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Delhi: you'll get water quality check only once in 27 yrs

After reading about the deaths reportedly linked to drinking of contaminated water at NCERT colony in south Delhi, if the quality of water you drink is worrying you, your anxiety is not unfounded.
Chances are your water supply would be quality checked only once in 27 years.
The Delhi Jal Board (DJB) lifts on an average 400 samples across the city per day. However, considering the number of buildings and public places, the number is extremely small. Census 2011 puts the number of houses at 40,00,000.  Even if we consider this statistic, excluding public places, the chance of a particular house figuring again in random sampling comes after 10,000 days — about 27 years.
“There are 1,500 planned colonies. Then there are several unauthorised colonies, which also consume water. The small sample indicates that DJB is unable to reach colony levels,” said Dunu Roy of NGO Hazard Centre.
Debashree Mukherjee, DJB CEO, says, “This (400) is not a small size. This is over and above samples tested at water treatment plants. For other areas, our tests are ample.”

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Delhi: confusion over who maintains pipelines

A war of words erupts between the consumers and the Delhi Jal Board (DJB) every time people start falling ill after consuming contaminated water.
While Delhiites blame the DJB and expect it to take care of leaking pipelines, the agency claims that contamination mostly happens at the consumers’ end and that it is their (consumer’s) responsibility to change the ferrule.
A ferrule is the point where consumers’ pipe connects with the main supply pipeline.
Sanjam Chima, DJB’s Consultant (PR), cites the provisions of the Delhi Jal Board Act, 1998, for it. As per a clause titled ‘Power to require water supply to be taken and to require maintenance of service pipes’, consumers are supposed to lay the delivery pipe for every sanctioned connection through a licensed plumber at their own cost from the main to their homes, including the ferrule.
Also, the Act say that it is the duty of the consumer to maintain, repair and replace, whenever required, such delivery pipes at his own cost. Customers are to get these pipes inspected at their cost once in 15 years.
“If found rusted or leaking, the work for repair or replacement shall be done by the consumer through a licenced plumber,” said Chima.
Ankush Wohra, president of New Delhi South Extension I (NDSE I) RWA, however, finds this logic weird. “If the DJB changes or repairs it, that will ensure uniformity.
Otherwise someone can put a bigger ferrule for more water. If the DJB Act actually doesn’t permit it, the relevant provisions should be changed.”

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Power regulator to announce revised tariff for 2013 by July

The new power tariffs for this year will be in place by July, said Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) on Wednesday.
The announcement by the power regulator came after the Appellate Tribunal for Electricity asked the DERC to ensure that the tariff order is in place by April every year.
Taking note of the delay in announcing a tariff order in April by DERC, the tribunal has asked the city power regulator to enforce it on time in the future. “The new tariff order for this year will be in place by July. We have not been in touch with the government regarding subsidy on power tariff,” PD Sudhakar, DERC chairman.
“There are seven utilities who had to submit their petitions and we kept receiving the petitions spread over December to February. We also had to change the consultant who was engaged with the process of tariff determination as there was some conflict of interest. One discom also decided to amend its petition and hence all this led to delays,” said Sudhakar.
“We will try our best to enforce this by April itself in the future,” he added.
The tribunal also said in its order that the exercise of providing relief to the consumers by way of subsidy should be undertaken only after the tariff order has been announced and there should be no delay due to this.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Delhi: SC grants doctor relief in power theft case

If a power theft case is pending, a consumer’s electricity supply cannot be disconnected, the Supreme Court said on Tuesday.
A vacation bench headed by Justice AK Patnaik ordered BSES to restore power supply within 48 hours at premises in Vasant Kunj occupied by a lady doctor.
On a petition by Meena Chaudhary, the court held it was the duty of the power company to supply electricity to all owners in all premises.
Chaudhary is facing a power theft case since 2010. Electricity supply to the premises where she lives was disconnected a few days ago. Despite her request, the power company did not grant a meter connection in her name as she wasn’t the owner of the premises.
At this, the bench clarified that even if the original consumer did not want the connection, it would be restored in Chaudhary’s name subject to formalities and told the lady doctor to pay the electricity charges.
“If a landlord does not pay up, the tenant has to be given the power connection. We don’t want any dispute to come in the way of supply of electricity,” the court observed orally, adding Section 43 of the Electricity Act obliges a power company to supply electricity to a owner or an occupier on request.
Chaudhary had approached the Supreme Court under Article 32 of the Constitution seeking restoration of power supply to her residential premises. She claimed the power company had removed the electricity meter in 2007, while she was away in Patna for official work.
According to her, power supply continued at her place and she kept paying the provisional bill raised by BSES. Meanwhile, she even gave five representations to the company for installing a meter. However, in 2010 BSES registered a theft case against her and disconnected the supply few days ago.

