Tuesday, March 31, 2015

All forms of chewable tobacco banned in Delhi

Beginning Monday, sale, purchase, storage and manufacturing of all forms of chewable tobacco including guktha and pan masala containing tobacco is banned in the national capital.
Delhi Government has decided to run campaigns on a large scale to educate the masses about the ban and harmful effect of chewable tobacco.
The AAP government has issued a notification banning all products of chewable tobacco in all forms.
“We have put a ban on purchase, sale, manufacturing and even storage of all forms of chewable tobacco from today in city. To implement the ban, several teams of Delhi Police, MCD, Food Adulteration will conduct surprise raids,” Health Minister Satyendra Jain said.
However, no such ban will be enforced on cigarettes in the capital.
Mr. Jain said that over 10,000 people die of Oral Cancer caused by tobacco every year and in the interest of public health, government will not allow the sale, purchase and storage of gutkapan masala, scented tobacco, kharra and similar products containing tobacco.
“The ban on such products will continue for next one year and thereafter, government will extend the ban every year owing to public interest,” he also said.
According to officials of Health Department, various citizens’ monitoring committees will be formed in every constituency to educate the masses.
“We will appeal to people to inform us if they get to see sale of any tobacco product in their area. We will take strict action against the violators. In the citizen’s monitoring committees, RWAs will also be included so that ban would be effectively implemented,” said a senior government official.
Health Department officials said that there was a Delhi government notification in September 2012 which was in pursuance of series of directions from the Supreme Court to ban gutkha in New Delhi.
With thanks : The Hindu : LINK : for detailed news.

Water Meters- Govt Violates the Law

Dear Sir/Madam

We draw your attention towards lapses by successive State Govt. since 2009 on an issue of prime importance in public utility domain where the law meant to provide a public guarantee on measurements of public utility has been violated by the government

Despite the fact the nearly 40 Lakh meters each are operational both in the domain of the DJB and BSES-NDPL an act of parliament meant to provide guarantees to the consumer are being violated by  successive state governments.

Successive Governments in Delhi have been acting in persistent violation of the Legal Metrology Act 2009 and the rules therein notified for implementation in 2011. As per the Act both the Water and energy meters are to be included in the legal provisions regarding weights & measures and manufacturers subject to penal provisions in the legal metrology act in case of faulty meters.

We have written to the government, including the Chief Minister requesting them to implement this, but have so far received no response.

The Delhi Govt has no laboratories to undertake large scale testing of mechanical or AMR meters and manufacturers of faulty meters (water & electricity) can go scot free as the penal provisions in the act can be evaded since the state government has not implemented the same by bringing the water and electricity meters under the ambit of weights & measures protocol thereby depriving the residents of Delhi of the public guarantee provided in the Act by the Parliament.

This is for your information

URJA has written to both the State and Central Govt on this and will pursue it.


The Secretariat
United RWAs Joint Action

Monday, March 30, 2015

Message from EDMC !

गंदी दिल्ली, घमासान, आम आदमी परेशान !

राजनीति का खेल देखिए की जिन लोगो ने आपको भारी मॅनडेट दे कर दिल्ली असेंब्ली तक पहुँचाया, उन्ही दिल्ली वालों को आप अस्पताल पहुँचाने का बंदोबस्त कर रहे हैं. सारी दिल्ली आज एक कूड़े के ढेर में तदबील हो गई है. हर चौक, हर गली, हर मोहल्ले में कूड़े के अंबार लगे हुए हैं. बदबू के मारे लोगों का जीना दुश्वार हो रहा है लेकिन शायद आप को अपने ही झगड़ों से फ़ुर्सत नही है. आख़िर यह सब कब तक चलेगा ? जब आप दिल्ली की सरकार संभालने का दम भरते हैं तो मोदी जी की सरकार से काम निकलवाना भी आपकी ज़िम्मेदारी है और अपने झगड़ों के कारण आप दिल्ली वालों को कूड़े में नही भेज सकते. AAP & BJP, अभी भी संभाल जाइए वरना दिल्ली की RWA खुद सड़कों पे उतार कर आप सब का चक्का जाम कर देंगी.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

RWA News from Delhi, NCR areas !

Dear Friends, 

Thanks for your support to the RWABhagidari Blog & Web Portal. Since last many years we are regularly raising the issues concerning the RWAs. 

