Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Delhi Assembly Elections 2020 - RWAs seek a Manifesto, only with the Time-Bound solutions now!

Delhi Assembly Elections 2020 - RWAs seek a Manifesto, only with the Time-Bound solutions now!

In the year 2020, we want to ask you, that what has changed in Delhi, in the last over 20 years? 

1. Delhi is much more congested now, with scores of more & new vehicles all over the city? The commuting speed will soon come to a halt if the things will keep on moving at the same pace.

2. It's much more encroached now, with even the pavements gone missing at many stretches. Footpaths are encroached by the Patri Wala groups with no action from the civic agencies.
3. The city with almost 2 Crores of vehicles has the Officially available parking for not even a Lakh of vehicles - ECS. 
4. This has resulted in massive Traffic Jams even at the slightest pretext, causing a severe problem for the Emergency vehicles, such as Ambulances Fire brigades.
5. It's much more polluted now with even all the satellite cities also converted into the most polluted zones. 
6. The Vehicular Emissions in the normal course & the Stubble Burning at certain periods, in  Haryana, Punjab & UP worsens the situation with Air Quality Index touching the horrifying status. 
7. PM 10 & PM 2.5 Pollutants of up to 5 to 10 times is the New Normal for the city, while no one cares to talk about PM 1 & many other invisible pollutants in the air.
8. Though Delhi Metro has helped to ease the situation to some extent, the missing last mile connectivity creates chaos all over and forces the commuters to use own vehicles instead of Public Transport
9. The number of DTC buses has declined by a huge percentage, again hiking the urge to commute on own to save precious time.
10. Traffic control & traffic management is almost lacking in the city with no driving sense, leading to road rage cases regularly.
11. The garbage mountains in the city are now higher than the world-famous Qutub Minar, while the open and the stinking Dhalavs are visible in almost every locality. 
12. Scores of Strikes by the Sanitation workers due to the non-payment of their salaries has worsened the environment badly. 
13. 40% of the potable drinking water still goes to drains due to leakages, while people are forced to quench the thirst by purchasing it during summers. 
14. On the other hand, even the slightest rain during the monsoon season, converts the entire city into a big lake with waterlogged streets all over, giving the impression as we are driving a boat or living in a lake city.
15. The sewers start back flowing in most of the localities as drains are rarely cleaned or are already jammed due to the sludge-filled in the last over 30 to 40 years.
16. The condition of roads in the inner localities has worsened with huge potholes all over with no repairs on many stretches, in the last many years. 
17. It becomes very difficult to commute on these roads at least during waterlogging as otherwise, people have become used to, to such horrifying situations of sewers backflowing.
18. The roads that were to be widened years ago, have not yet been touched, due to the political pressures and vote bank policies of our leaders.
19. Moreover, Capital City is being tagged as the Rape Capital,  giving the impression that if women can't feel safe here, what to say about the remote locations all over the country. 
20. There is no social security for the residents, especially the old age persons.
21. The local students are unable to get a seat in Delhi University, with marks touching over 90%. 
22. The population has increased manifolds while the infrastructure lacks almost everywhere. 
23. Even the river Yamuna, the lifeline of Delhi has been converted into a dirty drain with no life in it. 
24. We are fed up, with the fake promises for the empowerment of the RWAs of the City.
25. The Civic Agencies have absolutely failed in performing its duties & the trifurcation has further worsened the situation.
26. The old aged leaders, who did nothing for the city are being repeated by the political parties, in every election, without giving an opportunity to the Activists.
27. And the last but not the least, the political manifestos mention a huge lot of things to fool the masses, but nothing changes, once the elections are over.

Therefore, at the time of the Delhi Assembly Elections 2020 - RWAs seek a Manifesto, only with the Time-Bound solutions now. 

The RWAs & the residents now seek a suitable manifesto for Delhi, from all the Political outfits, with a Pre-condition, that all the promises must carry the time period, within which they will be resolved in a time-bound manner if voted to the seat of power.  Else we will be forced to vote for the NOTA.

Thanking all the concerned.

B S Vohra,

East Delhi RWAs Joint Front - Federation
Krishna Nagar, Delhi - 51