Friday, July 20, 2018

Soorma - A living legend viewed his own movie sitting along with us at INOX

It was a sudden and surprise invite for us, to be a part of the event, that was the release of the new Hindi movie - SOORMA, at the INOX, Nehru place. The movie is based on the life of the Indian Hockey Captain, Sandeep Singh and the pleasant part was that he himself was present at the picture hall on the release of his movie. A living legend viewed his own movie sitting along with us. 

It is a true story that how he was selected in the Indian Team and while he was moving by train on the 21st August 2006 to join the rest of his team for the 2006 World cup, he was accidentally shot at by a police Jawan sitting in his compartment. That accidental gunshot hit a Sandeep Singh’s lowest rib, that was fractured, his pancreas was punctured and there was some damage to kidneys and liver. His backbone was flaked too. 

After the gunshot injury & due to the profound bleeding, he went into a COMA and on revival found that his lower part of the body was paralysed. It was the most difficult time of his life, but Sandeep Singh did not lose hope and after a massive mental & a physical struggle of 3 years, he came back on the ground in 2009 and became a winner again. 

Besides the great victory, he was also declared as the Fastest Drag Flicker in the world with the speed of 145km per hour. and has been nicknamed as the Flicker Singh. A world-class player who faced a life-threatening accident was truly a source of inspiration for all and thus the movie on his life has been named as "SOORMA', i.e. Great warrior. 

Please view the small interview with him as below:

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

बिजली के फिक्स्ड चार्जस पर लूट की छूट?

जिस शहर का बिजली का अधिकतम लोड या फिर अधिकतम खपत 7,000 MW से भी कम हो और जिस शहर मे बिजली वालों ने लगभग 23,000 MW का लोड मंजूर किया हुआ हो और उसपर वो लोग नई दरों से फिक्स्ड चार्जस वसूल रहे हों तो आप लोग उसे क्या बोलेंगे ? 

क्या इसका मतलब ये निकलता है की लगभग 16,000 MW का लोड सिर्फ़ कागजों पर है और हक़ीकत से उसका कोई भी लेना देना नही है ? और  फिर भी अगर बिजली कोम्पनियाँ उस पर नई दरों से फिक्स्ड चार्जस वसूल रही हों तो इसका क्या मतलब निकाला जा सकता है ?

ज़रा हिसाब लगा कर देखिए कि 16,000 MW या फिर 1,60,00,000 KW पर इन बिजली कोम्पनीओ को कम से कम भी 125 रुपये हर KW के हिसाब से कितना पैसा हर महीने फ़िजूल का मिल रहा है ? 

अब जवाब तो दिल्ली सरकार को या फिर DERC को देना होगा कि आख़िर किस के कहने पर फिक्स्ड चार्जस को बड़ाया गया और किन शर्तों पर इन बिजली कंपॅनियन को भारी मुनाफ़ा दिया गया. 

अब एक ईमानदार सरकार से क्या हम इतनी भी उम्मीद नही रख सकते कि वो जनता के समक्ष सच्चाई रखेगी?

Monday, July 9, 2018

Desilting of drains on the charge of PWD

There are more than 40 Cooperative House Building Societies and Group Housing Societies in the area lying between Karkarimore and Yamuna Sports Complex. These Societies belong to the Central, State Government Officers. The following roads exist in the area and which are on the charge of PWD. 

(I) Vikas Marg (Raja Harish Chander Marg Karkari More to Yamuna Sports Complex
(ii) Manglam Marg from Shanti Mukand Hospital to Hedgewar Hospital
(iii) Vishwas Nagar Road from Dayanand Vihar T Junction to Vishwas Nagar
(iv) Mahavir Swami Marg from T Junction AGCR to Raja Somnath Marg
(v) Kakardooma Village to Cross River Mall 
(vi) Raja Surajmal Marg from Jhilmil to Jagriti Enclave
(vii)Master Somnath Marg from Raja Suralmal Marg to Ram Prasth
(viii) Vikas Marg to Manak Vihar, Sreshtha Vihar via Jagriti Enclave, Anand Vihar, Vigyan Lok etc. 
These roads each have drains on both sides but most of these drains have not been cleaned for years.  There appears to be no Action Plan with the PWD to clean these DRAINS  before the monsoon. No doubt some work has been done but in a half-hearted manner. The road running Shanti Vihar , Kiran Vihar has not been cleaned since the construction of Mundka  Metro line started in this area years back.. Same is the case of drain running from Hans Apats to Anupam Apts near Hedgewar Hospital on Manglam Road. The matter was raised  in the District Development Committee meeting held on 3rd July 2018 but no decision could be taken as an officer from the PWD was present in this meeting. You will please appreciate that this is a health hazard situation and you would not like to continue with it. Any manpower shortage may be met with the engagement of casual staff for the purpose..
We shall be grateful if suitable action is initiated to get these drains cleaned as early as possible so that area don't get flooded during rains. Encroachments, if any,  coming in the way, may  please be got removed. As a matter of fact this a round the year work which needs advanced planning.        

