Saturday, May 31, 2014

Action to be taken by the present (new) govt !

Dear Mr. Vohra ji,

You always make pioneer efforts in various fields and in this context I would like to suggest that why not we seek suggestions/recommendations from our associates on the action to be taken by the present (new) govt. in various spheres which will make their respective colonies and surroundings an enviable one! Received suggestions etc. may be collated and presented by you in a proper format to the present Govt. or even route it through our Hon'ble Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan, whom you may be knowing intimately! If you agree, I will make an attempt and send it to you from my side what is required to be done - say a wish list - in respect of our colony!

Awaiting your confirmation and with best regards and wishes,

TK Balu/Anand Vihar

Parking Problem ?

Good suggestions but ?

Prof. S. SitaramanSenior Vice PresidentAmity University & Amity - Top US Universities Synergy Forum
Professor, Faculty of Management
Adviser Students' Welfare
Adviser, Amity Centre for Guidance & Counseling (ACGC)
Director, Amity Foundation for Ayurvedic sciences
Convener Students Satisfaction & Happiness Mission
H-6, G-1 A, Near Gate No. 4 A,  AmityUniversity Sec-125, NOIDA

Parking Problem ?

and also the dumped vehicles must be removed early from the Parking lot.  It will create space for more vehicles to park comfortably.  These are a few suggestions to be implemented as soon as possible in easing a bit of the parking problems.  Family should also be restricted in keeping more than one vehicle in a flat. 

Raj Kumar Nanda

Parking Problem ?

And for existing MULTIPLE Carsin OneFamily: Ultimatum to SALEoneCar..KeepOne Vehicle Per Family. Use CarPooling. Pedestal REFORMS should be done to facilitate BICYCLE usage. RWAs must promote BICYLE usage in respective localities for local shopping upto 3-4kms.
Rajesh Kumar

Storm wreaks havoc in Delhi, 9 killed : The Hindu

Tourists take cover at India Gate from the dust storm and sudden shower that hit the capital on Friday. Photo: Monica Tiwari

Disturbance because of a low pressure over western U.P.

Strong North Western winds ravaged the Capital on Friday evening at 92 kilometres per hour, killing nine people and damaging three aircraft and scores of vehicles. Twelve people were also reportedly injured. The disturbance dragged down the mercury and threw the city out of gear. The storm, accompanied by rain and lightning, which struck at 4.58 p.m., was because of a low pressure over Western Uttar Pradesh and neighbouring areas.
Power supply was badly hit in most areas due to trees and branches falling over transmission lines and consequently power plants getting tripped. Rishi Raj of Delhi Transco said that these include the Dadri-Mandola, Ballabhgarh-Bamnauli, Jhatikara-Mundaka, Bawana-Abdullapur, Bawana-Bahadurgarh, Wazirabad-Geeta Colony, Mandola-Gopalpur, Mandola-Wazirabad and Bamnauli-Rohini of Delhi Transco and Power Grid.
This also led to metro and railway services getting hit. While metro services were struck stranded for an hour, more than 100 trains were delayed.
“Some local trains were cancelled and long distance trains were delayed between thirty minutes and three hours due to power disruption. Trees have also fallen on the Rohtak, Ambala and Rewari lines. The power cable over the Ghaziabad- Delhi route has also broken,” Neeraj Sharma of Northern Railway said.
Power discoms claimed they were working to restore power supply to the city before midnight.
“There is still no power here,” said B.S. Vohra of Krishna Nagar. “A tree fell on a power line near Sankat Mochan temple and the impact ripped out power meters from walls.”
Traffic came to a standstill due to branches falling off trees. Coupled with the rush of harried metro commuters, vehicular traffic came to a standstill on most arterial roads. “I was almost blown off the metro staircase in Janakpuri,” said writer Kritika S. “I had to hold on the railings, I thought I would die.”
Worried commuters returning from office were seen flagging down vehicles for a lift. In the Central Secretariat's Shastri Bhawan, a large branch damaged three cars and glass shards fell over passers-by here and at Jharkhand Bhawan in Vasant Kunj. Police barricades that had brought massive rallies to a halt with seen strewn over New Delhi district. “My clothes are flying all over Chittaranjan Park as my maid left them on the terrace,” media professional S. Ashok wrote on a social networking site. The rain evaporated soon after the storm stopped leaving an eerie semblance of normality although the city of djinns remained a mess that will take all weekend to clean. However, water logging was reported in low lying areas.

with thanks : The Hindu : LINK

Friday, May 30, 2014

Parking Problem !

