Friday, May 29, 2020

But where are the missing corona positive active cases of Delhi ?

We just want to know that as on 28th May 2020, how the 1422 corona positive patients of Delhi are missing in the Delhi Govt Health Bulletin? 

These persons are included in the Total Active cases of Delhi, but not yet admitted to the COVID Hospitals. They are not at the CHC. They are not at the CCC and they are not visible even in the list of Home isolation cases. 

Surprisingly, if these 1422 persons are active corona positive cases, why they are not visible in any of the official categories as stated above? So my question is that where these 1422 persons have gone missing? 

Does it mean they are not yet getting any treatment? 

Does it mean they are still out of the boundaries of being under quarantine? 

Does it mean they might be spreading the virus at the location, wherever they are presently located? 

And does it mean are they really alive or gone missing forever? 

So, does it mean, the figures are the fabricated ones & the truth is being hidden by the vested interests?

On the 17th of May, the figure was 655, 18th 626, 19th 817; 20th 968, 21st 727, 22nd 888, 23rd 851, 24th 717, 25th 933, 26th 723, 27th May 1088, and on 28th May, the figure was 1422 persons. 

But how it is possible that even after inclusion in the list of Active Positive Corona cases of Delhi, they are not getting any treatment? Even if Beds are not available, Home isolation is an open option now.

We had shared similar data on 15th May 2020 also, and the fresh data is being shared again for certain clarifications, remained unanswered so far. 


B S Vohra
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front

Monday, May 25, 2020

Please don't treat RWAs as an enemy !

The residents who don't enter politics, form the RWAs to serve the Civil Society. Members include Doctors, Engineers, CAs, Lawyers, etc. We too have all the educated brains while we criticize Govt policies. Please stop treating RWAs as an Enemy.

B S Vohra
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front





Friday, May 22, 2020

RWAs worried - CNN IBN

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CNN IBN News 18

RWAs worried - HT

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Image may contain: text that says 'hindustantimes The Delhi government's decision to comply with the Centre's directive prompted strong reactions from resident welfare associations (RWAs). "This will crowd on the roads and social distancing go for a toss. The government's own projections the Covid-19 situation is not good. The CM had two days back said that the number of Covid-19 cases may increase if relaxations are given, changed these two days?" said BS Vohra, president, federation of east Delhi RWAs. Centre allowed states to take their own decisions on opening up shops.'

RWAs worried - Aajtak

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AAJTAK , India Today TV Channel

RWAs worried - Delhi Aajtak

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Delhi Aajtak

RWAs worried ; India Today : B S Vohra

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But why the Home Isolation: B S Vohra: HT

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Govt Allows Plumbers, Electricians - HT

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Waive the Fixed Charges : Jansatta

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Maids issue - Delhi Aajtak

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Waive the Fixed Charges of Electricity - East Delhi RWAs Joint Front - Delhi Aajtak

RWAs worried as Shops being opened in Delhi - AAJTAK

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Free Testing of COVID19 at Private Hospitals - Amar Ujala

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Coronavirus pandemic: RWAs worried as some shops open

BS Vohra, president, RWA Federation of East Delhi, said: "Why the Centre has taken such a decision when the cases are growing rapidly. A couple of days ago, the Delhi CM denied any relaxation in Delhi citing the spread of coronavirus and now he has announced adherence to the mandate, posing so many people at risk."

India Today

Police book landlords for insisting on rent, house owners say they have little choice

Hindustan Times

Delhi CM gets over 500,000 suggestions for a post-lockdown Capital

BS Vohra, president, East Delhi RWAs Joint Front, suggested that the government stop the sale of liquor in stores. “Online orders, digital payments, and home delivery mechanisms must be applied here too, else they will not only be contributing to the economy but also to the spread of coronavirus in the city, in a greater way. Please don’t be in a hurry to open anything and everything May 18 onwards. As per noted doctors, the COVID situation is likely to worsen in the coming days. Therefore, Delhi Government must plan for gradual relaxations only, else it will be solely responsible if the situation worsens in the city,” read Vohra’s mail.

Hindustan Times

As police fail to break barriers, residents face the heat in Delhi - TOI

Image may contain: one or more people, outdoor and text
Image may contain: text that says 'and opened most colony roads during the peak hours. "We are seeing how the situation unfolds over the next few days," said B S Vohra, East Delhi Association of RWAs. "Since we have been asked not to interfere with the state government's decisions, we will ourselves take active interest for the time being. After monitoring the situation for a few days, we will submit an assessment report to Delhi government."'

