Sunday, February 27, 2011

Jeweller shot dead .......................

Dear Mr. Vohra ji,

It is really shocking and shows how life has become so cheap for the thugs etc. There is no safety and security of people and their properties. Rule of law-breakers is widely prevailing and there is no fear of punishment and they are bold enough that they would not caught or nabbed.  This is all due to our low-morality and lack of unity and feeling of oneness. We have become so self-centered and selfish, we hardly bother about our neighbours. No more preachings and fear of God! We have reached or reaching a 'jungle raj'! There is no rule of law and Police, mainly due to acute shortage and guarding the so called VIPs, aam aadmi are suffering and will continue to suffer. You will be shocked to learn that at the innumerable of marriages that take place at the CBT ground near Surajmal Vihar, rampant thefts are taking place and for the last two days in succession jewelries of both brides and bridegrooms have been looted by unknown miscreants! At one place jewels worth a few lakhs have been lost forever and there is no clue! Time is not far of when dacoits will knock at your door and snatch whatever they find with dire consequences.  We have to face it!  What is the remedy? No technological devises will solve the problem. Any solutions! Let the readers suggest remedies to this rampant malady!?

With regards,

TK Balu
Secretary/RBECHS/Anand Vihar

can we read without light

Sir, a blind cannot read without light, a crowd cannot achieve any success without a leader and a nation cannot fight eradicate corruption without WILL POWER.
High officers are suffering from lure of money and gold.
LOOK.AROUND EUROPE or other continents.
Guilty are punished without fear and delay.
Here even heinous murder in crowded market of krishan nagar may not be solved or criminal punished in ten years.
We fail to install CCTV which could help to reduce traffic related offences.
Our intellectuals are in deep.slumber
our netas are hand in gloves with money looters
and we are just looking

Friday, February 25, 2011

Jeweller shot dead in Krishna Nagar .....

Dear Vohra ji,
It is really shocking even to hear such incidents.  This incident of dacoity has taken place in a crowded market and that to in a day light.  The main question is that the dacoits are so dareing and do not have the fear of whatsoever nature of the police or public.  If such like situation continues to prevail, what will be the future of this country.  Where the law abiding person will be living?  Imagine, if this daring incident has happened in a very old and reputed colony, what will be the fate of new colonies in the NCR.  What the Police is doing?  What for Beat Officers are posted?  
I remember, in one of the meetings with the ACP at Geeta Colony Police Station, the representatives of the Krishan Nagar Shopkeepers Association clearly indicated that the intention of Police officials deployed in the market is to mint money rather than providing security to general public or the shopkeepers.  They (Accociation) were against the encroachment on the footpaths by anybody and requested to take stringent action against this violation.  We do not have the system to have a check antecedents of the Rehariwala or Patriwala.  Who knows who is making planning of the Dacoity.  The main question is whether the polcie, politicians etc are sincere to eradicate corruption, encroachment of public land, which is one of the root cause of such incidents?
Vijay Kochhar
Geeta Colony (DDA) Block 18 RWA

Crime rising, east Delhi traders hit road : Times of India


Stop Traffic, Claim Police Won’t Take Action Against Criminals Unless Paid Bribes

Dwaipayan Ghosh | TNN

New Delhi: A day after a 29-yearold jeweller was murdered by four armed assailants inside his shop during a robbery in Krishna Nagar, east Delhi, RWAs and trader associations hit the road, protesting against the police inability to protect them. The traders shut down all shops in the Lal Quarter area for the entire day. 

    “We blocked traffic on Road 57 (Karkardooma Court-Anand Vihar route) and sought alms from the people so that we can provide the money to the police. Until we grease their palms, they will not protect us,’’ said Sandip Kapoor, secretary of the Krishna Nagar Residents Welfare Association. The RWA claimed they collected Rs 500 by the evening. 

    As a result of the protest, traffic between Shahdara in northeast Delhi and Anand Vihar in east Delhi came to a standstill for over three-and-a-half hours. The effect was felt on Seelampur approach road and the Karkardooma crossing clogged even as cops diverted vehicles through other roads. Schoolchildren, returning home, suffered worst of the jams and Times City saw at least three school buses stuck on the road. 

    Locals said there is spurt in crime in the area. “Chain snatchings are a daily affair. Recently, there were three big robberies at Son Bazar, Jheel Kuranji and near Guddu Bakery. The owner of Gambhir Medical was shot at by unidentified assailants inside his shop in Jagatpuri. Khandelwal Medical Store was looted. My house has seen two burglaries in the last seven days. And people tell of a few criminals riding a black Pulsar who have struck four times in the past few days near Cross River Mall in Anand Vihar,” said B S Vohra, president of the east district RWA joint front. 

    On Thursday, a curfew like situation prevailed inside Krishna Nagar. With cops cracking down on two-wheelers, vendors and even rickshawpullers, Lal Quarters — usually bustling with energy — looked like a ghost town. Over 500 people had gathered outside the Gambhir residence. On Road 57 near Swarn cinema another 250 protestors kept traffic at bay. 

    A few metres ahead, cops from three police stations — Geeta Colony, Farsh Bazar and Krishna Nagar —kept a close watch. “We are not going to push things. Our investigation has proved that the accused knew their way through the narrow bylanes of Krishna Nagar. We are trying to find out the route taken by the accused. Their modus operandi hints at involvement of a couple of gangs who were active here earlier. We do not want to divulge the details right now,” said DCP (east) O P Mishra. 