There are lots of problems regarding parking of vehicles, movement of vehicle on the road etc. The number of vehicles is so large that it has created Parking Mafia. Also our authorities say that creating more parking space is not the solution--in that case what is the solution? No alternative infrastructure has been created. Probably the authorities will have to consider some the following seriously:

1) the new houses being built must have in-built parking facility.
2) permission to buy new vehicle must be given only after confirming the availability of parking space.
3) there may be some restriction on the entry of number of vehicles from the neighbouring states.
4) necessary infrastructure as alternative to using personal vehicle may be developed.
Thanking you
M. S. Goel 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

After most Polluted city Tag - Now a shortfall in Greenery ?

with thanks : Hindustan Times

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Shocking News !

with thanks : Hindustan Times

Heartiest congratulations on our representative becoming an Union Minister for Health!!

Dear Mr. Vohra ji,

Excellent projection of compilation! Heartiest congratulations on our representative becoming an Union Minister for Health!! Hope Delhi's health - politically, socially and administratively - will improve further on his elevation! On an introspection it is felt that our representatives could achieve many things and overcome many problems of the citizens of Delhi if they could ensure that all the officials and staff, right from the top to bottom, are made to work and respond to the genuine grievances of the citizens and redress them expeditiously! It is a pity that all our representatives, right from Councillor to our MP, not to talk of any Minister at the state or union level, do not even ack. e-mails sent to them, which is a faster and most economical way of communication, not to talk of response! They are only, I am extremely constrained to record, fond of and seeking felicitations, attending high-tea parties and making laudable speeches from public platform, rather than devoting time and energy to the problems of the 'aam aadmies' who could hardly approach them! Why can't they have staff to attend to such mails and ack/respond to them. They can also seek the assistance of 'volunteers' if necessary to help them in this respect.

For instance yesterday I happened to attend a felicitation function at Karkarduma in honour of our hon'ble MP, by whose sides all our MLAs and Councillors stood by, there was a milieu and a great crowd of all important persons, including citizens but could not maintain a decorum and decency and ack. the role played by the voters in making them elected! I am extremely pained to ink this, but could not help it. Most of them were squatting over the area for 'sumptuous lunch' perhaps gossiping with each other and not caring to even offer seats to 'senior citizens' of our age! This is the culture, unfortunately, we are fond of and we don't wish to celebrate such occasions in a better and befitting fashion! Perhaps my mindset was different?

Even before election of the Councillor and MP and after their elections  too, I had sent mails congratulating them and took the occasion the perenial problems of our area which are all pending over a long period of time but not even they were ack. not to talk of a response. This is the state of affairs. You have to be constantly and consistently in touch with them and approach them time and again in person and greet them etc. failing which you cannot even think of solving your problems! When the day will come when they will respond to your communications and resolve the problems? I am not a pessimistic but an optimist! Let's watch and wait for better times! 