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Waterlogging in East Delhi : Delhi Aajtak : B S Vohra

Power outages in parts of east, south Delhi

NEW DELHI: Along with soaring temperature, power cuts have added to woes of residents in different parts of the city. Several parts of east Delhi and some parts of south Delhi faced intermittent power outages on Saturday night and Sunday. These outages were between 15 to 30 minutes long and happened multiple times. According to officials at Delhi Transco, there was a snag in the transformer due to heat. The snag is being fixed and power supply is expected to normalize soon. 

At Mayur Vihar Phase II, there was no power supply between 10.30pm and 3am. "The power came back briefly for an hour or so in between. But we couldn't sleep all night," said a resident. 

Residents at Krishna Nagar said power supply has been irregular for the past two days. "There were power outages of about 15 to 30 minutes every couple of hours, even at night," said B S Vohra, an RWA member. 

M P Gogia, member of Rajouri Garden RWA added that there were seven to eight power outages on Saturday night. 

Residents of IP Extension also had similar complaints. "There were two power cuts for half hour each on Sunday in most pockets of Patparganj," said Vivian Fernandes, a resident of Patparganj. 

BSES officials confirmed that there were some constraints with transmission. "There was nothing amiss from the BSES side. We understand that there were some minor issues with transmission," they said. 

Some parts of south Delhi like Vasant Vihar also had complaints of brief power outages. "Power supply has been very erratic for the last few days. There are more than five outages on some days. Though they are not long, residents suffer because of the heat," added Samir Bhagat, a member of Vasant Vihar RWA. 

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Delhiites help flood victims get back on their feet

NEW DELHI: Tragedies often bring out the best in people even if the victims are miles away. Delhiites in several parts of the city are collecting funds, packed food, medicine, shoes and clothing for the Uttarakhand flood victims who are still waiting to be rescued. 

In Ashok Vihar, NGO Prerna, along with residents, collected relief. Three trucks loaded with the material will start for the flood-hit areas of Uttarakhand to reach it to them. 

"Thousands of people are in need of things like shoes, medicines, blankets and packed food. We have asked residents to donate what they can—be it money or material. We have tied up with the RSS camp in Dehradun and they will reach the relief to the victims by helicopter," Mahender Nagpal of Prerna said. 

People in Vasant Vihar have, meanwhile, started collecting funds. "We have sent a mail to everyone in the area and people can contribute through cash or cheque. Once the money is collected, it will be sent to the PM's relief fund by next week," Sameer Bhagat, joint secretary of Vasant Vihar Resident Welfare Association, said. 

In Rajouri Garden, special pujas and havan were held for the safety of the stranded. "Special pujas are being held in temples everyday and yajnas were arranged for the victims," Neelam Gulati of Rajouri Garden RWA said. A funds collection drive is on at the temple for the flood victims. 

The residents of Krishna Nagar in east Delhi are collecting warm clothes. "Warm clothes and blankets are being collected along with money for the victims. Candlelight vigils and prayers are also being held," BS Vohra, member of an East Delhi RWAs Front, said. 

Even the municipal corporations have decided to contribute money for the flash flood victims. "A sum of Rs 10 crore will be contributed. We will be buying packed food and other things that the victims need with the money and send these across since rescue operations will take time owing to the rains," Subhash Arya, leader of the House, South Corporation, said. All councillors will donate Rs 2,100, which is their monthly allowance, for the Uttarakhand flood victims. 

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

After deluge, vector-borne diseases, warn experts

B.S. Vohra, representative of the Mega Delhi Residents Welfare Association, said the process of fumigation started a little late. "The process of fumigation is being done by the corporations but unfortunately it started only after a few cases of dengue were reported," he said.

B.S Vohra who represents the Mega Delhi Residents Welfare Association, told IANS: "DJB charges sewage tax from citizens and is, therefore, responsible for cleaning the drains in the capital."

