Thursday, September 12, 2019

RWA’s Happy to Throw Open Colony Gates……. BUT will POLICE & SDMC Do Their Job

RWA’s Happy to Throw Open Colony Gates……. BUT will POLICE & SDMC Do Their Job

When it Suits them both POLICE and SDMC encourage RWA’s to put up gates as it reduces their workload tremendously. But both have shied away from framing a sensible Policy for installation of gates. In places the Guidelines from both differ, creating ambiguity.

It has been a long-standing demand of RWA’s to frame a Policy keeping the current reality in mind, in terms of feasibility and manpower requirement of both RWA’s and Authorities.

Gates are the quintessential CHICKEN & EGG STORY…… Why did the need to put up gates arise ??? The simple answer is BECAUSE POLICE FAILED TO PROVIDE SECURITY; SDMC FAILED TO STOP SQUATTERS & DDA ALLOWED MIXED LAND USE DESPITE RWA OBJECTIONS. RWA’s are Happy to do away with gates PROVIDED the Police and SDMC perform their duties, for which citizens pay Taxes.

Every now and the arguments such as passage to Fire Brigade, Medical Emergency, New Visitors etc are touted, but has anyone pondered……

1.      The Fire Engines get stuck more due to haphazardly parked vehicles and not the gates
2.      Medical Emergencies, most intersections and trisection on arterial roads have been closed and every vehicle has to take long detours or take U-Turns under Flyovers, therefore, having to cover longer distances.
3.     New Visitors...... Google Maps, Mobile Communications have changed the way most people reach their destinations.

While understanding the gravity of the situation, it also has to be understood that some CURBS AND DETOURS ACTUALLY CUT TRAVEL TIME, THOUGH A LONGER DISTANCE IS TRAVERSED. In an emergency, time is of essence and not distance traveled. It is a mindset issue we are grappling with, Courts give Judgment based on laid not Rules & Guidelines and not what is Needed or Ground Reality.

Recently, an RWA in GK-I had to throw open all Gates on Court Orders because a disgruntled Resident and the adjoining Market Association wanted access to the rear entrance of Shops & Restaurants in the wee hours of the night. ONLY LAST NIGHT AT 4 AM COUNTER FIR'S HAVE BEEN FILED AFTER A VERBAL BOUT, EVEN LADIES WERE NOT SPARED.


Now, whose Rights do we Protect, Residents or Late Night Revelers using colony roads for thoroughfare, parking, making merry 24X7 or drunken brawls at 2 am? Pubs operate well beyond closing time with authorities turning a Blind Eye and complaints falling on deaf ears of Police and SDMC.

When RWA’s protest against conversion of Residential Areas into Commercial, no heed is paid. Because authorities are only interested in Revenue Generation through Conversion Charges. Forced to take steps to Secure themselves RWA’s get support from Police and SDMC but they won’t frame policies that will protect RWA’s from Court’s Wroth.
EPCA ALSO NEEDS TO BE BLAMED, they are only concentrating on how to regulate traffic and find Parking. They have not gotten to the root of the Problem…. BAD MPD-2021.

IN THIS CHICKEN & EGG STORY ……. RWA’s Will Gladly Throw Open The Gates ……. BUT AUTHORITIES WILL END UP WITH EGG ON FACE …… As It Is Their Duty To Maintain Security and Civic Order. AMEN.


Rajiv Kakria

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Pollution Under Control ?

@10 vehicles an hour, only about 100 vehicles can be issued PUC Certificates by the most Efficiently Working Operater, with no Portal hangover issues.

Delhi has 1000 centers, means 1 lakh a day. Delhi has 1.16 crore registered vehicles of which 60% need to get PUC done every 3 months, 40% yearly or twice in a year.

You do the math, even if working efficiently and constantly for 3 months there will a backlog and the vehicles will be back for repeat PUCs, adding to the backlog.

Despite best intentions, 100% of citizens cannot get PUCs for lack of infrastructure so WHY SHOULD THEY BE PENALISED for not possessing a useless piece of paper. WHY USELESS ???

PUC was an employment-generating scam to give crumbs to loyal nepotism, just as the Crane Service was introduced to fill up pockets of relatives of Police Officials, have the cranes reduced Congestion..... NO.

PUCs never fulfilled the purpose, as no one checked the quality of fuel for adulteration, nor improved the road condition/potholes nor road engineering nor encroachments, non-functioning traffic lights, etc.

the real causes of traffic jams that cause the vehicles to idle in stop-go traffic, therefore causing pollution.

