Friday, December 30, 2016

Irked commuters urge MP to act on congested road : DNA

Constant traffic jams in the internal lanes of Krishna Nagar are now getting on the nerves of east Delhi residents. In the absence of traffic lights and proper policing, the road from Geeta Colony to Krishna Nagar is always blocked, troubling the commuters on a daily basis.
“There is no red light in the area. Hardly any traffic police is deployed on the route. It is extremely difficult to commute on this road. It takes almost an hour to cross it,” said Mayank Sharma, a commuter.
According to residents, five-six ATMs, banks, and grocery stores are located on the street. Most people come to these places in their own vehicles, which they park on the road. “There is no space left to drive on this road because of these parked vehicles,” said Minakshi Pandey, a resident.
The locality’s residents have also written a letter to MP Mahesh Giri, requesting him to intervene in the matter. The MP has further shot off a letter to the Delhi Traffic Police in this regard.
BS Vohra, President of the East Delhi RWAs Joint Front Federation, said: “We have been requesting the authorities to look into the matter. At times, even ambulances get stuck in the traffic. Such emergencies can arise anytime and we need a solution for this.”
Meanwhile, according to sources, the traffic police are working to make the stretch jam-free. “We are aware of the situation. Work is being done to improve the traffic system on the road,” a senior Delhi Traffic Police officer said.
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Aajtak - Notbandi - Noton ki Maaya - B S Vohra

RWAs drive against Dengue & Chikungunya at Delhi


It is matter of concern that following street light has been removed without making any other arrangment resulting in plunging of area into darkness on 27.12.2016:

POLE NO.            417-34/11/2
ADDRESS:            IN FRONT OF HOUSE NO. 2401 PREM GALI PUNJABI                       BASTI, SUBZI MANDI, DELHI-110007

This was only one street light in Prem Gali, Tikona Park, Punjabi Basti, Subzi Mandi, Delhi-110007 which has been removed on 27.12.2016.  Kindly install the street light immediately as whole of area of gali is in total darkness.


Monday, December 19, 2016

Appointment with LG:Plan to make Delhi Poster Free

HE Najeeb Jung Ji,

Please refer to Shri Vishwendra ji's mail of 14 December 2016, expressing your inability to give audience. I have requested for your audience as under :-

All have been denied.

You are the Executive Head of Delhi and control the Delhi Govt, Delhi Police and the Civic Agencies, responsible to implement theDelhi Prevention of Defacement of Property Act 2007 which came into force wef 1 March 2009.

Over seven years have elapsed but Delhi is still littered with Posters / Banners / Writings on Walls / Illegal Hoardings.

We wanted your audience to iron out the difficulties being faced by the implementing agencies and help them as  Bhagidars.

Poster Hatao used to conduct Poster Hatao events but had to abandon as there is practically no system to prevent the new ones coming up almost immediately. 

DPDP Act 2007 is very strong, in that, the offence is Cognizable, Criminal and the Head or the Beneficiary is the offender. This Act is very very easily implementable.

Due to non-implementation of the DPDP Act 2007, we were forced to put up a PIL in Delhi High Court and Hon'ble DHC has given a very clear order on 6 May 2015 but Delhi is still littered with Posters.

Poster Free India has been accepted as a part of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan by Hon'ble Venkaiah Naidu Ji.

This menace has two parts.
1. System to ensure that new Defacement does not take place and if some one does manage to do it, exemplary punishment is awarded.
2. Remove the existing Defacement.There are over a crore of Defacement in Delhi. If it takes about 5 minutes to remove one, it requires many many man days and no Govt agency has such resources. But, if  1 crore citizens remove one Defacement each, the city will be cleaned in 5 minutes.  We the citizens of Delhi can help in this.

Please tell us as to how should we tackle this menace. 

This is a one time task.
This will save Tons of paper thus trees.
This will increase the revenue of the Civic Agencies many many folds.
This is a WIN WIN situation for all.

Request please reconsider and give us time for a meeting at the earliest.

We plan to make Delhi Poster Free by 26 January 2017.

