Sunday, August 30, 2020

Coronavirus is now spreading in Delhi !


Coronavirus spreading in Delhi now !

 दिल्ली में कोरोना तेजी से फ़ैल रहा है। क्या आपको नहीं लगता कि हालात बेकाबू होने से पहले ही, सरकार को कुछ सख्त कदम उठाने चाहिए?

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Thursday, August 20, 2020

Waterlogging in Delhi ?

Truly fed up of this Waterlogging all over the city, year after year, without even a pause. It is shocking that in the last over 30 to 40 years, so many MPs, MLAs, & Councillors got elected, completed their term & left, but there is no change in the situation. The only visible change is that the Situation has become grimmer.

The drainage system has worsened in Delhi as well as the NCR areas. It just can not take the entire load of the rising population of this city, and we expect from it to take the load of Rainwater during monsoon. 


The choked drains, the choked sewers as well as the incapable drainage system has started taking its toll in Delhi. Life has become difficult in the absence of any person who can be held responsible as there are over 10 agencies working in the city & blame game starts, the minute complaints start pouring in.

If you too are bearing the brunt of this waterlogging, please feel free to share with us your views & suggestions. Our Email id is

Waterlogging in Delhi !


Waterlogging in Delhi - HT


Waterlogging in Delhi - HT

Weekly Bazars Vs. #CoronaVirus in Delhi?

Shockingly, DDMA has allowed the Weekly Bazars in Delhi, though on a Trial basis. The situation in the city looks far from Normal. On the one hand, Delhi Government is just trying to prove that things have become normal while on the other hand, cases are rising sharply & a large number of Containment zones are being added regularly.

Mr. Ashwani Malhotra says, "Delhi government is bent upon to increase the cases by these weekly bazaars, already due to encroachment in Lal quarter lot of problems is there, now this Shani bazaar will be the icing on the cake".

Mr. Sushil Talwar says, "opening of weekly markets unwelcome and unwise decision for cheap political expediency. Will invite disaster. Who will ensure social distancing in crowded markets".

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Area at Maidangarhi in planning Zone J

Dear sir 

Sub: Area at Maidangarhi in planning Zone J  

This is with reference to an advertisement in the newspaper dated 31.7.2020. The said area is a residential zone as per public notice by DDA advertisement. There are many residential colonies in the vicinity and this site is going to lead to a rise in air and soil pollution in the area. This will impact the lakhs of citizens. The proposed site should be 5 km away from the residential areas.

Kindly share 
1.The environmental impact assessment report on the proposed project.
2.Health impacts on citizens staying in neighboring areas.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely
Ranju Minhas
Shield citizens initiative
Founder executive director

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Voice of Delhi RWAs

RWAs - Please feel free to share with us a Write - up, about your RWA, it's members, office bearers, for uploading under the heading - VOICE OF DELHI - on our prestigious RWA Bhagidari Blog. You can also share a few pics with us for uploading. Our Email ID is -

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Employment opportunity for the RWA members !

CERINA - A newly launched Air Purifier Brand is looking for the RWA persons, who can work for them on a commission basis to sell the Indoor Air Purifiers in their localities. If you are energetic enough to have a Try, this can be a Golden opportunity to enter into the field of marketing. If interested, please feel free to call Mr. Tauseef Khan immediately, on the mobile number 9886178383.

Cerina Air Purifier is designed and made in India keeping in mind the  air pollution that haunts Delhi every year. Cerina Air Purifier uses a multi-layered filtration system including Ion and Plasma technology to inhibit 99.9% of bacteria, adsorb odor and smoke, and filter particles as small as 0.3 microns or larger — that's 99% efficiency in air filtration.

Cerina Air Purifier is AI-powered air purification for the contemporary indoors. It intelligently detects the quality of air in the room and automatically functions in the appropriate mode to purify the entire volume of the room’s air three times every hour. It also alerts you when the filter is saturated and needs replacement. So, you needn’t worry about air quality or monitoring its filter.

Cerina Air Purifier is equipped with WiFi connectivity complete with a Mobile device remote access and Voice (Google and Alexa) assistance through the Cerina Air App. At its core, it relies on its highly efficient multi-layered filtration comprising of a 5-stage purification process to filter particles up to 0.3 microns in diameter, allergens, fumes, and odors releasing clean air as pure as nature intended for you. Its sleek design, easy portability, and lockable wheels make it a handy, yet powerful support for your everyday life. Its inbuilt intelligence seamlessly monitors and controls the quality of the air indoors, and also conserves energy by calibrating its fan speed to the room’s air quality.

Cerina Air Purifier Smart health-enabler: Better indoor air quality for working from home. Your productivity is up in the air Staying alert is essential at work and home, and modern research suggests that the air you breathe is directly proportional to your well-being. Upholstery, centralized air conditioning, cleaning agents, and room fresheners are just a few of the many agents in the air at workplaces that affect health, and eventually, the quality of work. Better indoor air quality is linked to an 8-11% boost in productivity as fresh air rejuvenates your mood and refreshes your mind—benefits that are bound to improve your workday. The Cerina Air Purifier mobile application enables you to access it from anywhere. Schedule operation, change modes, monitor air quality, and importantly get notified when your filter needs replacement. Enjoy hassle-free connectivity so you can stay disconnected from monitoring your air purifier.

To know more about the product please call at 9886178383

Area Coordinators from RWAs for Delhi Public Services Departs

Public Transport, Health, Education, Social Work, PDS, public grievances, etc. are some of the Departments in which Coordinators from registered RWAs need to be associated by Delhi Govt to facilitate smooth implementation of the policies.