If you have any news, views, pics, vids on the working, functioning, programmes, celebrations, activities of RWAs from any part of Delhi / NCR, please feel free to mail us immediately. 

We will try our best to upload the same on our RWABhagidari blog that caters to the largest number of RWAs by E mail, daily, regularly. 

Awaiting your most valued communications. Our E mail ID is : rwabhagidari@yahoo.in

With best regards,

B S Vohra

Gurgaon RWA takes over non-mandatory services

The Nirvana Residents’ Welfare Association has taken over non-mandatory services in Nirvana Country, a township in Sector 50, from the developer.

Nirvana RWA president Sanu Kapila said the residents’ body took over security and power backup from the developer and it was done amicably.

“It is a people-friendly decision of the administration. It never happened before in a plotted colony in Gurgaon. It empowers the residents to make their own choices and pay accordingly. For instance, we can now hire the security services as per our need and the same cannot be forced on us,” said Mr. Kapila.

The grievance of the Nirvana Country RWA was heard in Grievance Committee, chaired by Haryana Agriculture and Irrigation Minister O.P. Dhankar on February 26.

Mandatory services include water supply, drainage, common area lighting, etc., while non-mandatory services include power backup, security, horticulture, to name a few.

weith thanks : The Hindu : LINK : for detailed news.

Want to run a PG in Mohali? Get nod from RWA, neighbours

Tightening the noose on those running illegal paying guest accomodations in the city, the Greater Mohali Area Development Authority (GMADA) has made it mandatory for a PG owner to obtain a no-objection certificate (NOC) from the Resident Welfare Association (RWA) in the area.
As per the amended policy notified by GMADA earlier this month, in case there is no registered RWA in the area, the NOC needs to be obtained from the immediate neighbours.
There are about 600 PG accommodations running in the city, with only seven of them being registered, and even these would have to get their registrations renewed.
Further, the new notification has made it mandatory to take permission from GMADA to set up a PG accommodation. Those wanting to run a PG will need to pay `10,000 as processing fee for three-year permission to run a PG accommodation.

with thanks : Hindustan Times : LINK : for detailed news.

DC empowers Nirvana RWA, sets an example

GURGAON: In the first such order, the deputy commissioner on Thursday authorized the transfer of non-mandatory services in Nirvana Country, a township in Sector 50, from the developer to the RWA. According to the order, services such as power back-up and security should be transferred to the RWA with immediate effect. Mandatory services include water supply, drainage, common area lighting, etc while non-mandatory services are those like power backup, security and horticulture, to name a few.

Deputy commissioner T L Satyaprakash told TOI empowering residents` bodies made sense. "I think it is the developer`s responsibility to provide services. They should transfer responsibility to the RWA if the residents are not satisfied with the services provided by them," Satyaprakash said.

Appreciating the prompt action, Sanu Kapila, president of Nirvana Residents` Welfare Association (NRWA), said, "It`s a historic order. We have been demanding the transfer of services so that they can be maintained in a better manner with the active involvement of the residents." The NRWA, which has been raising the issue with the authorities for years, had taken it up during a grievances meeting with agriculture minister O P Dhankar last week.

with thanks : nyoooz : LINK : for detailed news.

Gurgaon`s first all-woman RWA

GURGAON: The International Women`s Day is all about celebrating the spirit of women who have made a difference in society, overcoming discrimination and stereotypes. An all-woman RWA, Luxotica Residents` Welfare Association in Mayfield Garden, Sector 51, is one such example. Interestingly, seven women have been managing affairs of the society for the last two years.

Though it requires a different kind of courage to take on the responsibility of affairs of a residential society, wherein RWA members have to deal with policemen, government officials, labourers and technicians on a daily basis, the group was confident enough to sail through all odds. Talking about the formation of the association, Manju, the president of the RWA, said, "When we moved to the society, we realised that most RWAs keep fighting with the builder, government officials and other residents. They also indulge in a lot of politics.

Many residents, therefore, don`t trust RWAs. We, therefore, wanted to focus on actions and resolve problems at the level of residents. So we decided to have more women to take over the responsibility of the society`s affairs.

with thanks : nyooz : LINK : for detailed news.

RWA body to decide on repoll tomorrow

NOIDA: The Federation of Noida Residents Welfare Associations (FONRWA) said on Friday that the dissolution of its election by SDM Dadri was based on "baseless" allegations. FONRWA had sent its response to the petition filed by Pyarelal Yadav to the SDM's office through deputy registrar, Meerut, with whom the association is registered.