With best regards and wishes,

TK Balu/Anand Vihar

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Kejriwal in Tihar

In a defamation suit filed by Gadkari for declaring him most corrupt, court has sent Arvind in jail for two days, as he refused to furnish bail of R 10000/-. The case will now be heard on 23rd of May. AAP volunteers clashed with police outside the jail late in the evening of 21st while all senior leaders sat on dharna outside. Whatever may be the cause for sticking to its principles but people have not appreciated his approach. Is he trying to hog the limelight and media space while preparing for the forthcoming assembly polls in Delhi?  If so it will not give him electoral dividends. People want him to behave with maturity in a dignified way and take up people centric issues like infrastructure, unemployment and inflation. People are fed up with his street theatrics and policy of confrontation. Elections cannot be won on the issue of corruption alone. Though corruption is an issue but inflation, unemployment and security are the priority issues to be tackled first. By and large people are adjusted to the prevailing corruption and they know it cannot be eliminated fully, at best it can be contained hence it is not a major electoral issue. AAP leaders should adjust to the winds of change. Hard-line approach is not appreciated. Policy of conciliation, compromise and adjustment within the prevailing circumstances is the need of the hour. Drubbing received in recent elections conveys a lesson and should be read properly. The message is loud and clear people have rejected AAP’s policy and approach. They want him to change its strategy. AAP supporters still have lot of hopes from Arvind, hence would not like to see him on a path of self-destruction. Let us hope better sense prevails and he fulfils aspirations of millions of its volunteers and supporters.

Satyendra Malik

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No Power for the last 36 hours in DLF phase 3, Gurgaon

I live in DLF phase 3, and we have been without electricity since 11pm on Tuesday. Various agencies working under DLF give differeing reasons for the blackout, and all promise have been promising electricity within an hour - for the last 36 hours. The newspapers seem to have developed a concern for the feelings of DLF, so though the blackout is mentioned with regard to Gurgaon, DLF has been very considerately left out of the report. I suppose the print media have a very soft spot for DLF.
Can someone tell DLF that this is 2014, and that electricity is not something that is to be given as a kind benediction!

Mr Sucharit Bhattacharya

Bad Roads at Inder Enclave, Nangloi !

To, The Commissioner MCD

Dear Sir,

I am living at A-190/4 Inder Enclave Phase – I Nangloi Delhi-110086 our society’s roads are in very bad condition and due to this drain water blocked in road and people are facing problem to going anywhere.So are requested you please prepare the our society’s lane number 04 and get resolve the such issue.

We are very thankful to you if you will take action in this issue and solve the problem on immediate basis.


Prakash Rawat

Not a silent spectator !








Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Don't be a silent spectator. Say something !

Don't be a silent spectator. Please say something on Pollution in Delhi, on Drinking Water & Power Tariff in Delhi, on Power Breakdowns in Delhi, on AAP's try to reform the Govt. in Delhi, etc. etc.

Plz say something & mail us now.

Monday, May 19, 2014

3,000 EWS families to get swanky new homes in Delhi

About 3,000 families living in slums of Kalkaji and Govindpuri are set to get swanky new homes, courtesy the Delhi Development Authority's (DDA) new housing project.

After rehabilitating residents of the Kathputli Colony in the Capital, the slum dwellers of South-east Delhi are next on the land-owning agency's list.

According to DDA officials, this new housing society has been named the Kalkaji In-Situ Housing Society and is located at Govindpuri Main Road in Kalkaji Extension, near the Bhoomi-Heen Camp. The project will cost approximately ` 232 crore and is expected to be completed by the end of 2016.

with thanks : indiatoday : link : for detailed news.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

India Election: What Narendra Modi’s Victory Means for the U.S. Economy

Narendra Modi’s victory in the Indian election is expected to improve trade ties between New Delhi and Washington and could eventually lift U.S. exports in industries ranging from pharmaceutical products to heavy infrastructure, U.S. officials and business leaders say.
Narendra Modi addresses a public rally Friday after his party won its biggest victory in 30 years on promises to revitalize the economy.
Agence France-Presse/Getty Images
On Friday Mr. Modi, whose pro-business credentials during Gujarat’s rapid economic expansion have already lifted India’s stock market, led his Bharatiya Janata Party toward an apparent victory that could make him prime minister later this month.
Depending on which officials join his government, U.S. companies could benefit from a relaxing of recent policies that promoted Indian manufacturing and intellectual property at the expense of international rivals, U.S. business groups say.
“Looking at his reputation and track record in Gujarat, there were some good signs from his tenure there,” said Linda Dempsey, vice president of international economic affairs at the Washington-based National Association of Manufacturers, a trade group.
Below are some U.S. sectors that could see benefits or challenges under Mr. Modi’s government:
with thanks : WSJ : LINK : for detailed news.

