Saturday, July 31, 2010

PMO asks Cabinet Secretary to review status of CWG projects

The Prime Minister's Office (PMO) has asked Cabinet Secretary KM Chandrasekhar to review the status of the Commonwealth Games (CWG) projects. According to media reports, the Cabinet Secretary has been tasked with finding out why deadlines were not being met. Aside from dead line being negated, reports have been rife lately about the lapses and rampant corruption in CWG  projects.

with thanks : source : Hindustan times : link in headline above for detailed news.

Commonwealth Games: Bids rigged, costs hiked and quality sacrificed

NEW DELHI: The Commonwealth Games edifice is crumbling under thickening suspicions of corruption and inefficiency, with the CVC referring one of the several cases of corruption bedeviling the event to the CBI. 

The case handed over to the CBI is breathtaking in terms of brazenness: the the successful bidder who got the contract after quoting the lowest amount was allegedly allowed to tamper with figures post-auction so that he could rake in more money than he had initially hoped for. But this is not the only one that may be headed the CBI's way. 

As more evidence surfaces of use of sub-standard material, rigging of bids, goldplating and sanctioning of projects which were not needed at all and favouritism in selection of successful contractors, the investigating agencies are going to have their hands full. 

The number of works under the CVC scanner has now risen to 16 with revenue implication of more than Rs 2,500 crore. Chances of fresh additions to the "work load" are rated high. 

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14 Commonwealth Games projects under CBI, CVC scanner

NEW DELHI: With the stink of corruption in several Commonwealth Games projects rising high, anti-corruption agencies of the government -- Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) and Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) -- are keeping a hawk's eye on the execution of schemes whose expenditure has far exceeded estimates. 

While CVC has confirmed that it is probing the projects, sources in CBI and Comptroller and Auditor Genral (CAG) spoke of their growing interest in the Commonwealth Games expenditure because of mounting complaints. 

Chief Vigilance Commissioner Pratyush Sinha told TOI on Wednesday that CVC was examining the bidding documents of several projects being executed by the Games Organising Committee, Delhi government as well as Sports Authority of India. Sources put the number of projects under the scanner at 14, saying with complaints pouring in, the number was likely to go up. 
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Friday, July 30, 2010

comment : construction in unauthorised colony

This is simply unacceptable. Govt. asking people not to invest in unauthorised colonies. But when these unauthorised colonies surfaced one by one why did  Govt. allowed them. Only answer is corruption at every level. Now MCD  is again penalising people at discretion is a part of the same corruption cycle. First the developers and now the public.
Gurcharan Singh

Master plan of east Delhi approved : HT dated 30.7.2010

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Construction of House in 1639 Un authorized Colonoes in Delhi.

The Divisional Commissioner 
Govt. of National Capital of Delhi. 
5-Sham Nath Marg,

Subject: Construction of House in 1639 Un authorized Colonoes in Delhi.

Respected Sir,

This Association well understands that Delhi Government is making Delhi ties aware not to invest their hard earned money in Purchasing Residential Plots in Agriculture Land, DDA Land, M.C.D. and Gram Sabha Except 1639 unauthorized Colonies which are already under the active process of being regularized. Many of them have been issued the Provisional Certificates by the Delhi Govt.

This Association is shocked to learn that people who have purchased plots long ago in Keshav Nagar (Mukti Ashram) Burari Road, Delhi-110036 listed at Serial No. 952 out at 1639 Colonies are being harassed by the Police and M.C.D staff and not allowed to carry out the construction on their Plots.

Mostly these people are retired persons or poor people who are building their houses very much located within the Plan/Map of the Colony submitted by Residential Welfare Associations who were authorized by the Delhi Government. Even notices by the S.D.M Alipur, North West District. Delhi-110036 are being issue to these people.

This Association feels its deep concern for these harrased persons and at a loss to understand that under what provisions of rule these houses are not being allowed to be built.

Sir, Keshav Nagar houses at about 1000 (One Thousand Houses) and the construction on remaining plots which are very much located within the Plan/Map accepted by Delhi Govt. and submitted by R.W.A of Keshav Nagar, Delhi-110036 should not be treated as illegal construction

This Association prays your good-self to intervene and stop this harrasment to poor people and the clarification or any order concerning stoppage of Construction of houses in 1639 Colonies may kindly be supplied to this Association.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely 
For Keshav Nagar Jan Kalyan Samiti Regd.

(Shiva Nand Sharma)

copy to :         
1.    The DeputyCommissioner, North/North West.
2.     The S.D.M. Alipur, Delhi.

Property tax hike & gating the colonies.....


I completely agree with the views of Shri TK Balu, Hony. Secretary/RBECHS/Anand Vihar. Let us make `aandolan' so that Govt. may understand that they are not the Rulers because its Democracy wherein the Government can be changed by the people. «Government of the people, by the people, for the people» applies in India.

Vipin madan


Dear Sir,
Mr T. K. Balu of Anand Vihar has very rightly analysed the present scenario with regard to erection of iron security gates in colonies vis-a-vis the indiffernet and casual attitude of the Police towards security of the citizens. Priyadarshini Vihar is a victim of the arbitrary and unthoughtful decisions of Delhi Police.
A NOC from the area ACP is required by the MCD to allow erection or regularization of security gates on colony's internal gates.  As per para 3(f) of the MCD guidelines for installation of gates issued on 30th June 2007, the RWA should ensure that there is 'consensus' among the residents regarding putting up of gates so as to avoid dispute amongst residents. Fair enough, as MCD is responsible for deciding the size of the gates and sites where these can be installed.
After waiting for three years and with intervention of  the Hon'ble Delhi High Court, a NOC was issued, but withdrawn after 5 days.  The reason - the Delhi Police issued a Special Order No.382/2009 saying that the "RWA shall ensure that there is 'total consensus' among residents on putting up a gate".  
The other reason given is that we have only 99.9% support, as one resident has objection to erection of gates.  So, friends, to please one person, the security and safety of 999 people, including over 250 senior citizens in our colony can be compromised by the guardians of our security.
So, be prepared if you are also thinking of obtaining a NOC from the Police to get your gates regularized.  The incidents of crime have been increasing in the colony since our gates were removed last year.  It is a big problem for us today,  it may be yours tomorrow.  If any one of you have any suggestions/advice as to how we can deal with this problem, please do let me know at my email: 
Ram Gupta
General Secretary
Priyadarshini Vihar RWA