    The police said they were investigating if the beat policing needs a change. “We are mulling ID cards for all outsiders who plan to enter this area. All two-wheelers will be checked and movement of those who have come out of jails recently will be checked. We will advise jewellers to put up CCTV cameras and locks to ensure their safety. Police will meet RWAs and traders associations in the coming days,’’ said Mishra. The probe of Gambhir’s murder case has been handed over to the special staff. Police sources said the SHO of Krishna Nagar might be suspended after being sent to the police lines.

UP IN ARMS: Traffic was badly affected in east Delhi due to the agitation by traders and other residents of Krishna Nagar.

with thanks : Times of  India : link above for Online edition of TOI.

Though i have been misquoted.
B S Vohra
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jeweller Shot Dead in Krishna Nagar

In a shocking incident in Krishna Nagar, a Jeweller was shot dead, last evening, in a daring Dacoity, in the  broad day light. Gaurav Gambhir, owner of Gambhir Jewellers, in the busy Lal quarter Market in Krishna nagar, died after he was shot at Three times. Three persons wearing helmets entered his shop and while escaping with the loot, the dacoits, shot him dead on his resistance. 
The incident was so shocking that soon all the markets were closed and the Traders as well Residents joined in the massive protests. Road number 57 was Jammed in the evening itself for half an hour and again today morning, a large number of protesters, blocked the road for over 3 hours. Dr Harshwardhan ( MLA ), Dr. Monga ( Councillor ), Mr Rajesh Gaud ( Councillor ) joined in this protest.

Krishna Nagar, The first DLF colony is a biggest retail market in East Delhi. While Lal Quarter has all type of routine shops, Chachi building is well known for woolens. Main Road has all the prominent Banks such as HDFC, ICICI, SBI, PNB, SBI B&J, UCO etc. along with many shops of Fridge & TV items. Central park has All the prominent Jewellers on one side & nearby.

The area, mostly crowded all the time has no proper security arrangements. No CCTV cameras, no screening of incomers, no proper checking of vehicles, makes it vulnerable. Chain snatching, Purse & Mobile snatching are so common incidents, which dont attract attention of even the residents. Incidents of Bikers removing Gold bangles have also occured here.

The area requires proper security arrangements, with CCTV cameras, with proper screening of incoming persons & vehicles, so that no more of lives and money is lost. We request to the area MP, MLA & Councillor to look into it very seriously.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Join us in the service to the society !

RWABhagidari Blog :
RWAs can join our RWABhagidri Blog Membership is absolutely free. As a result you will be able to upload Civic problems of your area with pics & vids, directly on the Blog. The blog is regularly being covered by the Media for highlighting the Civic issues.

East Delhi RWAs Joint Front :
RWAs of Delhi East can join our "East Delhi RWAs Joint Front". If we are on a single platform, we can have our say in a better way. We can raise & highlight our civic issues more strongly. Already a good number of RWAs have joined us. You too can join us. If interested, we can mail you the membership form. Please contact us :

Parking problem - Mayur Vihar, Phase 2, Pocket F

In mayur vihar pkt-f phase -2 some residents make the taxi stand due to this reason there are no parking space to park our residentm it also inform they people used private no vehicle for taxi.

Nn mishra
Rwa pkt f
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East Delhi RWAs Joint Front - means Joint Effort

Dear Mr. Vohra,

I feel, that the task you have taken up is as big as Mt. Everest, My experience in these social services for about 40 years have yet to see , some real , responsible, National minded or Social minded Govt. Officials, M.Ps, MLAs, and  Councillors in our Area of Mayur Vihar Phase-1 in Genreal and Pocket-3, in Particular.

Many a meetings of Bhagidari East, DCP / ACP Traffic / MLAs and RWAs may be in record only but without any appreciable out come. Most of the meetings were just for the sake of fill in the blanks, Nothing has changed in our Pocket  1,2,3,4 and 5. All BHAGWAN BHROSEY.

I wish you all the best TO YOU, IF you could brake the ICE.

Pocket-3,Mayur Vihar-1.

P in PIL means public not paisa or publicity : HC

with thanks : Hindustan times : link above for original news.

Monday, February 21, 2011

ACP Traffic ( East ) : Request Letter

On behalf of ACP Traffic ( East ), TI Mr Tomar visited us again, today. We showed him the Critical points of our Area & handedover a REQUEST LETTER as below for action : 

21st  February, 2011

ACP Traffic ( East ),
Laxmi Nagar police Station,
Delhi – 110092

Subject : Our meeting at the DC’s office as well your ROUND of the area on 19th February at 4 pm.

Dear Sir,

We are facing the Traffic Jam problems as below :

  1. On Mandir Marg, F Block at Road number 57, there is acute problem of Traffic jam due to the BIKERS from Inner lane, who intersect in between the Flow of traffic on every Green Light towards road number 57. This not only results into inconvenience to the flow of traffic as well causes chances of accidents & it was OBSERVED BY YOU during your visit of the area.

We REQUEST you to please ENHANCE the DIVIDER upto the end of the Road so that the Bikers could get no way there & the flow of traffic remains smooth.

