Monday, January 31, 2011

Rs. 200.00 has been levied by DJB on Non Working Meter.

Mr. B S Vohra Ji,
DJB has levied Rs, 200 on Non Working Meter.
Plz take this matter before the CM-CUM-CHAIRPERSON of DJB.

Thanks & Regards,
D K Gupta,
Bhola Nath Nagar JRWA


I was shocked to see my water bills for the last three quarters; they  have just tripled.
The 'sewerage charge' is as high as 60%, for sewers which are never cleaned and overflow all the time.  More astonishing is the 'service tax' which is charged on per month basis; whereas it should always be some percentage of the total consumption charges. In addition, there  is 'pollution surcharge'.  We don't know what DJB is doing to protect our environment?  These seem to be arbitrary decisions.
I think, the Joint Front should take this matter up with the CEO of DJB in the interest of the residents of Delhi.
Ram Gupta
General Secrerary
Priyadarshini Vihar RWA

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Co operative house building societies and residents

Our madhuvan co operative society was registered in 1961 and know as DELHI OFFICERS CO OP?HOUSE BUILDING SOCIETY LTD.
We paid demands raised from time to time as funds were required to develop roads, parks etc.etc.
I think around 45 lacs was collected and total plots are 225.
In eighties services were handed over to MCD Delhi and members wanted to know price of their share.
There after, land was allotted for community centre and funds were raised to build and furnish CC.
But share price never worked out.
My question is...
Is it statuary requirement to work out share value since assets increase or decrease every year.
Now our member strength is 147 against 225 as some members died but no family member applied for membership.
Is society competent to terminate membership...if so what procedure is to be adopted and what payment is to be paid to kith and kin of members whose membership has been terminated.
Kindly advise in view of position thus explained above

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Pardon my writing frequently about my colony madhuvan.
I am alarmed about encroachments, non burning of high mast lights, about complicity of police staff staff regarding traffice violations......
But believe me these are nothing as compared to which i am going to narrate below.
You are aware that madhuvan was name assigned to delhi officers co op house building society ltd new delhi.
Land was allotted in accordance with agreement executed by madhuvan part and second part..president of india.
I was really at my wits end to see huge water quantity gushing from three points into ornamental park of MADHUVAN...just back of my house.
To day i came to know that ganga water or main water pipes have been laid inside plot of houses from 95 to 99.
Since water pipes are around forty years old, there is leakage here and there.
Due to this heavy leakage...there is low water pressure in surrounding areas.
How water pipes of colony could be laid inside private properties is a matter of concern and needs to be investigated.
Since our president of rwa has resigned and resignation accepted...i am president of Madhuvan RWA.
But i will prefer to be rembered as vice president

Encroachments and administration

Action to remove enrichments must have blessings of police, local mla and councillor.
Our AC Agarwal retired IAS officers have been fighting for more than twenty years .
MCD admitted twenty six encroachments even in a colony like MADHUVAN new Delhi 110092.
This was admitted BY MCD in a reply filed by them in response to second appeal before CIC.
Start action where it hurt mosts.
Also have a look around MADHUVAN POLICE STATION area.
All type of commercial vehicles like buses mini trucks are parked 365 days and twenty four hours in space reserved for cars and scooters.
Let us act.
Words cannot replace actions.
Even complaints to VIGILANCE are ignored.
You cannot walk on foot paths.
Let us make Delhi city of law abiding citizens and not law breakers.
Senior Vice president EDJF RWAS

Friday, January 28, 2011

Govt To Formulate IT Act, May Declare 2011 As Digital Delhi Year

In a bid to make Delhi a digital Capital, Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit on Thursday instructed the Information Technology Department to continue its innovative projects to ensure e-enabled services in the national Capital. 

She also gave a green signal to a proposal relating to finalisation of IT Act of Delhi to enable the department to function as a Nodal Agency and bring uniformity and coordination in IT-related projects being implemented by various departments and other Government agencies. The Delhi Government is also considering declaring 2011 as `Digital Delhi Year'.

According to sources, IT Department has informed that various Delhi Government departments are not interested to take help from 3D Geospatial Mapping. The Geospatial mapping relates to keeping a close eye on entire Delhi with installation of more than 50 mega cameras on rooftop of multi-storeyed buildings. The cameras will have a range of 5 kms to capture everything what is going to happen under the sky. 

It may capture all such activities which may deserve immediate action by the authorities to curb crimes, unauthorised constructions, disruptive activities including terrorist attacks and natural disasters which call for immediate response including relief and rehabilitation etc. The input provided by the mega cameras will be of much use to the police, Revenue Department, Disaster Management Authority, Delhi Fire Service, and broadcasters. 

with thanks : daily pioneer : link above for detailed news.

Special Force To Crack Down On Land Sharks

Delhi government is getting ready for a crackdown on illegal constructions and encroachments . As an outcome of a high-level meeting with Lieutenant-Governor Tejendra Khanna earlier this month, the state government has drafted a proposal to set up a special task force with powers to go after violators. A significant point made in the proposal is that properties without a sanctioned building plan will not make it to the state registry if a sale is executed. Also new buildings without sanction plans and structural safety certificates will not be provided water and electricity connections.