Plz invite him to Delhi, immediately, as only he can do the miracle for Delhi traffic Police

Nihang turns ‘demolition man’ to free Amritsar of encroachments

A superintendent with MC, Tarsem Singh Khalsa says he will make Amritsar look like Singapore, free it from all encroachments, ‘provided there is no political interference’

He does not come across as a government servant at first glance. Dressed like a Nihang Sikh, Tarsem Singh Khalsa hits the roads every day to get the city’s public properties freed of encroachment that dot its every nook and corner, paying no heed to political or any other “pressure”. 

A superintendent with the Amritsar Municipal Corporation, Tarsem has earned the name of “demolition man”. Accompanied by a group of four to five employees, two policemen and a huge crane, he would select one colony, public park or some other site every day and embark upon the difficult task of implementing the law to remove illegal structures, stalls, makeshift shrines and concrete hedges. 

with thanks : 
source : 
indian Express : 
Link as below for the detailed story :

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Re: Property tax hike & Gating the colonies !

Re: Hike in Property tax : I entirely subscribe to the view that all Delhites, particularly from East Delhi, should raise as one to protest against the proposed hike property tax! It is a pity that 'aam aadmi' is of no concern to the Govt. except on occasions when they come to beg vote! Today the hike will be linked to proximity to 'metro stations' which of recent origin, tomorrow why not those who are nearer to bus stops, railway stations, police stations, hospitals etc. etc. which could be stretched to any extent, beyond imagination! Our colonies came up earlier and metros later. Is it our fault that those who are nearer to metros have to pay higher property tax because of their proximity! It is a ridiculous and illogical argument and base. Prices of property are raising all over Delhi. Why not tax the owners in a logical and periodical way i.e. to raise the tax 1% or 2% p.a. as it has been done for the current year. This will not pinch any one, as there is an all round increase in prices etc. of all commodities etc. Have the bureacrats have been deprived of all common sense and logical thinking. Can't think and foresee what will be reaction of people. Are they sitting in a citadel tower not knowing what are they doing! Are we presently ruled by rulers who have no care and concern for 'aam aadmi'! Let's start an 'andolan' through this media to focus our views and resist all attempts being made by the MCD!
Re. 'gating' : let the RWAs decide what is required from the safety and security angles to safeguard the residents and their properties. The local SHO may be consulted if necessary. It is true that 'convenience' of residents vis-a-vis the security of people and their properties are our primary and main concern and let not the MCD/Police authorities throw their weight on such vital issues, failing which let them take the sole responsibility of the safety and security of the residents which should be given in writing so that we could do away our security and other arrangements being made. In the present context and scenario if they are helpless, we have to protect ourselves. Of course, we have to be reasonable in executing the work without causing any hardship to majority of residents and should not succumb to the will and pleasure of a few handpicked individuals who are least concerned to oppose whatever betterment we try to bring about!
With best regards,
TK Balu
Hony. Secretary/RBECHS/Anand Vihar

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Property tax hike on fast track

Property tax hike is on fast track for over 168 colonies which are near the metro lines. 

But what's about those colonies which are suffering due to the heavy water logging on the slightest rains ? Where the water enters the homes & residents suffer heavy losses due to floating beds & other furniture items, since last over 25 years.

And what's about those who are not getting safe & clean drinking water even during the peak of summers ?

And what's about those who are facing acute traffic jams and are suffering  not only from jams but also from  noise & air pollution ?

And what about those where the chain snatching, looting, etc. has become a routine and that too at gun point ?

Don't you think that these colonies must be given a general amnesty from all the taxes as the Govt. or the MCD is unable to provide even the basic amenities.

If the report is approved by the committee, it will be made a public document. The public can then make suggestions and objections within 30 days.

Therefore, please be prepared to submit your suggestions & objections. We will definitely look into it through our East Delhi Joint Front - which is being launched very soon.

Property tax hike on fast track: panel submits report

The Municipal Valuation Committee (MVC) constituted by the Delhi government to review property tax in the city has submitted its report to the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD). The high powered standing committee of the MCD will take a final decision on the matter on Wednesday. On June 12 Hindustan Times reported how people staying near Delhi Metro lines will have to pay more as property tax. 

According to sources, the civic agency cannot reject the committee’s suggestions as it had earlier rejected the report in 2007, making it mandatory for it to accept it now. The committee has suggested upgradation of 168 odd colonies. Currently, the areas under the jurisdiction of the MCD have been divided into eight categories, A to H.

with thanks : Source : Hindustan times : Link in headline above for the detailed news.

RTI martyrs: Eight killed this year alone

On July 20, Right to Information (RTI) activist Amit Jethwa (33) was shot dead outside the Gujarat High Court in Ahmedabad. He had been an active crusader against illegal mining in the Gir forest. His family has alleged that BJP MP Dinu Solanki is behind the murder. Jethwa’s murder is just the latest in string of attacks on RTI activists. Eight activists have been killed this year alone. There have been 20 serious attacks across the country in the last seven months, said speakers at a protest rally in the Capital on Monday. 

with thanks : source : Hindustan times : read complete news from the link in headline above.

