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Parking, in fact, is a serious problem. Every day you see some news or the other about fight over parking in different areas. One more reason for lack of parking space is conversion of single storey houses in to four-storey buildings, meaning four families in place of one or 8-10 cars in place of 2. The problem is compounded when the stilt parking in these multi-storey buildings is illegally used for commercial purposes and the cars are parked on the road.  It is high time, government/MCD has to formulate a policy to tackle this problem and then strictly implement it.

R. N. Gupta
Priyadarshini Vihar RWA 

Solution to the parking problem

Dear Mr. Vohra ji,

My immediate reaction and solution to the parking problem is as follows based on my experience in our (Anand Vihar) colony.

- Identify in each block/area vacant spaces like nursery plots, parks/tot lots etc. for conversion into parking lots where the compound walls can be raised, high mast light installed, gates are provided and secured with a chowkidar who could look after the vehicles day/night and clean them also and thereby earn his livelihood from the charges (of course it has to be nominal on a monthly basis) recovered who park their vehicles based on the numbers and type of vehicles;

-kitchen gardens and encroachments in front of the houses to be demolished to make space for parking of vehicles;

-service lanes where provided have to be gated on both sides and vehicles of owners of the houses at the back of service lanes could profitably be used by adjustments where found necessary.

-All residents who have parking space (stilt parking area) below their flats should be forced to park their vehicles when they are no longer required

-identify the places for parking duly marked in front of markets, like Vikas Marg etc. for parking of vehicles who come to shopping in those areas;

Hospitals/Schools etc. should identify the spaces for parking of the vehicles of visitors etc. failing which no permission should be granted to do their business. As and when they are established parking area should be made compulsory as an integral part of building sanction by the authorities concerned. Roads etc. should be widened and wherever obstacles are found they have to be removed by the authorities concerned.

All the above require a coordinated approach by the Police/MCD and such other authorities to identify and take further course of action.

As a long term measure, the authorities concerned have to get constructed underground parking space below the parks, nursery plots etc. inside the colonies. Registration of vehicles should be restricted like in many countries i.e. Singapore, Japan etc.

Public transport like EMUs (Railways)/bus/metro should be encouraged and planned out in phases so that vehicular traffic on roads could get reduced considerably.

With deep regards,
TK Balu/Anand Vihar

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Meeting for Direct supply of Onion & Potato to RWAs of Delhi

On behalf of Delhi Government, SFAC is arranging for the supply of Onion and Potato, directly from Farmer Producer Organization (FPO), for sale to consumers at the RWAs. 

In this context, SFAC is organizing a meeting of the prominent RWA's of Delhi for supply of Onion and Potato through Mobile Vans. You are requested to please communicate your contact number / contact details so that we can inform you about the date & timings of the meeting. 

Please revert with your mail to :

No Parking policy : Hindustan Times

Monday, July 28, 2014

10% of city eaten up by car spaces : Times of India

NEW DELHI: Finding parking space in Delhi is like a treasure hunt. The growing number of cars has led to a scramble for vacant slots and frayed nerves. Rajinder Bhatia's death in west Patel Nagar underlines a larger issue and a crime pattern that needs a closer look. According to a study by the Centre for Science and Environment, parking takes up nearly 10% of the city's space, just 1% less than the green cover. Delhi has 82 lakh registered vehicles and the addition of cars, many of them superfluous, will only compound parking problems in future.

With the lanes in residential areas always packed, fights have become routine. Ambulances, police vehicles and fire tenders often get stuck. "The area needed for parking vehicles is now double of what is taken up by slums in Delhi. The social inequity, shrinking of common areas and unhealthy environment will only get worse," said Anumita Roychoudhary, executive director, CSE.

To tackle this problem, some RWAs have restricted entry of cars, others have proposed parking lots beneath the parks. Many are using colony parks and vacant plots to squeeze in their cars. "There is no policy to curb purchase of cars.

Anyone can buy any number of cars without showing parking space. There is no policy," said Manjeet Singh of South Extension part-I RWA.

Another reason for the mess is the commercialization of residential roads. Banks, nursing homes, gym and departmental stores are essential but daily fights over parking outside houses are also taking their toll. Deflating tyres, towing and damaging cars has become common in such colonies

Since 2005 civic agencies have been collecting conversion charges from these areas. They had to provide parking facilities from this money.

