Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Remove the posters in this rainy season !

Dear Friends,

During the monsoons, the posters get soggy and can be easily removed. Pl remove from your areas and post Photos / Videos to motivate others. Let's clean up Delhi during this season.


Col Shivraj
210 Munirka Vihar
New Delhi-110067

Issues faced by residents of Narmada block, Pocket D-6, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

Delhi Development Authority
Vikas Sadan
New Delhi

Sub:  Intimation of issues faced by residents of Narmada block, Pocket D-6, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi


We would like to inform you that RWA meeting of residents of Narmada block, Pocket D6 Vasant Kunj, was held at 11 AM on 12th May 2013 and several issues were discussed which need DDA’s attentionand resolution.

We would like to bring to your notice that even after a long time of paying a heavy amount for maintenance and taking possession of the flats, we are still lacking the basic necessities required to make the area livable.  Here is a point-wise prioritized list of the issues which we would like to you to resolve as soon as possible…

1.     We would like to know the plan on finishing the remaining DDA work, such as flat work, common areas, stairs, lifts, cleaning, street lights, etc.
2.     Most of the lifts in this block are still not operational and in many of them the work has not even started. We would like to know the exact plan on this.
3.     There is huge amount of debris lying in all the common areas which needs to be cleaned.
4.     There is no clarity on how to secure this area and lots of thefts are taking place. We need security guards in sufficient number to monitor the area and restrict access.
5.     The labor of DDA contractor (Mehta Associates, etc..) is still living in this area and we don’t know when they would vacate the premises.
6.     There is no clarity on the timing of water supply. We would also like to know DDA’s plan on starting the Sonia Vihar or other water source or it will continue to be ground water.
7.     Cleaning and covering of sewage and drainage system is to be completed.
8.     We would like to put CCTV cameras in the premises and want to know how can we go forward.
9.     The boundary wall covering Narmada & Saraswati is broken at a couple of places which has made the area very insecure. When would that be repaired?
10.                     We would like to know the schedule and plan for watering the existing plants and planting new plants in the society.
11.                     We would like to get the planning map of Narmada
12.                     We would like to know the cleaning and covering of overhead water tanks in all the towers.
13.                     We would like to know the plan & schedule on allocating the underground parking space.
14.                     The cleaning and covering of sewage and drainage of basement, which is stinking and making the whole foundation insecure.
15.                     We would like to know the plan on making the shopping complex in the area operational.
16.                     We would like to know the procedure of getting the maintenance funds from DDA to RWA and what all be covered for utilizing this fund.

Your Sincerely
Vikram Gehlot
President, RWA Narmada,
Sector D-6 Vasant Kunj
New Delhi

Monday, July 29, 2013

Delhi's power regulator favours CAG audit of private discoms

NEW DELHI: Two days after announcing a five per cent hike in power tariff, Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission(DERC) on Sunday said there should be a thorough scrutiny of finances of all three private power distribution companies by Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG).

Chairman of the city's power regulator P D Sudhakar said scrutiny of the accounts of the discoms by the CAG will help knowing the actual financial position of the private companies.

"There should be a CAG audit of the accounts of all the private power distribution companies. We have already sent a recommendation to the Delhi government for it," DERC chairman P D Sudhakar told PTI.

The BJP and Aam Admi Party (AAP) have been demanding CAG audit of finances of the discoms, alleging huge financial irregularities by them. However, the discoms are strongly opposed to auditing of their accounts by CAG.

"We finalised the tariff structure after examining their financial positions. But still I would recommend a CAG audit as it will be very different from the auditing we carry out," the DERC chairman said.

The BJP has been seeking CAG audit into finances of discoms referring to a DERC proposal in May 2010 to cut the tariff by around 25 per cent citing their healthy financial position. The Delhi Government had restrained the regulator from going ahead with the tariff order.

with thanks : ECONOMIC TIMES : LINK : for detailed news.

NGO complains against discom

NEW DELHI An NGO has moved DERC against the discom BSES for distributing pamphlets along with power bills to show that the tariff in Delhi is much less compared to other metros. United Residents Joint Association (URJA) wants action against the discom, claiming that the move was aimed at influencing consumers before tariff determination. It cited a 2010 order by the regulatory body where BRPL and BYPL, both under BSES, were sent show-cause notices for speaking on tariff before it was fixed. 