Traffic jam at Mandir marg, F block, Krishna nagar, Delhi - 51


TELEFAX: 25530483, 9015152976, Email:

July 26, 2010

The Medical Superintendent
Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Hospital URGENT PLEASE
Hari Nagar, NEW DELHI-110064


Dear Sir,

This refers to plight of a young illeterate couple who had horrifying experience in the hands of staff and doctors in Radiology Deptt. of your Hospital yesterday.

Poonam, aged 18, five month pregnant, registered with Gyne. OPD, and her husband Raju, aged 20, with unbearable pain around right kidney, registered with Surgical OPD were excellently attended to on 20th and 24th July reespectively by the doctors on duty. Whereas Poonam was advised certain blood tests and ultrasound, Raju was prescribed medicines and was asked to get an X-ray. On both the occasions, I personally accompanied them. Whereas Poona visited DDUH for blood tests the next day and for ultrasound she was asked to come on 24th. When I took Raju to Radiology Deptt., I was amazed to learn that there is not even a single X-ray film in entire DDUH including Casualty. This fact was brought to the notice of Dr. Praveena Goel, Dy. MS, who spoke to Dr. Kakkar, Head of Radiology, and asked me to meet him. Dr. Kakkar also confirmed this fact that there is no X-ray in stock anywhere in DDUH and informed me that the same will be procured the next day. However, he asked Raju to take prescribed medicines for two days and come for X-ray on 24th July.

THE HORROR STODY BEGINS NOW. Yesterday, this poorest of poor young couple, not being able to afford two square meals, walked a distance of over 5 km from Nangli Zalib Village and reached DDUH around 8.00 EMPTY STOMACH. As both were asked to come on 24th, Saturday, they contacted the dealing hands at the respective counters when the staff opened the windows. While Poonam, despite reaching on time, was not attended till 1.30 PM and later was asked to deposit Rs.50 for ultrasound, Raju went on moving from one room to another in entire X-ray deptt. but no-one listened to him. The doctor in-charge and the staff, every one spoke so rudely that this poor boy also could not bear the trauma for five hours. When a lady staff member asked Rs.50, Poonam showed her inability to pay this amount as the couple had no money.

After patiently waiting for their turn for X-ray and Ultrasound between 9.00 am and 2.00 pm, when no one in entire Radiology Deptt. helped them out, and it became unbearable for both to remain there for want of food, they left the Hospital and reached my home. My wife was in tears when the entire episode was narrated to her. IS THIS THE WAY, POOREST OF POOR PATIENTS ARE DEALT WITH AT DDUH? This is something very serious and cannot be expected from this Govt. Hospital. MS is requested to kindly have this grievance of a young couple, as per facts given above, investigated and take urgent remedial measures so that Poona and Raju are helped and treated nicely at DDUH.

Thanking you,
Yours truly,
V ice-President

cc to RWABhagidari blog

Chain snatching of an NRI lady .....

The anguish and concerns expressed by Mr Ghei and Mr Balu are well justified and appreciated. I am sure all the other RWAs in Delhi would agree with them and send their own opinions on the further course of action against the lack-lustre approach of Delhi Police towards the increasing crime in the city.

RWA of Priyadarshini Vihar where the chain snatching and firing took place on Saturday, 24th July, I have to add that the iron security gates are a deterrent to the criminals, particularly the bikers.

Unfortunately, all our security gates have been removed by the MCD in the absence of a NOC from the Police. I think there is need for the government to amend the guidelines for erection of gates.Why should the entire colony suffer, if one person did not agree to install the gates?  Even in the Parliament laws are passed with majority agreement, and not with 100% agreement. Why should then,'total consensus' is required to issue a NOC ?

Ram Gupta
General Secretary
Priyadarshini Vihar Residents' Welfare Association

Monday, July 26, 2010

Chain snatching of an NRI lady .....

The crime is rising and chain snatching or day light dacoities are becoming routine. It is high time we compel police and our rwas to install CCTV cameras to nab the offenders.

Further, there has to be a liason system so that monitoring of status of FIRS LAUNCHED BECOMES EASIER.
Madhuvan RWA

Chain snatching of an NRI lady .....

Dear Mr. Vohra ji,
It is shocking and heartbreaking that 'chain snatching' and 'burglaries' in Delhi have become very casual and common with no immediate, positive and result-oriented action by the Police authorities. Should we protect our own people or make arrangements for the safety and security of foreign personnel coming to India for 10 days' tamasha. 
It  is really shameful and disgracing and disgusting. I feel that unless and until all of us in unison raise their voice and forge unity to force the Police to act or make the RWAs to engage ex-servicemen for the safety and security of residents and the Police authorities pay for it as they are unable to protect our own citizens who are more important and vital and living forever and not passers-by.
Arise, Awake and stop not till the 'goal' is reached. Let the Delhi Police wake-up and act (corrupt free) forcefully and effectively taking the assistance of RWAs volunteers etc. to drive away this 'menace' growing and being glorified in the media creating an all round worst impression and fear amongst the public at large and image of Delhi is getting spoiled in the face of 'outsiders' both in India and abroad! ACT NOW AS TOMORROW WILL BE TOO LATE!

