Friday, August 18, 2017

शर्म आनी चाहिए - वो आपका कोई चहेता होता, तो आप के दिल पर क्या बीतती ?

शर्म आनी चाहिए दिल्ली वालों को, कि तरक्की की आड़ मे इतने बे गैरत हो गए कि दिल्ली के एक व्यस्तम चौराहे पर, एक आक्सिडेंट विक्टिम, 12 घंटे तक दर्द से तड़प्ता रहा और किसी को भी नज़र ना आया ? उस पर किसी की भी नज़र नही पड़ी, सिवाय उन चोर उचाक्कों के, जो सिर्फ़ उसका बॅग, उसका फोन और उसका पर्स निकाल कर भाग गए. 

वो बंदा 12 घंटे तक उस जगह पर तड़प्ता रहा, सिसकता रहा, जिधर से LG साहिब का घर सिर्फ़ मिनटों के फ़ासले पर है, जिधर से ट्राउमा सेंटर भी सिर्फ़ कुछ मिनटों की दूरी पर है. जिधर से एक बड़ा अस्पताल सिर्फ़ कुछ कदमों की दूरी पर है. जिधर से हर पल ना जाने कितने लोग गुज़रते हैं. 

किसी को भी तरस नही आया कि अगर वो खुद उसको उठा कर अस्पताल नही ले जा सकते तो एक फोन ही कर देते. यक़ीनन शर्म आनी चाहिए दिल्ली वालों को, क्योंकि ऐसा आक्सिडेंट विक्टिम तो कोई भी हो सकता है, किधर भी हो सकता है. 

कल्पना कीजिए कि वो आपका कोई चहेता होता तो आप के दिल पर क्या बीतती ?

SHOCKING : Heartless Delhi: Punish those who look away when accident victims plead for help - Hindustan Times : An accident victim lay on a Delhi road with a broken spine for 12 hours but nobody came to his rescue. Standing by and doing nothing is no less a crime. It’s perhaps time that the Good Samaritan law have punitive provisions for ‘Bad Samaritans’ : LINK

B S Vohra
pic used with thanks to HT

Delhi accident victim lies on road for 12 hours, people steal phone, Rs 12

Isn't it a #SHAME for #Delhiites #Delhi that an accident victim lies on road for 12 hours  ? Where were the authorities : Police, Traffic police, MCD, Sanitation workers ? Where was the humanity ? It may be any one, any day, anytime, anywhere. Don't you think so ?

The victim was crossing a road near Kashmere Gate bus terminal when he was hit by an unidentified speeding car around 5pm.
The notorious lack of empathy of Delhiites towards accident victims was witnessed again on Wednesday as an injured man lay on the roadside for over 12 hours with nobody helping him. Worse, people stole from the helpless man.
People made away with the victim’s mobile phone, a bag containing clothes and even Rs 12 in cash that was in his pocket.
However, unlike many similar victims of public apathy, 35-year-old Narender Kumar survived the accident. He has received injuries to his neck, legs and spinal cord and is undergoing treatment at Safdurjung Hospital. Police said he will survive.
Kumar works as a driver in the native Bijnor in UP. He was returning home from Jaipur on Tuesday evening and was crossing a road near Kashmere Gate bus terminal when he was hit by an unidentified speeding car around 5pm.
“I was flung on the footpath because of the hit by the car. Unable to move because of the injuries, I lay on the roadside through the night,” Kumar said.
Many people approached him on seeing him lying injured, but no one cared to help. “Instead, people stole his mobile phone and bag which were lying on the roadside. Someone even stole Rs 12 cash from his pocket,” alleged Kumar’s brother, Rajkumar.
Police said a passerby finally made a call to the police control room on Wednesday morning after which a PCR van was sent to the spot.
He was first moved to Sushruta Trauma Centre before being referred to Safdurjung Hospital.
Police have registered a case of rash and negligent driving and of causing hurt and were contemplating adding sections pertaining to theft in the case. Neither the car, nor the suspected thieves who stole from Kumar have been identified.
with thanks : Hindustan Times : LINK

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Vande Maatram - India TV Conclave

Very hectic schedule this week, with an AAJTAK show, India TV Conclave - Vande Maatram and the Independence day celebrations. The great moments captured in memory will remain there for a longer duration. Had the chance to meet and listen certain great personalities of India, that included, Finance minister, Home minister, Gen JJ Singh, Baba Ramdev, Kumar vishwas, and many others.

The most interesting part was a very serious talk show between Sambit Patra, Shabnam Lone & Abhijit - famous singer, on the Kashmir issue. The hot and burning discussion showed the strongest face of BJP Spokesperson Sambit Patra on the one side and the pro hurriat face of Shabnam Lone, a Supreme Court Lawyer, on the other. But the talk show took many interesting n curvey turns, with Abhijit in his melodious voice supporting Sambit Patra. 

Another interesting news was the announcement of birth of Baby girl NEHA, by his father Babul Supriyo, famous singer as well the State Minister in the BJP Govt. He said that this birth took place 18 years after the birth of his first daughter, Sharmila. He sang two songs for both of his daughters.

Monday, August 14, 2017



Happy Independence Day !

Dear Vohra ji,

What an yeoman and selfless service to the residents of East Delhi! It is highly acclaimed and greatly appreciated!! May God bless you and your family for a long, healthy and useful life forever and ever!!!

In the wake of our 70th Independence Day we convey our greetings and best wishes to all our affiliates and subscribers and helpers in your noble mission!!!

With deep regards and best wishes,
TK Balu/Anand Vihar


Saturday, August 12, 2017

DERC's view point on the issues raised by us ?

Secy DERC,
Viniyamak Bhawan, 
New Delhi

Dear Sir,

We had attended the Public hearing held on 19th July and had raised our issues in that.

Though we have started getting replies from DISCOMs, we are still awaiting YOUR VIEW POINT on the issues raised by us. We want to understand that how seriously you take our issues as well how you OPINE on our issues.

We are sure you will revert over the issues raised by us, at the earliest possible.

Thanks & with best regards,

B S Vohra
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front - Federation

Expecting the reply from our Readers : Please revert over the issues raised by Sh Balu ji

Dear Mr. Vohra ji,

You are fighting for the benefit of 'aam aadmi' on all fronts with the Govt. and other agencies. Your relentless and consistent positive approach should pay dividends to appreciate and applaud efforts!!

Can you enlighten us on the following specific and burning issues:-

1. What is happening to the policy decision relating to payment of property tax? Residents are anxious to know!
2. Fogging by the EDMC in all colonies to fight against all seasonal diseases, as was done in the past!!
3. Cleaning of storm water drains, stagnant water is over flowing on the streets.
4. Maintenance of EDMC parks, plantation, pruning of wild growth of plants and watering.

Can you enlighten us on all the above issues to inform our local residents in Anand Vihar colony?

Awaiting your reply anxiously and with deep regards,
TK Balu/Anand Vihar

Thursday, August 10, 2017

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