"Not a single parking lot has come up. Where has the money gone?" said Rajiv Kakria of GK-I RWA. Of the 41 parking lots planned by the corporations since 2007, only three have been completed. Vasant Vihar residents' proposal for a parking lot beneath a park was shot down.

Unauthorized colonies as well as congested areas like Karol Bagh and Walled City are worse off. "The lanes are so narrow but people keep buying cars.

We need a policy or more people will be killed over parking rows," said B S Vohra of East Delhi RWAs Joint Front. Experts had suggested charges for street parking but political pressure put them in cold storage. "Public transport needs to improve to reduce reliance on cars," said Ashok Bhasin of North Delhi Residents Welfare Forum.

Quoting Tom Vanderbilt, author of Traffic, "Why we drive the way we do, equates with jungle laws", Roychoudhary summed it up pithily: "Humans hunt for parking the way animals hunt for food."

with thanks : Times of India : LINK

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Policy on rooftop solar power generation for Delhi soon !

After years of wait, the decks are finally being cleared for rooftop solar power generation in the Capital. The Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission is expected to notify the proposal, which will see solar units fixed on rooftops, in two weeks’ time. The initiative envisages individual households producing solar power for their own consumption and also decreasing the peak time load on the power network.

The DERC is in the process of finalising regulations about its proposal to introduce net metering for rooftop solar power generation as per the guidelines laid down by the Union Ministry of New and Renewable Energy.

After the policy is notified, the Delhi Government will initiate putting of solar plants on government buildings, colleges and hospitals. It may be later followed at individual level. In fact, the Delhi Government may announce “production-based subsidy” and other incentives for solar power generation.

So far, Delhi doesn’t have a solar policy, a fact that is an obstacle in accessing incentives for producing solar energy.

with thanks : The Hindu : LINK : for detailed news.

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Skyscanner - Travel plan

I am always willing to Travel as it's my passion to view newer places regularly. In India i have travelled a lot. Right from the Rohtang pass to Manikaran to Kulu, Manali, Hemkund sahib, Jammu, Amritsar to Agra, Gwalior, Indore to Vijayawada, Vishakhapatnam, Hyderabad, Machilipatnam and upto Goa, i loved every thing. Snowy peaks of Rohtang or para gliding at Manali or Boat cruise at Goa, i loved every thing. 

Now i wish to go to China. Wanna see the Great wall of China, Wanna see the markets & industry of China. Wanna see that how they could sell everything at rates lesser than, our cost of that product in India. Wanna see how they produce at such lower costs & ruin the markets of other countries. Skyscanner offered an opportunity to travel free of cost to anywhere in the world and i am ready to crack it. Yes, i wanna go to China now and no where else.

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What a Trip to enjoy CHINA for 10 days as well to look into other business opportunities and to have a great view of our competitors. It can be a great opportunity in less than Rs. 1 Lakh, only through skyscanner. Thanks a lot SKYSCANNER for offering such an opportunity.

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Kargil Vijay Diwas !

Status of parks or green belts !

Dear Mr. Vohra ji,

MCD/DDA are all hoodwinking us and giving a false and untrue picture to the Courts of Law regarding the status of parks or green belts etc. I would only vouchsafe about the pitiable condition of parks and green belts being (supposed to be) maintained by the said agencies. Their officials and workmen never work at the field i.e. ground level, but drawing sumptuous salaries with little contribution for the development and maintenance of such parks. For instance Anand Vihar colony has 14 parks, 5 tot lots, (all of MCD) 2 green belts and 1 NH park (of DDA). You can't ask for more! But apart from the 1 NH park, which is being maintained tolerably well by the DDA, rest of them are in a horrible condition. In fact most of them are being looked after by the local residents around such parks by paying hefty amounts to the private mallies. The MCD/DDA mallies are never to be seen in such parks and their supervisors are getting 'commission' from them for marking their presence. Corruption is rampant but not reported as the 'share' goes to everyone, right from the supervisory level to up! 