According to top sources, a meeting chaired by Khanna at Raj Niwas on January 4 discussed the need to come down heavily on land sharks. Revival of the special task force, which had earlier virtually been a non-starter , was raised. The L-G is learnt to have underlined the urgency in the situation and given the drive the tag of Mission 2011.

The revenue department of the state government has since then proposed revival of the STF which was first set up in 1996 by the then L-G , PK Dave. To give teeth to the STF and ensure that it's effective this time, the proposal lays down a hierarcy of officials with the L-G at the top. Stringent action against not just individual violators but also builders, contractors, architects , junior engineers in charge of the area and station house officers is proposed if laws are breached. The proposal invokes relevant sections of IPC, CrPC, Delhi Municipal Corporation Act and NDMC Act.

with thanks : Times of India : link above for detailed news.

All FIRs On Delhi Police Websites From Feb 1

Implementing the Delhi High Court verdict of last month, starting February 1, the Delhi police would upload all new FIRs its official website -- can download the same from the website while an accused can get also a copy from the police station by paying Rs 25.

The move comes following a direction by the Delhi High Court on December 6, 2010 when it said that an accused is entitled to get a copy of the FIR within 24 hours of its registration.

"We will be uploading the FIRs on February 1. The FIRs will be uploaded from police stations," said Rajan Bhagat, Delhi police.

An accused can apply for a copy of the FIR at a charge of Rs 25 for four pages and Rs 10 for each extra page.

The court has exempted the force from making public the FIRs related to sensitive issues like terror, espionage, rape, molestation, kidnapping etc. However, whenever it does not make FIRs public, such a decision has to be taken by an officer not below the rank of DCP and they have to inform the area magistrates. 

with thanks : Tribune : link above for detailed news.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Republic Day 2011 was celebrated by the Priyadarshini Vihar RWA by organizing a gala sports event for children on Sunday, 23rd January at the B-Block park.  The objective was to create a sense of co-operation, togetherness and love for the country in the young minds.

Over 250 residents including over 60 participating children from age 2 to 18 years gathered on the nice sunny morning. Tricycle race for tiny tots; bicycle race; marathon race; spoon & marble race; thread the needle; wheelbarrow race, and tug of war were the main attractions. Both, the children and their parents enjoyed immensely.  Gold, Silver and Bronze medals were given away to the winning children; and tropies were presented to the winning team in the Tug of War.  A subsidized lunch was served after the event.


The event was supported by the colony-based UCO Bank; Indian Heritage - Pre School; Makkar Medical Centre and Yash Bajaj Builders & Developers.

Ram Gupta
General Secretary
Priyadarshini Vihar RWA

Meeting with Municipal Valuation Committee, MCD

A meeting has been fixed by Chair Person, MUNICIPAL VALUATION COMMITTEE (Govt. of National Capital Territory of Delhi), Lajpat Nagar, Delhi, on 31st January on our representation against the hike in Property Tax.


B S Vohra
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Flag hoisting ceremony on the eve of Republic Day at Sri Guru Nanak Dev Khalsa College

Dr.Man Mohan Kaur(Principal,Sri Guru Nanak Dev Khalsa College,University of Delhi,Dev Nagar),hoisted National Flag on the eve of Republic Day celebrations in the College premises.Professor Harmohinder Singh Sarna(Executive Member of Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee),Dr.Amardeep Singh Bindra (In- Charge of NCC Wing of the College) and other staff members with their presence boosted young National Cadet Corps (NCC) students of the college who marked the day with Grand March Past .

hearing in chamber of chairman PGC ON 27 th january at 11am

I am attending hearing in case ofmerger of 15ft lane behind house number 68 to77 of madhuvan. In last hearing Vice chairman DDAand COMMISIONER MCD WERE DIRECTED TO DEPUTE SENIOR OFFICERS TO CONDUCT JOINT INSPECTION and submit report.
senior vice presiddnt EDRWAS JF

High mast lights in parks of east delhi

For the last ten months, no body is attending to repair.fused.bulbs.or.attend other faults and there is pitch darkness in parks. Not only parks are deserted after sun set but encourage lawless activities. Despite AND PERSONAL MEETINGS WITH COUNCILLORS
no action and hence a sense of helplessness.
kindly advise what should be done
kk ghei
senior vice president EDRWAS JF

Monday, January 24, 2011

Unsystematic ( pick & Choose) Survey / Sealing of Buildinds in Ward no.221

This is a very serious matter and need to be reacted immediately. One expert body from an Instituion originally was brough when the building collapsed in Lalita Park. Only dangerous buildings were to be taken questioned but it is correct that MCD are adopting their criteria creating a panic in the whole lalita Park. In my opinion, a meeting of all the affiliates should be called and dcide the strategy to stop this menace.