Complete organic solid waste management with advanced technology of composting

Dear Sir / Madam:

Samy Enterprises is a prominent solution provider for complete organic solid waste management with the advanced technology of composting.

We offer you best range of products and solutions in areas of composting. The system has the capability of composting most organic wastes, including food wastes, starches, coffee grounds, fish wastes, grass clippings, etc.

The carefully balanced combination of our knowledge, the innovative and approach in the same is an enormous step contributing to a “Clean & Green Planet”. Adherence to stringent ethical standards as well as the use of creative and advanced tools makes us committed to serving our customers with high-quality products for the Organic Waste process of Composting within 24-48 hours through the natural and biological process. We offer products of varying processing capacities like 50 kg/day, 100 kg/day, 500 kg/day, 1000 kg/day and 2000 kg/day.

Our products and services are widely used by government, hotels, the municipal corporation of various cities, canteens, a big corporate house, schools, universities, research institutions, etc. Moreover, we provide the fully automatic composting machine which converts all kinds of organic waste into compost in a short span in your campus/building in different sizes, shapes, dimensions, and specifications. We believe to reduce garbage at source, recycle organic waste into compost, reuse compost for the garden, plants etc.

Samy Enterprises is dealing in various other products under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan program such as roadside dustbins (of varying capacities) made of HDPE / LLDPE / SS / MS.

Our Value Proposition
We support Make in India and Clean India Movement
The Strategic business focus in composting and waste management.
Fully automatic and highly compact machine to process all kinds of organic waste into compost
A creative approach towards client special needs in order to find a unique and tailor-made solution and odd sizes
Professional and experienced technology background.
Looking forward to your favorable reply and assuring you of our best services all the time.


For Samy Enterprises

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Voters on Strike i.e. Surgical Strike i.e. NOTA - None of the above !

Don't you think that it's the Turn of the VOTERS now to go on the SURGICAL STRIKE? We the residents are fed up with the tussle between Delhi Govt & Hon'ble LG. All the RWAs of Delhi must come forward to raise the voice that even we too, we the RWAs, we the Residents, we the Voters can also go on the Strike and the meaning of our strike is - Surgical Strike, i.e. NOTA - None of the above. Only by using NOTA, we can teach a lesson to our leaders to SAVE OUR CITY.

RWAs - NGOs - Activists - Offer to Mediate to 'SAVE OUR CITY'



Hon’ble  LG Shri Anil Baijal Ji & Hon’ble CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal Ji,

We the Citizens of Delhi wish to place before you our Pain and Helplessness on witnessing the stalemate in Governance of Delhi. The Theater of the Absurd being played out at Raj Niwas and CM Residence reflects poorly on us Delhites.

As concerned and aware residents of the city and being selflessly involved in matters relating to Civic Governance, we the conglomerate of various RWAs, NGOs & Activists from all across Delhi NCR have a fair understanding of what the true picture and see beyond the Politics. While we do not doubt either of your intentions or your concern for the Capital City, someone has to intervene/mediate in whose presence you could place your respective grievances’.

Please do not take it as an affront, as to who ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ are to offer such mediation. We humbly submit that their lies as much Expertise, Experience, and Wisdom across the High Chair, that persons occupying the chair fail to notice. Collectively we come from all walks of life and have a wealth of knowledge and LOVE FOR OUR CITY to make such a seemingly outlandish offer.

News reports offer a bizarre specter in Delhi, may that be non cooperation of Bureaucracy; Haryana’s threat to first withdraw Court Cases before release of water to Delhi; upkeep of schools being ignored; Statehood of Delhi; Law & Order; Civic & Health Infrastructure etc and on top of it the prevailing emergency conditions due to Dust storm are issues that directly impact our daily lives and NOW WE REFUSE TO REMAIN, MUTE SPECTATORS,.

In your ‘One-up-man-ship,’ the common man bears the brunt of Civic Apathy. We request you to please allow us to intervene and bring ‘you two’ fine gentlemen to a negotiating table, we are sure in our unbiased and apolitical presence you will only place reasonable solutions for the benefit of all.

As concerned Citizens, we seek your indulgence to help ’SAVE OUR CITY’.

In Anticipation,

On behalf of ‘Save Our City’ Campaign
Joint Signatories
On behalf of ‘SAVE OUR CITY’ Campaign
Joint Signatories in alphabetical order:
Anil Sood, CHETNA (NGO)
Chetan Sharma, CONRWA
Pankaj Agarwal, Delhi RWA’s Joint Front
Rejimon, Dwarka Forum
B.S. Vohra, East Delhi RWAs Joint Front
Rajiv Kakria, GK-1 RWA
Anant Trivedi, Ishwar Nagar RWA
Gulshan Rai, Janakpuri RWA
Saurabh Gandhi, Gen. Secy. United Residents of Delhi-URD
Krishan Mitroo, Panchsheel Enclave
BB Tiwari, SJ Enclave

CC: President of India; Chief Justice Supreme Court of India; Prime Minister; Home Minister; Chief Justice, Delhi High Court.