Another high: 571 new cases reported in Delhi

“There is no clarity as to where these cases are coming from. Why is the government keeping silent regarding the identification of hotspots? The government wants us to feel good by providing relaxations but aren’t disclosing information about areas where cases are being registered. So many people are under home quarantine, we should at least know about these localities — this should be done keeping everyone’s safety in mind,” said BS Vohra, president, East Delhi RWAs Joint Front - Federation.

New Indian Express

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Please don't try to turn the city into a Cremation ground ! #Delhi #Covid19 #coronavirus

While announcing the LockDown4 guidelines of Delhi Government, Hon'ble CM commented, "RWAs shall not intend to prevent any person from performing its duties or services, which have been permitted under these guidelines".

RWAs are the Resident Welfare Associations. RWAs have taken the comment in a very positive note. When a CM or a DY CM starts commenting on the working of the RWAs without any empowerment, it clearly means that the RWAs have emerged stronger and that too without any empowerment. It also gives a clear impression that RWAs are moving in the right direction.

RWAs are the critics & the Critics are generally the assets of any governing system as they strengthen the democracy. But don't know why the authorities start treating them as the enemies as if they are not the locals and have landed from some outer space.

We would like to make it very clear that the RWAs don't intend to prevent any person from performing its duties or services, which have been permitted under the LockDown4 guidelines, as announced by the Hon'ble CM of Delhi. 

But RWAs definitely intend to prevent Delhi Government itself, if it tries to convert the city into a cremation ground. We can not allow the Local Government to do the mistakes that can't be rectified or that may lead to the scores of deaths of the innocent residents of this city. 

Of course, there is a clear conflict of interest between the RWAs & the Delhi Government. While the prime aim of the RWAs is to serve the society, the Delhi Government has clearly shown its intentions of serving the society, by allowing the opening of wine shops, all over the city, while it is in the Grip of a deadly virus & with over 10K positive cases to date.

Shockingly, till a few days ago, it was a complete LockDown in the City. They converted it into a Partial Lockdown by allowing the wine shops at every nook & corner. And now they intend to convert the entire city into a Cremation ground, just for the sake of revenue.

While the predictions of the experts have created a panic like situation by announcing that the situation may worsen in the coming days, the Delhi Government, on the other hand, has just allowed the opening of anything & almost everything on the flimsy grounds. 

A large number of #coronawarriors, be it the Doctors, Nurses, Helping staff, our Delhi Police persons, BSF, CRPF & other Para military persons, our sanitation workers, our RWAs, NGOs & many other religious & social organizations have done a lot, by serving in very adverse circumstances. Many of them have contracted the virus & some of them have even lost their precious lives. We just can not let those sacrifices go in vain.

Hope, Delhi Government will also take our intentions in a Positive note, else we will be forced to raise the 'Voice of Delhi', by starting a massive protest against its working. Again, with our folded hands, we request to the Hon'ble CM that please do not try to turn the city into a cremation ground. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

COVID19 - 10 Suggestions to Delhi CM ... East Delhi RWAs Joint Front

13th May 2020 

Mr. Arvind Kejriwal,
CM, Delhi

Subject: Our 10 basic suggestions ..... Though its the Right time to show your Guts and Charisma, Please do not opt for the Herd Immunity, else Delhi will become a real hell with dead bodies all over, as the Peak of coronavirus is being expected very soon.

Dear Sir,

Delhi is now in the grip of covid19, coronavirus, pandemic, a Notified Disaster while the Essential Services Act is already activated. As per the news reports, the situation is likely to be worsened in the coming days. The peak of the positive Corona cases is expected anytime in May, June, and July. With over 7,998 Positive cases to date, just don't think that it's the right time to restrict the commercial activities in the containment zones only.

In fact, it is the right time to show your guts and charisma, to re-build a Modern Delhi, with all the features of a Hitech city. Our basic suggestions are as below:

1. Please recall the old phrase slow and steady wins the race. Please don't be in a hurry to open anything and everything on the 18th of May. As per Dr. Randeep Guleria, the situation is likely to worsen in the coming days. Therefore, Delhi Government must plan for the gradual relaxations only, else it will be solely responsible if the situation worsens in the city.

2. Economic pressures are definitely there, but the Elder Son of Delhi must also care for the precious lives of Delhiites. A little haste at this crucial period, in our city, with a huge population, may become a real hell as visible in Iran, Italy, and the USA, with the stink of dead bodies all over.

