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East Delhi Power Cut by BSES from tomorrow

MEDIA REPORTS : Delhi to face 10-hour blackouts from Saturday as BSES Yamuna says no money to buy power 

We the residents of East Delhi, strongly object to the Pressure Techniques being applied by BSES, by threatening a blackout of upto 10 hours a day from 1st February, i.e. tomorrow.

We are paying our Electricity Bills on time & BSES or any other utility has no right to harass the public for their personal gains.

Let the CAG Audit may come out with its report & we won’t mind paying more or less after viewing that report & in no case before that.

We hereby request to CM Arvind Kejriwal & Dr Harshvardhan to look into it to safeguard the interests of the residents.

B S Vohra
President :
Convenner :
A group of RWAs & like minded persons.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Shocking but Truth : your valued comments awaited.

1. Delhi is world's most polluted city.
2. Breathing poison : air was deadlier than Beijing this winter.
3. We are the Proud Delhiites : residents of this very city.
4. What will be the fate of us & our children in this city ?
5. Is there none to look into it or care for Delhiites ?

Awaiting your most valued comments. 
Please mail to :

Delhi world's most polluted city : Hindustan Times

Breathing poison : Delhi's air was deadlier than Beijing this winter : Hindustan Times

'मोहल्ला सभाओं पर न हो आप का राज' : Nav Bharat Times

राहुल मानव, नई दिल्ली 

आम आदमी पार्टी के स्वराज कानून पर आरडब्ल्यू असोसिएशनों ने ऐतराज जताया है। इन आरडब्ल्यूए का कहना है कि एक और पैरलल बॉडी बनाए जाने की क्या जरूरत है। आरडब्ल्यूए यह नहीं चाहते कि आप के समर्थक मोहल्ला सभाओं के चेयरमैन बन जाएं। दिल्ली के मुख्यमंत्री ने शनिवार को दिल्ली सरकार के रिपब्लिक डे सेलिब्रेशन में स्वराज कानून बनाने की बात कही थी। उन्होंने कहा था कि दिल्ली को मोहल्ला सभाओं में बांटकर वहां चुनाव कराए जाएंगे। हर इलाके में चुनाव के जरिए एक चेयरमैन नियुक्त किया जाएगा।

नॉर्थ दिल्ली रेजिडेंट वेलफेयर असोसिएशन के अध्यक्ष अशोक भसीन ने कहा है कि दिल्ली में पहले से ही 4137 रजिस्टर्ड आरडब्ल्यूए मौजूद हैं। इस कदम से पहले आरडब्ल्यूए से भी फीडबैक लेने की जरूरत है क्योंकि हर मोहल्ले में पहले से काम रहे असोसिएशन के मेंबर्स को इलाके की जानकारी है। चेयरमैन उन्हीं में से एक होना चाहिए। 

ईस्ट दिल्ली जॉइंट फ्रंट फेडरेशन के अध्यक्ष बी. एस. वोहरा के मुताबिक, आरडब्ल्यूए 15 सालों से बिजली-पानी और लोकल मुद्दे को कॉरपोरेशन के सामने उठाती रही है। अगर हर इलाके में पार्टी के समर्थकों को जनता का प्रतिनिधि बनाने की कोशिश की जा रही है, तो ये गलत है। 

वसंत विहार के आरडब्ल्यूए मेंबर समीर भगत कहते हैं कि केजरीवाल सरकार की यह रणनीति लोगों के फायदे की नहीं है। इससे करप्शन घटने की बजाए बढ़ेगा। मोहल्ले में दो प्रतिनिधियों के बीच चुनाव कराने से लोग आपस में एक दूसरे के खिलाफ हो सकते हैं। लोगों को हायर लेवल में शामिल करने से जनता पर राजनीति का बोझ पड़ेगा। हर किसी के पास अपने बिजनेस, नौकरियां हैं। हम चाहते हैं कि इलाके के सरकारी दफ्तरों में काम कर रहे ब्यूरोक्रेट्स मोहल्ला सभाओं के चेयरमैन बनें। पार्टी का कोई भी समर्थक चेयरमैन न बनें। 