This may please be taken up with CM.

TPS Oberoi, Sr Vice President, Welfare Assn G Block Hari Nagar, New Delhi-110058
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Monday, August 10, 2020

What you have to say ?


COVID-19 Pandemic :India Records 62,064 New Corona Cases, Record over 1,000 Deaths in Single Day

India, the third country worst hit by COVID-19 pandemic, recorded a spike of 62,064 coronavirus cases on Monday 10th August, pushing the total tally to 2,215,074. The country tested a record over 1,000 deaths in a single day.

The number of recoveries mounted to over 15 lakh, more than twice the active cases. Out of the total cases, 6,34,945 are active cases, 1,535,743 have recovered from the disease while 44,386 people have lost their lives in the fight against the deadly virus.

Notably, India recorded the highest number of recoveries in a single day at 54,859. The recovery rate has gone up to 68.78 per cent.

On Sunday, the government tested 7,19,364 samples, which dipped to 4,77,023 on Monday. A total of 2,45,83,558 samples have been tested so far.

Maharashtra remained the worst-hit state with a total of 5,03,084 cases and 17,367 deaths, followed by Tamil Nadu with 2,90,906 cases and 4,808 deaths. The southern state is followed by Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Delhi, and Uttar Pradesh.

Globally, , the overall number of coronavirus cases has topped 19.7 million, while the deaths have increased to over 729,000, according to the Johns Hopkins University.

As of Monday morning 10th August, the total number of cases stood at 19,778,566 and the fatalities rose to 729,692, the University's Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) revealed in its latest update.

The US accounted for the world's highest number of infections and fatalities at 5,044,435 and 162,919 respectively, according to the CSSE. Brazil came in the second place with 3,035,422 infections and 101,049 deaths.

Monday, August 3, 2020

Rajiv Kakria - SOC - RWA Bhagidari - Voice of Delhi

Rajiv Kakria, an Advertising & Communication Professional from the ‘College of Art’, Delhi University, graduated in 1982.

Spearheaded his entrepreneurial advertising agency - GG Advertising & Marketing for 30 years. Has the distinction of advertising and launching Wigan & Leigh College in India. Has been associated in marketing and promoting noted Authors viz Shiv Khera & his book ‘You Can Win’, Rajesh Aggarwal, and Cedric Kenny. Has promoted top Brands SmithKline Beecham, Godfrey Philips, Tribhowandas Bhimji Zaveri, ISCT Computer Institute, Fore School of Management, AHA (Air Hostess Academy), Leisure Group of Hotels, Mansingh Group of Hotels and others.

Founder Trustee of Flavour of Art Foundation (FoA) - FoA offers Career Counseling, Conducts Workshops on Creativity and Talks on Colour Psychology and its Role in Art, Film, and Communication. ‘Art for a Cause’ a Social Awareness Initiative of FoA has particularly been the most satisfying, Campaigns like Delhi Come Out & Vote; Run for a Healthy Heart; Justice for Nirbhaya, etc were Art communities contribute to a Social Cause.

Actively involved in Social Activism - Prominent member of GK-1 RWA, Secretary of CHETNA (NGO) and Founder Convener of ‘Save Our City’ Campaign a collective of over 80 RWA/Federations, NGO’s and Activists. Part of the fight against Power Tariff hike in Delhi; Campaigned for Playgrounds for Children as a Fundamental Right; filed PIL to take Metro Underground resulting in Phase III going underground in South Delhi; filed PIL and got favorable order to stop Booth-wise declaration of Election Results and spearheading the campaign against the destruction of Delhi through unprincipled changes in MPD-2021 by DDA to make Delhi more Liveable.

Owe it to Everyone who has helped shape the course of my Life - My Profession has helped me contribute in a small way towards Civil Society. My take-home has been deriving a huge amount of satisfaction - probably more so - than my Professional Achievements. My thanks to a dedicated family; selfless friends and many mentors & seniors who encouraged and guided my proactive baby steps, without whom not much could have been achieved.

The Aim and Guiding Principle - is to Strike a Balance between PERSONAL & SOCIAL LIFE and in Activism seek Equilibrium in POLICY & CIVIL SOCIETY. The idea is not to oppose everything but to research and find workable solutions. Opposition for the sake of opposition takes us nowhere.

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RWA Bhagidari - A Network of RWAs of Delhi

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Voice of Delhi stalwarts !

The RWA warriors, the members of the Civil Society, the unsung heroes, keep on knocking the door's of Government, & Civic agencies for a change towards betterment. This 'Team Delhi' is always ready to raise every single issue concerning the masses. We are pleased to add a Profile page of some of these personalities under our VOICE OF DELHI section on our prestigious RWA Bhagidari website. Please log on to:

B S Vohra
RWA Bhagidari Network

Rajiv Kakria
SOC - Save Our City

Atul Goel

Pankaj Agarwal
Delhi RWAs Joint Forum

Anil Sood

Saurabh Gandhi

and Late Ashutosh Dikshit, URJA,
Whom we can never forget.

A few more names will soon be added to this list.
You can email us any suggestions.

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Voice of Delhi - the RWA warriors, the members of Civil society !

The RWA warriors, the members of the Civil Society, the unsung heroes, keep on knocking the door's of Government, & Civic agencies for a change towards betterment. This 'Team Delhi' is always ready to raise every single issue concerning the masses. We are pleased to add a Profile page of some of these personalities under our VOICE OF DELHI section on our RWA Bhagidari website