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जगह जगह कूड़ा, सड़क पर चलना मुश्किल: Delhi Aajtak TV Channel

Sanitation workers strike in East Delhi : Dainik Jagran

Sanitation Situation Deteriorates in Delhi as Strike by Workers Enters 10th Day

For the fourth year in a row, sanitation workers are protesting the delay in wage and arrear payments, non-regularisation of casual employees. With a complex structure of release of grants, political differences are only worsening the situation.

Sanitation Situation Deteriorates in Delhi as Strike by Workers Enters 10th Day

New Delhi: For the fourth year in succession, Delhi is currently witnessing a strike by thousands of sanitation workers and the reasons are not very different those on previous occasions – non-payment of salaries and arrears and refusal to regularise contractual workers. This time, the impact in the form of overflowing garbage at the ‘dhalaos’ or collection bins as also on the streets and by-lanes has so far only been felt in areas coming under the East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) where the sanitation workers have been on strike for the last ten days.
At the time of declaring the strike, Sanjay Gahlot, the president of MCD Swachhata Karmchari Union, had stated that the sanitation workers had been left with no option but to protest since they have not been paid their salaries – in some cases for up to eight months – their arrears have not been cleared, and the job of many who had been inducted on a temporary basis had not been regularised.
RWAs fear spread of disease
With the sanitation workers not collecting garbage from the collection points for the last many days, many colonies in East Delhi are now staring at a major health and sanitation crisis.
With garbage collection affected by the strike, concern is growing among the residents’ welfare associations as they fear the outbreak of a major epidemic due to unhygienic conditions. The president of East Delhi RWA’s Joint Front, B.S Vohra, has cautioned that while the RWAs have started getting garbage from homes collected by privately engaged people, the fear of spread of disease looms large as the streets are not being swept.
Talks fail to break impasse
There have been several rounds of talks between the representatives of the agitating workers and the EDMC functionaries, including mayor Bipin Bihari, but these have failed to end the impasse.
After two meetings with the mayor, Gahlot had accused the BJP leadership of not doing enough to resolve the crisis and find a long term solution to the recurring problem of delay in payment of wages.
BJP-ruled EDMC accuses AAP government of not releasing funds
For its part, the EDMC has been claiming that it could not pay the salaries and arrears as the Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party government in Delhi has not been releasing the funds on time.
Bihari has been quoted as saying that the EDMC has been facing a financial crunch. “The corporation is not able to pay its employees and workers since it has not received any funds from the Delhi government. I appeal the CM to release all the funds of the corporation.” On the issue of regularisation of workers, the Mayor had declared that the officials have been told to prepare a list of temporary workers and start the process.
Earlier, the leader of the house in EDMC, Nirmal Jain, had stated that the union had been urged to give up the strike. “The EDMC is in a poor financial situation, we need funds from the Delhi government to be able to meet their demands,” he had argued.
Complex nature of funding compounds situation
With the BJP in power in all the three municipal corporations in Delhi, such allegations of the Delhi Government not releasing funds have been made in the past as well at the time of strikes by sanitation workers.
The reason lies in the complex nature of financing of the municipal bodies. While the three civic bodies report to the Centre, or more precisely to the Union ministry of home affairs, through the lieutenant governor, they remain dependent on the elected Delhi government for the grants-in-aid as even the money sent by MHA for the corporations is routed through it. The coordination between the corporations and the Delhi government takes place through the office of the Director of Local Bodies.
Financial burden on corporations increased after trifurcation in 2002
Ever since the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) was trifurcated in 2012, the three corporations borne out of it have been facing a financial crunch since their administrative expenses have increased. And apart from the political differences, this has been the main reason behind regular strikes by sanitation staff since 2015, when the AAP government came to power in Delhi for the second time.
Last year, about 16,000 of the 54,000 sanitation workers in Delhi had gone on strike demanding timely release of salaries, payment of arrears, cashless health cards and regularisation of jobs. The protesters had claimed that only about 20% of all sanitation workers were regular employees of the corporations. Many of them had lamented that despite working as contractual labour for the last nearly 20 years for the corporations, they had only been getting 10 to 15 days in a work, which made survival difficult for them.
The EDMC had then stated that it needed Rs 2,000 crores to clear the dues. Following a prolonged strike by the sanitation workers around Diwali last year, the matter had even gone to Delhi High Court but it had refrained from issuing any clear directives to any of the parties concerned.
The bench of then acting chief justice Gita Mittal and Justice C. Hari Shankar had, however, called upon all parties to play their roles saying: “Don’t bring such cases to us in courts. There must be somebody with whom you (Delhi government) are not at war. Be it the Union of India, MCDs or NDMC. If you have public interest in mind, then you will ensure that the MCDs do their job properly. Safai karamchari shall ensure that they seriously carry out the assigned duties of MCDs and no obstruction shall be caused. There can be no stoppage of essential work of cleaning and removal of garbage. Doing so imperils lives of public at large.”
BJP did not keep promise of finding a long-term solution
But a year later, the same old story is repeating itself. The BJP, which upon winning all the three corporations in the April 2017 had promised to fight for the rights of the sanitation workers by involving the Central government in its efforts, has not drawn any new plans to tide over the recurring problem of delays in payment of salaries. This could have been achieved through necessary amendments in the Central Act governing the civic bodies.