Thanks and regards.
Ashok Bhatnagar,
Jan Shakti Vikas Samiti,
Kailash Nagar,
Delhi - 110 031

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Unsystematic ( pick & Choose) Survey / Sealing of Buildinds in Ward no.221

M.C.D. working in Question

Unsystematic ( pick & Choose) Survey / Sealing of Buildinds in Ward no.221

Lalita Park building collapse took the life of 70 people and wounded as much. M.C.D. come in action after the collapse of building and started surveying the buildings. In the 1st phase M.C.D. issued notice of sealing 38 Buildings of the area and then all of sudden action shifted on other buildings reasons best known to M.C.D. Authorities. M.C.D. appointed a team of engineers and others called survey team. It was undoubted clear that survey will be pick & choose method than MCD team was advised to arrange videography while surveying the area but for no result. The survey was so unsystemic that on 1st day they sealed the buildings of Lalita Park Gali no 1 to 3 that is also without any criteria of distance from pusta, height of building. In 1 to 3 number gali on 1st day they left the buildings of most dangerous Zone that is along with pusta and others buildings of Gali no 1 to3 (neary ten more buildings ).On 2nd day MCD people leave the rest area of Lalita Park went to other area and after a week or so they came again to Lalita Park and sealed the building by pick and choose method up to gali No. 6 and most of building has not been sealed. This was repeated but area along with pusta was not touched and buildings in gali no 8to 12 were not touched.

The following questions are being raised by the public of the area of ward no 221 that is Krishna Kunj Municipal ward

1. What are the criteria of ceiling of the buildings?

2. Can the survey team included the area which is beyond 300 meters

3. Can the construction of 4th floor ascertained with out entering in the premises

4. Was it not necessary to take in to belief the local RWA to know the owner / occupant of the Building?

5. Numbers of houses effected in survey.

6. Number of house not effected in survey.

7. Are the houses not served notice considered to be authorized?

8. The same number of buildings one building sealed another not sealed.

9. Any toll free or telephone number immediate complaint.

10. It is fact that dangerous zone area along with pusta of 186 houses which is adjacent to pusta has been left while surveying/ sealing if yes then reason there there of.

11. Were power given to sealing squad not to disclose the criteria of sealing when requested by senior citizens but to misbehave with them by saying 300 meters distance has not been measured by tape but taken as per their will.

12. Is it fact that buildings left in survey and ceiling has deposited rupees one lac to Rs. 2 lac per buildings as compound charges to the MCD.

In the end it intimated a local survey is being conducted by this RWA. The correct position will be available with us and we will display the same in our RWA Bhagidari Bog.

There seems to be great violation and remedy for this is to take survey/sealing team to the building not surveyed / sealed intentionally in front of public of the area .

If proved action be taken publicly or judicial enquiry in the probe be ordered.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mail us your civic problems with pics for uploading on the RWABhagidari blog

We are pleased to note that over 300 persons which include a good number of RWAs from various parts of Delhi have subscribed our blog. Some of these may not be getting our regular updates as they have not yet confirmed the subscription, which is absolutely free.

All of our subscribers are requested to mail us regularly, about the civic problems of their respective areas with pics if possible for uploading on our blog. As media is giving proper attention to this blog, the problems can definitely be raised & highlighted through this blog.

With best regards,

B S Vohra
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front

Monday, January 17, 2011

Property Tax Interim Report - comments awaited

Dear friends,

We had mailed you a copy of the Interim Report on Property Tax.
We are now awaiting your valued comments.

Best Regards
B S Vohra

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Will Speed Up Work On Repairing Potholed Roads, Clearing Debris Next Fiscal: MCD

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) on Tuesday said more emphasis will be put on repairing Delhi's potholed roads by the Engineering department in the next fiscal year. The Works department of the civic body added that they will also come up with a new system to ensure quicker debris removal.
  The proposals were made at the Budget Session of the MCD on Tuesday, where the Budget from various committees were presented before the Standing Committee.

With regard to bettering infrastucture at MCD-run schools, chairman of the MCD Works Committee Jagdish Mamgain said 60 classrooms have been built in eight months since April last year, and work is on to construct 2,433 more. The civic body will focus on tackling all shortcomings to ensure permanent structures for students of MCD primary schools, he added. The Delhi High Court had recently rapped the civic body for failing to provide permanent buildings for many of its schools and running them from tents.

"From April 1 to November 30 last year, 13 school buildings were completed and 60 classrooms constructed. Work is in progress at 154 schools with 2,433 new classrooms," Mamgain said, presenting the 201112 budget for the committee.

with thanks : Indian Express : link above for detailed news.

Congratulations !

Dear shri Vohraji,

Congratulations on your successful completion of one year of website launch and being felicitated by Delhi CM in this period.I wish you all the best in your endeavor of selfless community service. Please keep it up.