​Thanks & regards​

Col Shivraj
Poster Hatao Campaign

Friday, December 9, 2016

अगर हर बॅंक की कॅश एंट्रीस का CAG ऑडिट किया जाए, तो सभी की पॉल खुल जाएगी

जब आम आदमी दो दो हज़ार के लिए BANK या फिर ATM के बाहर लंबी लंबी क़तारों मे खड़ा है तो फिर कुछ लोगों के पास लाखों करोड़ों के नए नोट किधर से आ गए ? यक़ीनन कोई बड़ी चूक हुई है, जिसके चलते हुए, बॅंक हों, पेट्रोल पंप हों, डीटीसी हो, या फिर कोई दूसरी एजेन्सी, हर शहेर मे कोई ना कोई सिर्फ़ अपने पर्सनल मुनाफ़े के लिए, लोगों के काले धन को फिर से काला कर रहा है. अगर हर बॅंक की कॅश एंट्रीस का CAG ऑडिट किया जाए तो सभी की पॉल खुल जाएगी और पता लग जाएगा की किस किस ने, किस किस के, कितने काले पैसे का रंग बदल कर, दोबारा से काला कर दिया है.

B S Vohra
Social Activist

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


BJPs SDMC has given a new spin to PM Modi's famous Election Promise "NA KHAUNGA AUR NA HE KISI KO KHAANE DOONGA" ......

In blatant disregard for Federal Structure of Governance, SDMC has hit a new low. These are harsh words, but when elected representatives throw Public Welfare to the winds in order to stop another elected wing of governance from discharging their duties, then Residents cannot remain mute spectators.

It all started in October 2015, when I requested our MLA Saurabh Bhardwaj to install Open Gym in our colony park. Constant followup with MLA got repetitive response, "Funds have been sanctioned and it is in the process". After seven months of followup, we wrote a stinker to our MLA, who produced letters showing dates on which amounts from MLA Fund were transferred to SDMC.

Dispelling charges of lack of interest in Posh Areas, Saurabh Bhardwaj circulated a White Paper (attached) and raised the issue of non compliance by SDMC in Vidhan Sabha and moved a Privilege Motion against the Commissioner in the House, prompting SDMC Commissioner to float tenders.

In a Surprising and Reprehensible move SDMC Standing Committee in its November 2016 Meeting held on 25-11-2016 passed a resolution prohibiting Commissioner to  carry out projects under MLA Fund, not stopping at just that ..... even instructing the Commissioner to return any funds received under MLA Fund immediately. (full minutes of November 2016 meeting attached)


Warm Regards,

Rajiv Kakria

PS: Have any other RWA in SDMC or East & North come across similar instances then please share, so we can make a comprehensive case.

Ten more die of malaria in Delhi, toll reaches 16 : HT

Highlight Story
The monsoon is over but diseases spread by mosquitoes continue to stalk Delhi.
Ten more malaria deaths were added to the official data, taking the total to 16, shows the weekly report released by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD).
The death toll is shockingly high because the MCD has confirmed only 31 malaria cases to date, which indicates the malarial parasite killed half of those infected.
Malaria is a parasitic disease spread by mosquitoes that causes fever, headache, chills and vomiting. It’s a curable disease and people die only if they do not get treated in time either because they remain undiagnosed or can’t reach a healthcare centre.
This is the first time in five years that malaria deaths have been reported in Delhi. The National Vector Borne Disease Control Problem (NVBDCP), the national body that monitors outbreak of vector-borne diseases, has reported ‘0’ malaria deaths in Delhi since 2012.
The first malaria death reported this year was that of 31-year-old Praveen Sharma, who died of cerebral oedema — accumulation of excess fluid inside the brain — and multi-organ failure at Safdarjung Hospital on September 4.
The toll of malaria reported this year is higher that the deaths related to dengue or chikungunya reported by the corporation this year. To date, the corporation has reported 6 deaths due to dengue and none related to chikungunya.
However, HT has independently confirmed 25 deaths due to dengue and 20 related to chikungunya.
What is interesting is that the deaths have been reported during a week when no malaria cases were reported by the corporation.
This is the case with the dengue and chikungunya report as well.
The corporation, to date, has reported 4,305 cases of dengue, with 105 reported during this week, and 9,633 cases of chikungunya, with 108 reported this week.
However, doctors across the city have been receiving hardly any cases of dengue or chikungunya now. “We see a few sporadic cases -- I have seen only one case of dengue and one of chikungunya in the last five days. But, the vector borne diseases peaked during the last week of September and the beginning of October and the numbers started going down after,” said Dr Suranjit Chatterjee, senior consultant of internal medicine at indraprastha Apollo hospital.