"Discoms are not allowed to issue pamphlets or make statements on tariff once they have submitted their annual petitions and their scrutiny has begun. Any such move is viewed as an attempt to influence the commission or consumers," said Amit Aggarwal, a senior member of URJA. 

with thanks : Times of India : LINK : for detailed news.

Re.announcement made by CM

Re.announcement made by CM relating to grant-in-aid to RWAs @ Rs.1 lakh each, could you kindly clarify to whom we should send the proposal for getting the grant and is there any prescribed proforma for the same. Kindly confirm. This will help all RWAs in piloting their proposals!

Thanks and with best regards,

TK Balu
Secretary/RBECHS/Anand Vihar

Garbage Dumping Room

We would like to inform concerned authorities regarding shifting / Remove the Garbage Dumping Room situated adjourned to our Pocket & Sub Station No. 3. We have sent many letters to different authorities like MCD, DDA, Local MLA, our area councilor etc. 

Garbage from nearby area and even from New Kondli Market being dumped in this dumping room and in nearby area. It has clear / cleaned once in a week or fortnight, due to this rotten garbage, bad smell mixed in the atmosphere of our pocket and also lot of bacteria & insects being breeds and spread out in the atmosphere. we have also arranged visits of all above authorities form last more then one & half years and show them our problem. every time they given assurance to shift this Garbage Room but no action has been taken. Residents of our pocket are force to live in this unhygienic environment. 

We request concerned authority to kindly arrange to remove / shift this Garbage Dump Room immediately. 

Arun Thakkur on behalf of 
Residents of Pocket -3 MIG Flats, 
Mayur Vihar Phase-3
Delhi - 110096


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Water Seepage Problem from the Flat Above

I am facing major water seepage issue from the Flat above mine. (DDA Flats) Because of the construction going on (Extension of Balcony) , there is water seepage in my flats, resulting in damage to walls and ceilings in rooms. Ever after repeated requests, there is no result.

Please suggest how to solve this issue.


rajesh khurana

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

How do Radiations from Mobile Phones, Computers and other Wi-Fi Devices harm us?

Radiations from Mobile Phones, Computers and other Wi-Fi devices have non-ionizing & non-thermal effects and carry a constant signal which interferes with the communication system between cells in the body of animals and human beings. This signal is characterized as a warning message, just as if it was exposed to a real threat and potential damage due to toxic chemicals, bacterial attacks, etc.

A defense response is triggered at the biological level when subjected to such signals. The body is under a permanent state of red alert in the body, which suppresses the production of the some of the most important repair enzymes and stress proteins.

Being subjected to Microwave radiations emitted from Mobile Phones, Computers and other Wi-Fi devices for long periods can exhaust the cell’s defense system, lower the body’s immunity and make it vulnerable to various diseases.

with thanks : Envirochips

Letter to Administration by RWA Shastri Park Extn.-Welfare Association

As you may know, absence of basic facilities which are to be provided in unauthorized colonies as per in Delhi Govt. Policy. That there are no any facilities like.
1.   Lying of water pipe lines
2.   Leveling of Streets.

3.   Construction of Main Road.

In our colony, we are continues hard working for  our association, but we could not get any positive response from any concern department,  regarding any development  work in our colony. People are facing lot of problem by many ways and living miserable life like in Jungle since last 10years. We have a population of near about 2000(approx).

We have a kind regard to you, kindly do the needful action in this regard and oblige us by providing all above works which is an essential part of human being. So that we can proudly say that WE ARE LIVING IN DELHI CITI.

Therefore I again request you to understand our problem and support us to develop our colony, so that every colony persons can live freely under your leadership.

Thanking You, 



RWA Shastri Park Extn.-Welfare Association 
Uttrakhand Enclave Part-II, Vill-Ibrahimpur Delhi-36
Regd No.-S/57740   

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Power cables burnt like hot coal !

RWABhagidari News : Severe power outages were faced by the residents of F Block in Krishna nagar after the heaviest rains lashed the city. Moisture seeped, somewhere, into the underground power cables or ones connecting the transformer opposite the BSES office. This resulted into the bursting of the Transformer at around 4 am & the live wires connecting various poles burnt like hot coal. There was panic all around & fire brigade was called by the residents. Later the transformer was replaced by BSES but the replacing of burnt wires took much longer. Power was restored in the area by around 8 pm after the outages of upto 20 hours.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Online RWAs Directory of Delhi

Plz log on to www.RWABhagidari.com to view the RWAs Directory of Delhi. The Directory presently includes listings from East Delhi, West Delhi, South Delhi, Central Delhi, New Delhi areas. Please feel free to mail for any corrections.