Now is the time for plantation, watering, manuring, leveling the ground with additional sweet earth etc. but rare to find in any of the parks. The parks are full of filth, broken swings, benches etc. the trees/plants are never pruned, watering is never done, but their attendance is being marked! I quote an instance. I have taken up the issue relating to 'pitiable condition of the green belt' being maintained by the DDA more than 2 years back with the highest authorities i.e. LG/Delhi, who is the Chairman of DDA, and constantly pursuing it at various levels, but no tangible result so far. You could well imagine what else an individual could do for improving the situation for the benefit of all residents over here. The issue had also been taken up by the RWA. Despite all this, It is a pity that the officials concerned don't reply at all, not even an ack.! Where to go?

You must have also read the news item today in HT that Govt. starts inspecting RWAs for rainwater harvesting! Again, I quote, the MCD had constructed in concrete the 'storm water' drainage system in Anand Vihar colony, covering all houses/blocks etc. but forgot to give a 'slope' for the flow of the water! Consequently, the water stagnates in the drains making them a fertile ground for mosquitoes' breeding! The Society had been pleading at the time of construction to give a slope or not to build a concrete surface, so that the water could seep into mother earth, but did not listen, as the contractors had to do the job as per contract with a built-in provision for commission to the officials concerned! Later, the Society had been pleading with them i.e. MCD as well as the DJB to punch the concrete base at several places so that the accumulated dirty water could seep through, but turned deaf ears. This being the ground situation how the Govt. will start inspecting the RWAs for rainwater harvesting! Are the RWAs against it? A point to ponder over! The RWAs are not the 'executive body' to carry out 'rainwater harvesting'! Are they not aware of it? Whom they are fooling - the people, the courts and themselves!

TK Balu/Anand Vihar

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Apathy plagues our children's parks : Deccan Herald

Children’s parks in the city are in a deplorable condition. Where swings once stood stand iron poles, giving a hint that once upon a time there used to be something for kids. Ironically, when it comes to a proper children’s park there is nothing much to offer, especially to those who don’t live in society apartments. 

Recently, the Delhi High Court also expressed its anguish over the poor maintenance of children’s parks in the City. The court was informed that most of the swings in the parks were damaged and bound to cause injuries. The amicus curiae in the case, advocate Nidesh Gupta, informed the court about the deplorable condition of the parks pointing towards the poor state of the swings, nails coming loose  and electricity wires spread  all over. 

The court also took suo motu cognisance of a letter written by Supreme Court judge Kurian Joseph, who visited the popular children's park at India Gate and Lake Park near Sarojini Nagar. He expressed his displeasure over the irresponsible attitude of the concerned authorities in maintaining the park. 

Metrolife explored other parts of the city to find out about the condition of children’s parks and learnt to its dismay that they were in a shambles, a victim of official apathy and neglect. 

Anil Sidhwani, president, Residents Welfare Association (RWA), Azad Nagar, East Delhi says, “There are two parks in our area – one is under the MCD and the other under DDA. And, both these parks don’t have a single swing for the children. Everything has been destroyed and damaged and there is no cleanliness either. No action has been taken despite our several complaints to the area councillor and  government officials.” 

Sidhwani also mentions the fully-equipped gymnasium that was constructed in the DDA park four years ago but which could not be opened to the public.  “It was for all age groups, but it hasn’t been opened since four years as officials couldn’t find an instructor! Today, all the windows of the room have been broken and some equipment has  also been stolen,” lamented  Sidhwani. 

Similar is the condition in South Delhi parks too. Sanjeev Bansal, president, RWA, Ashram says, “There are three to four parks in our area and none of them is in a good state. Forget about swings, there is litter everywhere. There are no gardeners to look after the park.”

Commenting on the High Court’s concern over the parks, he said, “The bench must have sought a status report from civic agencies on the issue and directed them to take immediate steps to improve the parks. But it is definite no action will be taken. Over the years we have been asking for the renovation of the parks but no action has been taken by the MCD or DDA. Now, when there is no ruling government nobody  is interested in looking into  the matter.”

Citing the main reasons behind the poor maintenance of children’s parks, which is an essential part of any residential area, B S Vohra, president, East Delhi RWAs Joint Front says, “It is due to the lackadaisical approach of the officials towards parks. No doubt funds are being released but they aren’t being utilised where they should be. In the absence of gates, drug peddlers easily enter parks during night hours. They destroy the swings and sell it to fulfil their drug demand. The fact is everybody takes children’s parks for granted.” 

with thanks : Deccan Herald : LINK

Power Tariff issue with DERC : The Hindu

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Thanks to News Nation for Exposing the %age game of Doctors & Diagnostic centres !