3. Economic activities must be opened, but step by step and face to face interactions must be avoided altogether, to maintain Social distancing. So better opt the Video calling, digital payments to finalize the orders, with door delivery mechanism all over the city, to stop the spread of coronavirus.

4. Must stop the face to face interaction at the Liquor shops too immediately. Online orders, digital payments, and door delivery mechanisms must be applied here too, else they will not only be contributing to the economy but also to the spread of coronavirus in the city, in a greater way.

5. There is a severe shortage of Medical Facilities in Government hospitals. Therefore, Delhi Government must temporarily acquire all the Private hospitals, with instructions to treat the COVID19 patients, on No Profit No Loss Basis, only. These corporates can't be allowed to make fortunes by charging huge sums, at the time of a severe pandemic. For years they have earned huge profits and it's time to return back to the community. However, Delhi Govt may provide them PPE kits, masks, gloves, medicines, etc.

6. Must consider the technique applied by Maharashtra Government to offer 100% Free Treatment at Private Hospitals too. It will give a big relief to the residents of Delhi and probably it is the right time to show your charisma. If Maharashtra can do it by introducing the Mahatma Jyotibha Phule Health Insurance Scheme for all the residents, why Delhi can't bring a similar scheme? Please note, almost daily we get the distressing messages that Beds are not available at Delhi Govt Hospitals. If such is the situation at 8K positive cases, what will happen if the cases are multiplied many a time? Must improve the health facilities in Delhi with immediate effect else it will become a Ghost city soon.

7. Testing of #COVID19 has also become a big headache. Govt facilities don't allow free testing of people with no symptoms. While even for the Non-COVID issues, such as free dialysis at charitable hospitals for poor patients, or a regular dental checkup, etc. requires a covid19 test report from Private Labs at Rs 4,500 each time. Must look into it immediately and all the COVID19 tests at the Private Labs must be absolutely Free and can be compensated from the excess 70% collections of Taxes on Liquor.

8. Delhiites very well understand the gravity of the situation. Delhiites want to stand in your support. But please don't hide the truth about the number of positive cases, location of positive cases, number of deaths, location of Isolated cases, availability of health services, etc. as Delhiites just want to know the truth and the reality, to make up the mind and prepare for the situation. It sounds strange that while the number of Positive cases rising day by day, the number of containment zones coming down.

9. Please order the regular Thermal screening of all the Shop owners, Staff, Vegetable and Fruit vendors, Milk and Newspaper vendors, Plumbers, Electricians, Rikshaw pullers, Cab drivers, Petrol pumps, Gas stations, etc. and all those who decide to visit the markets, instead of doing the digital transactions. Suitable Sanitization in a proper way & not just as a formality must be carried on in all the localities regularly. You must take the services of MCD in this regard to check and contain the coronavirus in Delhi.

10. RWAs of Delhi are doing selfless service for the society, since last many years. But the Delhi Government has never supported them. Just have regular interactions with the Positive minds of the RWA community as we have great ideas for the city. We must stand together at least at this critical juncture to save our city. RWAs can also be involved in the Monitoring of various Activities of different agencies.

The entire Delhi is sitting at home with an eye towards Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, with a hope, that he will prove की दिल्ली वालों को कोरोना वायरस के साथ नहीं जीना पड़ेगा बल्कि दिल्ली को अरविन्द केजरीवाल के साथ चैन और सकूं की जिंदगी मिलेगी. Please do not opt for the Herd Immunity, else Delhi will become a real hell with dead bodies all over, as the Peak of #coronavirus is being expected very soon.

With best regards,

B S Vohra,
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front

Sunday, May 10, 2020

#COVID19: RWAs demand Free Treatment at Private Hospitals

10th May 2020

Mr. Arvind Kejriwal,
CM, Delhi

Dear Sir,

The entire country is facing a severe Pandemic, which has already been treated as the Notified Disaster, and Essential Services Act is already in operation in our country.

The Medical Treatment now is the most essential requirement & it must be absolutely Free, till the period of Corona Virus Pandemic, OR till the suitable vaccines come into the market to treat the patients.

Everyone understands that the facilities presently available in Delhi are not sufficient to serve the masses, as earlier Governments have not done much in this regard. 

In such circumstances, we hereby request you to please acquire all the Private Hospitals of Delhi & ask them for the Free Treatment of coronavirus immediately. They can be supplied the required medicines, masks, PPE kits, etc. by Delhi Government, to reduce their burden.