  1. The Mandir Marg road has a bottleneck in between Vaishay Dharam Shala & Happy school intersection. As a result there is HEAVY TRAFFIC JAM on this stretch during Peak Hours as well at any other time. Ambulances as well Fire Brigade vehicles can offen be viewed in the Jam. The Residents are suffering from Noise as well Air Pollution in addition to the constant Traffic Jams on the road.

We REQUEST you to Instal a Red Light at Happy School Intersection so that the Traffic could be managed properly to solve the problem of Traffic Jam to a greater extent.

We are now LOOKING for the necessary steps in this regard from your side so that RESIDENTS of the Area could get a Sigh of Relief.

Thanks & regards

B S Vohra
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front

CC to :
Office of the Deputy Commissioner ( East ) & SDM Gandhi Nagar,
Dr Harshvardhan ji, Dr V K Monga ji …………….for information.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Property Tax payment scam !

In the wake of a spate of scams and corruptions at the national level, the capital’s MCD is no exception!

It is shocking to bear and hear that the MCD’S Property Tax office at Geeta Colony had not maintained any records of the payments made by law-abiding citizens for over a period of ten years, albeit the people concerned have  made payment of the tax due regularly and always well in advance and fortunately kept a record of such receipts issued by the MCD Property Tax office itself!

It is seen from their records that no entries of the payments made have been entered in their ‘official registers’, so far on the pretext of ‘shortage of staff’ over a period of time and consequently those who have made the payments have been directed ‘officially’ to produce the original receipts and make available the photocopies of the same to them, so that they could now make necessary entries in the registers!  Can you, by any stretch of imagination in this 21st century of e-governance, which we wish to implement, the records in the MCD’s Property Tax Office are still being maintained manually and that too had not been done for the last over 10 years!!

This Society (Anand Vihar) had protested against this state of affairs for not fault of their law-abiding citizens, who always make payment of dues to the Govt., whether electricity/water/gas/phone bills etc. periodically, so that their connections are not arbitrarily cut by such agencies and make payment of the property tax, as well, annually much before the target date fixed by the Govt.

For this purpose this Society had been arranging ‘collection camp’ annually for the last over 5 years in our Society’s premises by getting the officials of the Property Tax office, arrange to collect the duly filled-in forms from all residents and make them available to the officials concerned at the spot for which receipts are also given on the spot.  The money-starved MCD gets at one spot and on one day over Rs.10 lakhs towards property tax payment! In addition the visiting officials are ‘looked after well’ too! Despite all these efforts made by our Society, the MCD Property Tax office at Geeta Colony had not kept any record and made necessary entries towards payments on their official registers!!

It is strange and shocking for the ‘inaction’ of the babus in the Property Tax Office, the senior citizens and others in our colony have been made to suffer on this account who had been asked to produce the old receipts immediately!!! Can you imagine the amount of time, energy and mental torture faced by the residents!  Is there no remedy? Why aam aadmi should face all these onslaughts for such a callous and irresponsible action of the babus! Will the officials of the Property Tax office of the MCD reply to this scandal and scam? We don’t expect or hope unless and until some high-ups at the helm of affairs intervene in and set the matters right before the commencement of the ensuing financial year which is only a month ahead!

TK Balu
Secretary/RBECHS/Anand Vihar

ACP meet .....

It is a good beginning.
we need to cultivate good relations on a sustaining basis with the ACp,in a healthy way. For instance  5-6 couple  families holding responsible jobs may invite ACP faily for a high Tea or a cultural function with dinner. Let us give momentum

Prof. S. Sitaraman
Senior Vice President, Ritnand Balved Education Foundation (RBEF)
                                       (An Umbrella Organisation of Amity Educational Institutions)
Director, Amity Foundation for Ayurvedic Sciences
Director, Amity Centre for Yoga & Meditation
Director, Amity Centre for Guidance & Counselling

Saturday, February 19, 2011

ACP Traffic visited us today !

ACP Traffic, Delhi East visited us today to understand & evaluate the Traffic problems being faced by the residents. Mandir marg crossing at road number 57 was shown to him & he himself understood the problems & assured some results at the earliest. He was also requested by all the RWAs of Krishna nagar to make a few Internal main roads as ONE WAY, due to the massive traffic jams in the area. As he had to go for PM duty, he promised to visit us again in a day, to discuss further in this regard. 

B S Vohra
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front

Friday, February 18, 2011

Mr Rajesh K Mishra - The New DC - Most energetic personality

The RWA meeting was held at DC's office on 18th February. We were more than pleased to meet the New DC Mr R K Mishra. He showed great interest in the problems being faced by the Residents. It was very much clear from his way of working that, he was definitely for a change & for solving the problems at the first go. Almost all the RWA representatives Saluted him on his encouraging talks.

SDM Mr D P Singh , SDM Mr A K Sharma as well representatives from various Govt Departments were also present in the meeting. Some of the RWA representatives praised the SDM Mr D P Singh for certain problems solved by him.

Various RWAs of Krishna nagar, Geeta colony, Raghubar pura, Gandhi nagar, Shastri park, Rani garden  etc. were present in the meet.

B S Vohra
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front

Thursday, February 17, 2011

cancellation of music concert in Delhi


Cancellation of music concert by an international artist may look to be a trivial issue. But this shows our incompetence to organise even a music event in capital of INDIA. No wonder delhi was conaidered a big village. Police has taken the flak. But heads must role. . If we care for niceties.