जनकपुरी आरडब्ल्यूए के पूर्व जनरल सेक्रेटरी गुलशन राय सीएम के स्वराज कानून का समर्थन करते हैं। वह कहते हैं कि इससे लोगों को फायदा होगा। लेकिन आरडब्ल्यूए को लीगल स्टेटस दिया जाए। अब तक एमएलए और पार्षद के आस-पास काम कराने के लिए कई चक्कर लगाने पड़ते थे। इससे सरकार का फंड सीधे जनता तक पहुंचेगा।

with thanks : NavBharat Times : LINK

System of tolerance of inefficiency and corruption !

We all are gifted with many adavantages,various facilities and  numerous opportunities for self improvement of the existing amenities.But we have the deadly virus in us ,namely lethargy coupled with indifference and sometimes ignorance .Compared to other localities and RWAs, Anand Vihar is a highly privileged residential haven locality .

I feel a band of dedicated,committed,capable,efficient senior citizens who have time to spare ,along with young students can  come together to take up activities that will plug the loopholes in the existing system of facilities and amenities.Such work can be undertaken on holidays and  evening hours from the ensuing summer season.

I am getting a strong feeling that State authorities, Municipal Corporations etc are no longer interested in serving the citizens but  themselves,esp how to amass personal fortune.The system encourages,which is unfortunate.
That is why Arvind Kejriwal's brand of fiery politics succeeds,because common man is totally fed up with the apathy of the institutions to do their assigned jobs.

Let us bring a revolution by changing the mindset and the system of tolerance of inefficiency and corruption.We must all rise as oneman to protest against corruption ,scams and scandals. Risks are there but they are worth taking. We have to sacrifice drawing room comforts and plunge into the boxing arena if we want prosperity at our doors.

If there are 1000 angry young people ready to do daredevil acts,I am prepared to lead them and fight from the front,even at this old age of 76 years.

Prof. S. Sitaraman 
Senior Vice PresidentAmity University & 
Amity - Top US Universities Synergy Forum

Professor, Faculty of Management
Adviser Students' Welfare

Adviser, Amity Centre for Guidance & Counseling (ACGC)
Director, Amity Foundation for Ayurvedic sciences

Convener Students Satisfaction & Happiness Mission
H-6, G-1 A, Near Gate No. 4 A,  AmityUniversity Sec-125, NOIDA

Mount Kailash

I am a resident of DDA SFS flats at Mount Kailash. Here you notice
1. Encroachment of Public Land by ground floor flats
3. adding of floors by top floor allottees
4. No of Non operational cars parked in Parking Lots
5. Large no of unattended dogs. No of instances of Dog bites
6. NO of modifications in entry / exist in different boundary walls leads to no  of accident stops
7. Due to DPS school no entry / exist is possible as both entries get choked and this is dangrous needs attention.
8. Along entry point no of cars of Sant Nagar commercial area are parked in colony. Taffic police has put no of display boards but no implementation by taffic police.

kindly guide and advise

prakash narayan

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

ANAND VIHAR – the two sides – brighter & darker; positive & negative ! : T K Balu

        Anand Vihar, the second biggest cooperative housing society, the first one being Surajmal Vihar, in East Delhi, is endowed with all facilities and needs normally expected by people who are residing and wish to shift to this most sought after colony from all corners of Delhi! Of course the colony has its own darker spots too, which cause and expected to cause, with the passage of time, a lot of problems to the residents!

          On the brighter side, the colony founded in 1975, covering an area of 90 acres of land bestowed by the DDA and divided into four blocks for residential and provided requisite sites for institutional and other purposes. It has a record number of 903 independent residential plots, which are now growing into a ‘flatted’ colony, accommodating over 20,000 young and old people, with a total greenery environment! The colony has 14 parks, big and small, a neighbourhood park and two slots of ‘green belts’, both maintained by DDA,  5 tot-lots, 7 schools, right from nursery to senior secondary; DDA markets in each block, almost all nationalized and private banks, in and around, hospitals and nursing homes, a community hall and club for recreational, social and cultural activities, a post office, police station etc. and last but not the least, considered to be a ‘transport hub’ with railway terminal and suburban stations, ISBT and DTC buses and metro trains, unheard of at any one location in Delhi! It is difficult to compare in contrast any other residential areas in Delhi!

