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Tracking the #coronavirus!

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#LockDownCallNow - Call your friends now!

4. #LockDownCallNow 
Campaign Launched on 7th April 2020
Launched the campaign over Social Media - #LockDownCallNow. As we have nothing to do 24x7 during this Lock Down of 21 days all over, we must pick our mobile and start calling our relatives n friends. Let them feel that you are there in case of any emergency. Start building relations that you broke years ago. You will feel relaxed and happy.

The Hindu News Paper covered our above Campaign on 7th April 2020 - LINK

5. Free Masks to the poor families of Daily wagers
My wife, Sonia, a fashion designer, had earlier stitched some cotton cloth masks for free distribution to the nearby poor families. 

The Times Of India News Paper covered our above Campaign on 8th April 2020 - LINK

The situation is really bad: 
It is a complete LockDown allover in Delhi for the last almost 15 days, and last evening they have declared some 20 places as the hot spots of #covid19 #coronavirus in #Delhi, and all those areas were sealed late night.

There is also a problem that we are not getting the exact details of the location of various patients of the coronavirus. We requested the authorities to share with us all such details at the earliest possible.

7. 14th April 2020 #LOCKDOWN extended
LockDown has been extended by 19 days, up to 3rd May 2020, as there is no other option available. Though some relief measures may be offered on 20th April 2020 if allowed by the circumstances.

In the meantime, the mosquito breeding has also increased and it has become difficult to go to the bed without a mosquito coil. Both the Indian Express & Times of India raised this issue with the concerned departments.

And then there was news of a Pizza Delivery boy, who was found COVID positive. He had supplied eatables to almost 72 families who were asked to go for the quarantine for the safety purposes.

17th April 2020
भाई थोड़े दिन घर का बना ही खा लो। फिजूल में क्वांटरिन होने का कोई फायदा नहीं होगा। #coronavirus

The story was covered by The Week

The Pollution vanished due to LockDown all over:

Due to this LockDown all over India, the Environment conditions improved significantly & Pollutants such as PM10 & PM 2.5 came to the ground levels. The story was covered by The Pioneer.

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Are we really prepared to combat #coronavirus in #Delhi?




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