Friday, October 29, 2010

Free website with share in revenue collected

A company is offering Free website for every RWA and offering share in the revenue generated through advertisements uploaded on that site. 

If interested plz mail us immediately.

With best regards

B S Vohra

Educational hoarding in your society as advertisement against some money.....

An advertising concern is willing to put Society Ads by way of Hoardings on colony gates,  Lift Wraps and other promotional activity on behalf of some educational client in various societies / localities.  They are willing to pay some money in this regard to cover expenses of  the  RWAs. You have to tell the rate slab  against which you can provide the space for above advertisements. Plz mention the number of persons living in your society.

If interested, plz mail us immediately.

Best regards
B S Vohra

Wife of Mr B S Talwar robbed.....

Dear Sir,
We are very angry and sad as the wife of one of our M.C. colleagues is robbed.  We have  fullsympathies with Mr and Mrs Talwar.  However, such incidents have become so common that they go unnoticed unless one of our own is victimized.  A very sorry state of affairs!!
Tonnes of fake ghee, khoya, milk, spices, and other edible products are caught and very proudly shown on the TV.The culprits are also caught in many cases. These rogues are playing with the health and life of hundreds and thousandsof our people. What happens to them?  Nothing!  They are let off after completing some formalities, to do more heinous crimes. I can bet, nothing is going to improve, unless those caughts red handed are shot dead in full public view.  If the law does not permit, it is time to change such law.  There is a saying, "maar ke aage bhoot bhi natchta hai",  but if there is no maar (punishment) how can a bhoot dance!
Ram Gupta
General Secretary
Priyadarshini Vihar RWA

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Finland Offers Help To Modernise Delhi's Civic Amenities

Finland Tuesday offered a helping hand to the national capital for making its civic services more purposeful and modern, an official said.
This was conveyed to Delhi Urban Development and Finance Minister A.K. Walia by Finland's Ambassador Terhi Hakala and counsellor Juha Pyykko at a meeting at the state secretariat Tuesday.

The meeting also focused on exploring possibilities of co-operation in the fields of waste management, improvement in sewer management besides multi-utility pipe and cabling management.

According to the official, Walia outlined in the meeting that the city is facing a challenge of disposal of huge solid waste generated on a daily basis.

with thanks : SIFY : link in headline above for detailed news.

Wife of Mr B S Talwar robbed in Krishna nagar, lal quarter on 25th October

Wife of Mr B S Talwar was robbed by two motorbike personals who showed the fake police ID cards & asked her about the Gold bangles she was wearing & than told  her to put the 62 gms of gold bangles in her purse. Later they offered a plastic bag  to cover the purse. But in the meantime, they robbed the Four bangles & fled.

Mr Vohra called the media and the News was today covered by Delhi Aaj Tak, CCN as well many news papers.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Big-Ticket Projects Spur Makeover Of East Delhi

The makeover of east Delhi has not happened in a day. And it has not happened cheap.

According to conservative estimates, a slew of infrastructure projects of big and small scale all aimed at making commute easy for that part of the city have cost the state exchequer in the range of Rs 1,500-2,000 crore in the past four-five years. This is apart from the first Metro line that was opened in 2002 between Shahdara and Tis Hazari that made a world of difference to the till then ill-connected part of the city.

PWD has executed 10-odd major projects in the area, including Rajaram Kohli Marg flyover, UP Link Road, Apsara Border flyover, ITO Chungi, Ghazipur flyover and the Anand Vihar flyover. It naturally helped that for a long time the PWD minister of the city had been A K Walia, who has represented Lakshmi Nagar for as long as the Delhi Assembly has been in existence. Execution has always been efficient.

with thanks : Times of India : Link in headline above for detailed news.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

New water pipe lines in Priyadarshini Vihar

Dr A. K. Walia, Hon'ble Minister of Finance performed the ground breaking ceremony of the replacement of main water pipe lines in Priyadarshini Vihar, on Saturday, 23rd October 2010 . The existing water lines are 30 years old and have rusted and worn out at places resulting in dirty muddy  water in the colony houses.  

The  RWA had been pursuing for the replacement with the Delhi Jal Board for over two years. Dr Walia released some money from his Area Development Funds for this purpose.
Ram Gupta
General Secretary
Priyadarshini Vihar RW

Thieves strike Games accessories

Dear friend,
It is bound to happen! Even during the Games, it is reported, a number of things vanished the moment the event was over and/or the competition is over at that particular venue.  This is our inherent/inborn character! It is difficult to check at every point and at every moment. I remember when the Asiad-82 was over even carpets and other furnitures provided in the Media lounge at various stadia and in the Asian Games Village at Siri Fort Auditorium vanished overnight and found place at the residences of high-ups and others! You may also be surprised to know that the Special Organizing Committee constituted for the purpose of holding the Asiad-82 was never wound up for over two decades after the Games were over and the then Secretary General was being paid and owning a car on SOC account for a pretty long period and even the assets were not taken over by the SAI. All HMT watches with Asiad logo were eaten away by the batteries which were never removed from the watches and had to be thrown away! Rest is a big story!
Hence it is rightly said: Govt. funds and natural resources placed at the disposal of officials who wield power are looted at will by anyone. When something impersonal as the government takes our money and allows itself to be robbed, it is too far removed for us to comprehend!
Hindustan may sab chalta hai! Thonu ki thaklif hai!
TK Balu

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Their Game Plan A Flop, Owners Look For Other Options

For property owners in the city, the Bed-and-Breakfast scheme was advertised as a great means to earn money during the Commonwealth Games. People with spare bedrooms readily took up the scheme and readied their homes to receive guests, but with only 75,000 visitors coming to the city during the Games and with many of them opting for hotels, most of the newly constructed 1,300 rooms went empty.

Consequently, owners are increasingly losing interest and some of them, who had obtained a three-year licence in 2008, are shutting down business to rent out their establishments as soon as the licence expires next year.