Pollution in Delhi : EDRWAsJF raising issue to a greater extent

With thanks : Hindustan Times

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Delhi govt likely to bring rent deeds under circle rate

In a major initiative, Delhi Government has proposed that rent and lease deeds will be based on the circle rates of properties, a move aimed at mopping up more revenue and curbing tax evasion.

As per the proposal moved by the Revenue department, stamp duties on lease deeds and rent agreements will be calculated as per existing circle rates of an area and no under valuation of properties will be allowed.

Divisional Commissioner Dharampal said that circle rate may be applicable on properties whose tenure of rent agreement is more than one year.

"Often the real rent amount is not shown to save on stamp duties. We are planning to impose taxes on rented properties based on circle rate of a particular area," he said.

Sources said 2 to 5 per cent circle rate may be imposed on rented properties which may raise the rents of commercial properties in areas like Khan Market, Connaught Place and Greater Kailash.

with thanks : Times of India : LINK : for more details

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Plz share pics of RWA Events & Celebrations !

Plz share pics of RWA Events & Celebrations from anywhere in Delhi / NCR for uploading on the RWABhagidari Blog. Awaiting your valued response. You can use the Contact form on the Top Left to contact us.

Thanks & Regards,


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Discoms unsure of meeting new deadline, blame DERC

NEW DELHI: Delhiites risk a season of outages from June, with the Supreme Court lifting its stay restraining NTPC from snapping power supply to the BSES discoms.

BSES Rajdhani and BSES Yamuna, which distribute power to east, west, south and parts of central Delhi, are still trying to make payments to NTPC and indicate that they may not be able to meet the new deadline. NTPC supplies over 2,000MW to the city and regulating the supply will affect thousands of households. The discoms serve about 34 lakh households or 70% of Delhi.

BSES Rajdhani distributes power to over 18.5 lakh consumers in south and west Delhi, including Alaknanda, Vasant Kunj, Saket, Nehru Place, Nizamuddin, Sarita Vihar, Hauz Khas, RK Puram, Janakpuri, Punjabi Bagh, Tagore Garden, Vikaspuri, Palam and Dwarka. BYPL's consumer base includes Patparganj, Karkardooma, Mayur Vihar, Jungpura, Laxmi Nagar, Preet Vihar, Seelampur, Mausam Vihar, Anand Vihar, Vasundhara Enclave etc.

with thanks : Times of India : LINK : for detailed news.

NTPC can cut power to BSES if not paid, says Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has told India's top power producer NTPC that it can cut supplies to New Delhi's electricity distributor BSES if it is not paid arrears by end-May, intensifying a dispute that could lead to blackouts in the capital.
The court on Tuesday ordered BSES - part of billionaire Anil Ambani's Reliance Infrastructure - to pay state-run NTPC the Rs 7 billion ($116 million) it is owed by May 31.
If BSES fails to pay by the end of May, the court said, NTPC is entitled to cut the power it supplies to the distributor, overturning an earlier court order that NTPC should keep power flowing despite the outstanding bill.
BSES did not immediately respond to a request for comment. It has previously said lower tariffs and a revenue shortfall meant it could not pay.
The case in Delhi reflects a growing battle over who should bear the rising cost of power in India.
On the one side are many consumers who consider cheap or free power to be a right and want tariffs kept low.
with thanks : business today : LINK : for detailed news.