B S Vohra

Plz view the RSTV discussion & comment .....

Please view the RSTV discussion & comment on the Three questions asked in the programme. Awaiting your valued response.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Upload your civic issues on RWABhagidari Blog

Power tariff to Power outages, Waterlogging to potholes on roads, Dirty drinking water to non supply of drinking water, Sanitation to sewerage problems, bad roads, decline in the Green cover, Mobile tower radiation, bad administration, bad hospitals, bad mid day meals, Encroachments, Traffic jams, Price of Petrol, Diesel, Inflation, etc. etc. 

There is a long list of issues being faced by residents. We invite you to share any such issues with us with pics, vids for uploading on our web blog RWABhagidari.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Not getting PNG bills ?

We the residents of D block sector15 ROHINI are not getting bills for consumptions PNG from IGL since last six months making it difficult to pay bills and for unpaid bills IGL is charging late payment surcharge from consumers which is unfair. IGL is requested to arange for issue of bills to consumers so that same may be paid by the residents.

Vice President

Delhi rent act 1995

I am greatly shocked to learn that the union cabinet has decided to repeal the Delhi rent act 1995 , which was passed by the parliament and had received the consent of our honourable president 

But some politicians and trader associations having vested interests have forced the union cabinet to take this illegal decision 

I therefore request you to notify the drc act 1995 at the earliest and stop harassing the AAM ADMI of NCT of DELHI.

Jaspreet Singh

Sad and untimely demise

It is shocking to know about the very sad and untimely demise of Mr Harsh Puri only son of Mr  Ashwani Kumar Puri, Secretary, Bank Enclave RWA, on Monday, 15th July 2013 at a young age of 42 yrs due to a severe heart attack. 
On behalf of the MC members of Priyadarshini Vihar RWA, I extend our heart-felt condolences of Mr Puri and his family; and pray to the Almighty to rest the departed soul and give courage to the bereaved family to bear this irreparable loss!
Note:  Uthala (condolence meeting) will be held on Thursday, 18th July 2013 between  3:00 - 4:00 p.m. at Sri Laxmi Narayan Temple, Bank Enclave.
Ram Gupta
General Secretary
Priyadarshini Vihar RWA

On behalf of the entire team of EAST DELHI RWAs JOINT FRONT, I extend our heart-felt condolences to Mr Puri and his family. 

B S Vohra
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front

On behalf of our RWA Jan Shakti Vikas Samiti, Kailash Nagar express our deep condolences on the sad and untimely demise of son of Sh. Ashwani Puri.  We pray Almighty to give peace to the departed soul and courage to the members of bereaved family to bear this irreparable loss
Ashok K Bhatnagar
General Secretary

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Willingness to do something for the betterment of people ?

Totally agreed from your statement. Actually, the government should show willingness to do something for the betterment of people rather than only announcing things and not adhere with it.

Amitabh Ranjan
President, RWA
Pocket-A, Loknayakpuram

Works to be done under My Delhi I Care Fund !

We are member of Bhagidari. Our parking lot accommodating about 25-30 cars is in bad shape as it could not be repaired due to lack of funds since it was allotted by DDA to us. We are also being a corner plot we have long boundary wall which is cracking and can fall any day. This needs urgent repairs. The need for funds can be assessed by your expert team of Engineers. Our total strength is only 60 residends and our collection per resident is rs 10,000/= per annum. This  only helps in providing security, mali and day to day repairs in colony. Our RWA is known as MOUNT KAILASH RESIDENT (FLAT 61-120)ASSOCIATION, EAST OF KAILASH, NEW DELHI-110065

We shall be great full to you if you help us in getting these repairs can be financed through bhagidari funds.  

prakash narayan 

Plz write a letter to the Bhagidari cell in the Office of your DC Revenue. They have a budget of Rs 5 Crores for each Dist. for RWAs under the "My Delhi I Care Fund". The works you mentioned above are most likely to be covered under that.


