Sunday, September 29, 2019

How they can make the entire city, a 'No Parking Zone' - Part 1

The new Parking Policy for Delhi has been notified by the Delhi Government. Shockingly, it has added certain clauses that were not there in the draft notification. It has declared the entire City as the 'No Parking Zone', except the notified places. It says, "Any area or spot that is not notified and physically demarcated as a parking site/spots shall automatically be considered a 'No Parking Zoneand relevant penalties shall be applicable".

It further states that, "All illegally parked vehicles, including those parked in No Parking Zones, and overstaying in authorised parking areas, shall be seized and removed and penalty shall be charged under the provisions of Motor Vehicle Act 1988.

Sounds absolutely shocking as Delhi has 1,00,93,470 number of Registered vehicles in the city, while the actual & notified available parking is just for the 72,423 ECS. Does it mean that for the rest of the vehicles, there is no parking available in the city & as the entire city has been declared as the No Parking Zone, if these 1,00,21,047 number of vehicles move out, they will definitely be parking or stopping on the No parking Zone, and as per the new notified parking policy, it is illegal & hence liable for the penalties.

The penalty for this illegal parking has been fixed at the rate of Rs 1/- per kg, for the total weight of the vehicle parked illegally, as per the notified policy. In such a case if your Car weighs 1000 kg, you have to pay a penalty of Rs. 1,000/-. 

Shockingly, they have collected all kind of Taxes on the sale of 1,00,93,470 number of vehicles. They have collected Road Tax for this number of vehicles. They have collected Insurance charges for this number of vehicles. They have collected Income Tax from the Buyers as well as sellers of all such vehicles. But they have created the infrastructure, only for the parking of 72,423 ECS in the city. 

Since a long time, we have been demanding to introduce the policy of ONE FAMILY ONE CAR. We have been asking to attach the Vehicles with the Pan card & the Aadhar card. We have been asking to ask for the proof of parking from all the vehicles in the city, be it a new one or a second hand. 

The issue is that if they have not planned properly, if they have not done their duty in a responsible manner, how they can now declare the entire city as a No Parking Zone for the harassment of the residents, and that too with an eye on the hefty collections that can be made using this notification, by way of huge penalties?

B S Vohra,
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front - Federation


Rajiv Kakria says -What Mr. Vohra says is correct, allow me to add to the list...... We have been dead against Mixed land Use, increasing FAR and further densification of Delhi..... The Government has been collecting Conversion charges and one time Parking for additional FAR but has failed to create requisite Parking lots...... Whare has the money gone....... WHY SHOULD CITIZENS PAY FOR GOVERNMENT'S INCOMPETENCE...... Personal Vehicles are not a Luxury, where is the Safe, Secure, Sure and non Feecing Public Transport???.....

Neha Sood Puri says -And they haven't stopped selling more vehicles. There is no junkyard for old vehicles that litter our colonies and have become homes for stray dogs and a dumping area.

B S VOHRA says -They wont stop selling more n more vehicles as they are getting huge revenue. Moreover they have now an eye on the parking - to make it a yet another huge source of income.

Yashpal says -Yadi Govt. ney as per required , Sasti , suvidhajanak public transport provide karai hoti to aaj itney vaahan roads per nahi hote.

Sachin Rastogi says -Truly agreed, why we always suffer with your own mistakes.

Dr Dhani Ram says - True.

R N Gupta says - The above content is self explanatory.

B S Vohra says - True. Its shocking that while they dont wanna perform the duties for which they were elected, they just keep on finding the opportunities for more n more revenue even if the aam aadmi has to suffer.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

RWA’s Happy to Throw Open Colony Gates……. BUT will POLICE & SDMC Do Their Job

RWA’s Happy to Throw Open Colony Gates……. BUT will POLICE & SDMC Do Their Job

When it Suits them both POLICE and SDMC encourage RWA’s to put up gates as it reduces their workload tremendously. But both have shied away from framing a sensible Policy for installation of gates. In places the Guidelines from both differ, creating ambiguity.

It has been a long-standing demand of RWA’s to frame a Policy keeping the current reality in mind, in terms of feasibility and manpower requirement of both RWA’s and Authorities.

Gates are the quintessential CHICKEN & EGG STORY…… Why did the need to put up gates arise ??? The simple answer is BECAUSE POLICE FAILED TO PROVIDE SECURITY; SDMC FAILED TO STOP SQUATTERS & DDA ALLOWED MIXED LAND USE DESPITE RWA OBJECTIONS. RWA’s are Happy to do away with gates PROVIDED the Police and SDMC perform their duties, for which citizens pay Taxes.

Every now and the arguments such as passage to Fire Brigade, Medical Emergency, New Visitors etc are touted, but has anyone pondered……

1.      The Fire Engines get stuck more due to haphazardly parked vehicles and not the gates
2.      Medical Emergencies, most intersections and trisection on arterial roads have been closed and every vehicle has to take long detours or take U-Turns under Flyovers, therefore, having to cover longer distances.
3.     New Visitors...... Google Maps, Mobile Communications have changed the way most people reach their destinations.