Best regards,

TK Balu
Secretary/RBECHS/Anand Vihar

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Chain snatching of an NRI Indian lady at Gun Point in Priydarshini Vihar

Mrs. Parshansa an NRI from NJ, USA had come to  meet her mother in Priyadarshini vihar who was in coma. While coming from the market, two persons on a bike started following her. At the gates of the house, one of them snatched the chain. Mrs Parshansa immediately started shouting. Few more persons nearby chased the bikers. The colony security guard also came forward to stop them. But in a split of a second, one of the biker opened fire from his revolver and shouted, " come n catch us ". A few meters away he again fired from his revolver & both of them vanished into the streets of Delhi. FIR was lodged with Shakarpur Police station and the police is now investigating.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Our on line directory and joint front

During last seven months, a new zeal and a new spirit to do something is visible. Such chapters in human society gave birth to coffee culture,to think about others etc. The only pitfall is a lure of money,pulf and power or absolute power.

Our east Delhi was a picture of neglect. All developmental activities were in central zone.After partition of country,Delhi witnessed unprecedented boom in population and hence mushrooming of human clusters. Now it is for us to make east Delhi at least at par with other parts of Delhi.

Your efforts are in correct direction. Any DELAY IN KICK STARTING JOINT FRONT OR launch of on line directory will be a set back. I pray god to give wings to your efforts to lead us.

K K Ghei
Madhuvan RWA

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Now a web portal for the RWA's of Delhi

We are pleased to inform that our Web Portal for the RWA's of Delhi is now ready. Very soon we will inform the date of its launch. Meanwhile, we have forwarded its link to a selected few for the feedback.

With best regards

B S Vohra


Dear Vohraji,
Thanx.  Very well done, but I could not find the Priyadarshini Vihar RWA.  It appears that you are stillin the process of completing the directory.   Overall, the site is excellent, you have devoted lot of time and energy.  Congratulations!!
Best regards.
Ram Gupta
Priyadarshini Vihar RWA

Dear Vohra ji,
This is a very good and helpful site for whole Delhi. The designing is also pefect. I congratulate to U for this great effort. I am always ready for any support if required.
Thank you,
Ragesh Agarwal
Gen. Secy. Shahdara RWA

Perhaps we could add e mail IDs where ever available. Pgc, DERC, and all MLA's have mail ID including CM. Kindly announce date of meeting for portal inauguration.
K K Ghei
Madhuban RWA
mailed from I phone

CM launches TOI campaign to prevent heart diseases

NEW DELHI: Apollo hospitals in association with the Times of India on Wednesday launched the `Billion Hearts Beating' campaign an initiative to create awareness about prevention of heart diseases in the capital. The campaign was launched by Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit, who pledged the government's support for it. As part of the launch, a free cardiac screening camp was organized by Apollo hospitals at Delhi Secretariat. 

Taking the pledge, Dikshit said: "A cause as large and complex as this needs the support of all. I have taken the pledge and will encourage everyone to do the same. The urgency of talking about heart diseases in India has not been stressed enough and I am glad Apollo hospitals has taken up this cause. The details of this campaign will soon be put on our health website. We will extend this awareness campaign to over 3,000 resident welfare associations under the Bhagidari scheme and NGOs.'' 

Close to 400 Delhi government employees at Delhi Secretariat pledged support and got their heart checked by experts. At the screening camp, routine blood sugar, BMI, blood pressure, ECG and echocardiography tests were conducted and people were counselled by a team of doctors about the precautions they should take to have a healthy heart. 
with thanks : source : Times of India : For detailed news please click link in headline above.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Monday, July 19, 2010

No Protection To Tenant If He Ignores Order To Pay Dues Under Delhi Rent Control Act

A Tenant who fails to pay rent despite a court order cannot seek legal protection against eviction from the premises, the Delhi High Court has ruled.

Justice V. B. Gupta passed the order while dismissing a tenant's plea seeking setting aside of an eviction order passed against him by the court of rent controller.

The Delhi Rent Control Act grants protection to the defaulter tenant if the due amount is deposited.
However, the right is taken away if the tenant defaults for the second time, the court said.

" When the tenant makes a second default, no protection can be given against eviction," the court said in an order delivered Friday.

With thanks : source : Mail today : original link for detailed story in headline above.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Now,Get Traffic Update SMS To Beat Jams,Delhi Traffic Police Start Unique Free Service For Commuters

Getting traffic updates through FM radio is now a thing of the past. Traffic updates are now just an SMS away. And it will be round-the-clock.

After gaining success through Facebook and Twitter, Delhi Traffic Police have now started a unique service on traffic update through text messages.A dedicated team from the unit has been involved for this job, said Ajay Chadha, special CP (traffic).

The method is simple. One has to just send an SMS `join dtp' to 09219592195 from one's mobile to register with the mobile helpline service.

After that, as and when there is any traffic jam due to any reason -road accident, rainfall or road construction -he will be intimated through SMS.

"This is a free service by Delhi Traffic Police. This will also alert commuters in general and motorists in particular about any traffic diversions or advisory in the city," said Chadha.

"The SMS service is more instant than updates on Facebook or Twitter. Motorists while driving generally cannot access Facebook or Twitter to get traffic update," said a senior officer.
He added that initially 40,000 people are expected to register themselves. 

with thanks : source :  Hindustan Times : Link in headline above for detailed news.

Diesel to get cheaper in Delhi


Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit announced on Friday tha the Value Added Tax on diesel will be reduced from the existing 20 percent to the previous 12.5 percent, effective from July 20.

Talking to reporters in national capital New Delhi, Dikshit said the government has been losing revenue instead.

"Tax on diesel will be reduced from current 20 percent to the previous 12.5 percent, and also the VAT (Value-Added Tax) which have been put on dry fruits, that will also come down to five percent.

with thanks : source : Sify : link in headline above for detailed news.

Last date for water meters extended

The Delhi Jal Board has extended the last date for the replacement of water meters under domestic category up to September 30. Earlier the last date was June 30 for installing working meters in place of defective meters.

with thanks : source : The Hindu : Link in headline above.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Last call to submit detailed introduction as well contacts of your RWA

It's now the last call to submit detailed introduction as well contacts of office bearers of your RWA for the RWA Directory. Plz expedite & mail immediately if you have not yet done so.