According to FONRWA, which held a meeting on Friday on the issue, the facts with regard to the petition filed by Pyarelal Yadav were unfounded, baseless and misleading. "The allegations levelled by some persons are from people who are not members of FONRWA," said N P Singh, ex-president of the body.

FONRWA has scheduled a general body meeting for March 29 where a decision will be taken on whether to hold a re-election or to challenge the SDM's order based on a vote.

with thanks : Times of India : LINK : for detailed news.

Court suspends RWA body FONRWA, Executive Committee disappointed with the order

FONRWA Executive Committee during the meeting in Noida

A day after the local court suspended the RWAs umbrella body, Federation of Noida Resident Welfare Association (FONRWA) for electing its member in an undemocratic manner; the FONRWA body held a meeting on Friday and stated that the formation of FONRWA Executive committee is strictly in accordance with the provisions and procedures contained in the Bye-laws.

The election was challenged by 60 RWAs, represented by Pyare Lal, Sector-20 RWA president, by sending an affidavit to the deputy registrar, Meerut. According to the order FORWA failed to maintain transparency in the election.

Pyare Lal questioned the validity and the mode of the elections conducted by FONRWA. “They neither declared the date of the election nor appointed any officer and moreover, many RWA members were kept in dark about the elections, as intimidation was only done by mail just two days prior to the election,” he said.

However, FORWA’s Executive Committee refuted all the charges and even raised fingers against Pyare Lal for questioning the elections. “He is not even a FONRWA member, how can he challenge the elections. Moreover, out of 60 people who challenged the elections, only 13 are member of FONRWA. This is nothing but a political strategy,” said AN Dhawan, former-senior Vice-President.

with thanks : DNA : LINK : for detailed news.

'Disappointed' Medha Patkar resigns from AAP

Mumbai, Mar. 28 (ANI): Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader and social activist Medha Patkar on Saturday resigned from the party's primary membership and said that she does not have any regrets.
"I don't regret because it was a good experience," Patkar said.
She also said that the happenings in the party must have affected the people, who had faith in it.
"It must have affected them [the people]. I hope the people will speak out and it is not to wash the linens in public that we would like to resort to. We feel very hurt and disappointed but this was something that was being experienced time and again but person like me never came into public against the party because we always wished them well," she said.
Patkar further said nothing much could be expected from the Arvind Kejriwal-led AAP in terms of the vision of alternative politics following today's decision.
"After today's climax, nothing much can be expected from this party in terms of the vision of alternative politics of ours. We wished them well for the Delhi masses and voters, we wished that they would carry out the task to which they had committed to in their manifesto but we also appeal to the conscience of all volunteers and supporters of the AAP that this is the time to really think of what is our vision of alternative politics," she said.

with thanks : Yahoo News : LINK : for detailed news.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

3 Years After Delhi Rape, Conviction Rates Same

With controversy continuing over the ban on India’s Daughter, a British documentary on the Delhi rape case of December 2012, what has not been discussed as much is the record of the justice system in prosecuting such cases.
Only one in four rape trials leads to conviction in India, according to the latest data tabled in the Rajya Sabha. The conviction rate for rape trials was 26.4%, 24.2% and 27.1% in 2011, 2012 and 2013, respectively.
Among the reasons for low conviction rates, according to Majlis, a Mumbai-based legal advocacy, are: victims recanting statements, delays in registering a first information report, faulty investigation, indifferent prosecutors, inconsistencies and contradictions in witness statements, insensitive judges and gruelling cross-examination of even minor children by astute criminal (defence) lawyers.
India’s conviction rate is higher than developed countries, such as the United Kingdom, which recorded a conviction rate of 7% in 2011-12. The conviction rate as low as 10% in Sweden and 25% in France, according to Time magazine.
with thanks : Yahoo News : LINK : for detailed news.

10% hike in water tariff likely, rates in Dwarka to dip

NEW DELHI: After a temporary breather, Delhi may face a hike in water tariffs. In Delhi Jal Board's first meeting on Thursday, after the new AAP government took charge, a 10% hike is likely to be proposed. A final decision on implementing or deferring it will be taken in the meeting. 