B.S. Vohra, another representative of a residents' welfare organisation, said: "The corporations alone cannot do much. Other government agencies like Delhi Jal Board are also responsible for the cleaning of drains and clearing of sewage." "The DJB charges 60 percent from the bill paid by the citizens as sewage tax, so they ought to clear the sewage," Vohra said.

B.S. Vohra, representative of the Mega Delhi Residents Welfare Association, said the process of fumigation started a little late. "The process of fumigation is being done by the corporations but unfortunately it started only after a few cases of dengue were reported," he said.

Representative of the Mega Delhi Residents Welfare Association representative B.S. Vohra said the process of fumigation started a little late. "The process of fumigation is being done by the corporations but unfortunately it started only after a few cases of dengue were reported," he said.

Friday, June 21, 2013

RWAs of Delhi : Please contribute for the people in Uttranchal

Mobile phone facts ! विचित्र किन्तु सत्य ?

मोबाइल से जुडी कई ऐसी बातें जिनके बारे में हमें जानकारी नहीं होती लेकिन मुसीबत के बक्त यह मददगार साबित होती है ।

इमरजेंसी नंबर -दुनिया भर में मोबाइल का इमरजेंसी नंबर 112 है । अगर आप मोबाइल की कवरेज एरिया से बाहर हैं तो 112 नंबर द्वारा आप उस क्षेत्र के नेटवर्क को सर्च कर लें . ख़ास बात यह हैकि यह नंबर तब भी काम करता है जब आपका कीपैड लौक हो !

जान अभी बाकी है-मोबाइल जब बैटरी लो दिखाए और उस दौरान जरूरी कॉल करनी हो , ऐसे में आप *3370# डायल करें , आपका मोबाइल फिर से चालू हो जायेगा और आपका सेलफोन बैटरी में 50 प्रतिशत का इजाफा दिखायेगा ! मोबाइल का यह रिजर्व दोबारा चार्ज हो जायेगा जब आप अगली बार मोबाइल को हमेशा की तरह चार्ज करेंगे !

मोबाइल चोरी होने पर-मोबाइल फोन चोरी होने की स्थिति में सबसे पहले जरूरत होती है , फोन को निष्क्रिय करने की ताकि चोर उसका दुरुपयोग न कर सके । अपनेफोन के सीरियल नंबर को चेक करने के लिए *#06# दबाएँ . इसे दबाते हीं आपकी स्क्रीन पर 15 डिजिट का कोड नंबर आयेगा . इसे नोट कर लें और किसी सुरक्षित स्थान पर रखें . जब आपका फोन खो जाए उस दौरान अपने सर्विस प्रोवाइडर को ये कोड देंगे तो वह आपके हैण्ड सेट को ब्लोक कर देगा !

कार की चाभी खोने पर -अगर आपकी कार की रिमोट केलेस इंट्री है और गलती से आपकी चाभी कार में बंद रह गयी है और दूसरी चाभी घर पर है तो आपका मोबाइल काम आ सकता है ! घर में किसी व्यक्ति के मोबाइल फोन पर कॉल करें ! घर में बैठे व्यक्ति से कहें कि वह अपने मोबाइल को होल्ड रखकर कार की चाभी के पास ले जाएँ और चाभी के अनलॉक बटन को दबाये साथ ही आप अपने मोबाइल फोन को कार के दरवाजे केपास रखें , दरवाजा खुल जायेगा ! है न विचित्र किन्तु सत्य ?

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Water logging in Delhi : Hindustan Times

Malviya nagar traffic problems .....

im a resident of malviya nagar nd faced a problem of traffic because of encronchment by some some venders like fruitwala, rehriwala and auto rikshwala. traffic problem faced by residents of market. kindly see the matter and resolved it. 

thnx nd regard. 
Sumit Mukherjee
Rwa malviya nagar.

Mail us pics of your events for uploading

RWAs / Senior Citizen Associations / Women Associations / Market Associations,  may mail us Pics / Detailed report of various events / programmes, organised, for uploading on this RWABhagidari blog. Our only aim is to promote peoples participation in various social issues.