B S Vohra

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Residents fume as water enters houses

NEW DELHI: Heavy rain on Monday evening brought life to a standstill in the capital with water entering houses and shops. Fed up with recurrent waterlogging in colonies after every downpour, Delhiites blame inefficient drainage and indifference of civic authorities.

Dilpreet Singh, a lawyer in Pusa Road area, said that his ground-floor office in 1 Pusa Road was flooded after the showers. "Construction work finished in this area just a few days ago. New roads and sewer lines have been laid here. And only after a few hours of rain, the roads were under knee-deep water," said Dilpreet. Sitting in his office, Dilpreet could see
the water gushing slowly inside as the rain intensified. "Within a few minutes, the water started seeping into the office. We immediately switched off the power mains, and soon the office was flooded," Dilpreet said. 

He added that he called up the MCD helpline immediately after the flooding began. "It has been several hours since I called, but there has been no response. All my documents and files have been destroyed," Dilpreet lamented.

Most people are now accustomed to this nuisance of waterlogging as it has become a usual occurrence every season. Rajiv Kakaria, resident of GK-I and a member of his area's RWA, said that had it rained for a few more hours, the waterlogging could have been acute. "This happens every time it pours. Within moments the whole place gets inundated with water. And it isn't long before the houses along side waterlogged roads start getting flooded." He added that the ongoing construction activity on the roads makes the situation worse. 

With thanks : source : Times of India : Link in headline above for detailed story.

Littering will cost you dear ?

I am sure this can not be implemented as it is very difficult to teach people, they feel littering is their RIGHT, and the LAW is to be broken (KAUN DEKH RAHA HAI? TERE BAAP KI SARAK HAI) and ofcourse where are the Rest rooms???

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Littering Will Cost You Dear, Delhi Govt Set to Notify Anti-Littering Law ;Huge Hikes In Fines

Keep at least Rs 500 handy the next time you decide to treat public places as restrooms. The Delhi government is all set to notify an anti-littering law which will fine people for offences like spitting, urinating, littering in public places. The last date for receiving public opinion and objections to the law is July 20.
However, the initiative of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi(MCD) to garner reaction of Delhiites on the proposed law has fallen flat as out of the 17-million population only 10 have expressed their opinion. The proposed law was put on the MCD's website a month ago. 

"Had we implemented this law without seeking opinion of the masses, they would have criticised us heavily. But now hardly anyone has bothered to give their opinion. We will now send the proposal to the Delhi government for approval," said an MCD official. 

with thanks : source : Hindustan Times : Link in headline above for detailed news.

trees uprooted after the heavy downpour on Monday

After yesterdays heavy downfall, Krishna nagar was inundated with muddy waters & trees were uprooted in our area. We requested to Mr Sandeep Kapoor a fellow RWA activist & Mandal Adhyaksh of BJP,  to look into the matter. With in hours, persons from the horticulture department visited & cleared the road & informed that the remains of the tree will be lifted in a day from the road. We are thankful to Mr Kapoor  as well Dr. Monga, the area councillor for the kind cooperation.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Customers can choose time of gas cylinder delivery for a fee

Getting a gas cylinder may become a little easier for customers. The government owned oil marketing firms will launch a service on Tuesday that will enable buyers to choose when deliveries should take place.

The "preferred time delivery" scheme will initially be available in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune, for an additional payment that will vary from Rs20 to Rs50 per delivery, depending upon the time and day.

"We are looking at massive expansion in domestic LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) cylinder capacity in the country and aim to add one crore cylinders every year over a period of next five years. Schemes like these will appeal to customers," said Jitin Prasada, minister of state for petroleum and natural gas.

A delivery before 8am in a city such as Delhi will cost an additional Rs50 above the Rs345.35 for the cylinder. Deliveries between 8am and 6pm will cost Rs25 extra and Rs50 more between 6pm and 8pm. A customer is entitled to a discount of Rs20 in case of delayed delivery.

The scheme is to be offered by the distributors of Indian Oil Corp. Ltd (IOC) (Indane), Bharat Petroleum Corp. Ltd (Bharat Gas) and Hindustan Petroleum Corp. Ltd (HP Gas). It will also be available in the neighbourhood of the cities mentioned above, including Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Sonepat, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Kalyan, Mira Road and Bhayander. The scheme will be extended to all towns having a population of about one million.

with thanks : source : LiveMint : with link in headline above for detailed news.

Swami Vivekananda..... A GREAT ANSWER

My dear Shri Vohra Ji,

I am sending you a very interesting and meaning full mail. I hope you will like it and send to other intelligent friend.
Subject: Swami Vivekananda..... A GREAT ANSWER

When Swami Vivekananda went to USA , a lady asked him to marry her. When Swami asked the lady about what made her ask him such question. The lady replied that she was fascinated by his intellect. She wanted  a child of such an intellect. So she asked Swami, whether he could marry her and give a child like him.

He said to that lady, that since she was attracted only by his intellect, there is no problem.

"My dear lady, I understand Your desire. Marrying and bringing a child in to this world and understanding whether it is intelligent or not takes very long time. More over it is not guaranteed.

Instead, to fulfil Your desire immediately, I can suggest a guaranteed way. Take me as Your child. You are my mother. Now Your desire of having a child of my intellect is fulfilled."

The lady was speechless.

Thanks & Regards

Major Mehar Sood.

For all the ills of today, we, the RWAs are also equally responsible.