It was a common saying & hugely doubted, that it's a percentage game between Doctors & Diagnostic centres, between Doctors & Chemists but with no proof. 

Thanks to the News Nation TV channel, it has not only exposed the nexus, it has also shown the cheques given as the percentage to Doctors & that too from the Top rated Diagnostic centres of Delhi. 

It clearly showed the Diagnostic Centres ready to do MRI at any price of 9000, 8000, 7000, 6000, even 5000  with upto 50% to the referring Doctors. Upto 30 % , 40%, 50% and even 60% commission to referring Doctors on various tests.

Think of the plight of a person who visits a Doctor with a patient for treatment. Doctor charges his Fees & refers a dozen tests from a particular centre, just for his designated PERCENTAGE, even though the tests may or may not be required.

It's not the end of the story, instead, a tip of the big iceberg. I have seen the cases where a person was asked for an immediate operation but when cross checked, no operation was required at all. I have seen the patient in ICU, when challenged, was shifted outside in minutes. I have seen the patient with simple gastric problem, being treated as a Cardiac patient. I remember a simple case of Jaundice, where the patient was admitted & dripped & hugely billed & later the Doctor said while smiling, " I am a surgeon, agar kattunga nahi to kam kaise chalega". I have heard the instances of dead patients kept on ventilators for days for making money.

Think of these Private Hospitals who make Lakhs every month in just Room rentals + the commission percentages & they call that it's a NOBLE profession.

Probably it's the right time, as we have our Dr Harsh vardhan as the Health Minister of India. We hereby request Dr Saab to impose stricter norms & regulations on these Private hospitals & Diagnostic centres. As it is very much clear that Exorbitant prices are being charged by these Private hospitals, we hereby request Dr Saab to fix the Lowest Possible prices for all kind of Medical Tests, MRIs and even Room rentals so that the Public of India could have a sigh of relief.

Thanks again to News Nation, Thanks to its entire team, for exposing this nexus with a hope that it will continue its muhim.

B S Vohra

Why the Elections in Delhi are likely to be held in Jan. or Feb. 2015 ?

But why the Elections in Delhi are likely to be held in January or February 2015 ? It's already 6 months & we dont have our elected Govt. If the things are quite clear that none of the political outfits are in a position to form a Govt., than why the Elections are being delayed till January / February 2015 ? And that too in a situation where the General Public can't even reach the Hon'ble LG.

Friday, July 18, 2014

‘Residents are not willing to bear any more burden’ : The Hindu

A report from our Special Correspondent:
The East Delhi RWAs Joint Front has criticised the power tariff hike stating that the residents were not willing to bear any more burden based on the whims and fancies of the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission.
In a statement, the Front’s office-bearer B.S.Vohra said while the power tariff in Delhi has gone up by 8.32 per cent to 9.52 per cent, the DERC has claimed that it has provided relief by scrapping the power purchase cost adjustment (PPAC) charges. “It clearly means that the PPAC being charged till date was totally unjustified or this time they have raised the power tariff and sooner or later they will re-impose the PPAC. Moreover, the imposition of another slab of over 1,200 units at the rate of Rs 8.75 per unit is also absolutely unjustified.”
General Secretary of United Residents of Delhi which is an umbrella body of a group of RWAs accused the regulator of acting at the behest of private power distribution companies. The RWAs termed the hike as “arbitrary and illogical” alleging it was “based on fudged accounts of these power companies”.
“There is enough evidence on record to suggest that the discoms have siphoned off huge amounts by fudging their account books. On the basis of the evidence available in public domain, a CAG audit of all the three discoms of Delhi was ordered,” said Mr. Gandhi
“The CAG has been complaining that the discoms have not been cooperating with the auditors and have so far refused to make their account books available to them. Instead of forcing the distribution companies to comply with auditing norms, the DERC has come to their rescue by announcing this undue hike,” he alleged. Rajiv Kakria of GK-I RWA slammed the DERC for hiking the tariff. “The decision to increase tariff is completely unjustified,” he said.
Varinder Arora, Convenor of the Delhi Residents Forum, said “The various reasons like inflation cited by DERC for increasing tariff have no relevance as these companies are not selling onions or tomatoes. We demand immediate roll back of power tariff.”
with thanks : The Hindu : LINK

DERC Power Tariff : Hindustan Times

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Why not involve RWAs, corporates to maintain parks? HC

The Delhi High Court today suggested roping in of Resident Welfare Associations (RWA) and corporate firms to manage the parks in the national capital as the civic agencies do not seem equal to the task. 