During the previous Congress regime, a proposal was passed by the Board to implement a 10% increase in water tariffs on January 1 each year. This hike has only taken place twice. During the two election years it was deferred, while one year the hike did not take place as DJB was facing problems with its revenue system. 

The other major decision on the cards is the formal taking over of water supply to Dwarka from DDA. While the transfer has taken place, the Board meeting will formally allow the water tariff in Dwarka to be brought down to the rates charged elsewhere in Delhi. The sub-city has till now being paying more than double the rates to DDA even though water supply to the area has been woefully short. The relief to residents may be given from April 1. 

with thanks : Times of India : LINK : for detailed news.

Start cleaning from tomorrow morning: Delhi HC to civic bodies

New Delhi: The Delhi High Court Wednesday directed civic bodies to start cleaning the entire Lajpat Nagar here from Thursday morning and to maintain it that way as a "test" of their "efficiency and ability" to keep the national capital clean.  
A bench of justices B D Ahmed and Sanjeev Sachdeva said it wants to see if the civic bodies, including the municipal corporations, Delhi Jal Board, Public Works Department and DDA were "capable" of maintaining cleanliness in a model area "or else we will disband the corporations".
"We want to see your capacity... Start cleaning from tomorrow morning," the bench said. During the hearing, it had said "people have no civic sense and the corporations are not doing anything" to maintain cleanliness.
with thanks : Zee News : LINK : for detailed news.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Panel cracks whip on discoms: There should be no power cuts this summer !

BSES, power cuts, delhi electricity, delhi dialogue commission

The Delhi Dialogue Commission task force, which held a meeting with Power Minister Satyendra Jain on Monday, questioned the BSES discoms over their inability to get “full quota of 446 MW from Saasan Power Plants run by their sister concern Reliance Anil Ambani Group, which is running at 1000 MW instead of 3100 MW, installed capacity at present”.

Delhi government officials said it was decided that “BSES discoms should make all efforts to ensure that Saasan Power Plants run at its full load so that Delhi gets its full quota of cheaper power”.

The meeting was attended by the commission’s four-member task force, Jain, DDC vice-chairman Ashish Khetan, DDC member secretary Ashish Joshi and principal secretary (power) Shakuntala Gamlin. It was also decided that the “provisions of the PPA (power purchase agreement) be studied for penalising Saasan for not generating at its full available capacity”.

Putting in place a summer action plan, Jain insisted that discoms ensure that there are no power cuts during peak summer months this year. The discoms were asked to certify that they have made adequate arrangements to meet peak power demand in summer. 

The task force also asked the Delhi Transco Limited (DTL) to inform it about the work carried out for strengthening the transmission system and solutions for mitigating the crisis in Central Delhi. The task force sought the information as BSES Yamuna Power Limited had said all sub-stations supplying to Central Delhi are overloaded and cannot be augmented further. 

The task force has also asked discoms to inform it by March 25 about steps taken to mitigate the crisis resulting from defaulting on payments to power generating and transmitting companies. 

If due to a crisis, discoms had to resort to load-shedding, citizens should be informed in advance and no single area should have load-shedding for more than an hour, the DDC said.

with thanks : INDIAN EXPRESS : LINK

Monday, March 16, 2015

RWABhagidari : Change of our E mail ID :

Plz note the change of our E mail ID. Now you can mail us your local & civic issues on our E mail ID : rwabhagidari@yahoo.in You can attach pics, vids for uploading on the RWABhagidari Blog.


Where is Swach Delhi Abhiyaan at Kashmere Gate ?

We are facing some problems in Old Delhi. Our Children have no place for playing. We have one street there so many kuda karkat is dumped, with unnessesery materials. If This gali is do clean so we are feel safe & good path & good place for childern for playng in day & use as parking in night .. 

Due to this elements we are feeling unsafe duging the cross this path .... 

So we are request to you, pls. do help us... 

jasbir kaur

Sunday, March 15, 2015





DELHI 110032

Water supply to be hit in East Delhi

Repair work on the main pipeline at Maujpur Chowk will affect water supply on March 16 evening and March 17 morning, the Delhi Jal Board said on Friday.

Supply will be hit in Preet Vihar, blocks D and E of West Vinod Nagar, Mandawali, Patparganj, IP Extension, Railway Colony, Vikas Marg, Ramesh Park, J&K Laxmi Nagar, Krishan Kunj, Shahdara, Mayur Vihar Phase-I,II, Pandav Nagar, Mandawli Fazalpur, Lalita Park, Bank Enclave, Kundan Nagar, P.D. Vihar, Kureji, Rani Garden,  Vishwakarma Park and adjoining areas.