Dear S. Vohra ji,

Thanks. For all the ills of today, we, the RWAs are also equally responsible. Let's not shed away our responsibility! I mean no offence. It is basically because of in-fighting amongst the members in the Managing Committes of RWAs supplemented with the 'chalta hai' attitude of the authorities concerned particularly at the basic level, who are only responsible and answerable to their bosses, most of them have the same attitude who have no passion or committment for doing the work perfectly. This is further accentuated by our representatives whom we elect once in 5 years and who are also not anwerable to the aam admit but to their leaders only!

Earlier the term of office of the members of the MC for one year only and they could not take any long time view for the overall development of the colony but shortsighted to achieve 'small' favours with which they were happy! But now with the longer term of office i.e. 3 years the members could certainly chalk out long term strategies and planning for the overall development of their respective colonies but with all 'old people' (no offence to any) still clinching to their offices and not exposed to outside development and technologies, we are still roaming in the dark! How many RWAs are having full-fledged offices with whole time paid staff, how many offices are equipped with PCs and other basic facilities etc. We have not modernised the offices.

Why not we could correspond over e-mails with all authorities concerned and thereby save precious time, energy and precious paper (making it environmentally rich) and the RCS and such authorities including the Bhagidari schemes of the Govt. could also assist the RWAs in setting up the offices properly and streamlining their working and meet partly or wholly the RWAs expenses who comply with the requirements of the Govt. in this respect, like the National Sports Federations, who are all also autonomous, but assisted with financial assistance and paid Joint/Asst. Secretaries who function in the offices of the NSFs, who are also given accommodation etc. free of cost by the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports! 

We have a lot of scope for improving the working conditions of the RWAs who cannot survive only on charity of the residents, whose demands and expectations from the RWAs are ever increasing unabatedly! Let's ponder over the matter in the overall interest of the RWAs' functioning ably assisted by the Govt. agencies, which is really a 'bhagidari' effort and contribution!

With best regards,

TK Balu
Hony.Secretary/RBECHS/Anand Vihar

Neglected, Kilokri takes to Games blackmail

RWA Wants To Invite CWG Delegates So Government Is Forced To Spruce Up Village.

New Delhi: If the Commonwealth Games is the only word that now rings a bell in Delhi’s corridors of power, then the RWA of Kilokri village has found a way to get its problems addressed. 

The area, like any other unplanned colony, has its set of problems like waterlogging, broken roads, illegal constructions and encroachment by vendors. And RWA members along with prominent village elders have hit a unique idea to compel the MCD and Delhi Police to take note of their problems. They have decided to formally invite Games delegates by putting up posters, banners and hoardings along the Ring Road in front of their village.  

They have already written to the lieutenant governor informing him about their intentions. “There is a facelift planned for Connaught Place and India Gate to showcase them to the world while Kilokri and Sarai Kale Khan which have greater historical value have been blissfully consigned to oblivion,” said Nand Kishore, general secretary RWA Kilokri village. He says Kilokri was the capital during the rule of Balban and again during the reign of Tomars and Chauhans. Sarai Kale Khan, he says, was constructed by the Muslim chief Kale Khan in the fourteenth century as an inn to be used by visitors coming to Kilokri.
RWA officials of Kilokri firmly believe that if they manage to get some Games delegates to visit the village, the government will have no option but to spruce up the area. They have even requested the Games organizing committee to incorporate the visit in the itinerary.

 with thanks : source : Times of India : link in headline for detailed story.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

RUSH TO MEET DEADLINE : Tariff For Green Power Announced By DERC

In a rush to meet the July 15 deadline set by the ministry of new and renewable energy (MNRE), Delhi's power regulator DERC on Friday announced solar tariff regulations for the city wherein Delhiites will have to pay just Rs 5.50/unit for renewable power that would be purchased by discoms, be it solar or wind power.
  Had the regulator missed the crucial cut-off date, Delhi would have lost out on the generation-based incentives (GBI) being offered by MNRE to promote green power in the country.

The order is in line with the Jawaharlal Nehru Solar Power mission and as per the regulations put by MNRE and the tariffs fixed by CERC. Under CERC's tariff for renewable energy sources, cost of solar power up to Rs 17/unit is permitted. But now, as per the latest order, discoms will charge consumers just 5.50/unit from consumers for green power as power purchase cost. The remaining amount will come as GBI from MNRE. Besides, under the existing tariff order of Delhi, up to 1% of power procured by discoms can be sourced from renewable sources like wind or solar.

Projects like PWD's solar project at Thyagraj Stadium or NDPL's rooftop solar panel project will all be covered under the scheme. Any corporate or sectors that are interested in setting up solar projects will now be able to tie up with distribution companies to avail of the GBI.

Failure to announce these tariff on time would have meant that Delhiites would have paid more than double for solar power compared to several other states. Most other states had announced solar power tariffs last year itself and there were doubts whether Delhi would be able to meet the MNRE deadline or not.

with thanks : source : Times of India : with link in headline above for detailed news.

Poor Work Quality by MCD

Last year MCD replaced nearly 28 years old underground water distribution pipes and ferrules etc in Shivalik Apartments, Alaknanda, Kalkaji in South Delhi as these had started leaking. They also replaced the covers of about 30 pits  in which ferrules for individual flats are fitted . They removed steel covers on these ferrule pits and fitted precast RCC slabs as covers. These are ill designed and of poor  quality. There is inadequate steel reinforcement in these. Of about 30 covers nearly half are already broken. Complaints to MCD are as usual are of no help. Also some of these covers are fitted is such way that these are protuding  6-8 inches above the ground. These has spoilt the smooth level of the area. Car parking are is thus reduced and   uneven area is a potential source of accident to pedestrians
The way the job is executed is a shame to the  engineer in- charge or the area. Bad quality material and third rate implementaion creating potential accident prone points.
Gurcharan Singh M.E.
36, Shivalik Apartments
Alaknanda, Kalkaji

B S Vohra in Hindustan times - comments

Congratulations!! Admire your valued concern & appreciation for your neighbours & neighbourhood.In fact, your neighbours are lucky enough to have you & your family as their biggest asset!! Today society badly needs honest,sincere & committed people like you for its upliftment !! Proud of you!! 