          To manage and extend all assistance to the residents, the RWA, known as the Railway Board Employees’ Cooperative Society Ltd., registered under the Delhi Cooperative Society Act way back in 1961, is functioning effectively and efficiently, with no rancor or rival, for the last over four decades, in an admirable manner and inimitable style, with accolades and appreciation of one and all, including the Govt. agencies. To keep in touch will residents, in and out, the Society publishes a ‘Residents’ Directory’, with all requisite details, supplemented with a lot of information and data, for ready reference by the residents, besides a booklet containing the ‘List of Members’ of the Society with their registration nos., dates of birth, contact nos. etc., to greet and meet each other, with the munificence of one of the founder Secretaries of the Society! The local MLA and Councillor also patronize the colony in many ways within their powers bestowed by the local Govt. Of course, the Society has also taken a number of laudable measures towards the security and safety of residents, but despite all such steps, dacoity, thefts and rampant chain snatching continue to take place, mainly perhaps due to its extensive area and innumerable outlets, in all directions, and proximity to adjacent state territory, beyond the capital’s jurisdiction!!

          On the flip side, of course, there are many problems, built-in or otherwise, being faced by the residents. These form the ‘darker side’ of the colony, with no short term solutions in sight! The colony has one of the few biggest overhead water tank constructed in seventies and utilized till early eighties, but now abandoned to be demolished for which no action has been taken so far by the authorities concerned which may cause a havoc and calamity in the colony if it crumbles and fall! The parks and markets are not maintained properly and cleaned as a regular measure by the authorities concerned, but thanks to a few ‘Samaritans’ who are passionate about their maintenance! Owing to extensive building activities throughout the colony, the streets are strewn with malba etc. causing a havoc to cleanliness of the roads. Uncleaned storm water drains in front of houses cause overflowing of dirty water, making it a fertile ground for growth of mosquitoes and their attended menace! With the vertical growth of the colony, parking of vehicles is assuming a bigger problem congesting the colony roads and lanes and leading to  many a time vocal and physical combats amongst the people. No action whatsoever has been taken to remove encroachments on roads with kitchen gardens, barricades and elevated ramps, accentuating the parking problems further! Added with the colony’s ‘vertical’ growth, shortage of  electric power and water problems, manifest in many shades and hues! There is no place for children to play inside the colony and the school authorities refuse to let their playgrounds being used by them, outside the school hours, despite a mandate from the DDA in this respect, while allotting the school plots to their management! With the expansion of the railway terminal on one side of the colony, commuters to the terminal pass through the colony in all modes of transport, making it a thoroughfare, disturbing the peace and tranquil atmosphere of the Vihar! Of course, all this and more, are creation of humans and could be solved smoothly and successfully by the agencies concerned if they pay adequate and desired timely attention urgently!

T K Balu

Suggestion to Delhi Traffic Police

The Commissioner
Delhi traffic police
Sub:Suggestion to increase the average  speed of traffic on ring road from Maharani bagh to Dhaula quan.
Sir, There are number of flyover on this stretch of ring road.The dtc buses stops on bus stops before the start of fly over  & then climb the flyover to cross the intersection & again stops on the next bus stop ahead of the fly over.In the process there is clash of vehicles obstructing  the smooth flow of traffic leading to slow movement of vehicles.This can be avoided if the buses are asked to keep to left ,not to use the fly overs,use the traffic signal instead of flyovers to cross the road.By this ,the other vehicles which do not have to stop again & again will be able to move faster.When the average  speed of all the vehicles is increased it will increase the speed of buses also & will compensate the time lost on the red lights.
With regards
Dr VK Agarwal
A-7 East of kailash new delhi 110065.