B S Vohra
east delhi rwas joint front

No supply from Munak Canal, Delhi eyes irrigation water to quench thirst

With the dispute over water from the Munak Canal having a reached a stalemate, Delhi is now looking to use irrigation water it receives from the Yamuna for drinking.
Since water shortage could prove damning for the government in an election year, Delhi's water utility, the Delhi Jal Board, is planning to push for the release of 51 cusecs of its "legitimate" share for irrigation water through Haryana.
"This 51 cusecs (25 million gallons a day) has nothing to do with the Munak Canal share. It is Delhi's legitimate share that has been allocated for irrigation. Since irrigation needs of the city have gone down significantly, we want Haryana to give us that water in bulk for us to use it the way we want," a senior DJB official said.
DJB's chief executive officer Debashree Mukherjee has been meeting MLAs from the suburbs, especially Bawana, who clarified that irrigation water released through Haryana was occasional. Senior officials maintained that the neighbouring state had refused to share details of the irrigation booking despite repeated requests.
If Delhi secures additional 51 cusecs from Haryana in bulk, it will be able to run at least one of its three water treatment plants that are lying vacant for want of raw water and the Munak Canal issue.
"We will take this issue up with the Upper Yamuna River Board and the Central Water Commission on a priority basis. If we get 51 cusecs of water, we will be able to operate the 20 MGD Bawana water treatment plant," Mukherjee told Newsline.

With thanks : Indian Express : LINK : for detailed news.

Tall promises are made but never fulfilled ?

I fully endorse the views expressed herein. It is true at the public forum tall promises are made but never fulfilled. It has become a core custom will politicians across the board who hold positions! I could tell from our experience that all mails sent to Hon'ble LG or Hon'ble CM are never attended to inspite promises made, assurances given and publicity made in media etc. With the technological innovations made and adopted by the Govt. with a lot of fanfare etc. nothing tangible has been done. As a result all problems being faced by the residents continue to plague them with no solutions. Take anything under their umbrella - whether inflated water bills, dogs and monkeys menace, cleaning of storm water drains or sewerage, carpetting of roads, provision of uninterrupted electricity, maintenance of parks, removal of encroachments, demolition of disused overhead water tanks over a few decades, intensive patrolling of colonies by Police, payment of property tax and to get mutaion etc. done etc. etc. You could go on reporting countless problems but not attended to over months and years! We could never imagine what is the problem in attending to public grievances reported through various channels. Even appointments are not given by the officials concerned and when we finally go to meet them at the appointed time, a cool message is left behind stating that they have gone for a meeting, always easy to take the names of their bosses or the Hon'ble CM OR LG!! Nothing moves without pleading with the officials concerned numberless time and greasing their palms and pleading the genuine cases for redressal! Are we all living, working, law-abiding and worshiping our own lords who are expected to serve/help us? The latest issue of India Today reveal everything how our Corrupt Republic functions! Is it not a shame on our part for which everyone is responsible! Of course, we have no option but to prostrate ourselves before the ALMIGHTY to save us and save our country from the clutches of these Lords!

TK Balu
RBECHS/Anand Vihar

Monday, July 15, 2013

RSTV : Sarokar : Discussion on Supreme court ruling : B S Vohra

Promises are never fulfilled ?

Govt. is busy in conducting various 'Samaybadh Jagrukta Divis' under Bhagidari commitment of the Govt.  But it is observed that the promises are never fulfilled e.g the same Shivir was conducted at Talkatora Stadium on 7.7.2013, with an assurance that the CM or the CM Office concerned department will reply to the grievances filed within seven days, but no action is taken till today.  CM must ensure the promises made are fulfilled if not possible, then  there is no use wasting public money like this. 

R K Nanda

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Why Govt is unable to control the fall in Indian Rupee ?

पेट्रोल के दामों में आज रात से फिर बढ़ोतरी .पेट्रोल की कीमत में आज रात से 1.55 पैसों की बढ़ोतरी की है .इस बढ़ोतरी में टैक्स शामिल नहीं है टैक्स अलग - अलग प्रान्तों में अलग - अलग दर से लिया जायेगा .

Samyabadh Jagrukta Shivir at Yamuna Sports Complex

Thursday, July 11, 2013

May I ask the reason from Delhi Traffic Police ?

We have made dozens of complaints to DTP to look into the Traffic Jam position in Krishna nagar, Lal quarter, Jheel, areas. Many a time we got visits from ACP or TI in the earlier months to look into our problems. Many a times we uploaded vids of real traffic jams on the DTP site to exhibit the gravity of situation. Many a times we raised the issue at the Bhagidari meets at the DC office monthly meetings. But no action is ever taken & we were told that the staff crunch is the reason. We were told that almost 50% of the staff has to go to the VIP duty everyday. We asked for tow away vehicles to ease the traffic jams in the area but DTP could not offer us even a single round even in months as they said they have to maintain the Vikas Marg.

