Friday, August 31, 2018

Meeting with the Power Minister of Delhi

Today, we had a meeting with the Power Minister of Delhi at his residence along with Mr. Rajiv Kakria and Mr. Saurabh Gandhi. Though we discussed all the issues concerning the Fixed charges of Electricity but seems it will be difficult to crack the nut so easily. You too will have to join us in the efforts to raise the issue.

Please note, we are paying the Fixed charges of Electricity on the Total Sanctioned Load of 22,876 MW, while the Highest Ever Peak Load of Delhi is just 7,115 MW. We are regularly raising the issue since March 2018 onwards, when DERC had announced a massive hike in the Tariff of Fixed Charges. 

Why don't you join us in our efforts and send a mail or a tweet to the Power Minister of Delhi asking,"why we have to pay the Fixed charges of Electricity on the Total Sanctioned Load, while the Highest ever Peak Load of Electricity is much lesser ?". 

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Load reduction of Electricity ?

Discoms had sent a Notice for the Load reduction along with your Electricity bills after March 2018. Please check all those bills and if any such message is there, you can move forward. Though for the Sanctioned Load of up to 5 kW, they had done it automatically, those having a Sanctioned Load of above 5 KW, consumers had to go to the Discoms office to get the Load Reduction. 

Similarly, those having Lifts in the home with 11 kW sanctioned load had the opportunity to get the Load Reduction. It was converted into 3 kW or 5 to 6 kW at different periods of time. Please check your bills after March 2018.

Load reduction of Electricity ?

Grateful to the Forum for taking-up the common cause reg. woes faced by citizens reg. Sanctioned Load. I too am a victim of unreasonable & unprecedented hike in electricity bills taking the magnitude of the sanctioned load as the benchmark.

Meanwhile, I want to get my "SANCTIONED LOAD" reduced from BYPL by 'online' mode to get immediate relief.


Thanks and Regards,
H. P. Nanda,

Sunday, August 12, 2018

DDA-Delhi Destruction Authority..... Issues Notice to Relax Norms for Industries in Residential Areas

Not Satisfied with the Supreme Court calling it ‘Delhi Destruction Authority’, DDA now actually wants to live up to its GIVEN NAME. On 25th July a few days after DDA Vice Chairman and SDMC Dy. Commissioners were made to appear before the SC for going slow on Sealing, DDA came up with another Public Notice inviting Suggestion/Objection to Relax Norms for running Industries in Residential Areas.

Sad but such are the tough times we are living in, there is no hope of Political Support coming as NOTE BANKS matter more both as voters and pandering to Migrant Voters who are here only to make a living. ‘SAVE OUR CITY’ Campaign (SOC) was launched by concerned RWAs, NGOs & Activists and have presented their concerns over the deteriorating Environment, crumbling Infrastructure and general Quality of Life.

SOC is Grateful to the SC-appointed Monitoring Committee which has diligently placed the concerns of Citizens in the Hon’ble Supreme Court. Suggestions/ objections were earlier invited by DDA regarding Modifications in MPD 2021 in Feb. 2018. However Petition of SOC was in most part ignored and no explanation given, in the absence of a Speaking Order.

We expected that after Five Months of SC Hearings and umpteen oral and recorded Observations of the Hon’ble Judges, DDA will factor in the issues that have been flagged therein. DDA did not include even those Points that they had promised in their earlier Affidavit to the Hon’ble Supreme Court.

The bizarre changes being contemplated by DDA in the Proposed Amendments in MPD-2021 to Relax Norms to run Industries in Residential Areas will make it impossible to retrieve the sorry state Delhi has been rendered into. All Residential areas being turned into Shopping Complexes; Trees being Chopped by the Thousands to create more commercial space in the guise of Housing for Babus; Industrial Norms being Relaxed to accommodate Industries that were supposed to have been relocated ...... WHERE WILL THE MADNESS END........ WILL THE CITIZENS RISE???

Rajiv Kakria