Saturday, January 2, 2010

How to become a contributor of the blog ?

If you are a member or an office bearer of any registered RWA, and wish to become a contributor to our blog, please submit as below :
1. A letter on your letterhead, nominating you as the contributor on behalf of your RWA.
2. A few lines about you, about your experiences etc.
3. A photograph of you for uploading on this blog.
4. Your contact details : address, cell number, land line number as well your E mail ID.

As a result, you will be able to upload from your computer any news of activities of your RWA, any complaints, suggestions, pics, vids etc. related to your area.

Terms :
#Please note, we need the active participation but only one person from any RWA can become a contributor, subject to our limit.
#No racial or hatred comments, no bad language, no political or commercial uploads.
#It's just a service to the community & strictly no money involved.
#Contributor will be solely responsible for the contents uploaded by him / her on this blog.
#Concerned RWA can change the name of the contributor by sending a revised letter.
#We reserve our right to remove any contributor without assigning any reasons.
#Please keep on reviewing any change in our terms & conditions.
#If you found any thing objectionable on this blog, please mail us & it will be removed immediately.

If you wish, you can meet the undersigned on Sunday's between 3 to 5 PM.

with best regards

B S Vohra

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