with thanks : Hindustan Times : LINK

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

E Mail from PM : Give your feedback on 500/1000 rupee Demonetisation

Narendra Modi
28th Nov. at 8.26 pm

Dear Ji ,
A few days ago I had appealed to the people of India to tell me what they feel about the Government’s decision on 500 and 1000 Rupee notes ceasing to be legal tender. I was delighted to note that since my asking, over 10 lakh people from the length and breadth of India have shared their feedback on the ‘Narendra Modi App’.
I request you to please take part in the survey and enrich it with your valuable views.
The decision that Government took on 8th November is inspired by the collective will to take India to new heights of progress. It is high time we uproot the evils of corruption and black money, which were hampering the growth of India. 
I am fully aware that the people of India are facing temporary hardships. However, these temporary hardships will pave way for a glorious future and build an India that is strong, prosperous and inclusive.
The ability of the people of India to withstand and overcome short-term pain for long term gain has humbled me and given me more energy to work for the development of India.
I again request you to take part in the survey and share your honest and unbiased opinion. This will be extremely helpful for me personally and for the Government. Click on the following link to download the App and take part in the survey-
Jai Hind,
Narendra Modi

Thursday, November 24, 2016

RWABhagidari initiative : Oxigen Micro ATMs

RWABhagidari initiative : Oxigen Micro ATMs : First camp at RPBagh : 500-1000 के पुराने नोट जमा कराने की विशेष सुविधा . महाराणा प्रताप बाग़ रेज़ीडेंटस वेलफ़ेयर ऐसों व पंजाबी समाज रा प्र बाग़ के प्रयास से RBI द्वारा तय नियमों के तहत Oxigen ऐप के Micro ATM के माध्यम से राणा प्रताप बाग़ निवासियों के लिए हर दिन किसी भी आधार लिंकड बैक AC में अधिकतम 10000रू के पुराने 500-1000 के नोट जमा कराने की विशेष सुविधा आज 24/11/16 से at C-1/9 GF. More such camps to begin soon at other locations.

Things will change. Do you think so ?

pic with thanks : Hindustan Times

Economy may slow down - atleast for some time

Note Ban to slow down economy, warn experts. Unorganised sector which provides 80% jobs, to be hit the hardest, consumption expenditure set to shrink. Those who got a hike in the salary under the seventh pay commission may be happy but the truth is Many factories are in the process of shut down after this notebandi. No more job possibilities there in such units resulting into mass retrenchment. What next ?

pic with thanks : Hindustan Times

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

सोच कर जवाब दीजिए !

ये कैसी राजनीति चल रही है. हर कोई अपनी पार्टी लाइन पे चल कर अपने नंबर बनाने मे लगा हुआ है. देश हित से किसी को कोई भी मतलब नही. अगर आपकी पार्टी ने कह दिया कि समर्थन करना है तो सभी समर्थन के नारे लगाने लगते हैं और अगर आपकी पार्टी ने कह दिया कि विरोध करना है तो सभी विरोध करने लगते हैं. यानी कि इस देश का भविषय हम देश के नागरिक तय नही करेंगे बल्कि वो राजनीतिक दल करेंगे जो पल पल मे, अपनी राजनीतिक जोड़ तोड़ मे, अपना दामन बदलते रहते हैं क्या कभी हम लोगों को अकल आएगी, या फिर भेड बकरियों की तरह, कोई ना कोई, हमेशा, हमे हांकता रहेगा ? सोच कर जवाब दीजिए. 

बी एस वोहरा
Social Activist 

pic used with thanks. name mentioned on pic.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

RWAs - Do you want a Micro ATM at your door step for deposits upto Rs 10,000/- per day in old currency

RWAs : Please go through the POST as below and if interested to have a Micro ATM at your door step, please revert immediately on our E Mail ID : : Thanks. B S Vohra

Dear Mr. Vohra,

As discussed, Oxigen is on a drive to help and support citizens in this hour of need.