Dr. Gurdeep Kaur

Saturday, July 10, 2010

B S Vohra in Hindustan times - Comments

Dear S. Vohra ji,
I have been watching your activities which are enormous and highly commendable and yesterday I had seen the write-up about you in HT Live and I could understand how proud of your living in Krishna Nagar!
With our blessings and best wishes to achieve many more milestones in our journey, which endless!
TK Balu
Secretary/RBECHS/Anand Vihar

RWA meets Commissioner over illegal constructions

New Delhi: MCD Commissioner K S Mehra on Thursday assured strict action against mushrooming "illegal constructions" in various East Delhi residential colonies.

During a meeting with the representatives of Residents Welfare Associations, he also said sanctioned building plans would be revoked if irregularities were found and buildings violating byelaws would be demolished, according to a press statement issued by RWA Federation Delhi (East).

The RWA members apprised the Commissioner about "illegal constructions" by "builder mafia" allegedly in league with MCD officials in East Delhi colonies like Krishna Nagar, Geeta Colony, Laxmi Nagar, Anand Vihar, Jagriti Enclave, Kiran Vihar and Ram Vihar.

With thanks : source : Sify : with original link in headline above for detailed news.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Infrastructure and authorities

It is surprising that traffic functionaries are blaming infrastructure for traffic woes.
To be called During 1980'1990's it was practice that technical co ordination meetings used to discuss and implement projects, be it interstate bus terminus or other projects.
Fly overs were not executed in a day.
Why traffic functionaries were silent till now.
The truth is that CHALTA HAI attitude is prevaling and now it is customary to blame others for my faults.
Kk ghei

Mr B S Vohra in Hindustan Times - HT Live East Delhi

with thanks : source : Hindustan Times

Water not fit for drinking: MCD

The samples of drinking water supplied by the Delhi Jal Board (DJB) have been found unfit for drinking, said the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) today. 

The MCD had collected 15,647 samples from all across the city, out of which 1,768 were found contaminated.

The fact was revealed in a meeting of standing committee of the corporation. 

The meeting held discussions on the issue of water-borne diseases. The municipal health officials said that the samples had been collected till July 1.

In 2009, 2,345 samples collected by the health department were found unfit for drinking.

The standing committee chairman, Yogender Chandolia said that the DJB chairperson, Sheila Dikshit, should take immediate steps in this regard.

“We would request the Delhi government to provide safe drinking water to the people. We cannot issue any directions in this matter,” said Chandolia.

The civic body officials said the examination of water samples is done by the MCD and whenever any shortcoming found, it is brought to the notice of the Jal Board.

The city has reported 159 cases of diarrhoea so far while the figure for 2009 was 1,066. It also reported 53,959 cases of gastroenteritis and 359 cases of jaundice last year.

With thanks : source : Tribune : with original link in headline above for detailed news.

The Prices Of Vegetables....

दिल्ली समेत राष्ट्रीय राजधानी क्षेत्र में इन दिनों सब्जियों की कीमत में आग लगी हुई है। एक हफ्ते पहले तक 15-20 रुपये प्रतिकिलो बिकने वाला लाल टमाटर बृहस्पतिवार को 60 रुपये प्रतिकिलो तक बिका। वही घीया 8-10 रुपये से बढ़कर 15-20 रुपये प्रति किलो तक पहुंच गया है। हैरत की बात यह है कि सब्जियों की कीमतों में उछाल खुदरा बाजार में ज्यादा आया है, जबकि थोक मंडियों में इनकी कीमत में मामूली बढ़ोतरी हुई है।
दुकानों और ठेलियों पर सब्जी बेचने वाले कीमतों में वृद्धि का कारण पंजाब-हरियाणा की बाढ़ बता रहे है। जबकि बाजार के जानकारों को कहना है कि अभी इस बारिश और बाढ़ से कीमतंे बढ़ाना मुनाफाखोरों की मनमानी है। मंडी में अब तक जो सब्जियों की कीमतें बढ़ीं, उसकी वजह डीजल महंगा होना था। कुल मिलाकर बिचौलिये और मुनाफाखोर अपनी अंटी गर्म और ग्राहकों की जेब ढीली कर रहे है। ये विक्रेता `जैसा इलाका वैसा भाव' का फंडा अपनाते है। हालांकि जानकारों का कहना है कि यदि हरियाणा व अन्य समीपवर्ती इलाकों में जलभराव की स्थिति कम नहीं हुई तो आने वाले दो तीन दिनों में राजधानी में सब्जियों की कीमतों में और आग लग जाएगी। खुदरा बाजार में बृहस्पतिवार को टमाटर 40-60 रुपये प्रतिकिलो तक पहुंच गया, जबकि दो दिन पहले तक यह 15-20 रुपये प्रतिकिलो के बीच बिक रहा था। इसी तरह, भिंडी 20-30 रुपये से बढ़कर आज 40-50 रुपये हो गयी। आलू 10 रुपये से बढ़कर 12 रुपये, प्याज 12 से बढ़कर 15 रुपये पहुंच गया। खीरा 10 रुपये प्रतिकिलो से बढ़कर 15-20 रुपये, करेला 15-17 रुपये से बढ़कर 20-22 रुपये प्रतिकिलो हो गया है। इसके अलावा बैगन 10 से बढ़कर 15-20 रुपये प्रतिकिलो, परवल 10-12 से बढ़कर 15-20 रुपये प्रति किलो तक पहुंच गया है। पत्ता गोभी 10-12 रुपये से बढ़कर 20 रुपये, फूल गोभी 25 से 35 पहुंच गया है। घीया 8-10 रुपये से बढ़कर 15-20 रुपये प्रति किलो तक पहुंच गया है। 

with thanks : source : Rashtriy Sahara : with original link in headline above for the detailed news.