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Monday, January 27, 2014

13th Rotary On The Spot Poster Painting Competition

SUB: Invitation For Participation in 13th Rotary On The Spot Poster Painting Competition - Organised by Rotary Club Of Delhi South West On Feb 2, 2014 at ARSD College , Atma Ram Sanatan Dharam, Dhaula Kuan, New Delhi

Date :         Sunday, 2nd February 2014
Time :         11:00 am to 2:00 pm
Venue :       ARSD College, Ring Road, Dhaula Kuan, New Delhi. 
                    (Atma Ram Sanatan Dharam College)
We are organising 13th 'Rotary on the Spot Poster Painting (+ one line message) Competition' as per the details mentioned above. This competition is organised every year where more than 3500 children participate from all the schools of Delhi and NCR. Entry is free & open to all children.
These paintings would be used for exhibition/ publicity for creating awareness in the society.
please visit: and register for individual or group participation. On the Spot Registrations will also be available on the Venue (please bring your School ID Card or Age Proof). For any enquiry please write to mail id:
Participation Certificate, Polio Cap & refreshment will be given to all the children. 15 prizes per age group will be awarded, the entries will be evaluated by a panel of eminent judges. The judges’ decision will be final and binding. Awardees will be felicitated at a separate function later.
You are requested to inform to the ,Art teacher and the students of the school about this competition. We are attaching  the posters of the event. There is no limit to the number of students participating from a school. We hope students from your school will participate in this competition.  School  with the Maximum number of Participation will be Awarded.
In case of any query or suggestion, please feel free to contact any of the co-ordinators.
Regards & Best Wishes
Your's Faithfully
For Rotary Club of Delhi South West

Rtn. Ranjan Chopra

Event Chairman
Message received from Sh Watwani ji.

TO All members of this BLOG

Elections in 2014 are  very close to us.We must choose right candidates as MP s and the right Party must win to avoid a hung Parliament-if not done we will witness  horsetrading of MPs  to get power by coalitions.

We are yet to see selfless,honest,service minded MPs  in our political scene. Men of character are of endangered species! almost all MPs are not bothered about preventing scams and scandals. a general frenzy prevails encouraging loot  of money belonging to the public and the govt. Non performing assets of public sector banks have reached mind boggling heights due to connivance of Banks Heads and politicians  in disbursing huge amount of loans to dishonest borrowers of doubtful integrity.Such loans are written of  as nonrecoverable.I wrote to the Governor of RBI.No response from him. Airindia is loaded with debts to Boeing airplane companies  and our airline is operating under heavy loss. markets of profit earning routes wer given away by our aviation ministry deliberately to Jet air and emirates.reason is to get kickbacks for private pockets.

Let us stop all such heinous malpractices.Our MPs barring a small group will not ask questions because they are also beneficiaries.

Can we all meet  under the banner  SMASH  -SOCIETY for MOVEMENT AGAINST SOCIAL HORRORS -?

Kindly come forward,we all have to wake up from our deep slumber  plus lethargy,inertia and indifference.

I await a massive response. we will  win if we decide to protect the future of our progeny.

Prof. S. Sitaraman,
Senior Vice President Amity University & 
Amity - Top US Universities Synergy Forum

Professor, Faculty of Management
Adviser Students' Welfare

Adviser, Amity Centre for Guidance & Counseling (ACGC)
Director, Amity Foundation for Ayurvedic sciences

Convener Students Satisfaction & Happiness Mission
H-6, G-1 A, Near Gate No. 4 A,  AmityUniversity Sec-125, NOIDA





Need HELP !

Dear Sir,

We have been operating in sector 7, market -2, R.K.Puram, New Delhi – 110022, more than 45 years and never have faced this kind of problem which we are facing from past 20 days.
The RWA of sector 7 has forcefully closed Six main entry gates of the colony through which people commute within the sector and market. Due to this forcefully closure of the gates we are losing business every day and it is difficult for us to operate with the entry and exit point being closed. 
The main gate just next to the market has been sealed completely which is illegal according to the letter D/664/SE(P)I (attachment) of Municipal Corporation of Delhi, Engineering Department. The Gate should be kept open from 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m in the night.
We have visited to the area SHO with this problem but they simply refused to help in this regard in any manner. We have tried talking to the RWA regarding this issue but they have refused to carr out any talks with the market association, and said that they will not allow opening this colony gate at any cost.