"Why don't we involve RWAs and corporates to maintain parks? They (civic agencies) are not doing the needful," a bench of Chief Justice G Rohini and Justice R S Endlaw said while hearing a plea on the issue of poor conditions of children's parks in the city highlighted in a letter written by Supreme Court judge Justice Kurian Joseph. 

The court also invited suggestions from senior advocate Nidhesh Gupta appointed as amicus curiae to assist the court.

During the hearing, Gupta submitted photographs of various parks in the city and said that except two, at India Gate and Sarojini Nagar, the rest are in poor condition. 

He also said the status reports of New Delhi Municipal Council and North Delhi Municipal Corporation stating that the parks have been repaired and are functional and the pictures attached by the civic agencies, both are incorrect and misleading. 

He also cited the standards followed by various countries in maintaining parks and such amusement facilities and submitted that it is the responsibility of the central government to take care of upkeep of such places. 

Earlier, he had told the court that "facilities in parks are like death traps. Almost all the swings, slides and other facilities are in pathetic condition. In some of them, nails are coming out." 

He had made the submission after visiting parks at various places including Vasant Vihar, Vasant Kunj, Greater Kailash and India Gate. 

In his letter, Justice Kurien had mentioned India Gate children's park and the Lake park at Sarojini Nagar but the high court had expanded the scope of the PIL by including all such parks in Delhi and had asked the agencies to give details regarding the number of such places and their proposed action plan to upgrade, maintain and repair facilities there.

with thanks : Business Standard : LINK

Current Marega Bill : DERC : Delhi Aajtak : B S Vohra


DERC approves 8.32% power tariff hike across Delhi

दिल्ली में पॉवर टॅरिफ 8.32%  - 9.52% बड़ाने के साथ DERC ने अब तक लगने वाला 6 - 8% का PPAC ख़तम कर दिया. इसका यह साफ साफ मतलब निकलता है कि दिल्ली में अब तक लगने वाला PPAC बिल्कुल नज़ायज़ था या फिर इस बार पॉवेर टॅरिफ बड़ा दिया गया है और तीन महीनों के बाद एक बार दोबारा से PPAC लागु कर दिया जाएगा.  पोवेर टॅरिफ के लिए एक और slab ( > 1200 units @ 8.75 pu ) का बड़ा देना भी बिल्कुल गल्त है. इस महंगाई के दौर में दिल्ली की जनता ज़रा से बोझ को भी बर्दाश्त करने के मूड में नही है.

DERC has raised the Power Tariff in Delhi by 8.32% - 9.52% for various distributors. Besides it has removed the PPAC of 6 - 8% being charged upto now. It clearly means that the PPAC being charged till date was totally unjustified OR this time they have raised the power tariff and sooner or later they will reimpose the PPAC ? Moreover the imposition of another slab of over 1200 units @ 8.75 per unit is also absolutely unjustified. In any case Delhiites are not willing to bear any more burden on the whims & fancy of DERC.

B S Vohra
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Subscribe Free News Letter of RWAs !

STEP 1 : Subscribe the Free News Letter for regular updated on various issues. Plz log on to . On the Top left there is a subscribe button.  Plz fill your E mail ID and click enter. It will ask to type a code. Please type that code and click the Enter tab again. 

STEP 2 : You will get a mail in your mail box for verification, confirming that you have asked for the Free News Letter. Plz open the mail & click on the verification link.

You will be subscribed & its absolutely Free.



Sunday, July 13, 2014

Suggestions are very precious and practical

Mr Vohra ji,

The suggestions are very precious and practical; these could be taken up with the LG and other cocerned authorities.