The Seatbelt Crew : “Seat belt pehno, Dua lelo”

Sunday, May 4, 2014

FAQs of Dengue

1. If the dengue mosquito is a day biter, why should we use mosquito net in the night?
The Dengue mosquito or Aedes aegypti prefers to bite during the day but this does not mean that it does not bite in the night also. A mosquito net prevents other bites from other mosquitoes including the Culex mosquito.
2. Up to what distance can a mosquito fly?
A mosquito can fly up to a distance of 100 to 200 meters.
3. How high can mosquitoes fly?
A mosquito can fly as high as 20th floor of a building step by step from one floor to another.
4. Which mosquito produces noise?
The Culex mosquito produces a buzzing noise by the beating of its wings.
5. Why does dengue usually begin in the doctors’ hostel at AIIMS?
The students go on leave/holiday leaving their hostel rooms closed. Water remains collected, where the dengue mosquito can breed.
6. Should an electronic repellant be used to kill the dengue mosquitoes?
Electronic repellants are effective for big sized mosquitoes and flies and may not be effective for malaria and dengue mosquitoes.
7. Should a repellant spray be used in the house?
A repellant spray can be used in the house if the mosquito density is high.
8. How long can the mosquito egg remain alive?
The mosquito egg remains alive for up to a year.
9. Should children wear full sleeve shirt and full length trousers?
Yes, children wear full sleeve shirts and full length trousers. This should be followed through the year.
10. Can the infection be transmitted through mosquito eggs?
Yes, the infection can be transmitted through mosquito eggs.
11. How should water storage vessels be covered?
Water that has been stored for use should be kept covered. You can use a clean old dhoti or any other cloth to cover the water storage vessels.
12. How many meals does a dengue mosquito take in a day?
A dengue mosquito takes 3–4 meals in a day.
13. How many meals does a malaria mosquito take?
A malaria mosquito takes a meal once in three days.
14. How big a feed is taken by a dengue mosquito?
A dengue mosquito takes small frequent meals.
15. What are the similarities between dengue mosquitoes and human beings?
Both dengue mosquitoes and human beings prefer fresh water; they both like decoration, both like AC atmosphere, both like to sleep in the night and remain active in the day time and both like to use coolers and both like to take 3–4 meals in a day.

Thanks : Watwani ji

रूट नंबर 109 कि बसों के संबंध में एवं डी.टी.सी.कार्यालय

श्री मान वरिष्ठ प्रबंधक जी, 
सिंधिया हाउस, नई दिल्ली, 

विषय :- रूट नंबर 109 कि बसों के संबंध में एवं डी.टी.सी.कार्यालय के पत्र क्रमांक No.TR/2/Sch/Rt/(109)/14/1309 Dated 04/04/2014 व आर डब्लू ए के पत्र दिनांक 7/4/14 व 10/4/14 के सन्धर्भ में। 

           उपरोक्त विषय के सन्धर्भ में आपका ध्यान बांकनेर गाव व उसके आस पास बसी कालोनी कि लगभग 35 हज़ार कि आबादी कि तरफ दिलाना चाहता हूँ यहाँ से हजारो कि संख्या में दैनिक यात्री अपनी रोज़ी रोटी के लिए अपने गंतव्य स्थान तक जाते है और सैकड़ो कि संख्या में रोज़ाना यहाँ कोई कालेज ना होने के कारण दिल्ली विश्वविधालय के लिए छात्र एवं छात्राए अपने कालेज जाते है लेकिन उनको दिल्ली में जन्म लेने के बावजूद दिल्ली परिवहन निगम कि सेवा से वांचित होना पड़ता जबकि वह अपना रियायती पास भी बनवाते है फिर भी उन्हें प्राइवेट व असुरक्षित वाहनो का प्रयोग करना पड़ता है यहाँ कोई हसपताल न होने के कारण बीमारो, बुजर्गो और महिलाओ को डेढ़ किलोमीटेर पैदल चल कर नरेला से बसे पकड़ कर पहुँचना पड़ता है। और श्री मान जी आपके ध्यान में लाया जाता है कि रूट नंबर 708 /A,109,175 कि एक भी बस सड़क पर ना होकर केवल फाइलों में चल रही है और रूट नंबर 131 कि सढुल कि बसो में स्कूल बसों के ट्रिप उठाए जाते है हक़ीक़त में केवल एक दो बसे ही सड़क पर चल रही है इस बारे आर डब्लू ए बाँकनेर शिक़ायत दिनॉंक 7/4/14 व 10/4/14 को भेज चुकी परन्तु तक उपरोक्त विषय अभी तक कोई ठोस कार्यवाही अम्ल मे नहीं लायी गई है  अत : आपसे निवेदन है कि आप उक्त रूटो कि बसो उनके सढुल अनुसार चलवाकर समस्या का समाधान करने का कष्ट करे। 