In the past you have informed us all on highhanded unilateral attitude of Delhi Jal Board in raising its charges. In this connection I wish to bring to your notice that I have received bill No. 226637 dated 05.01.11 for Rs. 730 being the charges for the period from 27.07.10 to 09.11.10 including Rs.200 levied as ad hoc amount W.E.F. 01.10.10 for domestic non working meters. My meter No. RMCO DJB was installed by the DJB has not been working since long. As the meter was installed by DJB it is their responsibility to keep it running. In the event of its being defective they are required to replace it. On contacting them personally I was advised that DJB will replace all such defective meters which were installed by them. If it is there commitment I cannot understand why Rs. 200 for nonworking meter been levied when it is their meter and they are supposed to maintain it? It is likely that some of the residents in your area may have received similar bills.

Though I have paid the bill under protest I shall appreciate your taking up the matter with concerned authorities for reversing uncalled for levy. If it is not possible for them to do so they should inform for what period the ad hoc charges been levied and why?

Thanking you and with best regards


Friday, January 14, 2011

Lohri celebrations - Krishna Nagar RWA

Press statement issued by Media Advisor, Government steps against price rise

January 13, 2011
New Delhi

The Government has been closely monitoring the inflation situation with a view to protecting the common citizen against abnormal price rise. Our experience in the recent past has been that while prices of most manufactured goods and services have been reasonably stable, food prices have frequently risen at unacceptable rates.

2. A year ago, the primary concern was with foodgrain prices which were pushed up because of the drought of 2009-10. We were able to bring foodgrain prices under control thanks to additional release through the PDS and a strong effort to increase production. The current bout of inflation is driven by a rise in prices of vegetables and fruits which is more difficult to manage because these commodities are not held in public stocks. The rise in prices is partly due to late rains, which affected the onion crop. There is also an underlying increase in prices of milk, eggs, meat and fish, which is the result of fast growth of the economy, leading to rising income levels, combined with the effect of several inclusiveness programme which put greater income in the hands of the relatively poor whose food consumption increases. 

3. The only lasting solution to food price inflation lies in increasing agricultural productivity. Government has taken up important new schemes, and provided large budgetary support to these, with a view to boosting agricultural production not merely in cereals but also in pulses, oilseeds, vegetables and fruits, milk and milk products, and poultry etc. As incomes rise, demand shifts towards horticultural crops, dairy products. These are perishable and need sustained development of market facilities, cold storage etc, quite different from what is needed for foodgrain. 

4. The Government has recently reviewed the position and is taking the following measures to moderate these price increases:
(i) NAFED and NCCF shall undertake sale of onions at Rs 35/kg from their retail outlets in various locations, with suitable budgetary support to be provided for this purpose. The arrival of onions from Pakistan will also help cool prices. Import of 1000 tonnes of onion has already been contracted. Export of onions stands banned.
(ii) Government will review import and export of all essential commodities on a regular basis and impose controls on exports and ease restrictions on imports, including tariff reduction where necessary, to improve domestic supplies.
(iii) Public Sector Undertakings shall intensify purchases of essential commodities, particularly edible oils and pulses, for distribution through their retail network and also through the Public Distribution System operated by the State Governments. The existing schemes for subsidized distribution of edible oils and pulses will be continued. Exports of edible oils and pulses, as well as non-basmati rice, will remain banned.
(iv) Government will take stringent action against hoarders and black marketers manipulating market prices, under the relevant legal provisions, so as to ensure that products reach the markets in a timely manner to moderate the prices. Cartelisation by large traders will be strictly dealt with. The States will be requested to ensure that such action is effectively taken under the Essential Commodities Act, 1955, and the Competition Act, 2002.
(v) Awareness campaigns will be intensified bringing out the availability of alternatives at cheaper rates such as yellow peas with a view to influence consumption pattern in favour of such alternatives. Special initiatives will be taken to involve Residents’ Welfare Associations and Self-Help Groups in distribution of essential commodities to address local shortages and ensure that the supplies reach the households with least intermediation cost.

5. Other measures involving a somewhat larger horizon include the following:
(i) A scheme to support the state governments in the setting up of farmers' mandis and mobile bazaars and to improve the functioning of civil supplies corporations and cooperatives will be finalised urgently.
(ii) The existing Public Distribution System will be suitably strengthened through computerization and other steps, including opening more procurement windows across the country.
(iii) State Governments would be urged to review the Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) Acts and, in particular, consider exempting horticultural products from its purview thereby mitigating marketing and distribution bottlenecks in this crucial sector. State Governments will also be urged to consider waiving mandi tax, octroi and other local levies which impede smooth movement of essential commodities, as well as to reduce commission agent charges.
(iv) Investment will be encouraged in supply chains, including provisions for cold storages, which will be dovetailed with organized retail chains for quicker and more efficient distribution of farm products and minimizing wastage. Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion, Department of Food & Public Distribution and Ministry of Food Processing Industries and the Planning Commission will jointly work out schemes for this purpose.
(v) Suitable support will be extended to facilitate stocking of the bumper Kharif 2010 crop, including by augmenting storage capacities and modernizing/ upgrading the godowns and other infrastructure.