Thanks & Regards

B S Vohra

Must view : Shocking vid from Gobind Ghat in Uttrakhand

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Seminar of awareness among the Senior citizens against the abuse to elders

Help Age India Fighting isolation, poverty, neglect conducted a seminar of awareness among the Senior citizens against the abuse to elders.  Eminent speakers were kind enough in placing their views for the benefit of the elderly persons.  Confederation of Senior Citizens along with affiliated senior Citizens associations participated and took the advantage of the view expressed by the speakers i.e. Justice Leila Seth, Rajiv Mehrotra (MD RITES) and Mr Kurien of the Help age India .

Forwarded for information of all concerned.

Raj Kumar Nanda

Thursday, June 13, 2013

General body meeting of Delhi Senior Citizens' Welfare Association,

New Delhi,  Delhi Senior Citizens’ Association (Regd) held its 1st General Body meeting on 8th June 2013 at the India International Centre, New Delhi.  The Chief Guest on the occasion was Prof. Kiran Walia, Hon’ble Minister of Education, Social Welfare, Child and Women Development & Languages.  The Guest of Honour was the renowned Cardiologist  Padamshri Dr. K. K. Agarwal, Senior Consultant Physician, Head Cardiology and Dean of the Board of Medical Education, Moolchand Medicity.

The welfare of the Senior Citizens has become a priority area of concern – both for the government and the Civil Society Organizations such as the RWAs and Registered Senior Citizens’ Associations across Delhi NCR. At present, the population of Senior Citizens in Delhi is estimated at around 2 million, about 1.8% of their total population in the country. 

The Civil Society Organizations work hand in hand with the Government machinery, to continuously uplift the living conditions of the senior citizens – even done on a case to case basis.  At present, around 83 Recreation Centres are being run by the Civil Society Organizations in different areas of Delhi. Prof. Kiran Walia informed that the Social Welfare department of the Delhi government provides these recreational centres with a one time grant of Rs. 75,000/- to cover the basic necessities; in addition a monthly grant of Rs. 20,000/- is also being provided for the operational expenses. 

Prof. Walia further informed that in order to bring dignity to old age, the Senior Citizens shall also be introduced to various schemes and plans which will help them to re-establish themselves and contribute to the society.  She added that her government is gravely concerned about the security of the senior citizens and with the help of the civil Society Organizations a check on the whereabouts, emotional and physical well being of the elderly are being monitored.

Padmashri Dr. Agarwal opined that age is just a number and there are various ways and means by which  senior citizen could help themselves during a crisis of cardiac arrest. He shared and demonstrated some easy to do steps that can be employed during crisis.

On behalf of the office bearers of the Association, Mr. S. S. Rudra, General Secretary shared the activities since inception and some plans for future, the notable ones being a discount of 20 to 30% to the senior citizens affiliated as member of the Association.  These discounts could be availed on the basis of the Photo ID card which are currently under process.

To provide entertainment to the elders, Library – cum - recreational centre in Safdarjung Enclave Club provides facilities such as indoor games, a reading room, skype service to connect to the loved ones in India and abroad, observed Mr. K. K. Kapila, Patron-in-Chief of the Association.  He further added that as a special service, pick up support for those senior citizens who are from the BPL strata or infirm, is being provided since past 1 year.  Model Recreational centres are also being aimed at in prominent places of worship where the Senior Citizens spend considerable time.  Mr. Kapila further elaborated that, “we have also tied up with nearby private hospital to provide discounted services and free ambulance service.  Free tea/coffee and snacks are also provided to the members.  Our main aim is to ensure provide user friendly services as per needs of the senior citizens.

The Delhi Senior Citizens’ Association was set up in April 2012. It had a humble beginning and today membership has grown to over 1000 across Delhi.  The Association is supported by Mr. K. K. Kapila, Patron-in-Chief and Patron Maj. Gen. R.K.Khanna and Mr. Jagdish Dhingra.  The President of the Association is Mr. O. N. Sharma, the Vice President is Shri S.L.Watwani and the General Secretary is Mr. S. S. Rudra.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Day of Russia

Russian Center of Science & Culture jointly with International Federation of Indo- Russian Youth Club presents concert "Gift to Russia" at 24 ferozshah Road Russian Center of Science & Culture Department EMBASSY OF RUSSIAN FEDERATION"Gift to Russia" a Colorful Cultural Program organised to mark Russian National Day on 11th June, 2013 by Russian Centre of Science & Culture jointly organised with International Federation of Indo-Russian Youth Clubs at New Delhi. The program was split into two half. 