But strange the same DTP has enough staff to tow away the vehicles from the areas where there is no traffic jam, where the parked vehicle is not hurting anyone. Sometime ago I went to deposit the school fee of my kid at GHPS hargobind enclave & on coming back found my car towed away. Today I parked my car for few minutes to take away some papers from typist near the DC office & again my car was towed away. These are the areas where there is no rush, no traffic jam and nothing of that sort.

Strange the areas mentioned above don’t have the NO PARKING Sign boards & when I asked the DTP personal, his answer was that there is not even the PARKING Board.

some of the older vids :

Civic issues of Navrachna apts, East Arjun nagar






Wednesday, July 10, 2013

IndiBloggers meet, that changed smelly to smiley !

Though I get regular messages from indiblogger, I never took much interest as first of all I don’t like to go alone n secondly, can’t really adjust in the ho halla that’s expected  in such kind of meets. 


I am a different type of person. A Blogger but with a social cause. Wanna serve the society. Wanna chat n discuss about our meets with DERC so that the power tariff could come down in Delhi. Wanna chat n discuss about the DJB, about dirty water being supplied, about waterloging in the city, potholes, sanitation, power outages, RWAs, FDI, inflation, politicians etc. etc. & ofcourse about our RTIs on various issues and you can find me on various TV channels on various social issues.

Donno how, i decided to visit the Ambipur meet, filled the participation forms n reached the spot alongwith Sonia - my wife who is also a very active Blogger with our SikhsIndia Blog. 

The meet started with Nihal and OMG what was that ? All the bloggers were just laughing, banging their heads….OMG.....it looked like a MAD MAD MAD House or a mad mad mad world.

But very soon I realized that it was not a mad house instead a fun filled event where youngsters had ample opportunities to express. It was not just a promotional event of P&G for Ambi Pur, instead it offered us to meet a wide variety of bloggers from the city as well NCR region with different causes, interests, technicalities & so on. They were from different age groups, from the mere 13 years old to the grown ups & matures, all there, under the single roof, laughing, shouting, enjoying the fun filled event.

All the Bloggers actively participated in various activities & expressed themselves in the best possible manner. And lastly the skits, though promotional in nature, again offered ample opportunities to the audience. They were divided in 8 teams & given few minutes to not only to make a promotional skit but also to perform it on the stage. Great fun indeed ! All the teams performed well, with their own themes, their own stories, generated there itself, in few minutes with all the born n natural actors. Good job ! Great efforts ! I just sprayed AMBI PUR to convert the smelly ones into smiley ones.

And finally, i had to change my opinion, atleast about the indiblogger meets. Instead of mere Ho Halla, it was a great experience, a great opportunity to meet all lot of friends from various cultures, different fields, different age groups but with one thing in common. Yeah, we all were INDIBLOGGERS.

Definitely three cheers for the entire indiblogger team, that was quite friendly and thanks from my wife to all there as she really enjoyed a lot. Thanks to Ambipur as it changed the smelly to smiley in a short span. 

And one thing is sure that now onwards i would like to attend all the indiblogger meets in Delhi & around (subject to my time restraints), and in case i could not reach the spot due to my other social activities, my wife will definitely be there, in the indiblogger meets as a co blogger. In that case, please don't forget to meet me at the link below : http://www.youtube.com/user/RWABhagidari/videos

RWAs views on the announcement made by CM :

I would like to clarify regarding the doubts created by some RWAs regarding the authenticity of one lakh to be given to RWAs.  In the Bhagidari meet at Talkatora Stadium on 7.7.2013 the CM announced this amount for the betterment of the working of the RWAs.  I would request to kindly go forward and send your estimate for sanction.  Thereafter we can comment whether it is false or true.  Accordingly we could clear our doubts and trust the statement of the CM.
R K Nanda 
'Sahyog' Varishst Nagrik Manch, 
Shalimar Bagh, 

This is really a fabulous news, but as there is thick layer of cloud of uncertainty is covered as yet to know what is the formalities to procure it is not cleared, so is it a kind of political stunt in view of upcoming election in Delhi, it will better clear in near future.

Amitabh Ranjan