In all the years I have got my car checked never once has the reading come even close to critical......

Ever since BS-IV has come the reading is in beyond 2 decimal spaces.

PUC rate for petrol is Rs. 80/- plus 18% Luxury goods GST..... The balance of Rs. 5.60 is never returned... For Diesel it's Rs. 100/- plus GST.....


For a start, Private Vehicles with BS4 engines should be EXEMPT for 5 years. That will bring the numbers down significantly.

Also, make Automobile Service Centres accountability to mandatory issue PUC after every Service.....

Thereafter increase the checking centers, AND FOR GOD'S SAKE BRING THE GST DOWN TO 5%.....


Govt bhi khush Citizen be khush...... 

Think of ways to reduce manmade hurdles for public good.....
In Hope of Some Sanity,

Rajiv Kakria

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

आप अपनी समस्या के बारे में हमें लिखें

दिल्ली के हर इलाके में कोई न कोई समस्या जरूर है। कहीं सड़कों में खड़े हैं तो कहीं सड़कें ही टूटी फूटी हैं, कहीं जल भराव होता है तो कहीं  पीने को भी जल नसीब नहीं होता। कहीं कचरे के ढेर मिल जाते हैं तो कहीं खुले ढलाव बदबू के मारे जीना मुहाल कर देते हैं। कहीं ट्रैफिक जैम है तो कहीं एन्क्रोचमेंट। कहीं पोलुशन के मारे दम घुटने लगता है तो कहीं अस्पतालों में ढंग की ट्रीटमेंट के लिए भी जेब खाली करनी पड़ती है। ऐसे में अगर आप अपनी समस्या के बारे में हमें लिखें तो हम उसको RWA भागीदारी ब्लॉग और RWA भागीदारी नेटवर्क में अपलोड करके आपकी समस्या को लाइम लाइट में लाने का प्रयास करेंगे। कृपया फोटो या वीडियो जरूर भेजें और अपना नाम, मोबाइल नंबर भी जरूर लिखें।


B S Vohra

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

RWA Bhagidari Blog is now amongst the Top 50 Social Work Blogs WorldWide on the FeedSpot

We are pleased to inform that our RWA Bhagidari Blog has been added in the FeedSpot List of the Top 50 Social Work Blogs worldwide. This RWA Bhagidari blog was launched on the 25th of November 2009 and merely after 3 more months, it will complete 10 years while serving the RWA community. We will soon start sharing the sweet memories of these 10 years on the Blog.  

Launch of this blog was followed by the Launch of our RWA Bhagidari Website as well as the East Delhi RWAs Joint Front - Federation, which is now, mostly, the Talk of the Town, on various civic issues, concerning the residents. The very recent achievement of our Network was the Roll Back of the Fixed Charges of Electricity for which we had fought a battle with Delhi Government for 16 months.

Thanks to all of you for the support.

Best regards,

B S Vohra

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

RWAs - Install A Happy Fridge, to feed the poor !

The Happy Fridge is a community fridge installed by responsible individuals or residential welfare associations to donate nutritious food to the needy. Happy Fridges are installed in the residential complexes, markets, RWAs, etc. and is able to serve 1,500 - 2,000 meals a month. This is an effective way to ensure that no one in our community ever sleeps hungry and food waste is also minimized.

There are always some food items in your home that go to waste every day. Similarly, in your locality, many families face the same issue of food wastage. Now we are giving you a better option. Just put those waste food items in the Community Fridge at your RWA office & ask those who may require it to pick any time to feed the hunger. In such a way, the waste food items of your home may become the required items for the poor. Just apply for a Free Community Fridge, for your RWA office now.

If selected, you may get: Free of cost fridge, Free of cost fridge service and repair, Food safety training to residents, pamphlets to spread awareness in society, Publicise activity on social media.

Citizens signing up for the Happy fridge should have Location, Electricity Point, Arrangement of Safe shelter and security.