We are official Banking Correspondents and authorized to collect demonetized currency (Rs.500/- and Rs. 1000) which will be deposited through the micro ATM into the Aadhar Linked Bank Account of the RWA resident.

The process of depositing is the same as being done as banks at the limit per depositor is Rs. 10,000/- per day.

Most importantly, residents will be able to instantly TOP UP to a max of Rs. 2500/- from the deposited amount  into their Oxigen wallets instantly through the same micro ATM. Should a resident not have the Oxigen Wallet downloaded, our staff will be on ground to help set it up in a few quick steps.

Oxigen Wallet can be used to do Mobile Top UP, Pay Utility Bills, DTH, Books Bus Tickets and Shop Online.

We look forward to your support in getting this service rolled out by tmrw to your RWA’s. I can be contacted on the number below.

Best regards,

Ramesh Swamy
Vice President - B2B Sales & Merchant Acquisition - Offline

RWAs meeting with DERC for a temporary relief till 24th November, 2016

We had a meeting at DERC where we have asked for a temporary relief of cash payment of electricity bills over 4000 say upto 10 to 15000 or split bill possibility to pay in cash in old currency notes till 24th November 2016. DERC order in this regard is being expected.

with thanks : Hindustan Times

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

RWAs are ready to help Banks but no answer from Banks so far !

RWAs of #Delhi are ready to help #Banks : Times of India

RWAs offer help to ease long queues : Mail Today

And now, it is the turn of residents’ welfare associations that have come forward and proposed a helping hand to the banks to assist crowds and bank employees to make the cash swap process a little easier. 

The RWAs have reached out to the nationalised banks to assist the crowd and make it convenient for both the stakeholders to carry out the process of exchanging and depositing cash easier by helping customers fulfill all the necessary steps before reaching the window so that queues can move faster. 

“Although people are currently facing problem during the phase of demonetisation, soon the benefit can be reaped. In the fight against the black money, it is important for the residents to cooperate with the banks,” said BS Vohra from East Delhi RWAs Joint Front Federation. 

“We have reached out to the banks on social media, and expressed our desire to help the banks. The banks can include us after conducting a verification process. We can help the visitors in filling the forms, clearing their doubts, ensuring the completion of the required documents so that bank employees can cater to more and more customers faster,” he said. 

Vohra also said that the invitations have been sent to several other RWAs across the city to participate in the movement against black money. 

Kunal Maheshwari, a resident in South Delhi who experienced the hospitality of some kind individuals while waiting outside the ATM, said: “The community participation plays an important role in making such movement powerful and effective. The government should also rope in RWAs in such projects so that the access to facility becomes a convenient experience.”

with thanks : Mail Today : LINK

Monday, November 14, 2016

RWAs of Delhi are ready to help Banks

ALL the Top RWA bodies of Delhi, have shown interest in helping the Banks. East Delhi RWAs Joint Front - Federation as well RWABhagidari Network of RWAs is ready to help banks in this hour of crisis to ease the situation. If your RWA can help the Banks, please mail us with your contact number. In case we get any call from Banks seeking help, we will contact you for your area. Our E mail ID : 

Saturday, November 12, 2016

अफवाहों का दौर चालू है

अफवाहों का दौर चालू है. नमक की शॉर्टेज की अफवाह दिल्ली, UP से लेकर महाराष्ट्रा की तरफ बड़ चुकी है. कई जगहों पर तोड़ फोड़ भी हुई है. दिल्ली मे भी शाहीन बाघ और कार्डमपुरी मे बसों की तोड़ फोड़ की खबर है. आप सब से निवेदन है की कृपया अकल से काम लें और इन बे सिर पैर की खबरों पर ध्यान ना दें.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Demonetization : India in Queue

A good and bold step by PM of India, but Public is sad and angry on account of mismanagement on the part of the Bankers. Long queues for a meagre 4000 rupees and that too at the mercy of banks. Though the public generally supported the move by the Government with a hope for the better, but seems the banks are unable to cope up with the huge rush of the cash starved residents.