Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year : Resolution : B S Vohra

Happy New Year.
Our New Year's Resolution : 
With all the best wishes.

B S Vohra
Voice of Delhi RWAs
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front - Federation

Monday, December 29, 2014

Payment of water and Power bills in RWA offices ?

Dear Mr. Vohra ji,

This promise is nothing new or innovative! In fact our Anand Vihar Society right from its inception and with the passage of time had arranged 'drop boxes' at the Society's office (the RWA) with tacit consent of the Govt. agencies concerned e.g. BSES, DJB. MTNL, IGL etc. - the drop boxes provided by them and they arrange to collect the bills from such drop boxes periodically! This arrangement is going on with no difficulty for the last so many years. In fact the neighbouring RWAs who have no such facility arrange to drop their residents bills too over here! 

Similarly, we arrange a camp every year with the assistance of the Property Tax office to arrange payment of 'property tax' by the residents at one place and they receive the receipts too from them in a couple of days for distribution to the residents. Added this RWA also arrange to pay the taxes through internet website. This too has been welcomed by many. However, the MCD's  Property Tax office never make available adequate number of forms for being filled in to arrange payment. We have to grease their palms and visit their offices time and again to get the adequate no. of forms. If they are short of it, why they arrange to sell them at a nominal price. However, such forms are freely available outside the Property tax office on payment, perhaps in collusion with the officials concerned inside!

The so called 'ward committee' had been promised at every election time of Councillor, MLA and MP and display the projects sanctioned for each ward with date of commencement and period of execution together with estimated cost and all these too have not materialised so far! Yet a promise is being made now, as the election is approaching! 

It is difficult to meet the Councillor or MLA or MP, once they are elected, albeit they visit our houses begging for votes prior to election! Besides, promises/assurances made/given in public gathering or during their visit to their respective constituencies are never fulfilled. What could we expect from them? I am not critical but reporting the factual position!  Take for example, an assurance was made by our such representatives that the OHT which lying idle and not being used at all for over three decades and cracks are appearing on the exterior walls endangering the lives and properties of residents around and passers-by has not so far been demolished despite assurances given time and again in public/private forums/meetings and once a calamity occurs (we pray not), the authorities will wake up after loss of life and properties. Similarly, the DDA had constructed a Community Hall for the benefit of local residents over a year back but not yet handed over to the RWA despite assurance right from the top (LG/VC/DDA etc.) including the then MLA and MP of this locality! The building is idle and being used/misused by the DDA! Similarly, the extension of 80' road right from Yojna Vihar to Karkarduma through Vigyan Lok, Anand Vihar and Jagriti Enclave announced with a pomp and show and even a sinage put prominently has not yet materialised.  Consequently the inner roads or Anand Vihar and Jagriti Enclave have become a thoroughfare causing a lot of difficulties/nuisance to the residents and local commuters! The entire Bhartendu Harish Chander Marg (the Vikas Marg Extn.) right from Karkarduma crossing to Yamuna Sports Complex T junction has become a convenient parking place for all sorts of vehicles, as on both sides mushroom growth of hospitals, nursing homes, banks etc. have come up virtually reducing the width of the 100 ft. road to 45 ft. while little attention is being paid by the Traffic Police authorities despite a large number of representations! Similarly the schools' buses etc. which have come up in the 80 ft. road passing through the Anand Vihar/Vigyan Vihar/Saitha Vihar/Jagriti Enclave etc. are parked infront of such schools causing a lot difficulties to commuters and passers-by! No short/long term solutions have been found so far by the authorities concerned but fully-knowing the factual ground position! We only seek the blessings of God to solve these issues as the authorities concerned have not moved an inch so far despite considerable lapse of time and ad infinitum representations/meetings etc. with the authorities concerned! May we seek your assistance in this respect to expedite resolving the issues to receive the blessings of the LORD DIRECT!

TK Balu/Anand Vihar

Payment of water and Power bills in RWA offices ?


it is very disappointing to read statement of DELHI- BJP regarding payment of water and Power bills in RWA offices. What is new in this.

Since the year 2000, We in Mayru VIHAR Phase 1, Pocket-3 RWA have been providing these services all alone with our own efforts and there was no co-operation from DJB and  DESU / Yamuna Power for collecting the bills / payment in bulk. Every time there were arguments to deposit the bills.

I have not seen such strange way of working that these offices were refusing the collection of " REVEINUE" from the public. One bill by one person only ?

Who should be responsible for this bad public dealings ? Why public is taken for a ride by such irrelevant statements by any party or person who are them selves 14-15 years backward in thinking in Public Interest dealings !
the public should decide dos and don't s in elections otherwise noting will happen for the Public.

Jeet Kumat
former President / Secy , RWA, Pocket 3, Mayur Vihar

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Pay power, water bill at RWA's offices, if BJP comes to power: Satish Upadhyay

New Delhi: Delhi BJP on Friday promised to provide power and water bill payment facility at Resident Welfare Association (RWA) offices, if it comes to power. 

The party also sought to assure RWA representatives that formation of Residents Ward Committees will be part of the BJP's election manifesto. 

"We assure that formation of Residents Ward Committees will be a part of the party's election manifesto. Moreover, after coming to power the party will make arrangements for the payment of power and water bills in the RWA offices," Delhi BJP chief Satish Upadhyay said. 

Apart from meeting RWA representatives from 45 Assembly constituencies here today, the Delhi BJP President also met a delegation of traders. 

with thanks : Zee News : LINK : for detailed news.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Sarkaar Aapke Dwar !

Thanks Vohra ji.  Good coverage of the 'Good Governance' camp organized by the office of the DC(Rev). We had 6 problems/grievances which were included in one application.  We were not aware (or advised) that separate applications were required for each problem.  There was no taker of our application, then we left it with EDMC with a request that they should make photocopies and pass on to concerned departments.  Let's see
what happens on 25th.

R. N. Gupta
General Secretary
Priyadarshini Vihar RWA