We request you to kindly help us in this regard.
Thanking you

Dheeraj Gupta
Sector 7, Market - II,  Association (R.K.Puram)
Dheeraj gupta
Shop No.17 Sector VII,
Market No. II, R.K.Puram,
New Delhi - 110022.
Ph: 011 - 26175789, 26102425
Mob: +919811502232, +919891000048

Digging of road in Azad Nagar : HT

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Share your activities amongst RWAs of Delhi : RWABhagidari Blog

Share with us activities of your RWAs. It can be any article / news / pics published in any news paper or pics / vids clicked by you as a routine, for remembrance.

Just share with us pics of your Achievements, Medical camps, Sanitation drives, Social activities, Meetings, Cultural programmes, etc. etc. & we will try our best to upload it on the RWABhagidari Blog. 

Remember, RWABhagidari Blog, now has the widest reach to a large number of RWAs of Delhi & you can definitely reach alongwith to all these locations for spreading awareness on your range of activities.

This service to the society is absolutely FREE. So don't think any more & start mailing us at the earliest. Our E mail ID is :

RWA gets the Cleaning & Sanitation contract in South Delhi : Dainik Jagran

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Happy Republic Day

Nokia Lumia : My APP idea is the BEST SELLING idea Worldwide !

Nokia Lumia : Your wish my App – Season two : A nice Indiblogger evening with Chef Vikas Khanna, Rajiv Makhni & Vishal Gondal alongwith Nokia Team.

MY APP IDEA IS THE BEST IDEA & in case NOKIA could implement it, it will be the BEST SELLING idea worldwide.

Every city has so many problems. Be it water logging during monsoon, No water or dirty water in summers, Bad roads, Pot holes, Cave ins, Garbage, Stray dogs, Street lights, Power outages, Chain snatchings, Eve teasing, Traffic jams, Fire services, Ambulance,  Medical emergencies, etc. etc. & so on.

Mostly we don’t have any INSTANT direct telephone numbers to connect with the concerned authorities & in case we have the Tel numbers, these are either busy or just keep on ringing.

I want a NOKIA APP where we have to just upload our complaint & it will automatically reach to the concerned authorities. Moreover, it will continuously be shown as the PENDING COMPLAINT unless & until it has been resolved.

These problems exist in almost every country, every city, every locality, every street though problems may change to Hurricanes,  Katrina,  Tsunamis, Earthquake, Volcanos,  Icy cyclones depending upon the location of various countries.

So the APP can be so designed, that even while in the roaming, if you find any such problem anywhere & if you upload your ISSUE, it will automatically reach to the authorities of that area itself.


Come on NOKIA, I know you can do it. More can be discussed when we have a meeting in this regard.


S Vohra

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Explanation sought from CM over Water meters !

CM Arvind Kejriwal stated on Monday that "I have asked DJB to see what kind of meters these are. If they are so sensitive that even blowing into them shows a reading, then people will be paying for air and not water. Nobody should be forced to use these meters,".

We want the explanation from CM that what does he mean by IF. While he himself created the scene few months ago, he never used the word IF. Moreover, what does he mean by FORCED ? Does it mean that those who are unaware, will still get these meters & will continue to pay for AIR & not WATER ? 

B S Vohra
Voice Of Delhi - A group of RWAs & like minded persons

Kejriwal's Meter Testing Drive ..... an EYE WASH or is he WALKING INTO A TRAP


Dear Friends,

Am I a stuck record that no one is willing to listen ?????? At least Shiela Dikshit thought so, to her own and many good congressmen's' Peril.

But first Why Walking into a Trap - Remember how the Babu's in Kapil Sibal's office made him believe the ZERO LOSS Theory or how they got supposedly smart Chidambram to say that 'All the Coal is still in the Earth so where is the Question of Loss .......