"Maharashtra to offer 100% free treatment for COVID-19 patients in private hospitals too" 
Maharashtra is the first state to extend such an offer for COVID-19 patients under the disaster management act and epidemic diseases act 1897.
It must be noted that it is the time of severe crises & emergency situations & hence these corporates can't be allowed to make fortunes. At this crucial juncture, they too must serve our society as the  #coronawarriors. 

In case you don't want to follow Maharashtra in offering a big relief to the residents of the city, you must at least announce that charges if any, must be on the No Profit No Loss basis, i.e. Break-Even Point. In that case, a suitable monitoring system must also be deployed by including stakeholders from all the streams.

सरकारी अस्पतालों में जगह ही नहीं और प्राइवेट वाले भारी भरकम रकम मांगते है। तो क्या आम लोग बिना इलाज के ही मर जाएं ? अगर प्राइवेट को भी फ्री या नो प्रॉफिट नो लोस कर दोगे तो शायद कुछ लोग बच जाएं।

Please look into it & make suitable announcements immediately as the situation may worsen by the May end & June and our only aim must be to save the precious lives of innocent citizens.

With best regards,

B S Vohra
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front - Federation

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Role of RWAs in the LockDown period

Instead of a few words of appreciation for the selfless service of the RWAs, for the city, for the last many years, as well as during the entire Lockdown period, we were shocked to find a note blaming the RWAs of Delhi, for nothing.

It was absolutely shocking as it has come from a political party, that had promised a huge lot of Empowerment to the RWAs of the city, before the previous elections, but turned it's back, once into the power.

It has come from a Local Government, which has never ever cared to call a meeting with the RWAs to discuss various critical issues, concerning the masses, and has absolutely ignored the RWAs of the city, in its entire tenure, till date.

It has come from the leadership, that assumes that RWAs with no power, no authority, no empowerment, can form the rules challenging the local Government.

Strange, RWAs had just supported the Local Government on the LockDown issues, by campaigning #StayHomeStaySafe #socialdistancing, etc.. RWAs had arranged for the food for the migrating labor as well as for the hungry people, without any publicity or advertisements in the newspapers, without any help or assistance from the local government, that could not provide even the basic masks & sanitizers to the RWAs.

The local government that on one hand blames the previous government, that nothing was done in the health sector in the last 70 years, and confirms the masses smilingly, that we are now well prepared to combat covid19 as this Government has done all that in just 40 days of the lockdown period.

Strange & shocking distress messages are being circulated by the patients about the poor levels of treatment in the city hospitals & at the quarantine centers of Delhi. Shocking distress messages are being shared by some of the Doctors, nurses & staff of various hospitals, saying that even the basic precautionary facilities are not being provided to them. Patients are not getting the beds. Reports are getting delayed by 10 to 12 days.

Probably that is the reason that so many Doctors, Nurses, Helping staff, Police personals, BSF & CRPF personals, as well as the sanitation workers, have been infected by the virus. This shows the level of preparedness our local government has for the city to combat the deadly coronavirus, while we know the exact count of beds, ventilators & other facilities available at various hospitals.

It is also shocking, while the residents are worried about the spread of the virus, the local Government is trying every bit to hide the truth. To date, we don't even know how many patients are there in each district, as a huge lot have been hidden under the title UNKNOWN. Shockingly, the unknown can be the source & not the location. 

Moreover, the mad rush at the wine shops of the city is a serious cause of concern for the residents, while the so-called Mohalla clinics have just shown its back to those looking for the testing or treatment of covid19. 

It is also shocking that the residents are forced to pay Rs 4500/- to the Private labs for the covid19 tests, even for the treatment of non-COVID issues as local Government has just failed to provide the FREE TESTING. Our request to divert the 70% additional collections of VAT on the sale of Liquor towards the Free testing of coronavirus has gone unheard so far.

Just read the news that Mr. Randeep Guleria, Director AIIMS has said that coronavirus may peak in June & July in India, & Lockdown must continue, while your Govt is hell-bent to open everything in the next few days.

So many more things to be asked, while expecting a reply to the above.

B S Vohra
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front

Role of RWAs in Civic Governance During Lockdown

When the Number of Positive cases was not even in Three Digits, the most severe Lockdown in the world was imposed at Four Hour Notice. Now, when the Numbers are Sky Rocketing, restrictions are being lifted in a haphazard manner, with scant understanding of Ground Reality.

IS IT RWAs OVER REACH OR VITAL LINK IN MAINTAING ORDER & SERVICES DURING LOCKDOWN...... No Order of the Government and various Courts or Media Report is without the mention of RWAs Role in Civic Governance or espousing Public Cause.

