Sunday, November 29, 2009

Join this blog as a contributor

If you are a member of any RWA in Delhi East District, you can join this blog as a contributor. As a result, you will be able to upload your suggestions, ideas, requests, complaints etc. on this blog. To join this blog you have to send us an authorisation letter of your RWA, confirming that your RWA is nominating you to be the contributor. If possible, please mail us a scanned copy of the letter.

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Special features of this blog : Members of all the RWA’s will be requested to subscribe this blog. As a result, all those members, who subscribe this Blog will get, all the regular updates, directly into their mail box. Therefore, it will be easy for the RWA’s to communicate & pass on the messages, problems & so on.We will add around 100 members of some prominent RWA’s of East District as the contributors to this blog, so that they can regularly update, details about their area.Even the members of General Public can subscribe the blog and can get regular updates automatically.

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B S Vohra

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mrs.Sheila Dikshit & the Bhagidari scheme

Mrs. Sheila Dikshit, Chief Minister, Delhi is taking personal initiatives for the success of the Bhagidari scheme. Her presence in work shops as well various Bhagidari utsavs is giving a boost to this Scheme. The hearing of problems being faced by various RWA's through Video conferencing & instructing various department heads, online is really commendable. We can say that, the Govt. of NCT of Delhi has accorded great importance to the Bhagidari Scheme. This scheme seeks to promote a meaningful partnership between the Govt. agencies and citizens, basically covering the provision of civic services. Though, the successful implementation of this approach requires the ability to understand public needs, a high degree of innovation and willingness to adopt a problem - solving approach. The Delhi govt. has made Bhagidari the root of all developmental and welfare schemes.

Bhagidari scheme of Delhi Government

The complete details of the Bhagidari scheme launched by Delhi Government can be viewed at :

It includes the details about BHAGIDARI, it's concept, background, philosophy involved, evolution of the Bhagidari concept, issues taken up, implementation mechanism, workshops & utsavs, sources & quantum of funding, decentralisation of Bhagidari, major initiatives, anti plastic & anti littering compaign, senior citizens, reforms in Hospital management & family welfare, development of industries, changes observed, success stories as well challenges.

Please log on to the website as above to view everything about the Bhagidari scheme.

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B S Vohra

Sankalp Utsav Pics

Please view below pics of Sankalp Utsav held by the Delhi Government at Pragati Maidan on 21st & 22nd February, 2009. Some of the pics were taken by me & rest by my fellow RWA member - friend Mr. Sandeep Kapoor as well my daughter Harleen. I am thankful to them for contributing these pics for this blog.

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B S Vohra

Sankalp utsav 2009 - Pics 16

Sankalp utsav 2009 - Pics 15

Sankalp utsav 2009 - Pics 14

Sankalp utsav 2009 - Pics 13

Sankalp utsav 2009 - Pics 12

Sankalp utsav 2009 - Pics 11

Sankalp utsav 2009 - Pics 10

Sankalp utsav 2009 - Pics 9

Sankalp utsav 2009 - Pics 8

Sankalp utsav 2009 - Pics 7