Water supply will also be affected on March 17 evening and March 18 morning due to interconnection of pipes in Yamuna Vihar, Bhajanpura, Brijpuri, Mustafabad, Noor-E-Elahi, North Ghonda, West Ghonda and Maujpur.

Water tankers will be available at 22727812 (Mandawali) and 22812683, 22814399 (Yamuna Vihar).

with thanks : The Hindu : LINK

Friday, March 13, 2015

Is this a banana republic, asks Delhi High Court on Delhi-Haryana water row

NEW DELHI: The fight between Delhi and Haryana over supply of water, or lack of it, to the national capital today prompted the Delhi High Court to remark whether this is a "banana republic". 

"Two states of the country are fighting with each other. Is this a banana republic?" a bench of justices B D Ahmed and Siddharth Mridul asked after hearing the allegations levelled against each other by Delhi Jal Board (DJB) and Haryana's irrigation department. 

The two sides could not agree even on the issue of whom to appoint for measuring the supply of water in Munak, with Haryana saying no Delhi-based expert or institute shall undertake the exercise, while DJB arguing that no central authority will carry out the measurement. 

with thanks : Economic Times : LINK : for detailed news.

Maintain 'zero balance', win prizes: BSES

As part of the BSES's

As part of the BSES’s “zero balance” campaign, if consumers clear their electricity bill before March 31, they will be eligible to win an LED TV, washing machine, refrigerator and LED bulbs.
“Under this drive, by simply having a zero balance and clearing dues, a consumer can win 40-inch LED TV, washing machines, refrigerators and LED bulbs. There are over 1,000 LED bulbs to be won,” said a BSES spokesperson.

“Every week, lucky draws will be held where 10 consumers from each of BSES Rajdhani Power Ltd’s (BRPL) 19 divisions and BSES Yamuna Power Ltd’s (BYPL) 14 divisions will win five LED bulbs each,” he added. 

“These draws will be undertaken by resident welfare associations at the respective area offices. Interested consumers will be invited for the draws as well,” he said.

According to BSES, eligible consumers will qualify for the bumper draw where 
they can get a chance to win 40-inch LED TV, washing machine and a refrigerator. 

With thanks : Deccan Herald : LINK

Worst Airtel Network / connectivity in Krishna nagar

Strange & Shocking. Since last few months i faced severe connectivity problem on my Mobile. I was told that one of the Tower had been removed from Lal quarter area and as a result the network is not working properly. I was assured that a New Tower is in pipeline & soon things will improve. 

Though i made regular complaints, i took it more seriously a few days ago. As a result an Engineer of Airtel via Ericsson visited us and CONFIRMED that it was the WORST AIRTEL NETWORK and can be called NO NETWORK.

I just want to check with my friends from Krishna nagar to contact me if they too are facing the same problem as the removal of tower will have its impact on a good number of Airtel users.

B S Vohra

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

DDA Water Charges ?

We have got few mails from concerned residents about the DDA sending bills with big amounts as arrears of water charges. If you too have got any such bills, plz feel free to mail us a copy. We will raise the issue with higher authorities. Awaiting your mails.

With best regards,

B S Vohra

Pollution in Delhi !

Dear Vohra ji,

Its really a serious concern that at the end of the day there would only be a blame game and Delhites particularly senior citizens would be suffering / facing all these ordeals throughout their remaining life.

Yours faithfully,
M P Sharma
Mayur Vihar-1

Sewer in our area is overflowing ?????

It is being informed that sewer in our area is overflowing and small portion of the sewage pipeline is damaged. It was informed at all the levels but we have not got the relief. Now they have excused that joint director finance of DJB is not releasing the fund. It is become very difficult to live. Finally we are requesting for help to get relief from the problem

Om Prakash
Araya Nagar Social Welfare Society Regd.,

DDA Water Charges ?

I am secretary of RWA Mayur Vihar Phase-III. Water supply in our area through DDA, Resident of our pocket paying water charges to DDA against Bill sent by DDA half yearly basis from last 15 years. Now we have received demand letter of increase water charges from 01.04.2012 (letter attached for your information). DDA has never told us to increase the rate of water and now suddenly demand around Rs. 7,500.00 as previous balance for last 3 years. It is not justified, if DJB increase the rate, DDA should inform us in 2012, 2103 & 2014 respectively. Without inform us from last 3 years, how can they demand the same?