It is pertinent to mention that at no stage through the past 45 days have RWA’s been consulted, yet RWA’s took it upon themselves to restrict movement, raise funds to supply rations to stranded migrants, coordinated to distribute food packets, took care of Senior Citizens, ensured security to residents, fed stray Animals & Birds etc.

This morning RWA Groups were abuzz with a Delhi Govt. Memo seeking to restrain RWA’s so called Over Reach in staling Movement of ALL AND SUNDRY in their respective areas. RWA’s were very effective in containing the spread of the deadly Virus, it was due to their Proactive stance of Closing the Gates and Restricting Movement when Lockdown was announced, at times braving the resistance of colony Residents. In hindsight it was a decision that has kept Delhi safe from becoming a Disaster Zone.

The Government has not put in Public Domain the exact Numbers or Location of Covid Patients. Low rate of Testing and Reports taking more than 48 hours, by then suspected persons may have contaminated countless others, making the task of tracking suspected cases impossible, given the Govts ability in maintaining Social Distancing that was evident in the aftermath of opening of Liquor Vends.

Sure...... RWAs can sit at home and the Govt can start all activities, BUT FIRST ANSWER THE FOLLOWING.....

1. Govt should issue a White Paper on what preparations were made before Lockdown was announced with 4 hour notice

2. Issue a white Paper on the current status of exact number and location of Covid-19 Patients and from where they originated.

3. Give RWA representatives along with Media a tour of any 10 Quarantine Centres and 5 Covid Hospitals to ascertain exact status of treatment facilities and how patients are kept

5. Issue White Paper on provision of exact number of patients that Delhi is in a position to handle, with physical visit NOT ON PAPER OR PRESS CONFERENCE

6. White paper on exact number of PPE Kits, Testing Kits etc available

7. Give Sworn Affidavit that every test report will be made available within 24 hours and not after 10 days as presently being done

8. Issue white paper on turnaround time and facilities for citizens for consultation, testing, self quarantine assistance, post quarantine sanitization

9. White paper on staff strength such as sanitizing where repeated report found not sufficient when cases were few. 

10. Ensure co-ordination with neighbouring states as Police, DJB, MCD, DTC staffs from Delhi stopped at border, therefore all essential services Staffs in NCT Delhi must be domicile Delhi residents after appointment.

There is a stark lack of understanding of Delhi's makeup as it stands today, by the powers that be, both the Center and State Govts are unaware that more than 60% of shops in Delhi are in Residential areas due to Mixed Land Use. The Malls & Shopping Complex closed will have no impact as mixed land use shops & offices are on every road, colony, village & unauthorised colony, throwing Lockdown to the winds and return to chaos.

Everything has been opened but there is zero economic activity as migrants want to go home. There is no transport, means not many can go to work. Moreover 33% attendance means 100% salary outflow.... 33% output.... ONLY GOVTS CAN THINK LIKE THAT.

GIVE RWAs THE CONFIDENCE THAT GOVT CAN HANDLE THE SITUATION..... we have seen Govt Efficiency on all above fronts, including the handling of Liquor Vends & Sabzi Mandis.

Will the DM & DCP etc ensure Social Distancing norms...... RWAs can throw open all gates, can Police ensure security...... There are many desperate, hungry and jobless people may resort to crime...... To date there have been miniscule cases where RWA’s are effective, RESPONSIBILITY NOW SHIFTS TO GOVT, GO AHEAD TAKE CHARGE...... RWA’s are willing to sit at home.

On behalf of ‘SAVE OUR CITY’ Campaign

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Please Divert Additional 70% Liquor collections towards Free Covid19 tests at Private Labs

5th May 2020

Mr. Arvind Kejriwal,
CM, Delhi

Dear Sir,

We are pleased to note that the Delhi Government has hiked the Liquor Prices by 70% to check & control the rush of the buyers, as viewed on the very first day of the relaxations in Delhi, yesterday.

May we request you to please divert this additional 70% of the collections towards the COVID19 Tests at the Private hospitals so that Delhiites could get it done Free of Cost if required.

Please note, this will not make any dent on the pockets of Delhi Government, as it is the unexpected collections, but it will help the residents of Delhi in a big way, who are being forced to pay Rs. 4500/- for the treatment of covid19/non-covid19 issues also.

We are sure you will look into it immediately.

With best regards,

B S Vohra
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front - Federation