With the first half, young people called for ‘Youth Network Dialogue’ session to develop a platform for young people where they can express their innovative ideas to enhance their capacities and participation in the society. Foster youth cooperation worldwide in social, cultural, political and economic life both at national and international level. Also to encourage and stimulate inter cultural dialogue between Russia and India. 

The first session begins with introduction of participants after that valuable presentation about Russian Federation was given by Madam Tatyana. Quiz on Russia was the most interesting part for participants, very well conducted by Yelena Shatapkina Dy. Director of Russian Centre of Science & Culture. At the end of this session Russian souvenir and gifts were presented to the winners of the quiz. 

The second half of the program was focused on Indian dance and music presented by ‘Alien Dance Group’ and choreographed by Aryan Kumar. Artists performed number of energetic performances on different creative ideas and concepts. Friendship of Aliens with humans was liked by the audience. Sufi music with dance composition was brilliant and magnificent. Opening welcome dance called “Ganpati” truly set the tone for the evening with its genuine spirituality. This was followed by Popping of contemporary music and song in beautiful costumes. The program had a massage to inspire victim women towards new hope of success presented by modern dance. 

It was a high quality program presented by Indian young artists and very well conducted by Hina Malik, a social activist from YUVA India Foundation. Without any doubt everybody had a wonderful evening. Cultural program were very well organized and coordinated with the support of ‘Neon Dance Academy’. Bouquet of flowers and souvenirs were presented by Andrei Andreev Dy. Director of Russian Centre of Science & Culture to the artists. 

On the eve of ‘Russian National Day’ Award of Excellence for outstanding friendly services was presented to Yelena Shatapkina, Natalya D. Rozovskaya, Amit Rai, Rajeev Ranjan Singh and Dronacharya Academy. On this occasion Anamika Yaduvanshi, Dr. Arvind Tyagi, Saurabh Gandhi ( Cultural Secy. & Media Adviser Of INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION INDO RUSSIAN YOUTH CLUB), B S Vohra ( RWABhagidari ), Jitender Tyagi, Ginnies Rishi and B S Sokhi were also present to share their congratulation message for Russian friends. 

Vote of thanks was delivered by Purnima Anand, General Secretary of International Federation of Indo Russian Youth Clubs. She congratulated Russian friends and officials on the eve of Russian National Day by expressing profound gratitude for their presence and wishes to celebrate such cultural functions to strengthen long lasting Indo-Russian friendship.

Powerless DELHI ........ Over Provisioning is USELESS in Crisis ....... NEEDLESS in Normal Times

Hi Friends,
Powerless DELHI ........ Over Provisioning is USELESS in Crisis ....... NEEDLESS in Normal Times
When we say that Over Provisioning of Power is poor management practice and question its wisdom, as it only helps DISCOMs to Palm off losses to consumers and pocket the profits ....... it is termed as BASELESS ALLEGATIONS by DISCOMS.
Sample DISCOMs Reply to my Objection in the recent Public Hearing ......
Unbridled Over-PRIVISIONING must be capped: Today software’s can predict power consumption patterns with accuracy of +/- 3%. Despite over provisioning Delhi faces un-announced power cuts, so what purpose is over provisioning achieving, other than giving DISCOMS opportunity to indulge in Power Trade and Pocketing the Profits and Passing Losses to the Consumers. A scientific Audit/Study involving Consumption Patterns must be conducted to look into the prevailing situations and all these transactions be scrutinized for deals between sister concerns or Cartelization and cost/prices verified with the prevailing Rates in the Power Exchange.
DISCOM REPLY: "Entire Power Purchase is approved by the Hon'ble Commission; hence question of Over Provisioning does not arise. Infact, Provisioning is done taking into account the peak demand plus a reasonable margin, so that uninterrupted 24X7 power supply can be ensured to the Consumers.
With regards to the allegation of 'pocketing the profits and passing losses to consumers', the same is strongly denied as baseless and without any substance."
For the past week Delhi is facing unscheduled Power Cuts ...... The Power Minister and Delhi CM tried to pass it off as Local faults, when cuts persisted the Ageing Infrastructure was blamed, NOW WHAT ........ sooner or Later TRUTH comes out ........ OVER PROVISIONING IS USELESS.
STOP BURDENING THE CONSUMERS AND START APPLING YOUR HEAD, we have been telling you, but you have been deaf to our cries.
Please Suffer the PPP Pangs ..... Water is next ...... :)
I reproduce below the Objections I had raised at the recent DERC Public Hearing.
Warm Regards,
Rajiv Kakria

Petition for approval of True-Up

The Secretary,
Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission,
C-Block, Malviya Nagar,
New Delhi.