6. An Inter-Ministerial Group (IMG) has been set up under the Chief Economic Adviser, Ministry of Finance to review the overall inflation situation, with particular reference to primary food articles. The IMG will, inter alia, review production/ rainfall trends and build an institutional machinery to read warning signals, assess international trends, recommend action on fiscal, monetary, production, marketing, distribution and infrastructure fronts to prevent price spikes, and suggest measures to strengthen collection and analysis of data and forecasting.

7. The Committee of Secretaries under the Cabinet Secretary will review the prices situation with individual States, and advise the Departments concerned of the Central Government to maintain close coordination with State agencies to get direct feedback with a view to taking suitable remedial measures on a fast-track.

8. The Government is watching the situation closely and is committed to containing the adverse impact of any inflationary pressures on the common man.

Source :  Prime Minister of India : Press Release.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

B S VOHRA in the service to the RWA Community

After years of working with the RWA's, On 1st January, 2010, B S Vohra had launched RWA Bhagidari blog with the sole aim of making it a Common Platform for the RWA community so that they could interact amongst themselves to share the local civic problems, regularly faced by the residents & RWAs of respective areas. After a gap of twelve months, the blog has thousands of worldwide hits, over a thousand of postings & a good number of RWAs as its members as well readers.

In this period, B S Vohra received twice the Appreciation letters from the Delhi CM. He & the blog ( ) was covered regularly by many prominent TV Channels as well almost all of the prominent News Papers in English & Hindi.

The blog is also visible on Facebook, Twitter as well Youtube.

On 15th August B S Vohra launched the RWA web portal ( ), which included a Directory of RWAs of Delhi East as well many more features.

In order the further strengthen the bond of RWA cooperation, he decided to launch the EAST DELHI RWAs JOINT FRONT. A good number of RWAs showed great interest in this Joint Front & willingness to join it. As per B S Vohra, “ I intended to raise the issues of RWAs directly with the Authorities, in addition to uploading on the RWABhagidari blog.” A good number of RWAs of Delhi East have already joined this Joint Front which is on the stages of Registration in the very first week of January, 2011.

B S Vohra says, “ we are thankful to all those, who joined us in our endeavour to raise the common civic issues of the residents.”

We are sure, even this Joint Front will be a great success as the cream of the RWA community from Delhi East has already joined us,” says Vohra while wishing a very happy new year to one & all.

with thanks : SikhsIndia Blog

Monday, January 10, 2011


If you are concerned, please go through the Interim Report & let us have your valued comments at the earliest. If you still don't have a copy of it, please feel free to mail us NOW !


B S Vohra
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front


Dear Shri Vohra ji,

THANKS FOR THE UPDATE! NEED NOT READ NEWSPAPERS!! LET'S ALL TAKE UP THE ISSUE RELATING TO INCREASE IN PROPERTY TAX (I have already taken a copy which you had circulated earlier) and improving the sewer lines. In this context we would like to mention that in our last meeting with the Chief Engineer along with other officials, he had promised to widen the gauge of the sewer pipe line and cleaning of the pipelines with a machine to flush out the entire sediments etc. Let's hope they do it with this sanction instead of wasting them on obliging the people's representatives pet constituencies alone!

Thanks and with best regards,

TK Balu
Secretary/RBECHS/Anand Vihar

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Comments : some facts of the Interim Report of Property Tax .....

Dear Mr. Vohra,

Interesting but shocked! How the MCD is functioning is revealed! In the circumstances, how the MCD could claim and justify increase in property tax rates!  Can we have more such reasons and justification with facts and figures from our friends to frame our justification and send it to the MCD. 

TK Balu
Secretary/RBECHS/Anand Vihar

Dear Mr Balu,

I am trying my best to do the Indepth Study of this Interim Report on Property Tax. The THREE points raised by me so far, in the below posts are really shocking :

Some Facts from Property Tax Interim Report about NUMBER OF PROPERTIES IN DELHI

Some Facts from Property Tax Interim Report about Inability to prepare a proper data base of all properties

Some Facts from Property Tax Interim Report about Performance of UAM since 2004

I will add more such points very soon as well hope to get more such comments from our members too. If any of our member has not yet received the copy of Interim Report, or if any other RWA requires a copy, please feel free to mail us immediately.


B S Vohra
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front

Saturday, January 8, 2011

DJB's R10-cr Plan To `Improve' Sewer Lines

The Delhi Jal Board is set to `improve' sewer lines in east Delhi at a cost of R10 crore, following an order from the city government, after 70 people died in the Lalita Park building collapse due to water accumulation in the basement.

The civic body has also decided to install a couple of five MGD (million gallon per day) sewage pumps at Preet Vihar to remove the accumulated water in the area around Laxmi Nagar, officials said. Delhi Urban Development Minister AK Walia, along with Delhi Jal Board (DJB) CEO Ramesh Negi, took a round of Laxmi Nagar area on Wednesday to take stock of the work being carried out to improve sewage.