Surinder Singh, a housewife living in West Punjabi Bagh, told Newsline that she will turn her 2-bedroom Bed- and-Breakfast establishment into a paying guest accommodation for girls, once her licence expires next April. "I did not receive a single guest during the entire Games season despite spending lakhs on renovation," she said. Some property owners who had obtained the licence in 2008 let go of the properties even before the Games began as they were not making any money. Talking to Newsline, Rina Ray, Managing Director of the Delhi Tourist and Transportation Development Corporation, said not all establishments have made losses and many places received a good number of guests during the Games. "Real Bed-and- Breakfast establishments where guests live as family are successful. The ones which saw less guests are run like guesthouses," she said. 

with thanks : indianexpress : link in headline above for detailed news.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Sleeping Security: Thieves Strike Games Accessories

City's civic agencies stretched themselves out to make it look beautiful for the Commonwealth Games. But maintaining the looks is turning into a nightmare for them.
Hundreds of potted plants that adorn the streets of Delhi are missing from places such as Yamuna Sports Complex, Games Village, Model Town and Sardar Patel Marg. In addition to this, reflectors, noise barriers, dustbin covers, wall wraps, fittings of streetlights, railings and even the tiles that were laid before the Games have started disappearing.

Noise barriers that were put up on the Rao Tula Ram Marg flyover and reflectors from Geeta Colony Bridge have also disappeared.

Not only this, illuminated Shera which were put up at a number of bus stands in the city have also been dismantled and the vinyl posters, tubelights have been stolen.

with thanks : Hindustan Times : link in headline above for detailed news.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

57 mn more men than women worldwide: Report

There are 57 million more men than women globally, the UN said in a report to mark the World Statistics Day.

The report titled The World's Women 2010: Trends and Statistics, was released by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) Wednesday, Xinhua reported.

The UN General Assembly in June this year proclaimed October 20 as World Statistics Day to recognise the importance of statistics in shaping societies.

The report showed that women globally have 'benefited' from the gender statistics in the last decade.

It said Europe has more women than men. But in some of the most populous countries, there is a shortage of women, such as in China where the ratio is 108 men per 100 women.

with thanks : : link in headline above for detailed news.

RWA Executive Committee Group - Mayur Vihar

13, Pocket – A3, Mayur Vihar Phase – III, Delhi - 96

Dear Sir,

We inform to you The Term of Two Years of RWA Executive Committee was Completed in October 2010. Therefore RWA has declared Elections which was scheduled held on 2.10.2008. The following candidates have declare winner “Un-opposed” as no other nomination for the respective post were received.

2. During the previous term of RWA, we had received full cooperation from you. I assure you that our cooperate with you will continue in the same manner of last year. We welcome all your welfare activities in our Group and belief that under your vigorous leadership, our group become model area of East Delhi.

Shri D.S. Negi, President
Shri Gopi N., Vice President
Shri Deepak Chaudhary, General Secretary
Shri Vasudevan Nair, Secretary
Shri L. Radhakrishnan, Treasurer


D S Negi

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Biggest CWG fight : Sheila vs Kalmadi

NEW DELHI: The Games are over and the fighting has begun. A day after chief minister Sheila Dikshit said corruption in the Games preparations appeared to stem from the Organizing Committee, its chairperson Suresh Kalmadi hit out at her, saying she should look at her own departments. Blasting Dikshit's "attempt to take credit" for salvaging the Games Village, Kalmadi stated bluntly, "We don't want to be the scapegoats anymore."
He also pointed out that the panel headed by former CAG V K Shunglu would probe not just the work undertaken by "the OC at a budget of Rs 1,620 crore but also the Rs 16,000 crore spent by the Delhi  government". Squarely blaming the Delhi government for much of the flak the OC got, Kalmadi said: "The OC was constantly being criticized for delays and shoddy work when they were not at all involved in any construction activity... When the foot overbridge near the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium collapsed, it led to doubts about safety... We had to do a lot of hand-holding and cajoling to ensure that the full complement of 71 nations and territories took part in the Games."
Kalmadi's statement -- which he pointedly issued on Dussehra-- followed his exclusion from functions hosted by both the PM and Congress chief Sonia Gandhi to felicitate CWG medal-winners. In it, he also mentioned that the Prime Minister's Office deputed a number of officers, including CEO Jarnail Singh, to work with the Organizing Committee. The import was clear: he's not going to silently accept all the blame for the messy preparations.

Many in the government and political circles are likely to agree with Kalmadi that the Group of Ministers, Cabinet Secretariat and the PMO should also be held accountable for the shoddy work that gave India many anxious moments.

With thanks : imes of India : link in headline above for detailed news.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Victory of the Force of Good over Evil !

Let’s Celebrate An Auspicious Day To Begin New Things in Life.

हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं...........

असत्य पर सत्य की विजय, अधर्म पर धर्म की जीत और बुराई पर अच्छाई की विजय के रूप में मनाए जाने वाले विजयादशमी के पावन पर्व पर आपको हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं...........


B S Vohra

East Delhi RWAs Joint Front

The Memorandum of Association as well the Rules & Regulations of the "East Delhi RWAs Joint Front" are ready now. Member are free to view it, at our office, anytime on sunday, with prior intimation. Plz feel free to call us on Tel number : 43584889. Those members who have not yet submitted its resolution, are requested to do so at the earliest.

Best Regards

B S Vohra
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front

Ground Floor Space Gone

The parking place norms as specified by the civic agencies for properties in plotted residential areas with its emphasis on car park space being provided within the house compound is a blessing for some but an unpleasant necessity for others. With many feeling it ought to be revised.

According to the Delhi Master Plan 2021, while the smaller plots in residential colonies need not have parking space for a car within the compound, it is mandatory for all plots of 250 sq mt and above to have parking space in the yard.
The mandatory provision for parking space seems like a great idea as it will provide for marked parking for a building's residents and also allow for less congestion on the streets adjoining the properties.

Those going in for a new construction are, however, not very happy because they feel that providing for the mandatory parking space at the ground level will leave them with relatively less space for construction. The ground floor is generally considered prime space in a house. To leave a large part of it vacant for parking is thought by many as a complete waste of this prime space.

As per the Municipal Corporation of Delhi ( MCD ) guidelines for sanctioning building plans in plots between 250 sq mt to 300 sq mt, two equivalent car spaces ( ECS ) have to provided at the ground level. In plots that exceed 300 sq mt one ECS for every 100 sq mt of builtup area has to be provided.