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Sanitation workers strike in East Delhi : Indian Express: B S Vohra

Sanitation workers strike in East Delhi : TOI: B S Vohra

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हम से क्या भूल हुई, जो ये सज़ा हम को मिली ?

पूर्वी दिल्ली मे इन चार सालों मे होने वाली सॅनिटेशन वर्कर्स की स्ट्राइक्स के बाद सिर्फ़ एक सवाल बचता है पूछने के लिए कि हमसे क्या भूल हुई, जो ये सज़ा हम को मिली. एक बार घर से निकल कर देखिए तो सही कि क्या ये वो ही दिल्ली हैं जिसे हम कभी मेरी दिल्ली मेरी शान के तगमे से नवाज़ा करते थे. और आज की तारीख मे सिर्फ़ और सिर्फ़ कचरा, कचरे के ढेर, गली गली मे कचरा, हर नुक्कड़ पे कचरा, हर मोहल्ले मे कचरा, इसकी पहचान हो गए है.

और इस कचरे के साथ साथ दिक्कत ये भी हो गई है कि कोई सुनने वाला भी नही है. पहले तो ज़रा सी तकलीफ़ होने पर दिल्ली की RWAs भाग कर SDM के पास पहुँच जाती थी, लेकिन भागीदारी के ख़तम होते ही, सब कुछ ख़तम हो गया. अब तो सब का अपनी ढफ्ली, अपने राग वाला हिसाब है. EDMC कहती है की दिल्ली सरकार उनको फंड नही दे रही और इसलिए उनके पास कोई भी पैसा नही है, काम करने के लिए. दूसरी तरफ दिल्ली सरकार दिल्ली हाइ कोर्ट के आदेश के बाद भी EDMC को फंड्स ना देकर, सुप्रीम कोर्ट चली गई है.

और इस पूर्वी दिल्ली की हालत देखिए, किसी भूखे भिखारी के फटे झोले की तरह, सड़कों पर जगह जगह इतने खड्डे हैं कि समझ मे ही नही आता की सड़क पे खड्डे हैं या फिर खद्डों मे सड़क है. इसके बाद, बरसातों मे भारी जल भराव, डेंगू और चिकनगुनया का लगातार ध्वज लहराना, और इन सॅनिटेशन वर्कर्स को तनख़्वाह ना मिलने के कारण, पूरी EDMC का कचरे के ढेर मे बदल जाना, सिर्फ़ यही दर्शाता है, कि ज़रूर हम से ही कोई भूल हुई, जिसकी ये सज़ा हम को मिली.

और हमारे दिल्ली के CM साहेब की सारी तवज्जो तो सिर्फ़ NDMC के एरीयाज़ मे है कि उधर की RWAs को 10 करोर का फंड मिल जाए ताकि वो लोग अपने काम करवा पाएँ ताकि उनकी सीट तो पक्की हो जाए, और बाकी की RWAs तो सिर्फ़ बेवकूफ़ बनाने के लिए हैं. चुनावों से पहले बड़े बड़े वादे कर लो, और चुनावों के बाद पलट कर भी ना देखो. भाई हमे आपसे कोई भी फंड नही चाहिए, हमे तो हमारे वाली वो पुरानी दिल्ली लौटा दो, जिसमे भागीदारी हुआ करती थी, जिसमे सड़कों पर कचरे के ढेर नही हुआ करते थे, जिसमे हमारी सुनवाई भी हो जाती थी.