Walia told Negi to find a permanent solution to the problem of water accumulation and over flowing sewer lines in the area.

The minister also directed DJB to prepare a comprehensive rehabilitation plan for sewer lines in the entire transYamuna area for inclusion in the 12th Five Year Plan.

with thanks : Hindustan Times : link above for detailed news.

Last date of paying property tax extended

The New Delhi Municipal Council today extended by one month the last date of payment of property tax for the year 2010-11 with rebates.
The date has been extended from December 31, 2010 to January 31, 2011, it said.

"Taxpayers may avail the rebate by paying the tax till 31-01-2011," it said.

The civic agency said those who have not received the property tax bill can collect the same from the NDMC Palika Kendra office between 10 am and 2 pm on all working days.

with thanks : Indian Express : Link above for detailed news.

MCD Targets 100% Rise In Property Tax Net

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) has targeted to increase its property tax net by hundred per cent in the next financial year.

Municipal commissioner KS Mehra has said that the number of people paying property tax in the national Capital would be doubled next year. At present, around eight lakh people are under the tax net, whereas the number of properties in the city is near 40 lakh.

"More and more people would be brought under the tax net so as to increase the MCD's revenue from taxes," said Mehra.

The tax collected from property owners in the city is the main source of income for the corporation, other than minor sources like advertisement revenue, toll tax, fee from car parking and mobile phone towers. The civic agency is already under a debt burden of Rs 2,867 crore and is struggling to find ways to increase revenue.

with thanks : Tribune : link above for the detailed news.

Unique Identification (UID)'s Delhi Launch On R-Day

You will soon have your unique identification number. The Delhi government has decided to launch the scheme to give Delhiites unique identification (UID) number on January 26.

Senior Delhi government officials said they intend to the complete the process in a year's time.

"We are in process of finalising the enrolment agencies. The chief minister is likely to launch the scheme on Republic Day," Delhi chief secretary Rakesh Mehta said.

According to senior officials, Delhi government had started giving out UIDs to the city's 40 lakh homeless in October 2010.Officials said the government will now start enrolling the rest of Delhi.

with thanks : Hindustan Times : Link above for the detailed news.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Some Facts from Property Tax Interim Report about NUMBER OF PROPERTIES IN DELHI

S. No.  Revenue District (Delhi)    No. of Units as per Last Census (2001)   No. of Units as per DSSDI  (2009-10) (Tentative)*
1.              North                          1,48,927                             3,45,863
2.              North West                 5,61,945                             8,76,056
3.              South West                 3,64,511                             5,86,803
4.             Central                         1,20,616                             1,95,913
5.             East                              2,87,638                             6,23,087
6.             North East                    3,10,887                             5,06,437
7.             West                            4,32,782                             5,00,801
8.             South                           4,66,444                              8,60,942
                Total                           27,33,383                            44,95,902

(Source – Delhi State Spatial Data Infrastructure (DSSDI) (Survey of India))
(*Survey is still in progress).
Do You Know :
As per 2001 Census there were 27,33,383 properties in Delhi & in the year 2009 - 10 only 9,80,589 properties have paid tax i.e. not even 25% of the total properties as per 2009 - 10 census being carried on. From 2004 to 2010, MCD could not bring the rest of the properties under the TAX NET. 

1.Do you think that the MCD or any other Agency has the MORAL RIGHT to increase the TAX amount from the HONEST TAX PAYERS ?
2.Why CRORES are being spent on the FRESH survey, when MCD can not reach for collections to the rest of properties as per 2001 survey ?
3.If the Amount was collected from all the properties, not only the house tax can be brought to minimum but the Comfort levels ( Civic Facilities ) for Delhites could also be increased. Who is responsible for this neglect?

Some Facts from Property Tax Interim Report about Inability to prepare a proper data base of all properties

The Expert Committee had recommended a complete inventory of properties in Delhi through a field  survey  on  a  100%  basis  updated  in  subsequent  years  through regular periodical surveys and inspection.  The data base so created was to  be  linked  to  a  GIS  System  and  a  digitized  urban  map.    An  Urban Mapping  division  manned  by  trained  staff  was  to  be  set  up.    Each building/property was to be given a unique Property Identification Code (PIC).    This  recommendation  of  the  Committee  is  the  basis  of  the  statutory  requirements  of  Section  125  of DMC Act  which has  not  been implemented  yet.

However, for the purpose of  the  present  discussion  it  may  be  pointed  out  that  the  purpose  of  the effort to prepare an updated data base, was to ensure the compliance at the  level  of  70%  in  terms  of  filing  of  returns.    The  present  compliance level appears to be far  lower.
1. Why the system could not be implemented from 2004 - 2010 ? Who is responsible for this ?
2. Why even the Expert committee asked for 70% compliance of filing of returns & not 100% ?