....... well someone in Kejriwal's office is hell bent in throwing him off the sent in the issue of Fast Running Meters. You may remember my OPEN LETTER a few weeks back where I had informed the CM that Testing the Meters will be a Futile Exercise. Unless the issue of RESIDUAL BACK FLOW IN COMMON NEUTRAL is addressed the DAYLIGHT ROBERY cannot be Detected.

Or he too wants it to be an EYE WASH - I wish to inform you that during Shiela Dikshit's time DERC had ordered a six month Meter Testing Drive in November 2009 and nothing had come off it. I have in my possession a copy of the Letter I had written to the then Chairman of DERC Mr. Brijender Singh that the Meter Testing Drive will be a Futile Exercise if only the Meter is tested, as the fault lies in the Distribution System with Common Neutral.

NOW KEJRIWAL has ordered an expensive TEST DRIVE involving Institutes of Repute who will obviously come to the conclusion that the Meters are fine and RIDING ON THE REPUTATION OF IIT's burry the issue of Fast Meters forever ...... EYE's WASHED.

Amongst those reading this mail will be AAP Members or Supporters, Activists, Media friends, someone ...... SOMEONE please tell me to stop mailing NONSENSE ...... Kejriwal like Shiela knows best ....... or if you believe that there is Merit in the RESIDUAL BACK FLOW argument and deserves to be investigated ..... then PLEASE ASK KEJRIWAL TO LISTEN.

Warm Regards,

Rajiv Kakria 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Delhi government gets mixed response from resident associations

DNA logo

Two weeks after Arvind Kejriwal and his cabinet were sworn-in to form the Delhi government, dna asked several resident welfare associations in the capital to assess the new government's work.

B S Vohra, president, East Delhi RWAs Joint Front - ( Federation )
“I have mixed feelings about the new government. I doubt if the government’s decision to provide free water to each household will benefit all of Delhi’s residents. I also feel it is unjustified if we have to pay for the entire consumption of water even if we exceed by a few lires over 700, and this will be particularly worrisome for joint families. I feel it would’ve been better if the government had waived off arrears. As for electricity tariff, the government should have made concessions across the spectrum and not just limit it to the first 400 units. The anti-corruption helpline could have been empowered to do more instead of playing an advisory role as is the case now. The Aam Aadmi Party has shown promising signs, and Arvind Kejriwal is a good leader. The next few months, however, will really reveal if he delivers.”

Pankaj Agarwal, secretary, Delhi Resident's Welfare Association's Joint Front “AAP has given people an alternative from the traditional parties. They have shown that ordinary people can get together and throw out a certain party if they don’t deliver. AAP will certainly take time to mature, but as far as integrity and credibility of the people associated with this party is concerned, they will do well because of their desire to serve the people. This is a party with clear agendas and it will go a long way for sure but the problems of our neighbourhood have not yet been addressed by the AAP MLA Somnath Bharti. I haven’t seen any significant improvement since the previous government.”

B S Vohra, president, East Delhi RWAs Joint Front - ( Federation )
“I have mixed feelings about the new government. I doubt if the government’s decision to provide free water to each household will benefit all of Delhi’s residents. I also feel it is unjustified if we have to pay for the entire consumption of water even if we exceed by a few lires over 700, and this will be particularly worrisome for joint families. I feel it would’ve been better if the government had waived off arrears. As for electricity tariff, the government should have made concessions across the spectrum and not just limit it to the first 400 units. The anti-corruption helpline could have been empowered to do more instead of playing an advisory role as is the case now. The Aam Aadmi Party has shown promising signs, and Arvind Kejriwal is a good leader. The next few months, however, will really reveal if he delivers.”

SR Gupta, general secretary, Old Rajinder Nagar Welfare Association
“I am glad that AAP did not seek the Congress’ support and instead had a referendum before it decided to form the government. This is a sign of real democracy. We have high expectations of the new government. I am happy with the new government’s water and electricity plan. We hope that now the government looks into the problems of parking lots, traffic, law and order and unauthorised constructions in Old Rajinder Nagar. It will also be nice if they set up health care centres and libraries for senior citizens. My only grievance with Kejriwal is that he hasn’t accepted personal security, he should do so. We need leaders like him.”