You can apply for a Happy Fridge. Just a few remaining now. Mail us with your contact details & we will forward the same to the organizers. Please email to

Proposal for a Shared security guard in your area

Dear Sir, 
It was a pleasure interacting with you. We are a Technology startup incubated in SINE, IIT-Bombay. We are solving the problem of security concerns in Residential areas by providing a shared security guard who will patrol your area. Here are the details:
  • Guard will be patrolling a maximum of 5 streets in your area covering 100 homes, not more than that. He will pass by your house at least every 15 minutes.
  • The subscription to this service is OPTIONAL. Each house needs to pay Rs. 250 per month to subscribe to this service. Even if we get 10 subscribers in your area, we will provide a guard. We hope that others will pay in the future. We will look after only those houses who have subscribed to the service. We will not operate through RWA. Families have to pay us individually. We need the help of RWA to reach out to residents.
  • The guard will be from a well-reputed security agency who will be well-trained and well-dressed. 
  • We plan to build a Mobile App which will have an Emergency button. It will alert the guard who will rush to your house within 2 minutes. We also plan to build an Emergency response team who will be there within 10 minutes. 
  • Money needs to be paid after 30 days of starting the service. If you are not happy with the service within 30 days, you can cancel the service and you don't need to pay for anything. 
  • We will put a small placard in front of every subscriber's house saying something like "This house is guarded by a security guard". It will act as a deterrent to crimes. 
We are grateful to you for hearing us out and giving your suggestions. We solicit your help in running a pilot program in 2-3 areas to start with.

I will look forward to hearing from you. 

Best regards.


Friday, August 2, 2019

It took us 16 months for a partial success in the fight against the hike of the Fixed Charges - Rolled Back on 31st July 2019

At last the Fixed Charges have been rolled back on 31st July 2019. It was a long battle of exactly 16 months. We had started demanding the Roll Back of the hike of the Fixed Charges on the very first day itself, i.e. 28th March 2018 & the partial success came to us on this 31st July 2019, when the DERC chairman announced the Roll Back of the Fixed Charges. 

The Detailed story of our battle with DERC & Delhi Government on this issue will be uploaded soon. We are still seeking the REFUND of Rs 5000 Crores, i.e. Excessively collected by the DISCOMs, in the 16 months period, on account of the Fixed Charges.

We are thankful to the entire Team of East Delhi RWAs Joint Front, that stood with us all the time.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

GST on monthly subscription/contribution charged by a Residential Welfare Association

Circular No. 109/28/2019-GST

F. No. 332/04/2017-TRU

Government of India

Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue
(Tax Research Unit)

New Delhi, the 22nd July 2019

The Principal Chief Commissioner/ Chief Commissioners/ Principal Commissioner/ Commissioner of Central Tax (All)/ The Principal Director Generals/ Director Generals (All)
Madam/ Sir,

Subject: Issues related to GST on monthly subscription/contribution charged by a Residential Welfare Association from its members- reg.

A number of issues have been raised regarding the GST payable on the amount charged by a Residential Welfare Association for providing services and goods for the common use of its members in a housing society or a residential complex. The same have been examined and are being clarified below.
Sl. No.IssueClarification
1.Are the maintenance charges paid by residents to the Resident Welfare Association (RWA) in a housing society exempt from GST and if yes, is there an upper limit on the amount of such charges for the exemption to be
Supply of service by RWA (unincorporated body or a non- profit entity registered under any law) to its own members by way of reimbursement of charges or share of contribution up to an amount of Rs. 7500 per month per member for providing services and goods for the common use of its members in a housing society or a residential complex are exempt from GST.
Prior to 25th January 2018, the exemption was available if the charges or share of contribution did not exceed Rs 5000/- per month per member. The limit was increased to Rs. 7500/- per month per member with effect from 25th January 2018. [Refer to clause (c) of Sl. No. 77 to the notification No. 12/2018- Central Tax (Rate) dated 28.06.2018]
An RWA has an aggregate turnover of Rs.20 lakh or less in a financial year. Is it required to take registration and pay GST on maintenance charges if the amount of such charges is more than Rs 7500/- per month per
No. If the aggregate turnover of an RWA does not exceed Rs.20 Lakh in a financial year, it shall not be required to take registration and pay GST even if the amount of maintenance charges exceeds Rs. 7500/- per month per member.
RWA shall be required to pay GST on monthly subscription/ contribution charged from its members, only if such subscription is more than Rs. 7500/- per month per member and the annual aggregate turnover of RWA by way of supplying of services and goods is also Rs. 20 lakhs or more.
Annual turnover of
Monthly maintenance chargeWhether exempt?
More than
Rs. 20 lakhs
More than Rs. 7500/-No
Rs. 7500/- or lessYes
Rs. 20 lakhs or lessMore than Rs. 7500/-Yes
Rs. 7500/- or lessYes
3.Is the RWA entitled to take input tax credit of GST paid on input and services used by it for making supplies to its members and use such ITC for discharge of GST liability on such supplies where the amount charged for such supplies is more than Rs. 7,500/- per month per member?RWAs are entitled to take ITC of GST paid by them on capital goods (generators, water pumps, lawn furniture etc.), goods (taps, pipes, other sanitary/hardware fillings etc.) and input services such as repair and maintenance services.
4.Where a person owns two or more flats in the housing society or residential complex, whether the ceiling of Rs. 7500/- per month per member on the maintenance for the exemption to be available shall be applied per residential apartment or per person?Rs. 15000/- per month as maintenance charges towards maintenance of each apartment to the RWA (Rs. 7500/- per month in respect of each residential apartment), the exemption from GST shall be available to each apartment.
5.How should the RWA calculate GST payable where the maintenance charges exceed Rs. 7500/- per month per member? Is the GST payable only on the amount exceeding Rs. 7500/- or on the entire amount of maintenance charges?The exemption from GST on maintenance charges charged by a RWA from residents is available only if such charges do not exceed Rs. 7500/- per month per member. In case the charges exceed Rs. 7500/- per month per member, the entire amount is taxable. For example, if the maintenance charges are Rs. 9000/- per month per member, GST @18% shall be payable on the entire amount of Rs. 9000/- and not on [Rs. 9000 – Rs. 7500] = Rs. 1500/- .
2. Difficulty, if any, in implementation of the Circular may be brought to the notice of the Board.
Susanta Kumar Mishra
Technical Officer (TRU-II)
Contact No: 011-23095558