Some Facts from Property Tax Interim Report about Performance of UAM since 2004

Financial Year    Amt.  (Rs.  In  Cr.) of   property tax      No. of properties.
2002-03                                726.49                                      922520
2003-04                                776.73                                      963119
2004-05                                575.76                                      945657
2005-06                                486.44                                      824884
2006-07                                495.69                                      842780
2007-08                                513.53                                      810832
2008-09                                606.10                                      862970
2009-10                                697.75                                      980589
(Source: A & C Deptt., MCD)

The House Tax was raised many times after the introduction of the Unit Area Method. Than how it's possible that  not only the collections reduced but the number of properties paying house tax also reduced ?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

MCD on Facebook ! Citizens can help in keeping the city Clean by Monitoring the following :

- Garbage will be lifted daily (including Sunday) from all the designated garbage collection sites. The garbage clearing timing is displayed on each designated site. - 25 meters surrounding the site should be kept clean.
- The garbage collection site will be washed & disinfected on weekends.
-There need to be adequate number of bins at each site.

-The garbage collection sites should be in good condition and the bins should not have breakages and cracks

POST a complaint if you observe any of the above service is/are not delivered in your area. In your complaint please mention garbage collection site number, which is written on a board at the garbage collection site itself.

We need to work together to make our CITY clean.

Expectation from Public:
Do not litter in any part of the city
Deposit the garbage only in designated places.
Keep your area/surroundings clean.
Pl helps us in keeping Delhi Clean.
Please post a complaint for above services, only.

source : MCD Facebook page.

Happy new year

Happy new year

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Dear Friends,

We now have a copy of the Interim Report of Property Tax Valuation. It has over 246 pages. It has been sent by a  mail to all of the members of our East Delhi RWAs Joint Front as well to our RWABhagidari blog members from other areas. Any otherperson or members of other RWAs can get a copy of it just by sending a mail to us :

Please go through it thoroughly & let us have your comments at the earliest so that a collective & strongest reply could be filed on time.

With Best Regards

B S Vohra
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front

Proprty Tax Issue : Must view & Revert

property tax and citizens

We must jointly submit response to arbitrary increase in property tax
it is necessary to expose the lax mcd on collection of taxes from only9 lacs properties as against existing 30 lacs.So if existing properties are brought in tax net,there may be even surplus money.
Perhaps it may be worthwhile to post salient features on blog so that constituetns or others could post comments quickly.
senior vice president EDRWASJF

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Janta Ki Report - Delhi Aaj Tak - B S Vohra - Krishna Nagar

MCD - Property Tax

Dear Mr. Vohra ji,

You must have seen the 'Public Notice' relating to the interim report of the MVC and the recommendations of the MCD, copies of which are available at Citizens Service Bureau counters in Assessment & Collection (HQ), Lajpat Nagar on payment of Rs.50/- per copy and comments/representation thereon have to be filed within 30 days from the publication of the 'public notice' dated 2nd Jany.11. This is a very important matter grossly affecting everyone as the property tax has been enhanced to over 50% the existing rates. This is a very serious matter warranting urgent attention. You may please draw the attention of all our members and seek their comments which may be consolidated and presented to MCD, as required for their consideration. This is an urgent matter and please take immediate n/a, as you may deem fit!

With our renewed best wishes for the New Year,

TK Balu
Secretary/RBECHS/Anand Vihar

May i request to all the members of East Delhi RWAs Joint Front to look into the matter with utmost attention. We must file our comments on the issue with due consideration. A copy of the said  interim report is being arranged for our office. Please look into the matter & submit your comments at the earliest so that a consolidated reply could be submitted. All the other RWAs are also being invited by us for a collective reply on the topic effecting every honest tax payer.

B S Vohra

Monday, January 3, 2011

East Delhi RWAs Joint Front

We are pleased to inform that the Constitution of the East Delhi RWAs Joint Front is ready now & we are moving for its registration. We are thankful to all the members who have submitted the resolutions on time. The  list of members of the managing committee & the Office bearers will be announced soon.

Looking forward & Assuring the best of co-operation to one & all.

With Best Regards

B S Vohra
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front

Delhi Police Plans To Name Drunk Drivers On Its Website

It could well be a 'Hall of Shame' on the website of Delhi Police if its plans to make public the names of those jailed for drunken driving in the national capital come through.
The move comes in the backdrop of its plan to clear the Delhi roads of traffic violators and educate people against the dangers of drunken driving.

"We are mulling the possibility of putting the names of those convicted for drunken driving on our website. We don't think that there could be any problem as it is a list of people who were jailed by courts," Satyendra Garg, Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic), told PTI.

Last year, over 10,800 people were fined for driving under the influence of alcohol. Out of this, driving licences of 580 were suspended while 710 people were imprisoned upto ten days.