Sub: Public Notice on Request for public response for Petition for approval of True-Up for FY 2011-12, Review of FY 2012-13 and Aggregate Revenue Requirement and Tariff for FY 2013-14


We the citizens are supposed to be the Eyes and Ears and the Regulators the Voice to Protect Consumer Rights. When electricity regulators were first set up in the early years of the last decade, they were seen as reform agents.

We the Petitioners on behalf of Power Consumers have a different take on DERCs functioning. We have reasons to believe that over time DERC has been consumed by the bane of the Indian System called Political Interference, DERC has been working for the un-holy nexus of the Government and Private Enterprises to fleece consumers and to give maximum profits to the Private DISCOMS.

The raising of tariffs, and that too in stiff doses over the past 18 months, points beyond the tariff hikes, the manner in which DERC has been taking Cues from Delhi Chief Minister’s Statements and throwing reasoned facts placed before it to the wind and increasing Tariffs on arbitrary figures put forth by DISCOMS, points towards corrosion in the regulator's functioning.

I substantiate my accusations and request you to treat this as a Positive Feedback to put the Regulatory Process back on track, lest this malaise puts a Permanent QUESTION MARK on their Credibility.

The Commission should issue directive within the parameters of Section 61 of the Electricity Act, 2003 which stipulates that the Commission shall be guided by the factors which would encourage competition, efficiency, economical usage of resources, grid performance and optimum investment in specifying the terms and conditions for determination of tariff. 

Therefore, please look up my earlier objections/suggestions dated 24-01-2009, 05-11-2009, 21-02-2010, 09-06-2011, 21-06-2011(two letters), 25-07-2011, 08-11-2011, 12-12-2011, 09-02-2012, 03-10-2012 our demand has been constant with no relief from DERC. To ensure proper accounting, audit and efficient performance to optimize resource use, the Commission should look into the following aspects:-

1. Ensure Transparent Power Purchase Mechanism: Power Purchase costs have been falling since 2009 onwards, Power is available for as low as Rs. 1.08. A few days back it was reported NORTH INDIA GETS MORE POWER FROM SASAN of which Delhi Quota is 447-MW @ Rs. 1.19/- per unit.

The Hon'ble LG of Delhi states in his address to the Vidhan Sabha on 13-03-2013 that Power gave a Profit of Rs. 30,000/- Crores. Earlier the Delhi Power Minister had stated that DISCOMS have not deposited Delhi's share of Tariffs collected. WHERE IS THE MONEY GOING?

The Act provides that the Appropriate Commission may fix the trading margin, if considered necessary. Though there is a need to promote trading in electricity for making the markets competitive, the Appropriate Commission should monitor the trading transactions continuously and ensure that the electricity traders do not indulge in profiteering in situation of power shortages. Fixing of trading margin should be resorted to for achieving this objective.

We have on numerous occasions asked DERC to get DISCOMS to place on the website every fortnight details of Power Purchased, like Quantity, Price, Source etc so that consumers can verify the prevailing competitive costs in the Market. Cartelization has to be stopped and purchases amongst sister concerns have to be discouraged.

2. Unbridled Over-PRIVISIONING must be capped: Today software’s can predict power consumption patterns with accuracy of +/- 3%. Despite over provisioning Delhi faces un-announced power cuts, so what purpose is over provisioning achieving, other than giving DISCOMS opportunity to indulge in Power Trade and Pocketing the Profits and Passing Losses to the Consumers. A scientific Audit/Study involving Consumption Patterns must be conducted to look into the prevailing situations and all these transactions be scrutinized for deals between sister concerns or Cartelization and cost/prices verified with the prevailing Rates in the Power Exchange.

3. Distribution Loss should be treated as Business Loss and not part of Tariff: POWER THEFT IS DISCOMS BUSINESS NECESSITY... how else will they hide the UNEARNED PROFITS from Residual Back Flow (25% to 40%) ..... and keeps their Political Masters Vote Banks happy with Free Stolen Power .... while the honest consumer is made to pay for the loss. Please make public how many Distribution Transformers are making Negative Loss ......