Free eye check up Camp in your area !

RWAs if you are looking for a Free Eye Check Up camp in your area, please feel free to contact us immediately. The persons who will attend the camp will also be entitled for detailed Free Check Up at the Eye Hospital for upto 15 days from the date of Camp.

RWAs can now help the Underprivileged candidates, those who are looking for Job Opportunity

We have an offer from a Top rated company for the JOB OPPORTUNITY to the Underprivileged candidates. The Company is looking for 12 + candidates of 18 years or above for Interview. If selected, they will be given FREE TRAINING of 6 days and after completion will get a  Sales job. Salary Rs. 5,500 to 7,500 + Incentives up to 5,000 /-. They offer the Free Pick Up & drop facility.

RWAs if you have any such persons in your area, you must come forward to help them. Company will arrange Interviews in your area, with your help. Please contact us immediately for complete details.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lights .....

Dear Mr. Vohra ji,

I do share Shri Ghei's plight re. mast lights in parks. For instance the mast light in our park opp. to D-27-28 Anand Vihar is not functioning at all for the last few months and any number of complaints is unheard and unresponded! How we could overcome such plight.  Hence the entire park is in darkness and children cannot play at all.  With ensuing summer holidays etc. where the children could go is anybody's imagination! The local Councillor is totally unresponsive and looks after, sorry to say, his own community people although he got elected from our Constituency. Perhaps as we go to Gurudwara or temple, we have to visit and worship them daily or time and again at their residence ceaselessly to get anything done. No amount of memorandums etc. given to them are followed up except making 'false promises' time and again on which we feel happy!

In this piquant situation, whom we have to approach to redress our grievances!  Can you help?

With regards,

TK Balu
Secretary/RBECHS/Anand Vihar

MCD''s ''bhagidari'' plan: To form residents welfare ward panels

New Delhi, (PTI) To ensure community participationin development plans, the MCD will form residents welfare wardcommittees in the city.

The ward-level panels will be headed by the councillorand will comprise area junior engineer (maintenance), sanitaryinspector, section officer (horticulture) as well as onemember each from all registered residents welfare associationsof the ward.

The proposal was made by Leader of MCD House Subhash Aryaat a meeting of the MCD which finalised its 2011-12 budget.

The councillors can spend Rs 35 lakh of the fundallocated to them for various works after consulting with themembers of these panels.
with thanks : oneindia : link above for detailed news.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Corporates are willing to work for the RWAs : Exhicon1

As intimated to you earlier, through this blog, our "East Delhi RWAs Joint Front" had a meeting with the Prominent Builders from the Corporate sector. We have been informed  by Exhicon1 Media, that, these corporates have funds for the community development & with the help of local RWAs, they are willing to utilise it for the benefit of the society.

Mr. Vipin Ghosh, MD, Exhicon1, as well Mr. Ujjwal Bhardwaj, Director, Exhicon1, designed this concept to get all the prominent builders of  Noida and the entire RWA’s Community on the same platform.  

Prominent Builders such as Supertech, Sunshine, Prateek, Shipra, Bulland, Gulshan, Jaypee, Mahagun, Ajnara, Gaur Sons and prominent channel partners like Investor Clinic, Innovions Consulting, Om Radiance, were present in the meet, representing the corporate sector.

While thanking the EXHICON1, we wish to inform you that the discussions with them are still in a PRIMARY stage. However, if you wish to have any such work to be done by the Corporate Sector under CSR,  plz let us have your detailed mail so that it could be forwarded  to them for further processing.

With Best Regards,

B S Vohra
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front

Message from Mayur Vihar

Dear Mr.Vohra,

Many residents of our Pocket-3, Mayur Vihar Phase-1 join me to express our THANKS to you for Lesioning and projecting our civic- Municipal, Security and very poor lay out  of OPEN- Drains and sewerage designing in our Flats.

Problems being faced by all of us since we started living in these Flats in the year 1981-82, No elected member of our area has ever come forward to help us in any way: so we hope our joint efforts may give a" wake-up call" to our MP - MLA and other authorities.

Let us hope for some more meetings in these matters.


Lights .....

There has always been this problem of maintanence of high mast lights,here also there is multiplicity of authority,park lights are maintained by MCD and street lights by BSES and high mast lights fall under whom God only knows.Two such lights were installed were by Shri Yoganand shastri in 2004 in Masjid moth parks but they have been non functional for more than five years now.Its really sad that even if some projects are implimented nobody is responsible for their upkeep.
Another case to point is the plantations done along the roads during CWG crores was spent ,we need to question the horticulture dept as to how many plants have survived.One can see broken net and dried twigs of plants on many roads.
Mrs Ranju Minhas
Shield,citizen,s initiative

Sunday, February 13, 2011


At present, street light maintenance is no body's baby. High mast lights installed out of councillor and MLA fund in parks have not been functioning during last ten months. This is well in the knowledge of area councillors and MLAS.This is the position in Madhuvan.nirman vihar and preet vihar. Not only parks are shunned by ladies ,children and senior citizens but is also a source of unsocial activities.There has to be a single number so that residents can bring it to the notice of maintenance wing.

kk ghei

Corporates .....

Dear Shri Vohra ji,

I was immensely happy to read this news item and at the pioneering initiative and step being taken by Corporates - builders and developers - in beautifying East Delhi in particular! Can you organize in a systematic way so that the RWAs will be benefitted!!