(In residential properties built on plot size less than 250 sq mt along notified roads and commercial streets provision of parking space rules differ and have not been detailed above.) The writer is a senior columnist.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Over 250,000 left homeless due to C'wealth Games

Even as the nation applauds India's winning spree at the Commonwealth Games being held in the Capital, a study by Housing and Land Rights Network says that human rights violations of the city's working poor, including the homeless, beggars, street vendors, and construction workers in the name of the Games cannot be forgotten.

According to the Network, forced eviction and demolition of thousands of Delhi residents' homes took place for reasons like constructing stadiums, building parking lots, widening roads, city "beautification", and clearing of streets on grounds of "security".

The study focused on forced evictions carried out in Delhi because of the Games and found that at least 250,000 people in the city lost their homes as a direct result of the Games since 2004. Preliminary findings of the ongoing study suggest that the due process for demolition of homes in various parts of the city was not followed, in addition to police presence and use of force, injury and adverse health effects, loss and destruction of possessions, adverse effects on children, death, loss of livelihood and income and no compensation or resettlement offered to the evictees.

The study revealed that many of these evictions were carried out in extreme weather or at night, like the one at Bengali Camp in January 2009 during the winter festival Lohri. Several children were forced to drop out of school or lose a year because the demolitions happened immediately before or during examination time. Two homeless persons died at Pusa Road roundabout when their night shelters were demolished in December 2009.

with thanks : The Hindu : link in headline above for detailed news.

Winners !

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Patriotic movie !

Dear friend,
We appreciate the remarks of S. Milkha Singh!
Re. screening of patriotic film, we welcome it and congratulate and compliment the sponsors who has brought out this film. This will inspire the younger generation and create the 'patriotic spirit', which is very much needed in the present scenario! We would like to screen it in our Society's colony - Anand Vihar - on a date and time mutually convenient.

May contact

TK Balu,
RBECHS/Anand Vihar.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Games Village better than in Olympics: Milkha Singh

NEW DELHI: The Common Wealth Games Village might have come in for a lot of criticism for being 'filthy and unlivable', but legendary Milkha singh said it's the best he had ever seen.

"I would proudly say the facilities the organisers have provided at the athletes' Village for Delhi 2010 are something that I haven't seen even in Olympics," the 'Flying Sikh' said.

"I had heard so many things about the Games village, so much negative publicity -- snakes, dogs, dirty sheets, broken tiles, etc. I don't mince my words and I am not scared of anyone. I would proudly say that these are exceptional facilities," the 81-year-old said.

With thanks : times of India : link in headline above for detailed news.

Screening of a Patriotic / Historical feature film in your area.

President / Gen Secretary

Sub:-Screening of a Patriotic/Historical feature film “YE MOTHERS HEY MAA..”  based on the lives of  two  School going girls Shanti Ghosh & Suniti Chaudhary of Bengal sacrifice their lives for the cause of Country’s freedom on 14 December 1931,  in your Sector/caloney/appartments.

 Respected Sir/Madam

 Respectfully, it is stated that we have produced a film based on the heroic feats of two teenaged school going girls  Shanti Ghosh & Suniti Chaudhary who has killed the despotic and cruel District Collector CGB Steven in the broad daylight at his bungalow on 14thDecember 1931 in reaction to took the revenge of three Martyrs Bhagat Singh, Rajguru & Sukhdev death. Their juvenile offence (both of them were thirteen and student of 8th class at that time) spared them of capital punishment and after serving the awarded term in Alipore Jail, Kolkatta, they resumed their studies and Shanti Ghosh served as  MLA  from Kolkatta Assembly continuously 16 years (from 1952 to 1968), and Suniti Chaudhary became an MBBS doctor. Film set in 1931 during Indian Independence Struggle.

The film is true account of these two female student freedom fighters of India. It is living tribute to those brave women who have gone unnoticed and unsung. The film depicts the patriotic fervor of the Indian people during the British regime.

In view of the above we wish to screen this film in your area. 

Thanking you
Yours truly,

For Siddharth Motion Pictures

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

preeT vihar a block RWA shows the way...CCTV CAMERAS

Much has been written on this blog and at other places regarding immediate need of security up gradation in colonies and TRAFFIC SIGNALS.
But sadly, even a road like vikas marg starting from the foot of POLICE COMMISSIONER office and serpenting between, laxmi nagar, shakar pur, Nirman vihar etc etc has not been blessed with CCTV CAMERAS.
Besides security,nabbing of terrorists, corrupt police personnel such a step would ensure disciplining road users.
RWA PREET VIHAR deserves three cheers for becoming pioneer in implementing this scheme.
Main gate in A block has been brought under close monitoring system.
This will help in checking security guards besides ultimately running cost reduction.
We could consider such systems in our areas.
I am organizing MC MEETING OF MADHUVAN RWA ON 17th October and besides getting resolution to join EDRWASJF passed, we will discuss our security issue.

Senior vice president

Circle rates revised by Delhi Government

Delhi cabinet has revised the circle rates of property. Please lets know its impact on Delhites.   

The previous circle rates based on the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) categorisation were Rs.43,000 per sq metre for Category A, Rs.34,100 for Category B, Rs.27,300 for Category C, Rs.21,800 for Category D, Rs.18,400 for Category E, Rs.16,100 for Category F, Rs.13,700 for Category G and Rs.6,900 for Category H.

Now, Category A will be priced at Rs.86,000 per sq metre while the lowest - Category H - will have a fixed price of Rs.13,800.

CWG : Hockey match India Pakistan

East Delhi RWAs Joint Front : Final list of Office Bearers

The Final list of the office bearers of the "East Delhi RWAs Joint Front" will be announced soon. The members who have not yet submitted the resolution of the respective RWA are hereby requested to do so by the coming sunday i.e. 17.10.2010.

