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We were absolutely against the hidden hike of the Fixed Charges of Electricity Tariff by the DERC & Delhi Government and therefore, we tried our best to make it an issue. Our RTIs yielded a lot. We came to know that while the highest ever peak load of the Electricity was 7200 MW, DISCOMs were recovering the Fixed charges on the Total Sanctioned Load of 22876 MW in Delhi. It was shocking that even after such a big loot, DERC had hiked the Fixed charges by 6 to 10 times in the last 4 years, i.e. during the tenure of AAP Government in Delhi while the CM kept on repeating that Prices of Electricity have not been hiked in the last 4 years.

After the Lok Sabha debacle, and under our strongest pressure, Delhi CM realized that the Fixed Charges issue can repeat the outcome in the forthcoming Delhi Assembly Elections too. Therefore, he announced that the Roll Back will be done after the next DERC Public hearing. 

The question was why CM took 15 months to come to the conclusion that DERC did it on its own, i.e. without consulting the Delhi Government. 

As it had taken almost 15 months, we immediately raised yet another issue and asked for the REFUND of the Excess collections of appx. Rs. 5,000 Crores to the consumers, that was collected under the heading FIXED CHARGES, during the last 15 months.

In order to further boost the issue, we had a meeting with the Leaders of BJP & Congress, seeking support for the REFUND of the Excess collections of the Fixed Charges of Electricity. In response, Delhi BJP President Mr. Manoj Tiwari called a Press conference over the issue seeking a REFUND. Sh Vijay Goel Ji, MP, also called a Press conference & met DERC Chairman to discuss the issue seeking a REFUND. Mrs. Sheila Dikshit along with Mr. Haroon Yusuf & Mr. Jitendar Kochar met the DELHI CM seeking the Refund. The entire RWA community of Delhi offered us complete support while appreciating our efforts. Mr. Rajiv Kakria & Mr. Saurabh Gandhi were with us while we had a meeting with the Power Minister Mr. Satyendra Jain earlier, in this regard. But our efforts to meet the CM of Delhi failed absolutely as Mr. Arvind Kejriwal never reverted.

PUBLIC HEARING AT DERC: At last, the Public hearing was held on the 10th of July 2019. There were at least 15 MLAs of Congress & 2 MLAs of BJP with their respective teams present at the hearing spot. It was chaos all over. They all were chanting slogans against each other. Police were called inside the Meeting Hall. Some of the Police persons were carrying the Tear Gas guns inside the meeting hall. All of us were almost surrounded by the police personals. But in the end, it was our turn.  We got the opportunity and we opened all the technical issues in front of the DERC Chairman. There was huge applause when I concluded my speech, seeking demands of 1. Roll Back, 2. Refund, 3. CAG Audit, 4. Competition amongst the DISCOMs, i.e. more than a single player must be there, as well as 5. No Consumer Contribution to recover the Capital costs of DISCOMs. Mr. Rajiv Kakria & Mr. Saurabh Gandhi also raised various issues, while demanding a refund of the Fixed Charges.

And it was Success knocking our Doors. On 31st July 2019, the DERC Chairman announced the new tariff. The Fixed Charges for the 1-2 kW of Sanctioned load were reduced to Rs 20 per kW/m from Rs 125 per kW/m. Similarly, the Fixed Charges for the 2 to 5 kW were reduced to Rs 50 per kW/m from Rs 140 per kW/m. The Fixed charges for the 5 to 15 kW were reduced from Rs 175 to Rs 100 per kW/m. We were Quoted again:

While the Fixed Charges were Rolled Back, we still kept on Demanding the Refund of Rs 5000 Crores, that was the Excess collection done by the DISCOMs since 28th March 2018, i.e. in the last 16 months. BJP & Congress leaders too demanded the refund of 5000 crores in a strong voice.

That resulted into yet another game by the CM. on the 1st of August at 12 pm, in a press conference, he announced yet another bunch of Freebies, i.e. No Electricity Bill up to 200 units & almost 50% discount up to 400 units per month.

We are truly Thankful to Sh. Vijay Goel Ji, Sh Manoj Tiwari Ji, Late Smt. Sheila Dikshit Ji, Sh Ajay Makan Ji, Sh Haroon Yusuf Ji, Sh. Jitender Kochar Ji for the support given to us on this issue of Public concern. We are thankful to the entire Team of East Delhi RWAs Joint Front, that stood with us at all the time as well as Mr. Rajiv Kakria & Mr. Saurabh Gandhi. We are also thankful for the support given by all the Media houses. 

We are still demanding the Refund of Rs. 5000 Crores from the Delhi Government. Let's see what happens in the coming days. But truly, by our joint efforts, we have brought down the Fixed Charges Tariff again and it will give a benefit to all the consumers of electricity in Delhi.

Will keep on updating....... Please keep on visiting....... It's our fight with the system for our City & it will continue unabated.......

with best regards,

B S Vohra,
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front - Federation

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