As far as Anand Vihar is concerned, I would suggest the following for your consideration and if you could help us, we would be ever grateful to you:-

1. Beautifying the main entrance gate with our colony's name in prominence and welcome/swagatam written on sides with of course the logo of the corporate.
2. Construction of security huts which will be placed at vanatage places where entry/exit gates to the colony exist and advt. thereon.
3. Taking up the beautification of a few handful parks with children play equipment
4. Display of colony map at a prominent place outside our Society's office.

These are certain stray thoughts where both - the RWA and the sponsor corporate - will get due mileage. Kindly consider and confirm to proceed further.

With best regards,

TK Balu
Secretary/RBECHS/Anand Vihar

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Discoms To Take Care Of Streetlights

Getting a non-functional streetlight repaired near your house would not be difficult now. Delhi Cabinet on Monday gave its go-ahead to bring streetlights of the entire city under the ambit of the power distribution committees. According to senior Delhi government officials the civic agencies are often blamed for poor upkeep of streetlights and they will now handover the job of maintenance and repair of streetlights to the power discoms that supply electricity to those lights.

"It is necessary in view of the safety of the common man. Discoms will take over this work as they have ample workforce and technical infrastructure to provide a better and well-managed service," chief minister Sheila Dikshit said.

Officials said there are about 3.5 lakh streetlights in the Capital managed by several agencies. All lights, except the ones managed by Delhi Development Authority (DDA) and National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) will be transferred to the discoms.

with thanks :  Hindustan Times : link above for detailed news.

Cos may have to invest 2% of net profit in CSR

NEW DELHI: The government is considering to make it mandatory for all companies to invest 2% of their net profit in corporate social responsibility (CSR). The ministry of corporate affairs plans to incorporate it in the new Companies Bill, an official in the ministry said. The oil ministry has already made it mandatory for state-run oil companies such as ONGC , IOC , BPCL and HPCL .

The proposal of the ministry is tabled in the Parliamentary Standing Committee. It will be debated threadbare as private companies have opposed the idea of any mandatory social spending limit. They want the contribution to remain voluntary.

“Every year at least 2% of its (companies’) average net profits during the three immediately preceding financial years shall be spent on CSR activities,” the ministry said in an statement.

The new provisions may apply to companies having a net worth over Rs 500 crore, or a turnover over Rs 1,000 crore, or a net profit of over Rs 5 crore in a year. While the idea to mandate a minimum spending on CSR front is still being debated, what appears certain is that companies will have to make specific disclosures of their social spends in their annual report. 
with thanks : Economic Times : link above for more detailed news.

Water users must pay up: HC

NEW DELHI: In a ruling that will immediately affect over five lakh defective water meter connections, the Delhi high court on Wednesday ordered their replacement and said proper metering of water supply is compulsory in the city. A division bench comprising Chief Justice Dipak Misra and Justice Sanjiv Khanna, while hearing a PIL, ruled that it is the fundamental duty of a citizen to pay for the water consumed. It gave the Delhi Jal Board four weeks' time to begin the process of removing defective meters.

The bench rejected the demand of the petitioners, who had filed the PIL, that DJB be asked to replace the old water meters with new ones. The court pointed out that in most cases citizens were paying less and consuming more water solely due to absence of a proper meter due to shortage of the same with DJB. It's the consumer who must foot the bill to purchase and maintain a meter, the court held.

The bench further asked Sumeet Pushkarna, counsel for DJB, to bring out a list of licensed outlets from where consumers can purchase a water meter along with a list of plumbers who shall be provided by DJB to residents for installing the meter.

with thanks : Times of India : link above for detailed news.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Privilege Cards Distributed To 1,500 Senior Citizens

Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit launched `Sewa Privilege Card' for senior citizens of Delhi here this weekend. The launch of the card is part of a holistic care programme for senior citizens of Delhi that has been devised by Sharp Sight Medfort in association with Confederation of Senior Citizens Associations of Delhi. More than 1,500 senior citizens were presented the Sewa Card on the occasion.
"Among the elderly, the focus should not only be on reducing disease-related morbidity and mortality, but also on promoting optimal health and ensuring disability free years. Today we need more such initiatives that focus on overall health of the senior citizens and provide holistic care. Also, the idea of introducing the card for the senior citizens is first-of-its-kind activity which will ensure that eye care needs of the elderly are looked after properly," said Ms. Dikshit.

with thanks : The Hindu : link above for detailed news.

Circle Rates Doubled In City.............................

The new circle rate regime, intended to tackle the black market, is all set to come into effect from Tuesday. In keeping with the decision of the Delhi cabinet led by chief minister Sheila Dikshit, the office of lieutenant governor Tejendra Khanna has notified the new rates that are double those of the existing rate structure.
The minimum (Circle) rates for valuation of lands and immovable properties for registration in Delhi have been revised, a statement from the office of Minister of Revenue Raj Kumar Chauhan stated late on Monday evening. The new rates will come into force with effect from Tuesday.

Chauhan said that the revised rates shall be taken into consideration for registration of instruments relating to land and immovable properties in Delhi by all the registration authorities under the provision of the Indian Stamp Act at the time of registration of instruments under the provisions of Registration Act.

with thanks : times of India : link above for detailed news.