with Thanks: Tax Guru

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

RWA’s Condemn Uncharitable Remarks made by CAIT about the Esteemed Members of the Monitoring Committee.

City Traders in their desperation are resorting to distasteful Remarks about the age of Monitoring Committee Members. Traders are not willing to look within and are pointing fingers at the Monitoring Committee, which is doing its job as per the Law and as mandated by SC.

Traders are frustrated that when they manage to browbeat the Political Class and DDA in getting exemptions for blatant Irregularities, which have not and cannot, withstand the test of SC Scrutiny or on the grounds of Social Justice and Equity. They even expect the General Public to subsidize and pay for the cost of Infrastructure Enhancement while asking for Unscientific and Low Conversion Charges.

Unlike Traders, RWA’s neither have the resources nor the Time to organize Street Protests/Rallies, disturbing Civic Life. RWA’s only hope lies in putting across their grievances to the Monitoring Committee, which further places their concerns in front of the SC.
RWA’s Charter of Demand under the 'SAVE OUR CITY CAMPAIGN' to make Delhi liveable has been presented to the MC and DDA.

DDA in its wisdom or under pressure keeps on amending the MPD-2021, OVER 250 TIMES AT LAST COUNT SINCE 2006, to accommodate more and more irregularities, turning Delhi into a Chaotic Slum, the less said about the Environment the better.
RWA's ARE FULLY BEHIND THE MONITORING COMMITTEE, SC SHOULD NOT SUCCUMB TO PRESSURE FROM TRADING LOBBY and hear the case on Day-to-Day basis and decide the applicability of MPD-2021 speedily and justly, keeping the DOCTRINE OF PUBLIC TRUST in mind.

RWAs also feel SADDENED BY THE KEEPING OF ESTABLISHMENTS SEALED FOR LONG PERIODS, which is detrimental for Economy and peace in society as it places people against people, RWAs are unhappy with the inordinate delay by SC in deciding the fate of MPD-2021.

On behalf of ‘SAVE OUR CITY’ Campaign

Joint Signatories 

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Bhagidari of Sheila Dikshit with the RWAs of Delhi !

Sheila Dikshit was the only leader who tried her best to empower the RWAs of Delhi by her novel BHAGIDARI Scheme. The term RWA got a real BOOST during her tenure only. There was no discrimination of any kind and it encouraged more and more localities to form the RWAs and join the Bhagidari Cell of Delhi Government. She also introduced the concept of TEAM DELHI.

Under the Bhagidari scheme, the area SDMs started inviting the RWAs to discuss and resolve various localized issues. All the concerned Departments were also invited in all such meetings to answer the issues of the RWAs. 

