a pencil on a sheet of paper. "There were no bills, only listings on various expenses including Rs 10 lakh purportedly spent on security. When we asked for proper bills and a balance sheet of last year's expenses, Yadav changed the subject and declared himself the president of a 'newly elected' RWA," Tiwari said. Yadav was reported to have garlanded himself after announcing that he was the president. 

with thanks : Times of India : LINK : for detailed news.

Tenants can complain against RWA on 'transfer fee': Gurgaon administration

GURGAON: Residents who live in the city as tenants can now file a complaint against the RWA (residents' welfare association) concerned, if they are asked to pay any 'transfer fee', also known as shifting charges. 

According to the office of the district registrar, no transfer fee can be charged from tenants according to the law. "RWAs come up with weird clauses on their own. While RWAs say that the clause pertaining to transfer fee has been agreed upon by the general body, it is actually done to get more money into the RWA account," said an official in the district registrar's office. 

Shikhar Kumar (name changed) moved with his family from another part of NCR to the Millennium City. Kumar, who works with an MNC, chose to live in a 3BHK apartment at Suncity Heights, a condominium in Sector 55. He was asked to pay around Rs 5,000 as transfer fee, which is non-refundable.

with thanks : Times of India : LINK : for detailed news.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

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Anti Corruption Helpline - 1031 !


Dear Friends / Residents,

Forwarding mail of Mr Anil Sood sent to Secy DERC who too along with  Mr Rajiv Kakria, Mr Hemanta, Mr B S Vohra, Madam Ranju Minhas and others are fighting on Power / Electricity rates with DISCOMS and DERC for you.

Our Best Wishes to all Social Activist who are devoting their valuable time for the Noble cause of helping Common Masses. We too should come forward and assist them whenever they want us to be at DERC office for hearings etc.

Warm Regards
Social Worker


During the previous two SAC Meetings it was minuted and  recorded that before issuing Staff Paper, the same shall be reviewed by the SAC Members so that the Consumers are made aware of various issues that need their response.

However, I find that instead of the  the Staff papers you have issued the Executive Summary that conceals the major part of the ARR i.e Demand of True Up - that too provisional based on the Orders passed by the Commission in the past.

Therefore, it is a case of material non disclosure by the Commission and hence it is requested that the Commission must publish the facts of ARR Petitions demanding True up and the relevant part of the Orders in the past immediately on the web site as common consumer cannot be expected to go through voluminous petitions and find out the relevant paras.

In this back ground in view of incomplete Executive Summary  uploaded by the Commission, definitely not by an over sight  because in Column 12 of the Table at Para 1.45 of ES of BRPL you have not disclosed the carrying cost of Regulatory Asset, you are requested to extend the time for filing response.


Anil Sood
Hony President - CHETNA
Member State Advisory Committee (DERC)

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Save Delhi, Save Delhiites !

Save Delhi, Save Delhiites !
in the public interest issued by :

Sales of gutkha in budh vihar ph2 veer singh colony new delhi -110086

We have got a mail that GUTKA is being sold openly in budh  vihar,  phase 2, veer singh colony, delhi - 86. Residents must understand that this GUTKA is a mega killer and thousands are suffering from mouth cancer just because of consumption of Gutka.

Opening ceremony of Barat Ghar at Shalimar Bagh, North West of Delhi.

Barat Ghar being inaugurated by Dr. Harsh Vardhan Central Minister in his Constituency, Shalimar Bagh, North West Delhi, constructed in record time
of 15 months,spacious beautiful and attractive is made available for use of the residents of Shalamar Gaon, Shai pur Vill, Haiderpur along with other residents of Shalimar Bagh. Present Chairman, Deputy Chairman and councillor Shrimati Rekha Gupta, Chandolia Jee, Ram Kishen Singhal jee, Shri H.L. Uppal Jee. The function was attended by huge crowd of residents and commended the efforts of the North Corporation in opening the Barat Ghar in a record time. 

R K Nanda

Friday, April 3, 2015

To reduce rates, Govt. looks at cutting down on surplus power !

Pleased to note that Govt is looking to cut down the surplus power in order to reduce power tariff. We had raised this issue almost 2 years ago when DERC had refused to comment on our RTI but had admitted that it was being taken as a suggestion. Later we again raised the issue at the DERC Public hearing & we were told that the issue is being considered. 

It clearly shows that our efforts were in the right direction. It was the main reason for the Revenue Gap being created by DISCOMs by selling power to outsiders at much lower prices. By cutting down the surplus power, losses will come down significantly.

Best regards,

B S Vohra
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Its just pollution in Delhi & nothing to survive !

Obama visited Delhi just for 3 days and its being said that his life has been shortened by 6 hours. Whats about those who are born & brought up in this very city ? Can you please calculate that how many years we have lost till date, due to the pollution ? 

Its true that the vehicular emissions have ruined our city & those who are born n brought up in Delhi may be the worst sufferers. But is there anyone to impose a check on the money making, revenue generating sales of new vehicles ? 

We get the most polluted air, dirty drinking water, vegetables grown in the stinky water & duly dipped in chemicals, duplicate medicines & many hospitals ready to cut the neck n throat, once a patient is in.

Awaiting your most valued comments if you are still breathing in this city & wanna say something.

What can be more shocking than this for Delhiites ?????

with thanks : Hindustan Times