Toll-Free Number For Health Queries

Not sure what's causing that screaming stomachache every two hours? Or which doctor is the best for that eye infection of yours and what his fees would be? Need to know which diagnostic centre is closest to your house, equipped with that fancy MRI scanner? Or which pharmacy has the medicines you are looking for?
  Dial just one single toll free number - 33006666 - from anywhere. This round-the-clock service, available from Monday, has been launched by a private company as a one-stop information platform on everything about health care, be it medicines, diseases, procedures or health news.

The primary information database includes doctors, specialists, chemists, radiology or pathology labs, clinics, nursing homes, hospitals, ambulances, blood banks and medical equipment providers. It will also help you evaluate, compare and select doctors on fees and location of their clinic. Created over the past twoars, health line 24x7 a service that is free and 24x7x365 will empower people with reliable, relevant and in-depth health information. It will function in the metros as a starter. Within the next nine months, it will be available in over 30 towns across India.

with thanks : Times of India : link above for detailed news.

MCD Asks Prospective Buyers To Cross Check Before Deals

"Cross check with us whether the building you are planning to buy is not illegal," this is the advice given by Municipal Corporation of Delhi to prospective buyers.

Click On Image For Site View
"Check the details of properties constructed unauthorisedly on MCD's website before entering into any deal with any builder or seller so that no one is cheated," a senior MCD official said.The official said that before entering into any deal to buy a property, one should documents like sanctioned building plan and completion certificate besides the ownership documents of a particular property.

with thanks : IBNLIVE : link above for detailed news.

Monday, February 7, 2011

RWABhagidari blog

Dear President,

Thanks for your prompt ack of my mail.It shows your leadership.

Time is nearing to organise massive people's march to various authorities  to govern properly and exercise their legitimate authority vested with them to control,monitor  and punish law breakers and protect the hapless weak and exploited citizens from the clutches of  greedy officials indulging in extortion,corrupt practices and allowing violation of rules and regulations.
We may prepare a core List of people holding authority on whom we should turn our spotlight to start our OPERATION Governance. Such officials to be met by a strong,dedicated,no-nonsense citizens are listed below :

4.Sales Tax officers
5.Mayor of Delhi
7SHO s in East Delhi

First we meet them and politely request them to maintain law and order and prevent  encroachments,over charging of passengers by autos,illegal constructions etc.
Later we will aim our Brahmastras.

Let us demonstrate people's power-a la Cairo!

Prof. S. Sitaraman
Senior Vice President, Ritnand Balved Education Foundation (RBEF)
                                       (An Umbrella Organisation of Amity Educational Institutions)
Director, Amity Foundation for Ayurvedic Sciences
Director, Amity Centre for Yoga & Meditation
Director, Amity Centre for Guidance & Counselling
Director, Amity Centre for Guidance & Counselling

RWABhagidari blog

Your kind invitation accepted in all modesty and with humility.I will gladly contribute my ideas and efforts.

Prof. S. Sitaraman
Senior Vice President, Ritnand Balved Education Foundation (RBEF)
(An Umbrella Organisation of Amity Educational Institutions)
Director, Amity Foundation for Ayurvedic Sciences
Director, Amity Centre for Yoga & Meditation
Director, Amity Centre for Guidance & Counselling

Bigger than 2G: CAG suspects scam in S-band allocation

The Comptroller and Auditor General suspects a scandal bigger than 2G in the allocation of S-band spectrum.

The loss runs into Rs 2 lakh crore, while the 2G spectrum scandal, which cost A Raja his job as telecom minister, is believed to have cost the nation a little less, at Rs 1.7 lakh crore.

The Department of Space and ISRO are under the scanner because the CAG has found that the deal was awarded without the invitation of competitive bids.

The Hindu reports: "Hard on the heels of its explosive investigations of the 2G spectrum allotments made in 2008 by the Department of Telecommunications, the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) has started inquiries into a 2005 agreement between the Indian Space Research Organisation's commercial arm Antrix Corporation Ltd. and Devas Multimedia Private Ltd."

The company that allegedly benefited from the deal, Devas Multimedia, is headed by Dr M G Chandrashekhar, who was earlier scientific secretary at ISRO.

with thanks : yahoo news : link above for detailed news.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Jan Aushadhi Medical Stores: Quality Medicines At Affordable Prices

with thanks : Times of India

Raise income tax exemption limit to Rs 3 lakh: Survey

The government must increase the personal income tax exemption limit to at least Rs 3 lakh from Rs 1.6 lakh at present in the upcoming Budget for giving relief to taxpayers from high inflation, majority of CEOs surveyed by industry body Assocham has said. 
"In view of the unprecedented inflation particularly the food inflation, the government must increase the personal income tax exemption limit from the existing Rs 1.6 lakh to at least Rs 3 lakh to give adequate relief to the larger sections of the society, added the majority of the CEOs," the pre-Budget survey said. 

The Budget 2011-12 would be unveiled by Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee on February 28. At present, income up to Rs 1.6 lakh is exempted from tax for individuals. For women and senior citizens, the limit is Rs 1.9 lakh and Rs 2.4 lakh, respectively. 

However, under the the Direct Taxes Code (DTC) Bill which was introduced in Parliament last year, the I-T exemption limit is Rs 2 lakh. The DTC is expected to replace the 50-year old Income Tax Act from April, 2012. 

with thanks : Economic Times : link above for detailed news.