The minimum that the PWD/MCDs could do, to begin with, is to instal a notice board indicating the project work, estimate, date of completion, name of contractor, JE/AE etc.

What they do is instal a notice board indicating the name of the councillor/MLA/MP with whose efforts the work is being done. It is totally unjustified on the part of the politicianss. 

There should be transparency and responsibility at every stage of the project work . There must be certain mechanism whereby the work is taken up and participation and involvement of the people is ensured.

M M Lal Bhasin
Delhi Electricity Consumers Society Regd
& Patron, RWA D Blk.Ashok Vihar

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Mobile Tower Radiation : Newsletter with Facts : Must Save & Read :

Officials to inspect if RWAs harvesting rain

My dear Vohra Ji,

It is strange. Govt. officials with little knowledge keep on issuing baseless directives without studying the problem. Rain water harvesting is such a proposition. In small flats, First of all they should find out the way as to how and where the water could be harvested. After that they should provide technical know how and funds, only after which the RWAs come in picture.

S.K. Chandan.
RWA, Janakpuri,

Friday, July 11, 2014

Officials to inspect if RWAs harvesting rain

Dear Vohra Ji,

I fully agree with you. Let the Govt Team come. When they give the date & Time of the visit to a colony, the Colony should inform this to every one on your blog as well as on URJA & Joint Front groups. We should all join up and explain the Govt Officials, the sorry state of affairs.


Col Shivraj
Munirka Vihar Welfare Association

Officials to inspect if RWAs harvesting rain

Dear Mr. Vohra ji,

You are right and always ! It is true how the RWAs could be held responsible? Notwithstanding, I would like to mention that when the MCD (now EDMC) constructed the storm water drains in our colony, we had suggested two things (i) to give a slope to the entire drain-line so that the water could be channelized properly and will lead to a greater storage space and thereby save the precious rain water and (ii) punch the concrete base of the drainage so that the accumulated water could drain itself to mother earth, which is also a measure of rain water harvesting. Despite repeated pleas, they had not listened to either of the suggestions. As a result water gets accumulated in the storm water drains with silt and become a fertile breeding ground for mosquitoes which has been shown to the authorities concerned as well! At our repeated request they(the EDMC) do some cosmetic treatment by taking out the silt under the drainage accumulated over a period of time, before the onset of monsoon and claim that they have done an wonderful service by doing so!

Even now the EDMC instead of doing all this useless work under the banner of 'rain water harvesting' (when there is no rain at all), punch the base of the storm water drains already constructed with a concrete base on sides as well as at the bottom, the accumulated water could seep down to earth and only silt has to be removed from time to time to make it functional. Will the authorities listen to this suggestion! We pray to the Almighty!!

Incidentally, I would like to mention yet an another important aspect relating to 'colony security'. Is it not the sole and whole responsibility of the Police authorities to ensure the 'safety and security' of people and their properties? If so, why the RWAs are forced to make their own arrangements to secure the colony by engaging 'security guards - chowkidars', put up iron gates at the entry and exit points of the colony and guard them too, arrange to provide CCTVs at vantage points etc. In case the Police dept. is having a shortage of personnel to do its sole and basic job, which plea they often take without any logic or base and which has been questioned too by Courts, let them reimburse the expenditure being incurred by the RWAs on this account which is substantial and has to be squeezed from the residents with a beggars bowl by the RWAs! Will it not be constitute a justifiable PIL before the court. Your comments pl. I would suggest this cause should be taken up collectively with the authorities concerned and pleaded in the Courts of Law!

With deep regards,
TK Balu/Anand Vihar

Officials to inspect if RWAs harvesting rain

You have very rightly said Vohra ji,  RWAs have not been given any authority despite their repeated appeals in various meetings with the CM,  DC(Revenue) and the Commissioner, MCD/EDMC.  Even, our request that RWAs should be consulted before starting any development work in their respective areas, has not been heard.  Policies and decisions are made in air-conditioned rooms without knowing the ground realities. 

Empowerment of RWAs is an important issue being raised by different RWAs for a long time.  I think it is time that we raise it with the LG, if the government wants a positive support and participation of RWAs.  Bhagidari was an avenue to raise our problems and concerns, that too has been scrapped.