International standards for distribution loss is 3%. There is no incentive for DISCOMS to curb Theft as such losses are allowed to be offseted through Tariff, it also helps them get into clandestine commercial deals.

4. Stop Subsidizing the Power Guzzlers: The DISCOMS have to make Over Provisioning and buy Expensive Power because of Energy Guzzlers during Peak Loads. The cost of Over Provisioning should be passed on to only those who are in the first place responsible for excess drawl ie. those consuming over 1250 units per month ..... in the current system these high consumers are actually subsidised by the Prudent Consumer.

5. Credible Auditing Procedures: As electricity business comes under the preview of Electricity Act, 2003, the accounts pertaining to electricity are required to be prepared separately and got audited. The accounts of the licensee need to be prepared on commercial principles. DERC in its admission to Delhi High Court stated that they have no expertise in auditing the Voluminous Data provided by DISCOMS so how did they come to a precise figure of 21.83% tariff Hike in August 2011?

The petitioners on the other hand have in their possession Data that the three DISCOMS in Delhi are in Profits after paying taxes, NDPL- Rs. 351cr, BRPL Rajdhani - Rs. 187cr and Yamuna - Rs. 77cr (year 2009-10). In the absence of proper Auditing Guidelines DERC works on whatever is provided by DISCOMS and we all know how Private Auditors handle records, remember SATYAM.

When Private operators were handed over charge Delhi showed 65% T&D losses today that figure is 16% and falling ……. Not a single paisa of revenue gain has been passed on to the consumer. Instead in the past 10 years Huge Hikes have been allowed, to fleece the over burdened Middle Class.

In terms of the Section 61 (g) of the Act, the Appropriate Commission shall be guided by the objective that the tariff progressively reflects the efficient and prudent cost of supply of electricity. Now what Prudence have we seen in the above style of functioning?

6. Performance Standards: RWAs have been demanding strict Compliance in the Matching of Neutral to the Absolute Earth Potential as per relevant Act/Code. This alone is the main cause of Fluctuations and Spikes, resulting in damaging expensive household appliances like TV, Fridge, AC etc and unnecessary expenditure on Voltage Stabilizers. Performance Standards pertaining to Stable and uninterrupted 24X7 Power was one of the reason why Privatization was done. Consumers should be compensated for the losses due to Fluctuations and Spikes and be a part of Schedule I of Guaranteed Performance Standards. In the absence of any punitive provisions DISCOMS do not find it important to invest in such infrastructure.

Uninterrupted 24X7 Power Supply has remained a dream that was sold to bring in Private Players. Rampant power cuts are keeping the Inverter Industry alive and the consumer foots the bill for charging and maintaining inverters amounting to average Rs. 1200/- per month. Are these the Performance Standards that were envisaged in the Act to be in place on or before 2007? DISCOMS cannot be allowed to Charge Five Star and Serve Dhaba.

7. Conduct Energy Audit: Like Air and Water, Power too is essential for existence. This is not a luxury anymore and high use domestic consumers are already paying higher slab rates. Today citizens have to use power for basic living and also for Government's inefficiency. From motors to draw water to water purifiers ...... from inverters to voltage stabilizers ...... Mosquito repellents all point to unnecessary power consumption due to Govt. Apathy. Computers, Refrigerators, Televisions are as much a part of daily life as Air and Water and cannot be treated as luxuries.

The energy Audit should Revisit Public Service Entitlement Code, Babus went on an overdrive installing AC's in Govt. offices throwing the rule book on entitlement to the wind. Gone are the days when Rs. 20,000/- AC's were needed to protect Rs. 5 lac PC's. Today PC's are more robust and very cheap and do not require Air Conditioning to operate. Remove AC's from offices of those not entitled for the same. Why should consumers subsidise government officials' fancy life style? Who decides how much power is needed to keep the Govt. cold to people’s miseries?

The Energy Audit should also look into the Energy Guzzlers in Industry, Commercial Establishment, Street Lighting, Neon Signs, Hoardings etc. The industry and Commercial establishments recover the Energy Component from the consumer in the form of the Final Product Cost.