Good Show by all those who are crusaders and pioneers. Let us forge forward with determination,dedication and declaration for a united, powerful, resolute RWA in East Delhi to start with.

Prof. S. Sitaraman
Senior Vice President, Ritnand Balved Education Foundation (RBEF)
(An Umbrella Organisation of Amity Educational Institutions)
Director, Amity Foundation for Ayurvedic Sciences
Director, Amity Centre for Yoga & Meditation
Director, Amity Centre for Guidance & Counselling

Dear Sir,

Thanks for your valued mail. Please feel free to write on our blog .

With best regards

B S Vohra
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front

Your kind invitation accepted in all modesty and with humility.I will gladly contribute my ideas and efforts.

Prof. S. Sitaraman

Consortium for welfare of citizens MEET

Dear brother,
It was a satisfying experience to attend a meet today in DAV school maidan Vihar,
Sh.Naseeb singh MLA and respected Abjit gulati were present.
The consortium is bringing out a monthly news digest and most likely, first issue shall be released by whirls ji.
Through this monthly magazine, we will be able to focus problems of east Delhi .
High light mast lights in parks are likely to be made functional before 15th February.
Kindly advise if not attended by that date.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Residents to help councillors in deciding funds

Just listion and see all such type of loud announcements..... my 6-7 years in our RWA of Pocket 3,Mayur Vihar-1 has now wide opened my eyes and mind and let me say what you are going to get.... at least, who citizen ? which fund? who will decide ? just " Do not Disturb....Men at work" 
Best of luck....

Friday, February 4, 2011

Rahul Gandhi profile on FaceBook

Facebook has a profile on the name of Mr Rahul Gandhi. Some one linked with that profile is trying to malign the Reputation of Respected Mr Rahul Gandhi. All kind of worst pics are being uploaded on it. May i request to the concerned department to check that page & DELETE it from FaceBook.

Community Development Meet

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Delhi Water Bodies Go Under, Almost

In a blow to conservation efforts, of the 629 water bodies identified by government agencies, as many as 232 cannot be revived for various reasons.

A reply by Delhi's Urban Development department to a query by Vinod Jain under the Right to Information (RTI) Act provided a break-up of the status of 629 water bodies, along with one that was later added to the list under the Irrigation and Flood Control department (I&FC).

A majority of the 175 that cannot be revived come under the Delhi government's I&FC department, apart from 16 others, where legal disputes have prevented any work to be taken up.

Further, it mentions that 37 water bodies under Delhi Development Authority (DDA) and four under Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) cannot be revived for various reasons.

"I needed to check the number of water bodies that have been revived and those that cannot be revived. After all, the authorities are putting in so much of money and time into it," said Jain, from NGO Tapas, who had filed a PIL in the Delhi High Court for the revival of Delhi's water bodies.

with thanks : Hindustan Times : link above for detailed news.

Power Firms To Raise Load And Bill You

In a development that could mean a more stable power supply in future, though possibly at a higher cost, the Capital's power companies on Wednesday got the legal go-ahead to enhance the load of those consumers in the habit of using more than what is sanctioned to them.

The Appellate Tribunal on Electricity ruled in favour of the companies, who have been fighting the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission for the right to enhance load on their own.

Typically, each household has a sanctioned load of 1-2 KW. But nearly all of them use 3-4 KW, due to the use of appliances such as geysers and ACs. This causes overload and breakdown of the grids and transformers, leading to power supply disruptions and faster wear and tear of infrastructure.

"This will help us build a more robust network that sees fewer breakdowns due to overloading and the life of our infrastructure will also improve," said Gopal Saxena, CEO of BSES Rajdhani, But for this to happen, Delhiites may have to pay a slightly fatter power bill.

with thanks : Hindustan times : link above for detailed news.

Hearing in chamber of chairman PGC

I attended the hearing in chamber of chairman PGC at IP ESTATE NEW DELHI DDA representative had carried out joint inspection with me on 4th january 2011 but did not submit report, where as joint inspection report was prepared at site and signed.

MCD submitted a report that complainant not present. Immediately i told that it is a blatant lye as i was not informed about this inspection.Further, i submitted that joint inspection was to be carried out by  MCD AND DDA along with complainant.
Kindly recall that 11 biswas of chunk of land allotted to DOCHB SOCIETY LTD MADHUVAN had been merged by preet nagar chbs ltd, but this was the part of land allotted to Madhuvan in 1971.Preet Nagar society came much later.At present above land is under occupation of Universal Public School.
Chairman PGC has fixed next date of hearing on 14 th march 2011.


Unleveled Roads and by-lanes in Keshav Nagar

B-246/4, Keshav Nagar, (Mukti Ashram) Burari Road, Delhi-110036
Phone: 9910405512, Fax 01127732787

Ref. No…………… Dated 02.02.2010


The Hon’ble Sh. Jai Parkash Aggarwal Ji,
M.P. North East Delhi,

Subject: Regarding leveling of Roads and by-lane (Gali) of all block
Keshav Nagar (952).