R. N. Gupta
Priyadarshini Vihar RWA

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Officials to inspect if RWAs harvesting rain

Residents welfare associations can soon expect government officials to make inspections of rainwater harvesting structures in their colonies. After National Green Tribunal formed a committee on Friday to take stock of rainwater harvesting (RWH) in the city and directed it to conduct site visits to each RWA to check the condition of RWH structures, if any.

Looks STRANGE that while RWAs have no Authority, no Power, no Funds, no Space (even for their own offices ), Govt. is expecting if RWAs are harvesting rains. Though the Group housing societies may have such structures under the check & control of RWAs, how the Govt can expect it from RWAs of the other open colonies.

They must check with the authorities that : if any land has been alloted to RWAs for RWH ? If any funds have been provided to the RWAs for RWH ? If any Power or Authority has been given to RWAs for RWH ? 

The truth is that most of the colonies don't even have separate drains for sewage & rain water. Waterloging in almost every part of the city is a clear cut example that most of the colonies don't even have suitable drains. The truth is that even the drinking water pipelines pass through the drains in many areas of the city & that's the reason for dirty water in their taps. The truth is that Delhi needs a rainwater policy first and a plan to have RWH structures that can be monitored easily. 

B S Vohra

Officials to inspect if RWAs harvesting rain

NEW DELHI: Residents welfare associations can soon expect government officials to make inspections of rainwater harvesting structures in their colonies. After National Green Tribunal formed a committee on Friday to take stock of rainwater harvesting (RWH) in the city and directed it to conduct site visits to each RWA to check the condition of RWH structures, if any, the environment department is all set to coordinate this mammoth exercise. Four teams with two officials in each will be making site visits in all districts starting later this week. Officials say the month's time given by NGT to submit the report is too little to cover the entire city.

Agencies are also worried about some practical issues. The bench has directed: "Any public body, corporations, authorities and the government will not allot land to any society or issue completion certificate or occupancy certificate for any house unless it contains the stipulation that rain harvesting system should be installed and made operational. In such occupancy or allotment letter issued, this condition should be satisfied and it is required to be recorded by the authority concerned after personal inspection."

The environment department had submitted to NGT that it is not equipped to monitor RWH structures in Delhi. "We have only four technical officers. How can they monitor so many areas? We feel the responsibility should be given to the land owning agency or corporation who anyway visit new constructions," said a senior official from the environment department. Delhi Jal Board has also not started enforcing RWH on a large scale. In most places including Chennai and Bangalore, the water supplying agency is responsible for RWH, though in Mumbai it's the municipal corporation.

DJB cites a staff crunch to explain why it will be unable to supervise RWH. An official said, "The department is already stretched to the limit and has to handle other works like metering, supplying of water, maintenance of infrastructure, etc. It just does not have the resources to monitor implementation of rainwater harvesting."

Delhi needs a rainwater policy first and a plan to have RWH structures that can be monitored easily, say experts. "I think Delhi should look at largescale structures at the colony level where there can be underground rainwater harvesting pits in parks and other open spaces..They should tap wetlands, storm water drains and parks.

Each colony can see to it that no sewage enters their storm water drains so that they can be used for recharge. The government can institutionalize a monitoring system easily for these," Nitya Jacob,head of policy, WaterAid India, said.

The committee formed by NGT consists of officials from Delhi Pollution Control Committee, Delhi Jal Board, Delhi government and Central Ground-Water Board.

with thanks : Times of India : LINK

Monday, July 7, 2014

DJB Audit issue !

Today morning, we had a meeting with Dr Harsh Vardhan, Health Minister, at his residence & he also supported the issue that an immediate order for the CAG Audit of DJB must be issued. Awaiting a meeting with LG now.


B S Vohra

That’s a wonderful development ! Congrats on your perseverance of the cause for the rights of citizens! Rajesh Kumar

Your continued efforts will definately be fruitful for the entire public of Delhi. While meeting with LG we must be well prepared on the points to be raised.With best wishes, Vijay Kochhar

Greetings! Good attempt appreciate the same.Suggest to meet Mr Piyush Goel for POWER asap,will alos try and accompany( If acceptable to you) you and Lt Gov too if advised well in time before. Good Day! B.Rgds. B.B.Tewari

Excellent.  Keep it up Sir. R. N. Gupta  Priyadarshini Vihar RWA

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Power rates may be hiked by 15-20% by July 20

STRANGE & SHOCKING, while the CAG Audit is going on & DISCOMs are trying to avoid / delay it by whatever means possible, DERC seems to have become the Mouthpiece of DISCOMs. 