अब आप कहोगे कि उस दिल्ली मे बिजली कितनी मैंहगी हुआ करती थी, तो जनाब, कसर तो आपने भी नही छोडी है. वो लोग सीधे से पैसा खींच लेते थे, आप लोग थोड़ा सा टेडा करके खींच रहे हो. यकीन नही होता तो बिजली के फिक्स्ड चार्जस को ही देख लो. टोटल पीक लोड सिर्फ़ 7,115 MW और हम लोग फिक्स्ड चार्जस दे रहे हैं 22,876 MW पर. आप कहोगे की भाई, पहले भी तो यही होता था. लेकिन जनाब, तब रेट हुआ करते थे 20/-, 35-, 45/- per KW, और आपने इसी मार्च 2018 से रेट कर दिए 120/-, 145/-. 175/- और 250/- तक per KW.

दूसरी तरफ EDMC को भी चाहिए की अगर दिल्ली सरकार सुन के राज़ी नही है तो आप सिर्फ़ फंड ना होने का रोना रोकर बच तो नही सकते. पूरे भारत मे आपकी सरकार है. अगर मोदी जी दूसरे परदेशों को किसी भी त्रासदी मे मदद कर सकते हैं, तो वो दिल्ली की इस त्रासदी मे दिल्ली वालों की मदद भी कर सकते हैं. एक बार उनसे फंड्स लेकर दिल्ली को इस कचरे की राजनीति से निज़ात दिलवाइए और दिल्ली की शान ओ शौकत को वापिस लौटाइए. वरना दिल्ली के लोगों को मजबूर होकर यही बोलना पड़ेगा कि हम से क्या भूल हुई, जो ये सज़ा हम को मिली ?

B S Vohra
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front - Federation

Friday, September 21, 2018

Yet another Strike of the Sanitation workers in East Delhi

21st September 2018 

Mr. Manish Sisodia,  Dy CM, Delhi.

Subject: Yet another Strike of the Sanitation workers in East Delhi.

Dear Sir,

The Residents of East Delhi are facing yet another Strike of the Sanitation workers. Almost all the Roads are filled with the Stinking Garbage/Filth all over and amidst the potholes in bulk, it becomes dangerous even to walk and drive, while covering the face with one hand.

Unpaid dues of the EDMC Leading to the Strike:
EDMC officials/Councillors say that Delhi Government has not paid the dues as per the 4th Delhi Finance Commission & that is the reason of Strike as EDMC is unable to pay the salaries of Sanitation workers. 

Vector-borne diseases Vs Filth & garbage all over:
We are also worried a lot due to the rise in the Dengue cases this year and the garbage/filth all over, at this time will definitely escalate the problem of vector-borne diseases in East Delhi.

Contempt Notice of HC:
As per the News report dated 28th August 2018, even the HC had issued a Notice to Delhi Government to release funds to EDMC, North MCD, or face contempt. 

Who is Fooling whom:
In such circumstances, we just want to know the TRUTH that who is fooling whom? We want to know if it is the fault of EDMC or Delhi Government is responsible for all the mess?

Immediate action expected:
Therefore, may we request you to please share the Actual figures of the Payments done to the EDMC, immediately, as we would like to discuss the same with the EDMC officials/Councillors, to come to the conclusion.

Looking forward to your immediate reply, as we want an immediate solution to this sanitation problem of the residents of East Delhi.

With best regards,

B S Vohra
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front - Federation

Thursday, September 20, 2018

HC directs Delhi govt to release funds to EDMC, North MCD or face contempt

Press Trust of India  |  New Delhi Last Updated at August 28, 201819:10 IST

The Delhi High Court today directed the AAP government to release funds to the east and north Delhi municipal corporations to pay the salaries and pensions of all their employees and warned of initiating contempt action against it.
A bench of Chief Justice Rajendra Menon and Justice V K Rao asked the Delhi government to comply with, in 10 days, its earlier order directing it to pay the amount according to the recommendations of the 4th Delhi Finance Commission (DFC).