It was also a novel gesture introduced by her to virtually talk to the RWAs of Delhi by way of video conferencing. It looked great to have a face to face interaction with the CM, via the video conferencing as well as at various meets.

The Bhagidari cell was created at the Delhi Sachivalay to Register & help the RWAs on various civic issues. An initial fund of Rs 5 Crores was sanctioned for each District and the area Bhagidari Cell started taking requests of the RWAs for various works of repair & maintenance of Roads, Parks, drains, etc. Even the Swings for the Parks and Iron gates for the streets were provided through the RWAs. 

Bhagidari Utsavs were common to interact directly with all the departments of Delhi Government, under a single roof. It really helped to resolve the real issues of various localities as the Departments were answerable to the CM & the Bhagidari Cell.

But her defeat changed the entire scenario. Bhagidari cell vanished and RWAs were no more favorite. Now there is no such interaction with the CM. There is no Bhagidari cell to mediate. SDMs have no orders to invite the RWAs. And it has become very difficult to meet our own elected CM until & unless, we belong to the party cadres.

In fact, it was the Bhagidari Scheme of Delhi Government, that initiated us to Launch our RWA Bhagidari Blog & RWA Bhagidari Website, which also lead to the formation of our RWAs Federation - East Delhi RWAs Joint Front. When we informed the Bhagidari cell of Delhi Government about this development, we got an official letter from them for Congratulating us. 

Even at this stage of her health, she came forward to talk to us on the issue of the Fixed Charges of Electricity & went to the office of Mr. Arvind Kejriwal to talk to him on the issue, seeking the refund of the excess collections by the DISCOMs. She demanded the waiver of the Electricity bills for the next 6 months to compensate the consumers.

Therefore, the RWA community of Delhi can never forget Smt. Sheila Dikshit for her initiatives to Empower the RWAs of Delhi. We can never forget the Bhagidari Cell that was always there during her tenure to support us.  Truly, we are going to miss her a lot. Our Salute to the Departed Soul. RIP.

Friday, July 19, 2019

MVC IV Objections

Joint Assessor & Collector/HQ                                                                       15 July 2019
Assessment & Collection Department, SDMC
20TH Floor, E-1 Block
Civic Centre, Minto Road
New Delhi 110002

Objection to fixing of incorrect total weightage value - GK Enclave I & II and
Request for classification in category C

Dear Sir / Madam,

Please refer SDMC Public Notice no. Tax/HQ/SDMC/MVC-IV/2019/D-447 dated 17 Jun 2019, under section 116B (1) inviting Suggestions/Comments/Objections on recommendations for classifications of Colonies/Areas/Localities, Unit Area Values & factors for implementation of Unit Area System in the Municipal Corporation of Delhi.

As per your Matrix, the GK Enclaves I & II total weightage value has been incorrectly fixed at 93, and needs revision and consequent classification of the colony under category ‘C’. Our objections are based on the facts highlighted as under:

Under Level of Services physical infrastructure: Under this category both GK Enclave I & II have been wrongly awarded “A” category.

1.      Water Supply: GK Enclave 1 Colony has two tube wells from which water is drawn and filled in an overhead tank. This facility was created by the cooperative society utilizing contributions from plot holder-members. Our colony gets treated water occasionally, resulting in residents getting underground water for a limited time every day. This matter is being pursued at CEO / Member DJB level, but so far, supply of treated water remains very occasional.

2.      Sewage and Drainage:  Land was allotted to the society in 1970 and as per the rules at that time, a maximum of two dwelling units each were permitted to be built.  Accordingly, more than 45 years ago, the sewage infrastructure was laid down by the Society, exclusively using the funds mobilized from its members, with a capacity appropriate to the needs at that point in time. The infrastructure isalready cracking with the heavy load placed on it due to twice the number of dwelling units having being permitted to be built over the ensuing years, and as a result of this overload, the sewer gutters are constantly overflowing.

3.      Now the load on our sewer lines has further increased because the sewer line of the newly constructed Police Station-cum-Residence complex has also been connected to our colony’s sewer line. This matter, too, is being pursued at CEO / Member DJB level, but so far, no action and/or reply has been received on augmentation of our sewer lines.

4.      In spite of repeated requests, the desilting of our sewer lines and drainshas not been done.

5.      No system exists in our colony for Solid Waste Management, Energy Generation and Supply. The RWA has engaged its own staff for collection, segregation and dumping on solid waste at the municipal dump near the adjoining Pamposh Colony.