Mini forest to come up at ITO chungi

Games In Mind, Forest Dept To Plant 8,000 Native And Ornamental Species

It's the first mini-forest within the capital and you can thank the Commonwealth Games 2010 for it. The Delhi government is greening the ITO chungi with over 8,000 trees for the Games the first such large concentration of greens in Delhi outside a city forest.
The greening initiative will see the forest department plant both ornamental and native trees around the five loops along ITO chungi as well as bamboo trees along the verges (identified as parts by the forest department). Around 3,000 bamboo trees of different species are planned to be planted.

The greening of the area, spread over 30 acres, is expected to go a long way towards compensating the large-scale cutting of trees that had taken place on the Yamuna riverbed when ITO chungi came up.

The area, which is being described as an urban forest, will be planted not only with native trees but also marigold shrubs, so as to highlight the ornamental aspect as well.

Said KK Sharma, principal secretary (PWD), ``We've been looking at greening flyovers, specially those with loops, as they are built over a large area. For this project, we had asked the consultants to suggest a substantial green cover as the diameter is quite big (at ITO chungi).'' According to Sharma, the consultants suggested an urban forest, which was implemented by the forest department thereafter.

with thanks : source : Times of India : with original link in the headline above for detailed news.

Designed For Disaster...

A day after Delhi was brought to a standstill by 2 hours of rain, traffic police blamed faulty infrastructure
It was always evident but now it's official. After heavy showers on Wednesday created chaos on the streets of Delhi, which didn't spare even the chief minister, traffic police said the problem was due to shortcomings in the city's infrastructure.
"There are problems with the infrastructure created by the government. You have constructed so many flyovers, underpasses etc but did not make adequate arrangements for pumping water out of these places in case of rains," special commissioner, traffic police, Ajay Chadda told MiD DAY.

The major problem of water-logging and traffic chaos ensued. The city government has constructed over a hundred flyovers, underpasses and railway bridges in recent years in the wake of the Commonwealth Games. 

"There are low lying areas in the city. For instance Tilak Bridge till a few years back used to be a big bottleneck. After the number of pumps was increased the water-logging issue has been addressed to a great level," the commissioner said, adding that the same should have been done in the case of other bridges and flyovers. 

with thanks : source : MID DAY : with original link in headline above for detailed news.

causes and remedies of Malaria and Dengu : Educational programme

Dear Vohra Ji,

We are organising a programme along with the Health Department on 10th July, 2010 at 1000 hrs. to educate the people of trans-yamuna on the causes and remedies of Malaria and Dengu. I hope you will give a wide publicity to the members of RWAs through your blog. The circular is attached with this, for necessary action. 

Vijay Kochhar
Geeta Colony (DDA) Block 18 RWA

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Public Notice: Dump Malba Only At Designated Local Malba Dumping Sites

Municipal Valuation Committee Wants 168 Colonies Upgraded

The interim report of the third Municipal Valuation Committee (MVC) has recommended that 168 residential colonies be upgraded, hoping the same will boost the MCD's dwindling property tax collections by more than Rs 100 crore.

The report has recommended the re-categorisation of colonies like Lajpat Nagar-I, Chandni Chowk, Rajouri Garden, Janakpuri, Saket, Sarvapriya Vihar, Model Town etc, keeping in mind the enhanced connectivity to these areas courtesy the Delhi Metro.

As per the report, the highest number of colonies will be upgraded from Category E to D.

If MCD goes ahead with re-categorisation, there will be a major change in the tax slab for upgraded colonies. Areas under the jurisdiction of the MCD are at present divided into categories A to H, depending on the infrastructure facilities. Any colony that has a grading of 89 or more in terms of amenities comes under Category A; Category B has grading be tween 75 and 88. At present, there are 28 category A colonies in Delhi.

More details can be viewed from the link in the headline above.

with thanks : source : Indian Express

Water flows into homes, out of drains

NEW DELHI: Where on one hand the rains have brought much-needed relief after the long Delhi summer, they have also been a major cause for inconvenience for many, as the inefficient drainage and sewer systems of the city resulted in waterlogged streets and houses on Tuesday morning. 

There were reports of flooded houses, overflowing severs and inundated streets from various areas of the city. D P Gulati, a resident of Pitampura, and secretary of the RWA of his area said that a mere two hour's rain got numerous houses flooded. "I have been living for the last 25 years in Pitampura, and this invariably happens every year,'' said Gulati. The open sewer in the nearby area, explained Gulati, overflows with very little rain. "As the sewer isn't constructed properly, it overflows, and sewer water seeps into the houses.'' Like every year, Gulati and his association arranged for pumps and drainage systems to deal with the mess. "We have to struggle every year, why can't there just be a permanent solution to the problem. Flooded houses are a potential health hazard because there is an added risk of getting electrocuted.'' 

According to Monu Chaddha, the president of Jangpura RWA, more than 12 bungalows had to be vacated this morning at the link-road Jangpura extension, as rainwater inundated the area due to poor drainage. "The houses were deserted, the road, which was filled with water, had to be barricaded, and the traffic was diverted,'' said Chaddha. He complained the authorities aren't doing enough. "This area is very close to the Barrapulla elevated road project and everything gets completely stalled after little rain due to ongoing construction work.'' 

With thanks : source : times of India