We see no reason that Energy Guzzlers like Government Departments, Hospitals (both Govt. and Private), Private Schools, Corporate Offices, Malls, Banquets, Farm Houses etc. be allowed to burden the Domestic Consumer by way of eating up the Cheap Power Quota Available from NTPC, SEBs etc.

Delink Power consumed by Domestic consumers and let Power Guzzlers buy power from open Market, right now there is no incentive for them to conserve energy as they recover their life style from the cost of their Product or Service.

8. End Monopoly: Open Access was to have been in place by the year 2009, it has remained a Pipe Dream even in Delhi, with Regulators and Government playing in the hands of Private Players.

What’s more the DERC is making some DISCOMSs permanent fixtures by investing in expensive exercise of Time of Day Metering System and asking these very Private Players to invest and put up equipment to measure Usage Patterns. Once such huge investments are made how will DERC ask them to make way for Open Access Policy.

9. Fuel Charge Adjustment: This is another head in which Lack of Transparency is working against the Consumers. What is the total component of Fuel Cost in the Production of Power? We believe it is not more than 15%, a little higher in case of inefficient Plants. How can DERC allow 2%,5% and 7% as Fuel Charge Adjustment ….. we know now for a Fact that Mr. Manmohan Singh Gifted Coal Blocks for free, we also know that DISCOMS have not been paying their Dues to NTPC and others for the power Purchased (the Govt. had to bail them out with our Rs. 500cr package), so where is the question of Fuel Cost Adjustment and that too, a hefty 50% increase for something they got for free. In a CERC meeting it was brought to light that NTPC has no scientific system of calculating fuel cost and the Power Producer ie NTPC itself decides how much should be the increased charge ..... ARBITRARY and protested by all DISCOMS.

10. Fast Running Electronic Meter: It has been noticed the residents are paying 25% to 40% higher bills. Experts have informed us that this is due to the Three Phase with Single Neutral Distribution Transformers, where in the Residual Back Flow gets recorded in the meter reading, therefore INFLATED BILLS
After three years of sustained efforts this issue was addressed by DERC by inserting an Ad. in news papers on 24th Dec. 2011, putting the onus of correcting the flaw on the consumer. The Supply Code clearly states that it is the Duty of the Service Provider to provide a separate Neutral up to the Metering Point. DERC tried to legalise this unearned Profit by excluding this provision for existing consumers of less than 10kw in the Draft Performance Standards ... SHAME.

The remedy lies in implementing Regulation 41 of CEA's Regulations of 2010, which are the statutes in replacement of IE Rules 1956 under section 53 read with 177 0f the IE Act 2003.
Multiple Neutral Earthing System (MNE) provides the solution under Rule 61 of the IE Rules-1956’ which, however, stand repealed with the notification of CEA Regulations -2010. Now regulation No: 41 of the regulations of CEA of 2010 stringently provides for multiple earthing of the ‘Neutral Conductor’. Therefore, implementation of regulation 41 of CEA provides the complete solution to this point being raised by Delhi Consumers ever since the electronic metering has been introduced and not addressed by DERC for reasons best known to them.
We demand an Audit/Field Survey by an Independent Institute of Repute involving the Petitioners, be conducted. Transformer wise Audit of Units supplied and billed for the past three years of Peak Load Periods in Winters and Summers. Excess billing if found should be refunded to the consumers and Punitive Penalty imposed on DISCOMS for breach of trust and willful fleecing of Consumers.

11. Abolish Fixed Charge: The Fixed charge on monthly basis is being levied and recovered from all consumers irrespective of how much Power they consume. We understand that certain fixed costs are involved in bringing electricity to our door step and if some people keep properties locked then a Minimum Charge should be levied. Earlier this was termed as Minimum Charge later very cleverly changed to Fixed Charge and has been increased from Rs. 8/- earlier to Rs.20/- now.

It is to be noted that a consumer is already paying a higher slab rate for higher consumption offsetting the need to charge on the basis of sanctioned load. A One Time Fee for higher load Meters, Wiring and a Security Deposit is already levied. Permitting the DISCOMS to charge Fixed Charge from every consumer on a monthly basis is nothing but charging the consumers twice under two different heads for the same thing.

These are preliminary submissions, I request you to give me an opportunity to elaborate in person before a final decision is taken.

Warm Regards,

Rajiv Kakria
Chairman, E-Block, GK-I RWA.