Kailash Katyal, president, Federation Of Residents Welfare Assocation“The new government’s promises are unrealistic. The jhuggi-jhopdis in this area have no water lines or water meters, so giving 700 litre ware to every household is not a well-thought out solution. Similarly, while the new electricity tariff will be helpful, it will not benefit those whose electricity load is more than 3kw per month. The local MLA Raju Dhingan from AAP is unaware of our civic problems. Mr Dhingan has so far not conducted any ‘jan sabha’ or formed a ‘mohalla sabha’. The government must first look into and solve the security and law-and-order problem in the capital. Arvind Kejriwal, as a leader or as an individual, can be an honest and a capable person, but problems of the common people cannot be solved at such a fast pace.”

With thanks : DNA : LINK

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Voice of Delhi : Join us :

Voice Of Delhi : 
A Group of RWAs & Like minded persons :
Join us. Mail us your contact details at :

Saturday, January 4, 2014

आप की सरकार !

अरविंद केजरीवाल ने दिल्ली की सरकार भी बना ली और एक बड़ा काम भी कर दिया कि बिजली डिस्ट्रिब्यूशन कंपनीज़ के CAG ऑडिट का ऑर्डर दे दिया. इसका हम खुले दिल से स्वागत करते हैं.

लेकिन बिजली के दाम कम करने का जो उनका प्रॉमिस था वो तो बेकार साबित हुआ क्योंकि उन्होने सिर्फ़ 400 यूनिट्स तक के यूज़र्स को रियायत दी और उसके उपर वालों को मिला सिर्फ़ बाबा जी का थुल्लु.

इसी तरह जो उनका 700 लिटेर मुफ़्त पानी का स्टेट्मेंट था, वो भी सिर्फ़ एक मज़ाक बन कर रह गया. अगर आपने 700 लिटेर से उपर उपयोग कर लिया तो ना केवल आपको सारे पानी का बिल देना पड़ेगा बल्कि उसके उपर जो 10% दाम बड़ा है, वो भी देना पड़ेगा और साथ में 60% sewer चार्ज भी.

यानी की, अब 'आप' के सहयोग से, आप के पास, सिर्फ़ एक काम बचता है कि अगर आप बिजली और पानी के पैसे बचाना चाहते हैं तो कृपया सुबह और शाम अपने पानी और बिजली के मीटर को देखते रहो कि कहीं रीडिंग ज़्यादा ना हो जा. इसके साथ ही अगर बे मौसम के पड़ोसी या रिश्तेदार टपकने लगें तो समझ लीजिएगा की उनके पानी और बिजली की रीडिंग पूरी हो चुकी है.


B S Vohra
A Group of RWAs & like minded persons for United & Timely Voice.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Voice of Delhi - A group of RWAs & like minded persons !

Voice of Delhi - A Group of RWAs & like minded persons of Delhi : 
Please join us to make it a united & timely voice. 
Plz mail us with your complete contact details. Our E mail id is :


B S Vohra

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Water & Power Tariff : Hindustan Hindi