Inspite of the requests of a large number of RWAs at the Public Hearing, that there should be no hike in Power Tariff, till the CAG Audit is completed & the Audit report is out, DERC seems determined to do it at the earliest possible.

We hereby request to all the Elected members of Delhi Assembly, ( even though no Govt. is formed & LG is the head ), to meet the LG & make him understand the gravity of the situation.

B S Vohra

Delhi Jal Board Audit RTI on Delhi Aajtak : Must View

Must View : Plz click the Link if you cant see the video below.

Reply sought from Delhi Jal Board !

Dear Shri Vohra ji,

Sometime in Feb. 2013 DJB had changed meters on their own in our Block B1A Janakpuri in many of the flats. However in some of the flats which were locked or where the residents refused to get the new meters in lieu of old working/nonworking one, they were not changed. Where the new meters were installed no bills have been served on them since March 2013 in spite reminders. Meter readers visit every two months and record the readings. Some flat owners of new meters received bills claiming arbitrary charges not based on readings. When they complained their bills were taken back for rectification. I cannot understand why DJB is not serving the bills and why other flat owners were not extended the scheme of replacing the water meters as done in block B1A.

Vohraji, please take up the matter with DJB to find out how meters were replaced in some flats and not in the entire area and why claims of water charges are not being made for more than one year?

Satyendra Malik
B1A Janakpuri

Dear Vohra ji,

B3A Block of Janakpuri is a low income group DDA apartment colony. The water meters were installed by MCD which were transferred to Jal Board with assets and liabilities. About 85 meters in 300 flats are lying as stopped. Jal Board has given to RWA in writing that they would replace them. But no action. They are charging average rate arbitrarily. When the information was sought through RTI to know the basis of average charging, no reply was given. With the intervention of Central Information Commissioner, only one meter at B3A/58-A, Janakpuri was replaced. 

I suggest Shri Vohra to take up the issue with Lt. Governor.

S.K. Chandan,
Chairman, RWA, B3A Block Janakpuri, New Delhi.

No DJB Audit, Since years : Your comments please !

RTI Filed by B S Vohra revealed that no audit is being done at Delhi Jal Board since 2008 - 09 onwards. As a result, we can neither judge the profitability nor locate any leakages of funds discrepancies as no Audited statements as well Audit report is available. Than how come DJB  is continuously raising the water Tariff by 10% every year + 60% as sewerage charges, since last SIX years, putting a huge burden on the general public  ????? : East Delhi RWAs Joint Front

Chahe BSES ho ya fir DJB sub c__r ya youn kahie D__u hain.  Most disgusting thing is what was the Chairperson of DJB doing all these years?  You are doing an excellent job Vohra ji, we are all with you. R. N. Gupta, Priyadarshini Vihar RWA

Though I am a little unwell but for such Noble cause where interest of whole delhi, Rich and Poor is involved I am available to join / strengthen ÿour Team. Life mei Paise to sab kamate hei, Logo ki Duhaye kamane ka Maza hi kuch or hei. Keep up your fight Janab. Shiv Lal Watwani

Keep it up bro.... Neema Bhagat

It's a serious concern and need to be highlighted. Corruption must be checked in DJB. Sandeep Kapoor

You have rightly requested the LG to order a CAG audit of DJB for the last so many years. LG is a busy official so better go to his palace and seek an  instant appointment if you do not get any response within the first week of July. Matter is most urgent and quite serious also.  Prof. S. Sitaraman

Dear Residents ........Read the SHOCKING affairs of Delhi Jal Board (DJB) at This is high handed ness of Govt Deptt. 10 Percent hike every year by a Govt Deptt  for the last couple of years and still continuing and that too for most essential life saving item is a height of cheating  by GOVT to its citizens. We need to unite and raise our efforts for justice. S L Watwani

SHOCKING!  What was the Delhi Govt  doing all these years ? R. N. Gupta Priyadarshini Vihar RWA