With best regards

B S Vohra
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front

Saturday, October 9, 2010

हाइराइज़ बिल्डिंगों का शहर बनेगा नोएडा

आपके पास अगर नोएडा में रेजिडेंशल के अलावा इंडस्ट्रियल, कमर्शल, इंस्टिट्यूशनल प्लॉट हैं और अब इसमें  आप बिल्डिंग बनाने की तैयारी कर रहे हैं, तो जरा ठहर जाइए। अब आपको नोएडा अथॉरिटी ने अपने बिल्डिंग रेग्युलेशन में इतनी रियायतें दी हैं कि आप खुश हो जाएंगे।
अभी तक शहर में किसी भी इंडस्ट्रियल एरिया में 15 मीटर से ज्यादा ऊंची बिल्डिंगें नहीं बन सकती थीं। नए प्रावधान में इंडस्ट्रियल कैटिगरी में हर साइज के आधार पर बिल्डिंग की ऊंचाई, एफएआर और ग्राउंड कवरेज में बदलाव किए गए हैं। इन्हें अथॉरिटी ने बोर्ड में पारित कर शासन के पास मंजूरी के लिए भेजा है। जैसे ही शासन से इसका नोटिफिकेशन होगा इन्हें शहर में लागू कर दिया जाएगा। 

एनबीटी ने अपने पाठकों के लिए नोएडा अथॉरिटी के नए प्रावधानों की स्टडी कर इन्हें पेश किया है। इसमें खासतौर पर इंडस्ट्रियल एरिया की तस्वीर अलग से नजर आएगी। पुराने सेक्टरों के बारे में तो इस बिल्डिंग रेग्युलेशन में कोई प्रावधान है या नहीं यह साफ नहीं है, लेकिन नए सेक्टरों में जो भी बिल्डिंगें बनेंगी, वे इस नए प्लान के अनुसार तैयार होती नजर आएंगी।
इंडस्ट्रियल बिल्डिंगों की बढ़ सकेगी ऊंचाई
शहर के किसी भी इंडस्ट्रियल सेक्टर में अभी तक 15 मीटर से ज्यादा ऊंची इंडस्ट्री की बिल्डिंग नहीं बना सकते थे। अब एक हजार वर्गमीटर तक के साइज वाले प्लॉट में यह लिमिट बढ़ाकर 18 मीटर कर दी गई है। इसी तरह एक हजार से 12 हजार वर्गमीटर तक साइज वाले प्लॉट पर 24 मीटर तक ऊंची बिल्डिंग बनाई जा सकती है। 12 हजार वर्गमीटर से ज्यादा एरिया वाले प्लॉट पर बिल्डिंग की हाइट लिमिट खत्म कर दी गई है। इसके लिए एफएआर एक और अधिकतम ग्राउंड कवरेज 55 पर्सेंट कर दिया गया है।
शॉपिंग सेंटर और सेक्टर शॉपिंग भी 24 मीटर ऊंची
नए बिल्डिंग रेग्युलेशन में शॉपिंग सेंटर और सेक्टर शॉपिंग कॉम्प्लैक्स की बिल्डिंग मल्टीस्टोरी हो सकती है। अभी तक के नियम के अनुसार नोएडा शहर में शॉपिंग सेंटर और सेक्टर शॉपिंग कॉम्प्लैक्स की अधिकतम ऊंचाई 15 मीटर तक थी। यहां एफएआर 0.80 था। यह बढ़ाकर दो कर दिया गया है। यहां इनकी ऊंचाई 24 मीटर करने का प्रावधान कर दिया गया है। मास्टरप्लान रोड और एक्सप्रेस - वे के किनारे पड़ने वाले कमर्शल कॉम्प्लेक्सों में भी बिल्डिंग की ऊंचाई की लिमिट खत्म कर दी गई है। यहां पहले ग्राउंड कवरेज 25 था , जिसे बढ़ाकर 30 पर्सेंट कर दिया गया है।
कॉलेज , स्कूल और हॉस्पिटल बनाने पर भी राहत
नोएडा बोर्ड ने पारित प्रस्ताव में इंजीनियरिंग और मैनेजमेंट कॉलेज बिल्डिंग के ग्राउंड कवरेज को 30 से बढ़ाकर 35 पर्सेंट कर दिया है। इनकी बिल्डिंग बनाने के लिए फ्लोर लिमिट 15 मीटर थी। इसे नो लिमिट कर दिया गया है। इसके अलावा सीनियर सेकंडरी स्कूल में भी अब बिल्डिंग 15 मीटर को 24 मीटर ऊंची बना सकते हैं। नर्सरी स्कूलों को बिल्डिंग बनाने पर 30 पर्सेंट की बजाय 40 पर्सेंट ग्राउंड कवरेज , एफएआर 1.2 की जगह 1.5 कर दी गई है। धार्मिक स्थलों की ऊंचाई भी 15 मीटर से बढ़ाकर अनलिमिटेड कर दी गई है। यहां एफएआर 0.60 से 1.20 कर दी गई है। हॉस्पिटल की बिल्डिंग बनाते समय ग्राउंड कवरेज 35 की बजाय 40 पर्सेंट , एफएआर 1.75 की बजाय दो कर दिया गया है। इसके बाद हॉस्पिटल में भी बिल्डिंग की स्टोरी अनलिमिटेड हो जाएगी।
पुलिस स्टेशन और बरात घर होंगे अब 24 मीटर ऊंचे
अथॉरिटी ने नई बिल्डिंग रेग्युलेशन में कम्यूनिटी सेंटर , क्लब बिल्डिंग , बरात घर , जिम , स्पा , हेल्थ क्लब , फायर स्टेशन , पुलिस स्टेशन , पोस्ट ऑफिस और लाइब्रेरी की एफएआर को 0.85 से बढ़ाकर 1.50 करने , अधिकतम ऊंचाई 15 मीटर की बजाय 24 मीटर तक करने का प्रावधान कर दिया है।
लॉज , गेस्ट हाउस और हॉस्टल की हाइट भी होगी अनलिमिटेड
अथॉरिटी की बिल्डिंग रेग्युलेशन में अभी तक धर्मशाला , लॉज , गेस्ट हाउस और हॉस्टल का ग्राउंड कवरेज 30 और एफएआर 1.3 था। अधिकतम ऊंची बिल्डिंग सिर्फ 15 मीटर ऊंची ही हो सकती थी। नए प्रावधान में एफएआर को बढ़ाकर 2.5 किया गया है। इसके साथ ही बिल्डिंग की ऊंचाई अनलिमिटेड होगी ।

Athlete's dad misses event as snag hits ticket booth

Helpline Started To Make Games More Accessible

Commonwealth Games information is now just a phone call away. Dial 01168006800 and get any information you need related to ongoing Games. The information helpline will be open 24X7 during the Games.
Called Zat Se, this is a Games helpline and one will not have to pay to enjoy the service.