We have met DDA and raise our issue, but they asked they can not do any thing. we also met our area Counseller and Mr. Mahesh Giri ji but no result till date.

kindly suggest, what should we do to resolve this issue. your cooperation in this regards will be highly appreciated. 

With Best Regards,

Arun Thakkur
Secretary - RWA,
Mayur Vihar, Phase- III,
Delhi - 110096

Pollution in Delhi ?



Monday, March 2, 2015

RWABhagidari - Please note the change of our E mail ID !

Please note the change of our E mail ID. 
Now onwards, our E mail ID will be as below : 

Thanks & Regards,
B S Vohra

Who will answer to Delhiites ?

Please go through various news reports in the last few months uploaded in the posts below. The crux is that Delhi has become the most polluted city of the world. Our RTI's too revealed that the Pollution levels were upto 9 times at various locations, though in the later reports in print media, the pollution levels rose even higher.

Now we have Modi ji's Govt at centre for the last 9 months. At Delhi, AAP has formed it's full fledged Govt. Whereas MCD is under the control of BJP. Now the question is that who will look after the interests of Delhiites ? Who will answer to Delhiites that how this Pollution issue will be dealt with, before it's too late ?

RWAs of Delhi must come forward on this very serious issues. Please mail us your concern for uploading on the RWABhagidari Blog. We plan to  meet higher authorities in the coming days with this serious issue.

Awaiting your valued mails. Please note the change of our mail ID. You can now mail us at : rwabhagidari@yahoo.in

Best regards,

B S Vohra

Who will answer to Delhiites ?

with thanks : DJ

Who will answer to Delhiites ?

with thanks : HT

Who will answer to Delhiites ?

with thanks : HT

Who will answer to Delhiites ?

with thanks : HT

Who will answer to Delhiites ?

with thanks : HT

Who will answer to Delhiites ?

with thanks : HT

RWABhagidari Blog !

I really commend your hard work, which has gathered so much of RWAs interest in expressing their advice, grievances and complaints for early redressal. Through your post I would also request the RWAs who are hesitant to approach, should join with free hand.  

R K Nanda

The world remade ?

If I am the creator and if I could build a new world, it will be quite different from what it’s today. In my world, there will be no regional boundaries, no religious indifferences, no economical barriers, no pain, no mental agony, no hardships, no hunger, no diseases, no natural calamnities, no earthquakes, no floods and so on.

Everyone will be equal with a single god almighty all over. Just one wife, just one kid, just one home, no terrorism, no war, no atrocities, no afluents, no downtrodden, no first, second or third world. You will be free to move to any part without any visa.

But it does not mean that it will be free for all. Everyone will work as per his or her own capabilities, be it a farm for cultivation of food or a factory for production of goods. But the remuneration will be the same for one & all as no work will be lesser than any other work in my world.

There will be just one option for one & all. If you want to eat you have to work & if you don’t want to eat on any particular day, you can skip from work. Remuneration will be enough to feed the stomach for that particular day only. If you try to save money, it will be vanished and therefore no bank accounts to deposit anything.  So there will be no question of any hurted ego’s and no chance or scope of jealousy.

But how can we forget that the creator of this world never made any such boundaries. Basic necessities of life, be it air or water, still flow freely from one side to the other without any restrictions. It’s the mankind that created a mess at each & every step.

Therefore, please come out of any such dreams of  recreation of the world and be prepared for all kind of Man made hardships, inequalities, terrorism, war, floods, earthquakes, sunami and all that. Be prepared to have top most afluents and downtrodden beggars in the same society. Be prepared to continue in the system where rich becomes more richer & poor becomes more poorer. Probably this is our destiny as we the humans are responsible for all the mess.

“I am participating in the #TheWorldRemade activityat BlogAdda in association with India Today #Conclave15 “.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

RWABhagidari Blog !

In adition to appx. 9,000 visits in the month of February, 2015, RWABhagidari Blog reaches to over 1,000 Residential Welfare Associations ( RWAs ) daily, regularly, by E mail. Therefore, if you want to raise your issues, if you want to share your opinion, please feel free to mail us.

Thanks & regards,

B S Vohra