While understanding the gravity of the situation, it also has to be understood that some CURBS AND DETOURS ACTUALLY CUT TRAVEL TIME, THOUGH A LONGER DISTANCE IS TRAVERSED. In an emergency, time is of essence and not distance traveled. It is a mindset issue we are grappling with, Courts give Judgment based on laid not Rules & Guidelines and not what is Needed or Ground Reality.

Recently, an RWA in GK-I had to throw open all Gates on Court Orders because a disgruntled Resident and the adjoining Market Association wanted access to the rear entrance of Shops & Restaurants in the wee hours of the night. ONLY LAST NIGHT AT 4 AM COUNTER FIR'S HAVE BEEN FILED AFTER A VERBAL BOUT, EVEN LADIES WERE NOT SPARED.


Now, whose Rights do we Protect, Residents or Late Night Revelers using colony roads for thoroughfare, parking, making merry 24X7 or drunken brawls at 2 am? Pubs operate well beyond closing time with authorities turning a Blind Eye and complaints falling on deaf ears of Police and SDMC.

When RWA’s protest against conversion of Residential Areas into Commercial, no heed is paid. Because authorities are only interested in Revenue Generation through Conversion Charges. Forced to take steps to Secure themselves RWA’s get support from Police and SDMC but they won’t frame policies that will protect RWA’s from Court’s Wroth.
EPCA ALSO NEEDS TO BE BLAMED, they are only concentrating on how to regulate traffic and find Parking. They have not gotten to the root of the Problem…. BAD MPD-2021.

IN THIS CHICKEN & EGG STORY ……. RWA’s Will Gladly Throw Open The Gates ……. BUT AUTHORITIES WILL END UP WITH EGG ON FACE …… As It Is Their Duty To Maintain Security and Civic Order. AMEN.


Rajiv Kakria

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Pollution Under Control ?

@10 vehicles an hour, only about 100 vehicles can be issued PUC Certificates by the most Efficiently Working Operater, with no Portal hangover issues.

Delhi has 1000 centers, means 1 lakh a day. Delhi has 1.16 crore registered vehicles of which 60% need to get PUC done every 3 months, 40% yearly or twice in a year.

You do the math, even if working efficiently and constantly for 3 months there will a backlog and the vehicles will be back for repeat PUCs, adding to the backlog.

Despite best intentions, 100% of citizens cannot get PUCs for lack of infrastructure so WHY SHOULD THEY BE PENALISED for not possessing a useless piece of paper. WHY USELESS ???

PUC was an employment-generating scam to give crumbs to loyal nepotism, just as the Crane Service was introduced to fill up pockets of relatives of Police Officials, have the cranes reduced Congestion..... NO.

PUCs never fulfilled the purpose, as no one checked the quality of fuel for adulteration, nor improved the road condition/potholes nor road engineering nor encroachments, non-functioning traffic lights, etc.

the real causes of traffic jams that cause the vehicles to idle in stop-go traffic, therefore causing pollution.

In all the years I have got my car checked never once has the reading come even close to critical......

Ever since BS-IV has come the reading is in beyond 2 decimal spaces.

PUC rate for petrol is Rs. 80/- plus 18% Luxury goods GST..... The balance of Rs. 5.60 is never returned... For Diesel it's Rs. 100/- plus GST.....


For a start, Private Vehicles with BS4 engines should be EXEMPT for 5 years. That will bring the numbers down significantly.

Also, make Automobile Service Centres accountability to mandatory issue PUC after every Service.....

Thereafter increase the checking centers, AND FOR GOD'S SAKE BRING THE GST DOWN TO 5%.....


Govt bhi khush Citizen be khush...... 

Think of ways to reduce manmade hurdles for public good.....
In Hope of Some Sanity,

Rajiv Kakria

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

आप अपनी समस्या के बारे में हमें लिखें

दिल्ली के हर इलाके में कोई न कोई समस्या जरूर है। कहीं सड़कों में खड़े हैं तो कहीं सड़कें ही टूटी फूटी हैं, कहीं जल भराव होता है तो कहीं  पीने को भी जल नसीब नहीं होता। कहीं कचरे के ढेर मिल जाते हैं तो कहीं खुले ढलाव बदबू के मारे जीना मुहाल कर देते हैं। कहीं ट्रैफिक जैम है तो कहीं एन्क्रोचमेंट। कहीं पोलुशन के मारे दम घुटने लगता है तो कहीं अस्पतालों में ढंग की ट्रीटमेंट के लिए भी जेब खाली करनी पड़ती है। ऐसे में अगर आप अपनी समस्या के बारे में हमें लिखें तो हम उसको RWA भागीदारी ब्लॉग और RWA भागीदारी नेटवर्क में अपलोड करके आपकी समस्या को लाइम लाइट में लाने का प्रयास करेंगे। कृपया फोटो या वीडियो जरूर भेजें और अपना नाम, मोबाइल नंबर भी जरूर लिखें।


B S Vohra