"Ask us anything about the Games, including event venues, places where tickets are available, routes to take and places to park your car. We have the answer ready for you," said an official of the helpline.

He said Zat Se provides information on the phone, through email and also via SMS.

Zat Se is an initiative of Hero Group, one of the leading industrial conglomerates in India, which has started providing the helpline service in Delhi-NCR.

with thanks : source : Hindustan times : link in headline above for more details.

Delhi Plans Wing To Maintain Games Infrastructure

The Delhi government is planning to create a separate wing in the public works department (PWD) to maintain the expansive infrastructures built across the city for the Commonwealth Games.
Delhi public works minister Rajkumar Chauhan said forming a new wing was imperative to ensure that the constructions remained in shape even after the Games.

He said the maintenance of the Games' infrastructure would be a challenging task and demanded considerable expenditure, but would help Delhi arrive on the world map.

"Some Games projects like the elevated road, Ring Road bypass and Salimgarh flyover have created history as they were constructed in a record span of time. At least more than three years were required to construct the elevated road, but Delhi did it in just 20 months," Chauhan said.

with thanks : Tribune : link in headline above for detailed news.

Commercial Use Of Residential Noida Plots Okayed

In a move that will make the lives of Noida residents easier, the state government has allowed carrying out of commercial activities in the residential areas here. Now, book shops, PCOs and ATMs etc will be allowed to operate in the residential sectors. Till now, all such facilities were permitted only in the markets of the residential areas.
The Noida Authority has now been allowed by the state government to permit commercial activities on 50 per cent of the residential plots. This relaxation is likely to benefit thousands of plot owners.

The Noida Authority had sent a proposal to the state government in this regard about 10 months ago. The matter was considered in detail at a Noida Authority board meeting also. Now, the final green signal has been received from the government.

According to this decision, commercial activities will be permitted on 50 per cent of the plots allotted under the 5 per cent Abadi land rule in 1997. Over 3,500 such plots have been allotted under this scheme and another 5,000 plots are likely to be allotted soon.

What makes the decision more interesting is the fact that the allottees will not have to make payment for these plots as per the commercial rates.

with thanks : Tribune : link in headline above for detailed news.

Introduction : Sant Nagar , East of Kailash RWA

Dear sir,

Our new elected team of Sant Nagar(East of Kailsh) residents welfare society (Regd.) :

President : G.S.Jodhka ; Vice President : Surjeet Singh ; Vice President: D.K.Sharma ; General Secretory: Kuljeet Singh ; Secretory : Ajay Kumar ; Joint SEcretory : Ravi Narang ; Tresurer : Satpal Sharma ; Advisor : Jaswant Singh ; Pro: Sunny Purewal ; Chairman : Subhash Malhotra ; Vice Chairman : Ashok Bhutani

This is for your information only
Ajay Kumar

Friday, October 8, 2010

High Court asks DJB to brush up on its history

Delhi’s water crisis has prompted the judiciary to offer the government lessons in history, instead of law. On Wednesday, a top Delhi Jal Board (DJB) official was quizzed by the chief justice of the Delhi High Court (HC) Dipak Misra thus: “What were your subjects in school? Did you study History?” 

Man Singh, chief engineer (East) of the DJB was in court in connection with a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) on severe water shortage in some areas of East Delhi. 

“History says all civilisations came up on river banks; first, provision of water is ensured. But in Delhi, you construct a concrete jungle first and then ponder over where the water will come from. This way, the water problem is inevitable,” Justice Misra told Singh.

“We find civic wings apathetic to civic problems. Instead of jointly solving it, they merely pass the buck,” said the court. 

The other judge — Justice Manmohan — slammed the civic agencies for unplanned concretisation of Delhi without caring about arrangements for water supply. 

with thanks : Hindustan Times : link for detailed news in headline above.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Protest Letter to New Zealand high commission

Protest Letter to New Zealand high commissioner

New Zealand High Commission
Sir Edmund Hillary Marg
New Delhi - 110021

Dear Sir,

With due respect, we hereby lodge our strongest protest against Mr Paul Henry, who has not only used abusive language against our Most respected CM of Delhi, but also used the term INDIAN in an utmost racist way.

We request you to please look into the matter & see that Mr Paul Henry is restricted from this kind of racist practices against INDIA.

With best regards

B S Vohra
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front

New Zealand embassy.....

Dear Friends,
Mr Henry's behaviour and comments were totally uncalled for and he has insulted not only our leader but  also insulted the Indian citizens who have elected her.New zealand govt should take strict action against him otherwise Newzealanders face the danger of being branded as uncultured ,loudmouthed and racist.
Mrs Ranju Minhas
Shield,citizens initiative

New zealand embassy .....

Dear friends,
It is ridiculous and most shocking! We must start a campaign through this blog and send it to the New Zealand embassy in Delhi to apologize failing which we have to take it at the diplomatic level? Next to late Smt. Indira Gandhi, we have an adorable and praiseworthy Chief Minister, Smt. Sheila Dikshit, of Delhi who is down to the earth and she knows the pains and pangs of aam aadmi more than anybody else. She has done a commendable job and turned Delhi to compete with capitals of the world and score over them in many respects despite having no control over many agencies functioning in Delhi like MCD, Police etc. Why the Govt. does not wake up and give her the powers so that she could wield them to set right many maladies which are known only to residents of various colonies.
Incidentally, let's start a campaign with all the RWAs to express their grievances and woes in general affecting the residents of their respective colonies in short through this media which we could consolidate and forward them to our lovable and respected Hon'ble CM for taking n/a. All our problems and difficulties could be sorted out and solved provided the govt. machinery is receptive and works with an open-mind. They have the manpower and money to solve the problems on a pragmatic and planned way which could be drawn out, if necessary, in consultation with the RWAs. This way the innovative "Bhagidari" scheme, which is the 'brain-child' of our Hon'ble CM could be enriched and brought under its umbrella. WE CAN, WE COULD AND WE SHOULD SOLVE OUR MAJOR PROBLEMS WORKING TOGETHER! Let's start this campaign in all earnestness and let it go to the corridors of power and to the notice of Hon'ble CM. 
As you know that in our country unless and until the problems are brought to notice of the 'highest' in the heirarcy they are not solved.  Promises made and assured by the elected representatives of Delhi, both Councillors and MLAs should be implemented in phases so that we need not approach them time and again and waste their precious time.
With regards and best wishes,
TK Balu

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Why don't we lodge our strongest protest with New Zealand Embassy ?