The bench said if the government failed to comply with its April and May orders, it would ask the chief secretary and principal secretary of the department concerned to appear before it and show why contempt action be not initiated against them.
The court said it was "constrained" to pass this order as the issue concerned salaries of employees, including teachers, and pension of retired persons. It listed the matter for further hearing on September 10.
It noted that the government has not yet complied with the court's April 16, May 21 and May 25 orders and made it clear that the state had to make payments to East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) and North Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) for paying salaries to employees.
Advocate Monika Arora, appearing for North MCD, told the court that the government has not complied with the court's April order and they have not received any money to pay salaries to their employees.
Delhi government additional standing counsel Satyakam and Sanjay Ghose submitted that the government has challenged the three orders of the high court before the Supreme Court.
When the bench was informed that no stay or an interim order has been passed by the apex court, it asked the government to comply with the previous orders.
"If there is no stay, you comply with the orders. We will haul you up for contempt...We want compliance of the orders or else Delhi Chief Secretary and Principal Secretary of the department concerned will be here," the court said.
The high court had on April 16 told the Delhi government to disburse the amounts with effect from November 1, 2017, and not make it an "ego issue".
It had observed that despite having the funds, the Delhi government did not appear willing to implement the 4th DFC, under which the civic bodies have been allocated more funds than they were receiving at present.
On May 21, when the Delhi government sought a review of the court's April 16 decision, the bench said there was no stay on its order and asked the state to pay within one month the amounts to EDMC and North MCD.
The court was hearing a batch of writ petitions on providing adequate funds to all the local bodies, including the three municipal corporations, to enable their proper functioning.
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First Published: Tue, August 28, 2018. 19:10 IST

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What Anurag Kashyap tweeted after viewing Censor Board Letter - Manmarziyan

It is quite shocking that Mr. Anurag Kashyap is not willing to understand the sentiments of the Sikh community.

On the one hand, he says, "It was never the intention to hurt the community and why would we do that when we got so much love from them"

On the other hand, he says,"Technology does not allow us to cut a scene and it affects the story telling. So I definitely can not do that now.

To those whose hurt is genuine, I offer a genuine apology, that wasn’t my intention. And for those who are doing it for attention, I am glad you have got the attention".

And after viewing the Letter of the Censor Board, his outburst was," Congratulations. Here by all problems of Punjab are solved and Sikh youth have been saved. Happy to be back in LaLa land again. Next time you are threatened by a film please call Kishore Lulla directly on +91 98679 66661. Eros knows how to solve matters in minutes".

Garbage piling up in east Delhi - The Hindu

The strike by sanitation workers enters Day 8

The Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) in east Delhi have raised a complaint about the growing piles of garbage on the streets, as a strike by the municipal safai karamcharis entered its eighth day on Wednesday.
B.S Vohra, president of the East Delhi RWA’s Joint Front, said: “The garbage from homes is being collected by people we have privately employed, but the streets are not being swept, which is leading to big piles of garbage everywhere. Diseases will spread because of this.”
Safai karamchari unions have been protesting over delayed payment of wages and the roll-back of hiked minimum wage announced by the Delhi government.
Sanjay Ghelot, president of the MCD Swachhata Karamchari Union, which is leading the strike, said: “We have met the Mayor twice till now but have only received assurances. We will not end the strike till we see some real results.”
Nirmal Jain, Leader of the House of the East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC), said: “We are urging the union to give up their strike... the EDMC is in a poor financial situation, we need funds from the Delhi government to be able to meet their demands.”
The EDMC also filed a police complaint against Mr. Ghelot and other office-bearers of the union on Tuesday for having allegedly threatened corporation officials. Mr. Ghelot has refuted the allegations.
A civic body official said: “We need the help of the people. Garbage is still being collected from the dumps. If people throw their garbage at the designated spots instead of on the roads, the strike can be broken.”
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Yet another strike of the Sanitation workers in East Delhi

Yet another strike of the sanitation workers in east Delhi - 8th day - its stinking all over with garbage everywhere on the roads. The same old story - EDMC has no funds, Sanitation workers demanding Salary & arrears. Strange & Shocking. How many times we will have to bear all this? How many times they have to sit on the Strike to get the Salary & the arrears? MCD is not listening. Delhi Government is not listening. The general public is facing the menace of garbage & liter all over - stinking lanes & bylanes. Enough is enough. Seems the time has come when the three MCD's of Delhi must be unified again so that cash crunch of EDMC is over as the richer areas with higher payouts are out of the range of EDMC.