Level of services Social infrastructure: Under this category GK Enclave I & II have both been wrongly awarded “A” category.

1.    Both GK Enclave I & II are colonies that are more than 45 years old.  However, facilities like a Community Centre and an RWA Office are not available and have not been developed by any government agency, although provisions exist to develop these out of funds allotted to the MP / MLA of the area.

2.    The residents have to tread considerable distance to reach the market in Greater Kailash Part-1 though grocery shops are accessible at about 700 to a kilometer. Society land in Greater Kailash Enclave-1 was handed over to DDA to develop a Convenient Shopping Centre so that the colony residents could have retail shopping facilities, but the ground reality is that 90% of these shops are being used as Office Complexes, and the DDA / any other government agency has not taken any corrective measures or action against these defaulters.

Economic Status of Residents:  Under this category also, both GK Enclave I & II have been wrongly awarded “A” category.

1.    The original name of GK Enclave I and II is “East Punjab Railways Refugee Rehabilitation House Building Cooperating Housing Society”. Both colonies were developed on the land allotted to the society formed by Railway employeeswho were forced to leave behind home, hearth, and any other possessions and migrate to India during the 1947 India-Pakistan partition. Accordingly, a majority of the residents are retired Government pensioners. Any increase in the property tax amount will be a very big burden on their already limited income.
Metro Marks:Under this category GK Enclave I has been wrongly awarded “5” points.

1.    The distance between the Metro Station & GK Enclave-1 is more than 1000 meters and that too has to be covered on foot, given the available route. Therefore, there should be NIL point instead of 5 points.
General Observations: The Municipal Corporation constituted the fourth Municipal Valuation Committee (MVC) to find ways to increase the revenue of the Municipal Corporation.  As per IV MVC Interim Report, it was suggested to increase the Unit Area Rate of Property Tax. In this report, the Committee linked the increase of unit area proposals rate with the Consumer Price Index.

We have objections on the Proposals, the Methods adopted & the Findings process to increase tax collections on the following grounds:

1.    Municipal Services cannot be attached with the Consumer Price Index because the objective of construction of the Index is limited to being a macroeconomic gauge. This index is not all indicator of each and every cost. Property tax is a tax to fund the expenses for provision of municipal services. In case municipal services are limited or deficient, there will be no case for increase in the price of the same in consonance with rise in the Consumer Price Index. In particular in case of Greater Kailash Enclave-1, certain services like solid waste collection continue to be financed directly by the residents or the water supply is from facilities created by the Cooperative Society would remain a fact irrespective of the increase in CPI. Rather it would deal a double whammy, firstly to brunt of price inflation and secondly to bear increase in property tax too. 

2.    Property tax is leviable on Annual Value of the property, being the rental value it can fetch from year to year. Unit Rate Method is a simplification of computation but should not deviate from the fundament concept of the Annual Value. The prevailing economic conditions do not support any case of increase in the Annual Value particular, as there is insufficiencies of municipal Facilities major source of evasion augmentation of revenue could be plugging the leakage of revenue as a large number of property owners have reportedly escaped the tax net. Therecould be cases of misdeclaration of use with a view to fitting into a lower use factor and hence lower assessment of tax. The burden of deficiency in enforcement should not be put on the honest taxpayers.

3.    Everybody is aware that a large number of houses located in unauthorized colonies have not been paying any Property Tax because it has never been levied on them. Should the authorities wish to continue to spare them the levy, the burden of cost of services provided to them should not fall on the compliant taxpayers.

4.    Chittaranjan Park, which is a similarly situated colony in all respects as the Greater Kailash Enclave I & II, is proposed to be reclassified as “C”. Chittaranjan Park earlier known as East Pakistan Displaced Persons colony, was classified as C for the reason of it being a “refugees” colony. Greater Kailash Enclave I & II are also “refugee” colonies and were earlier known as “East Punjab Railways Refugee Rehabilitation House Building Cooperating Housing Society”.  In fact, unlike our Greater Kailash Enclave-1 colony, Chittaranjan Park is strewn with markets in its planning. Therefore, there is every justification to reclassify this colony as well to category “C”.
While we do hope our submissions will receive due consideration and our prayer granted, we seek an opportunity of personal hearing to put forth our case.

Submitted for your favorable consideration.

Kind regards,

Wg Cdr Virender Sharma (Retd)
Secretary, RWA GK Enclave - 1
New Delhi 110048