Water & Power Tariff : Nav Bharat Times

Water & Power Tariff : Hindustan Times

700 Lt Free Water by Delhi Govt : Total TV : B S Vohra

बीस किलोलीटर से ज्यादा खर्च पर महंगा पड़ेगा पानी : Rashtriy Sahara

पुरुषोत्तम भदौरिया/एसएनबी नई दिल्ली । दिल्ली जल बोर्ड के नवनियुक्त सीईओ विजय कुमार ने बताया कि सरकार के फैसले के मुताबिक, पानी के मीटर कनेक्शन वाले सभी परिवारों को 1 जनवरी से 20 किलोलीटर पानी मुफ्त मिलेगा, लेकिन जो उपभोक्ता इससे अधिक पानी व्यय करेंगे, उन्हें पूरे पानी का बिल और अन्य दूसरे शुल्क अदा करने होंगे। पिछले महीने दिल्ली जल बोर्ड ने अपनी वित्तीय स्थिति में सुधार के लिए जनवरी माह से पानी का शुल्क 10 प्रतिशत बढ़ाने की योजना बनाई थी। उसे भी लागू कर दिया गया है। इसके साथ ही दिल्ली में पानी की दरें और अन्य सरचार्ज बढ़ गए हैं। 20 किलोलीटर तक पानी खर्च करने वाले हर तरह के चार्ज से मुक्त रहेंगे। लेकिन 20 से 30 किलोलीटर पानी खर्च करने वाले उपभोक्ताओं से अब सेवाकर के तौर पर 199 रपए वसूले जाएंगे। अभी तक 181 रपए लिए जाते थे। इसके अलावा उनसे जलकर 20 रपए प्रति किलोलीटर की दर से वसूला जाएगा। 30 किलोलीटर से अधिक पानी व्यय करने वाले उपभोक्ताओं को अब तक 30 रपए 25 पैसे प्रति किलोलीटर की दर से जलकर अदा करना पड़ता था, लेकिन अब उन्हें 33 रपए 27 पैसे प्रति किलोलीटर की दर से बिल देना होगा। इस स्लैब में सेवाकर 266 रपए तय किया गया है। कॉमर्शियल कनेक्शन धारकों को पहले 0 से 10 किलोलीटर पानी के लिए 12 रपए 10 पैसे प्रति किलोलीटर के हिसाब से जलकर अदा करना पडता था, लेकिन नई दरों के मुताबिक अब उन्हें 13 रपए 30 पैसे प्रति किलोलीटर की दर से पैसे देने होंगे। सेवाकर के रूप में पहले 484 रपए अदा करने होते थे ,लेकिन अब 532 रपए 40 पैसे देने होंगे। 10 से 25 किलोलीटर पानी व्यय करने वाले कॉमर्शियल उपभोक्ताओं को पहले प्रति किलोलीटर 24 रपए 20 पैसे देने होते थे, लेकिन अब 26 रपए 62पैसे प्रति किलोलीटर जलकर और सेवाकर के तौर पर 726 रपए के स्थान पर 796.60 रपए देने होंगे। इस मामले में आरडब्ल्यूए ज्वाइंट फोरम के अध्यक्ष बीएस बोहरा ने कहा कि नई सरकार से जो उम्मीदें थीं, वह बेमानी साबित हुई हैं। सरकार ने दरों में 10 पर्सेट की बढ़ोतरी कर आम आदमी की जेब पर डाका डाला गया है। मुख्य मसला पानी उपलब्ध कराने का : संदीप । सांसद संदीप दीक्षित ने फ्री पानी उपलब्ध कराने के फैसले पर प्रतिक्रिया देते हुए कहा कि उपभोक्ताओं को पानी की आपूत्तर्ि पर पहले ही बहुत रियायत दी जा रही है। मुख्य मसला यह है कि सरकार दिल्ली के सभी लोगों को पानी उपलब्ध करा पाती है या नहीं । अब उपभोक्ता 30 मार्च तक जमा कर सकते हैं बकाया जल कर नई दिल्ली (एसएनबी)। जल बोर्ड ने घरेलू उपभोक्ताओं को बकाया राशि के भुगतान पर 30 प्रतिशत की छूट योजना 30 मार्च 2014 तक बढ़ा दी है। गौरतलब है कि जल बोर्ड ने यह योजना घरेलू उपभोक्ताओं के लिए 31 दिसम्बर 2013 तक के लिए लागू की थी। जल बोर्ड ने इस योजना को तीन माह के लिए और बढ़ा दिया है। यह जानकारी जल बोर्ड के प्रवक्ता ने दी है।

20 किलोलीटर से ज्यादा खर्च करने वालों को अब सेवाकर 181 की जगह 199 रपए और प्रति किलोलीटर जलकर 20 रपए चुकाने होंगे कॉमर्शि यल उपभोक्ताओं पर भी पड़ेगी बढ़ी दरों की मार

with thanks : Rashtriy Sahara