सुंदर लाल खत्री 
आर डब्लू ए बांकनेर ,
दिल्ली -110040 

बांकनेर गाँव मे बिजली कि आँख मिचौनी

श्री मान महा प्रबन्धक ज़ी ,
टाटा पॉवर दिल्ली लिमिटेड़,
नरेला दिल्ली 110040. 

विषय;- बांकनेर गाँव मे बिजली कि आँख मिचौनी के संधर्भ मे शिकायत पत्र। 

           उपरोक्त विषय के संदर्भ मे आपसे अनुरोध है कि गाँव बाँकनेर मे शुक्रवार कि रात 10 बजे से ही बिजली की आँख मिचौनी चल रही है पूरी रात से बिजली बर -बार आ जा रही जिसके कारण बिजली के उपकरण टीवी फ्रीज़ पंखे व cfl ख़राब हो रही साथ -2  कालेज के बच्चों की पढ़ाई प्रभावित हो रही और इस तप्ती गर्मी मे बुजर्गो को भी कुछ कम दिक्क्त का सामना नहीं करना पड़ रहा है ? जब शिकायत कक्ष मे सम्पर्क करनें का प्रयास किय जाता है तो उनका भि सन्तोषजनक उत्तर नहीं होता तथा बिजली अधिकारियो से सम्पर्क इस लिये नहीं हो पाता क्योकि उनका या तो मोबाइल बन्द होत है य कवरेज क्षेत्र से बाहर होता है अत: आपसे निवेदन है आप इस और ध्यान देकर समस्या का समाधान करवाने का कष्ट करेंगे और आधिकारियो को मोबइल चालू रखने के निर्देश देंगे। 


भवदीय ,

सुन्दर लाल खत्री ,
आर डब्लू ए  बाँकनर ,
दिल्ली -110040 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

But why East has to pay more ?

Thanks : Hindustan Times

No Govt & none listens !

Re: Development of Green belt in Anand Vihar – works to be carried out.

            We have written a number of letters on the above subject but the progress being made is tardy! Hence we would like to remind you once again to kindly arrange to carry out the following pending works, expeditiously:-

1.    Cutting/pruning of ‘safeda’ trees etc. which are endangering the life and property in the colony, as they are outgrown and titling in a dangerous condition. These also prevent sunlight direct to the ground and growth of grass and plants, besides dirtying the entire belt with dead leaves etc. Some of them are leaning towards the compound wall, which help the miscreants to jump over to the colony causing thefts/dacoity etc. Urgent steps be taken to do the needful in consultation with the Forest Dept., if necessary.
2.    The official concerned may please be directed to spurn up the entire area and plant seasonal flower-plants etc. to beautify the entire stretch at the earliest.
3.    Arrange to reconstruct the boundary wall, on the other side adjacent to the Railway Booking office, which is broken and provide a lockable gate. On either side arrange to provide an iron wicket gate for passage of pedestrians. The present wicket wall may be demolished and an iron wicket gate may please be provided, as suggested.  (Civil dept.)
4.    At a number of places, the surrounding boundary wall is broken, which may please be repaired  properly to give an aesthetic look.(Civil dept.)
5.    The ‘walking pathway’ is very rough at a few places, which may please be repaired
Civil dept.)
6.    We must thank the Electrical Dept. and record a note of appreciation for providing ‘Garden lights’, all over the Green belt, which not only beautifies the place but also facilitates ‘walkers’ to stroll in the nights too!

May we request you to kindly look into the above and take expeditious action on all the aspects stated herein, before the spring season ushering in to gladden the hearts of the residents residing in Anand Vihar!

With deep regards and best wishes for the ensuing New Year!

(T.K. Balu)
Jt. Secretary