In 2008, a total of 7,579 people were prosecuted for drunken driving while the next year saw a steep increase in challans on this front to 12,109. The figure in 2007 for the same offence was 3,748.

with thanks : NDTV :  Link in headline above for detailed news.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

RWAs now 'empowering' local politicians

NEW DELHI: The idea was to empower the local resident and help him or her highlight issues concerning the common man. Yet, a decade after the Delhi government decided to step in and set up the Bhagidari cell - an interface between the government and resident - the RWA movement, feel many Delhiites, seems to have turned into a beehive for local political agendas.
While some RWAs look for a political identity - by participating in polls like in Gurgaon, in Delhi, self-styled RWAs leaders have gone on to join mainstream politics. Even those that remain within the fabric of the movement are exposed to individual agendas, say various RWA members. The reason is not hard to find. In a city that prides itself on who knows whom or the ubiquitous "jugaad", the RWA has become synonymous with entry into the local political circle.
The RWA gets nominal financial funding from the government as part of the "My Delhi I Care Fund". This amount, Rs 50 lakh, is given to each district - there are nine districts in Delhi. The DC in turn, can distribute the fund to projects approved by a core committee headed by a SDM  provided the project is not worth more than Rs 5 lakh. In cases where the cost of work exceeds Rs 5 lakh, the sanction of the divisional commissioner is needed. The core committee evaluating the projects consists of members of local RWAs headed by the SDM. Government sources however, admit that while Rs 50 lakh is the fund provided, in cases were more funding is needed, a case can be made and the government will make provisions. 
With thanks : TIMES OF INDIA : link above for detailed news.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Happy New Year 2011

May i wish you very happy and enjoyable new year.
My other wish i that we collectively try to make authorities 
responsible and help each other to solve our day to day problems.
kk Ghei

Happy New Year

Respected & dear well wishers,
                                                          The year 2011
  As our world grows an other year older,
  Here's We wishing that you get
  The biggest slice of happiness & good luck
  To fill your heart & house
  Today and the whole year through. 
May your wishes be granted by the God for all the years to come.
With warm regards.
Mrs & Maj M C SOOD (Veteran)

Happy New Year 2011

Dear Mr. Vohra ji,

So thougtful of you for the new year greetings so lovely and meaningful. Let's resolve to resolve the major problems of our affiliates to derive 'anand hi anand' throughout this NEW YEAR to shower bouquet on you and our front!

With best regards and wishes,

TK Balu
Secretary/RBECHS/Anand Vihar

Happy New Year 2011

A Happy New Year 2011
to all of you.

Year’s end is neither an end
nor a beginning
but a going on,
with all the wisdom
that experience
can instill in us.
Happy New Year

Naresh Lamba
Founder President
Social Development Welfare Society (Regd.NGO)


सेवा में,

आदरनीय महोदय जी,
समस्त केशव नगर निवासियों की ओर से आपको नये साल 2011 की हार्दिक
शुभकामनाएं एवम बधाई।

केशव नगर जन कल्याण समिति.(पंजी.)

श्री शिवानन्द शर्मा (प्रधान)
श्री राजीव कांन्त श्रीवास्तव (उप प्रधान)
श्री चन्दर सिंह कटारिया (महासचिव)
श्री रमेश गिरि गोस्वामी (सचिव)
श्री विजय कुमार प्रसाद (सचिव)
श्री कुलदीप कुमार चडडा (स.सचिव)
श्री सोहन लाल गौतम (कोषाध्यक्ष)
श्री आर. के. सक्सेना (संयोजक)


Wish you & your family members a very happy & prosperous
New Year 2011.

D K Gupta, Advocate
V President
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front

New Rules Of Life For 2011

New Rules Of Life For 2011
1. Haste Rehne Ka.
2. Tension Nai Leneka.
3. B Positive, Eat Positive, Sleep Positive
4. Mast Rehneka.
5. Har Problem Ko Solve Kernay Ka.
6. Friend K Sath Lifetime Friendship Account Kholnay Ka
7. Mujhko Yaad Rakhnay Ka
Aur Mujhey Sms Kertay Rehnay Ka.


Verender Jain

Capacity Building of Women Managers In Higher Education

Sensitivity/Awareness/Motivation Workshop:Valedictory session

University Grants Commission launched a major programme for women in higher education in the academic and administrative streams.The reason for establishing this activity is to increase the low percentage of women in decision-making positions in Indian Universities and colleges.
Sri Guru Nanak Dev Khalsa College,University of Delhi,Dev Nagar conducted this workshop for the Training of Women Trainers ( from 27th Dec.- 31st Dec.2010)sponsored by UGC.
Prof.Susheela Kaushik (Director & Co-Chair,UGC National Consultative Committee) is the Chief-coordinator of Capacity Building of Women Managers;Prof. Reicha Tanwar (Women’s Studies Research Centre,Kurukshetra University) is the Regional Coordinator of this Programme.
This Workshop seen the day of light due to Dr. Man Mohan Kaur, Principal, S.G.N.D. Khalsa College & Dr. Gita Lakhanpal (Local Coordinator & Associate Prof.Department of English, S.G.N.D. Khalsa College,Dev Nagar,University of Delhi.

Capacity Building of Women Managers in Higher Education

Sensitivity/Awareness/Motivation Workshop in SGND Khalsa College,Dev Nagar,University of Delhi( 27th Dec.-- 31st Dec.2010):Day Four