Wellington, Oct 6 (ANI): A New Zealand television station has suspended its breakfast show host Paul Henry for mispronouncing Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit's name several times in a crude manner. Henry's slurs featured as a clip on TVNZ website in which he ridicules the name of Commonwealth Games troubleshooter Sheila Dikshit. The Video Extras section of TVNZ's website promoted the Dikshit clip, which now appears to have been removed, under the heading "Paul Henry laughs about the name Dikshit", reports. "The xxxxxxxx woman. God, what's her name? xxxxxxxx. Is it xxxxxxxx ... it looks like 'xxxxxxxx'. It's so appropriate, because she's Indian, so she'd be xxxxxxxx wouldn't she, do you know what I mean? Walking along the street ... it's just so funny," Henry said.

It is really strange that any body from any corner of the world just starts barking against India and Indians. India must teach them a hard lesson so that these stupids could never dare to do it again. Indian Government must take strict action against Paul Henry as he scolded not only  most respected  CM of Delhi, he also used very bad words for the term Indians. Indians must lodge strong protests at the Embassy of New Zealand in Delhi. 

It's really SHOCKING that the said video is still LIVE on the YOUTUBE. Why don't we lodge our protest with youtube to remove it immediately.

( )

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

CWG and the reality that is India

Article published in  Dt. September 20th, 2010 :

Sellotape Legacy (Delhi and the Commonwealth Games) by Boria Majumdar and Nalin Mehta is very timely and on the dot. As more and more details of sordid corruption and financial profligacy surface with unfailing regularity, here is an extremely well-researched book on the Commonwealth Games (CWG) by two authors who probably had a bead on all the major players involved

Long before he became a politician, Suresh Kalmadi was an Air Force pilot. Among his favourite memories was landing planes at Leh, the highest airport in the world, when there were no proper runways. Now we have poorly finished stadiums. Can he deliver? Shekhar Gupta, while interviewing him in October 2009, described him as ‘somebody who will decide whether by 2010 we are a very proud country or a very embarrassed country.’ We are already somewhat red-faced.

Parliamentary records show that at the time of government approval for the Games, the budget estimate had been only Rs.617.50 crore. When the Vajpayee government then agreed to fund any shortfall between revenue and expenditure, it was like proffering a blank signed cheque. By March 2003, when Delhi submitted its official bid, the budget estimate had tripled to Rs.1,895.30 crore. The financing of the GWG has been the subject of parliamentary questioning since 2004. On paper, with the diagrams and graphs, the Games seem to be a most well-organised event. It is only when you look at the performance data submitted by various ministries, that you come face to face with the reality that is India: huge cost overruns, and estimations gone crazily haywire. In early 2009, a senior Delhi government official calmly pointed out – the total games spending on city infrastructure was Rs.65,550 crore. When clubbed with other costs, the total amount could well touch Rs.70,000 crore.

Though this book explores the politics of the Games and the monstrous sums of money being spent, what is now becoming more than evident is that too many have seen this as an opportunity to skim off whatever they could for frivolous reasons at that. The absurd purchase of toilet rolls at Rs.4,000 a piece are a case in (shameless) point.

Just like in the case of the callous MBC and the MMRDA of Mumbai, trees have been major victims in Delhi. The basketball and squash complex at Siri Fort saw hundreds of full grown ancient trees felled in the green area. Another deplorable decision was to set up an underground parking lot, destroying the greenery forever. Thousands of trees have been hacked away and felled – leaving an adverse environmental impact for Delhi’s future generations. Strangely, Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit said in early 2009, “We are also concerned about the green cover, but as a government we have to move on.” The DDA has gone on record and countered that no rules were broken and 8,000 trees were planted in lieu of the 700 cut down around Siri Fort - sounds similar to the tales spun by our own civic bodies here in Mumbai.

The plight of lakhs of Delhites forcibly resettled from 350 slum clusters for the Games Village remains unaddressed, with just a third of them provided with alternative locations miles away from the city. The ground reality is terribly different, with a mad rush on to ready the infrastructure already delayed for months past deadlines. Corruption, exposed in all its absurdity, is being swept under the carpet of obfuscation and outright denials, and sports, the focal issue of the CWG, has taken a back seat.


Though this book explores the politics of the Games and the monstrous sums of money being spent, what is now becoming more than evident is that too many have seen this as an opportunity to skim off whatever they could…
Sellotape Legacy by Boria Majumdar & Nalin Mehta
HarperCollins Publishers
Price Rs.450

Article published in  Dt. September 20th, 2010 : original link in headline above.

Just a game, but was it worth the shame?

News published in  Deccan chronicle Dt. September 26th, 2010 :

Humiliation”, “ineptitude”, “corruption” and “filth” are not the sort of adjectives one expects to see or hear repeated ad nauseum days before India embarks on its biggest sports event in almost three decades.

Yet with the 19th edition of the Commonwealth Games just seven days away, these were the most frequently used words in the public domain thanks to the unnerving inability of the country's sports administrators to get their act together with D-Day having been decided almost eight years earlier.

India will have splashed out in excess of Rs 70,000 crores for this extravaganza, building — or rather, rebuilding — a raft of stadia for the CWG and desperately pushing through a myriad of development projects in the host city, Delhi. From an initial budget estimate of about Rs 617 crore when India were first awarded the Games in December of 2002, costs rose steadily and will peak at around the Rs 71,000-crore mark.

This mammoth escalation represents an unheard of inflation, more than a hundred times the initial costing for the 12-day Games that will finally see almost 7,000 participants descend on the national capital. At the end of it all, if we get a show to remember - which is still possible given India's native genius of jugaad - it may still be bearable. But what we and much of the English-speaking world has instead been exposed to is a litany of hyperbole, false assurances and downright lies. At every step, costs have risen beyond rational expectation, and delivery has never matched promise.

Leaky stadia, falling roofs, collapsing structures and unmet deadlines have been the hallmark of the run-up to these Games. Presiding over all of this are a group of administrators who have run pell-mell at the power and pelf on offer, but have happily shirked any scent of responsibility, be it sports minister M.S. Gill, Indian Olympic Association boss Suresh Kalmadi, Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dixit or any one of a number of sticky-fingered officials. And then there is the nightmarish spectacle of uncouth administrators justifying their complete lack of preparation by some remarkable verbal contortions that in effect implied the Indians were a dirty lot and they - these amazing administrators - were being asked to walk an extra mile because of the unreasonable goras, who apparently have a different standard of hygiene than ours. One would have liked to see the reaction of the wives of these two men if they had tried to pull this spiel at home.

As it stands, the Games Village - home to the 7,000-odd visitors participating in CWG 19 -needed desperate attention by an army of cleaners, plumbers, electricians, painters and house-keeping staff before their quarters were made liveable. What will happen at the stadia when thousands of spectators pour in to watch some worth-class athletes, swimmers, boxers, wrestlers and hockey players in action is another matter altogether. 

Here too the omens are not happy. Last week, a footbridge linking the Nehru Stadium - venue of the opening and closing ceremonies, the athletics events and weightlifting competition - to a nearby parking area went down even as it was being erected. This, in turn, raises the prospects of a nightmare scenario bringing the structural stability of other such rush jobs into question.

At the end of it all, if the residents of Delhi are to get access to these “world class” facilities, it may still have been worth the expense and time, but even that is uncertain given what happened in the aftermath of Asiad 1982, when expensive stadia were allowed to fall into disrepair because there were no plans for what to do with them after the Games ended.

The biggest - indeed bitterest - irony is that this massive expense on 12 days of competition is coming out of the purse of a nation where anything between 50 per cent to 70 per cent of the population (depending on whose figures you want to believe) are hard put to earn a measly Rs 20 a day on average.

Contrast all this with China’s preparations for the Asian Games in Guangzhou from November 12 to 27, where all has been in readiness for close to six months already. Groups of sports officials, journalists and other experts have been flown in - first to suggest improvements and changes - and thereafter inspect the final preparations almost six months in advance. The Asiad organisers too have spend massively, but most of the money has gone into greenfield facilities that gives yet another Chinese city world class sporting facilities after Beijing, Shanghai and a few others.

If only we could have learnt some lessons from those across the Himalayas before throwing away such a large percentage of those Rs 71,000 crores, it may have been a very different story here too.

News published in  Deccan chronicle Dt. September 26th, 2010 : original link in headline above.

Monday, October 4, 2010

CWG : opening ceremony : what a spectacular show !

CWG : Opening Ceremony : What a spectacular show, Great performance, Perfect coordination, but it costed Rs. 200 crores. We still liked it as it proved it's metal to the world. Now the real test is the GOLD we get in the games.

Pics with thanks from : IBN live, Zee News, The Hindu, Sify .....

CWG - Opening ceremony

Dear Mr. Vohra ji,
We all join you in chorus "Go India; Go for Gold"! We are hopeful that we would secure the second position in the medals tally which will be a significant achievement.  All the money spent and time and energy consumed/devoted by all sports lovers will be overcome if all of us are rewarded with a rich haul of medals unprecendented in the history of the Games!
We should also heartily congratulate richly compliment the Organizers on the magnificent and stupendous and colourful Opening Ceremony, show-causing our rich culture and heritage! It is said: 'Begin well; will end well". Let it be true in words and spirit!
We have to bear the enormous cost after the Games are over in many ways and all will then realise whether such a multi-sport event is essential to show our progress in many fields!
With best wishes,
TK Balu
Secretary/RBECHS/Anand Vihar

CWG Stamp

Standing ovation for India

India's delegation led by flagbearer and shooter Abhinav Bindra arrives onto the field during the XIX Commonwealth Games opening ceremony at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in New Delhi on October 3, 2010.

With thanks : Images : AFP  & Sify

India has serious chances of bidding for Olympics: Rogge

New Delhi: India holds a serious chance of bidding for the Olympics, if it manages to give a successful and incident-free Commonwealth Games to the world, said Jacques Rogge, the President of International Olympic Committee.
In an interview to an Indian news channel, Rogge said that the fundamentals are in place for India to bid for the Olympics. The only thing the country now needed to look at is the Commonwealth Games- which start here on Sunday- is carried out well and fine.

“There is a difference between Olympics and Commonwealth Games. Olympics is bigger and more complicated,” said Rogge.

“But I think India has set a good foundations tone for the Olympics bid and a successful Commonwealth Games can help India mount a serious bid for Olympics,” he added.

Rogge also said that looking at the way the country is moving ahead with the Games, the entire event will surely ‘make India proud’ and portray it in a good light.

“I think the Games will make India proud. It is something we can show to the world that we can organize an event of such big stature,” he said.

He also said that India “should, can and will” to well at the Games.
with thanks : Zee News : link in headline for detailed news.

The little known facts of the CWG Opening Ceremony

New Delhi, Oct 3 (PTI) About 1,200 moving lights, 25 stacks of speakers and about 2,700 shots of fireworks spread across the roof of the Jawaharlal Nehru stadium combined with a stage weighing 500 tonnes to create a spectacular opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games here today. The gigantic main stage, inspired by the ''mandala'', a sanskrit word for the geometric designs symbolic of the universe in Hinduism and Buddhism, which is one of the largest built for an opening and closing ceremony.

The stage was built within seven days by about 500 workers. Weighing an approximately 500 tonnes.

The stage is large enough to hold 500 people under it. The opening ceremony would have never been that spectacular had it not been for the lighting arrangements.

1,200 moving lights, 120 space cannons and 16 follow spots weighing approximately 75 tonnes was what it took to enchant the about 60,000 spectators. The 25 stacks of speakers produced 500,000 Watts of sound.

If one was impressed by the fireworks, it was because of the 2,700 shots spread over 88 locations on the roof of the stadium. The crowd had erupted in joy as the firecrackers went up in air heralding the beginning of the Games.

The entire system was supported by over 50 km of power cables that were used to provide constant power for the opening ceremony.

with thanks : Yahoo News

CWG : Opening ceremony : A spectacular show

The Indian heritage, Indian culture as well the real strength of India was  clearly visible in the opening ceremony of the CWG show. Indeed it required a lot of efforts & coordination from all the sections. And surprisingly, Bollywood was not there though Shyam Benegal was behind the show.

But the viewers on DD were shocked to find long advertisements in the live show & hence missed a massive part of it. Why it was an exclusive show on DD is not understood. Why the other media was blacked out of it , is not clear. We expected a few words from Delhi CM but it was not there. But definitely, you can't expect anything less than that,  from a show that costed  Rs. 200 Crores. The 70 crores Helium Baloon was marvelous.

Now we expect India to go for the GOLD and that will be the real achievement.

With best wishes,

B S Vohra
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front 

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Go India ! Go For Gold !

Go India ! Go For Gold !

with best wishes

East Delhi RWAs Joint Front

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Volunteers yet to get access cards

Sunny Bhatt was made to wait the whole day on Friday for his accreditation card. But despite bearing the searing heat at Pragati Maindan, he could not get his hands on the 'elusive' pass. He was not alone as the long queues outside both the volunteers' hall at Pragati Maidan and the Organising Committee headquarters clearly showed the pace of official work just two days before the Games are scheduled to begin. 

"I have come from Sonepat and have been camping here for a week. I have the ID and the registration number required for the card but have yet not been issued the actual accreditation," said a visibly agitated Bhatt.   

Another volunteer at the OC headquarters said she was told that the ministry had cleared the forms but the people responsible for issuing them at the designated venues have not cleared them. 

"If the ministry has cleared my form, which other organisation remains to clear it further? I now understand why so many volunteers have simply left the programme," said Sonal Gupta, who added that she has been visiting the OC office for the last three days but got only ambiguous answers in return. 

with thanks : Hindustan times : link in headline above for detailed news.

Stale food irks volunteers

While the athletes are feasting on gourmet food, volunteers for the Games have been getting stale food and they’ve had enough. They have threatened to quit and expose the poor facilities on Facebook if something isn’t done soon. Volunteers from the Indira Gandhi stadium reached the Organising Committee (OC) headquarters on Thursday to lodge a complaint. “We have made a video of the poor facilities and will upload it on Facebook if the situation does not improve,” one said. 

“We have threatened to stop work. There are times we don’t even get food packets,” a second added while yet another volunteer said: “We complained many times.” The volunteers claimed even the new caterers hired by the OC were serving bad food. 

with thanks : Hindustan Times : link in headline above for detailed news.

Friday, October 1, 2010

CWG volunteers

Dear Mr. Vohra,

It is not true that volunteers have vanished from the scene of action. I can vouchsafe this from my own and my colleagues experience. We all have volunteered, undergone training, got the kit and booklet and were told at the end of the 3 training sessions, that we will be called by 27th September or so to undergo final training and visit to the various venues and work places of ours. I had sent five e-mails to the organisers which address was given, telephoned those people concerldned etc. giving all our details e.g. ID Nos. etc. but till date/time I am writing this mail, none of us have received any intimation. We are passionate about our working since we are all erstwhile sportspersons and incidentally I am an "Asiad Jyoti" award winner for successfully organised the Asiad-82. 

I had also reported the matter to all news channels but no avail. Then who is to blame! Of course, we are not. The Organizers have wasted their money on us in giving training, kit etc. This should be highlighted! This is how the precious money is wasted by the OC/CWG! Who is answerable?

TK Balu
Secretary/RBECHS/Anand Vihar

East Delhi RWAs Joint Front

Members are hereby requested to submit the copy of resolution as asked, at the earliest. The requisite period allotted for the purpose is already over.

Best regards

B S Vohra

Continuous Power Supply During CWG: Sheila Dikshit

Delhi  will not face any power cuts during the mega event Commonwealth Games 2010,  as measures have been taken to provide continuous power supply, said Delhi Chief Minister, Sheila Dikshit.

Inaugurating a power sub-station at Mundka, Sheila Dikshit said, "Delhi will not face any power cuts. We are committed to providing uninterrupted electricity supply during the Games."

"In order to generate more electricity within the national capital, a joint venture company with NTPC and Haryana government has been formed," stated Dikshit.

The company will generate 1500mw power at its plant at Jhajjar in Haryana.

"Delhi would get 750mw out of the 1,500mw," she said, adding the sub station at Mundka has been set up to bring power to Delhi.

Established by the Delhi Transco Limited at a cost of 150crore, the 400kv sub station has been set up on a sprawling 100 acres plot and will provide power supply to west and north-west Delhi including to Delhi Metro.

with thanks :  oneindia : link in headline for detailed news.

Realty Prices Soar As CWG Development Makes Sites Attractive

The shoddy development of facilities for the upcoming Commonwealth Games may have come under fire but property prices near the Games Village have seen a spike of up to 15 per cent, courtesy the infrastructure put in place for the sporting event.
According to realty consultant Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), the National Capital has seen unprecedented infrastructure development for the CWG and especially the Eastern part of the city, where the Games Village has been constructed, got the maximum benefit.

"Residential property prices in and around it (Games Village) have been climbing steadily for over a year, and have currently reached appreciation levels of between 10-15 per cent," JLL India Chairman and Country Head Anuj Puri wrote in the firm's blog.

He said the rates at Indraprastha Extension is currently ranging between Rs. 5,500 per sq ft and Rs. 7,000 per sq ft. "Phase I and II at Mayur Vihar and Vasundhara Enclave have also benefited considerably from the infrastructure improvements that have taken place," he added.

with thanks : NDTV : link in headline for detailed news.

CNG Rates To Go Up By 25p/kg In National Capital Region Townships

Indraprastha Gas Limited  (IGL), the city's sole supplier of natural gas that is used as kitchen and motor fuel, on Thursday decided to raise the price of CNG (compressed natural gas) by 25 and 40 paise a kg in Delhi and the National Capital Region townships, respectively.

In Delhi, CNG will now cost Rs 27.75 a kg and in Noida, Greater Noida and Ghaziabad the fuel will cost Rs 31 per kg. The increase accounts for less than 1 per cent of the present selling price. However, there will be no change in the price of gas piped as kitchen fuel.

IGL managing director Rajesh Vedvyas said, the ''minor adjustment'' has been carried out to meet increase in overall input cost of gas and corresponding taxes and duties. The company has to source costlier gas imported in ships to meet rising demand, which has surpassed the allocated quantity of gas at government's price. 

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