Respected Sir,

I, the undersigned, on behalf of the residents of Keshav Nagar encroach upon your valuable time to bring in your kind notice the untold sufferings and great difficulties being faced by the thousand residents of Keshav Nagar due to unleveled Roads and by-lane (Gali) of all block Keshav Nagar (952) Colony. We are enclosing the detail of A to F Block (By-Lane/Gali) to be levels as under:-

1. Main Road Mukti Ashram to Gurudwara Road Turning.
2. From T Point at Mukti Ashram Road to ward A Block and it’s by
lane/gali no. of 10.
3. Block Total Gali No. 5.
4. C-Block Total Gali no. 4.
5. D-Block Total Gali No. 4.
6. E-Block side by of Gurudwara Road, total Gali no 12.
7. F-Flock Ttotal Gali no. 15
8. All out let with nala in all block A to F Blocks.

We request to your good self kindly look in to the matter on priority basis in the interest of poor residents, hope for early action please.

Thanking you.

Yours Sincerely

General Secretary
Copy to:-

1. The Chief Engineers,
Irrigation & Flood Control Department,
ISBT Building. Kashmere Gate,

2. Sh. Deepak Tyagi ji,
Former candidate Burari Vidhan Sabha.

DTP against overloading of school vans and buses

Dear Mr Vohra,
You must be aware about the drive started by DTP against overloading of school vans and buses.Kindly take up the issue with Transport dept to increase the number of special school buses during school hours.With a likely hike in petrol prices this month coupled with DTPs long overdue corrective action the school transportation charges are going to go up.Education department should coordinate with transport dept to ease the situation.This will help, not so well off parents and furthermore it wont be one of the deterrants in the Govt vision of realising the dream of education for all.
Mrs Ranju Minhas
SHIELD,citizen's initiative

Residents to help councillors in deciding funds

It is an excellent idea and people will shower their blessings. People's confidence will boost up and ensure that the money is well spent. This will also ingrain in their minds that govt. is responsive and receptive to their woes. The million dollar question is will it be translated into action or it will become like any other public announcements to get mileage in the media! Let's watch and comment!

TK Balu
Secretary/RBECHS/Anand Vihar

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Residents to help councillors in deciding funds

NEW DELHI: With an aim to connect better with residents of Delhi, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) is launching a new initiative - resident ward committee - under which RWAs will assist councillors in deciding expenditure for development work in their wards. The initiative will be launched by Delhi Mayor P R Sawhney on Wednesday.

"This will ensure better coordination between resident welfare associations and MCD. RWAs are better informed about the pertinent problems. They can provide quality inputs when it comes to the development of the ward," said Sawhney.

It will be mandatory for all councillors to conduct a monthly meeting with all RWA representatives from his/her ward. The minutes of the resident ward committee meeting will be sent to the Mayor's office. "Councillors will be expected to prepare a list of important development work which needs to be done in their respective areas. Depending on the priority list, councillors will allocate funds. When MCD is spending so much money for the development of the city, we should take into consideration the problems faced by our citizens and try to solve it.,'' said Sawhney. 
with thanks : Times of India : link above for detailed news.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How To Stop Pesky Calls And SMSes

Don't want to be annoyed by unwanted commercial calls and SMSes? Here's all that you should know about Telecom Regulatory Authority of India's  (TRAI) new regulations to give your mobile phone a little rest.
The new guidelines set by TRAI was supposed to be effective on February 1, 2011. The initial deadline of January 1 was extended by a month. Now TRAI has further pushed it to March 1.

A new set of guidelines became necessary due to the limited success of TRAI's earlier initiatives. The National Do Not Call Registry was somewhat effective in reducing the number of unsolicited calls but indirectly led to an increase in the number of unsolicited SMSes landing in consumers' inboxes.

Under the new guidelines consumers can choose their preference to receive or not to receive commercial communication from seven pre-defined categories. Users also have the option to either block all commercial calls and SMSes or to block only commercial calls while receiving SMSes of their choice.

Consumers have two choices, they can register in one of the two categories:
1. Fully blocked category: Consumers will not receive any commercial communication on their phones either as voice calls or SMSes.
2. Partially blocked category: Consumer will not receive any voice calls, but can choose to receive SMSes on any or some or all from seven pre-defined subjects:
a. Banking/insurance/financial products/credit cards
b. Real estate
c. Education
d. Health
e. Consumer goods and automobiles
f. Communication/broadcasting/entertainment/IT
g. Tourism and leisure

with thanks : : link above for more details.

Forget Cards, Now Shop All You Want Using Your Cellphone

Airtel subscribers in the city no longer need to fumble through their wallets for their credit or debit cards to make a payment. Paying for a transaction is now as simple as dialing a number from your mobile. For, the telecom giant has chosen Gurgaon as cell. India for the launch of Airtel Money, a mobile wallet service.
The service, which was launched in Gurgaon on Monday, enables a consumer to pay their utility bills, recharge their accounts, shop, book tickets and even pay for their groceries.

Airtel Money will subsequently be launched in Delhi-NCR and other cities in India in a phased manner.

 with thanks : Times of India : link above for detailed news.

Circle Rates Hike May Double As Centre Clears Air Over Issue

Circle rates in the city are likely to double very soon. The Central government has finally settled the controversy over the revision of property rates after the issue had reached a deadlock with chief minister Sheila Dikshit, and lieutenant governor Tejendra Khanna locking horns over the matter. It is learnt that the Union home ministry on Monday evening conveyed the legal view to the state that the subject of circle rates falls under the transferred list of subjects and hence the L-G has to act with the aid and advice of the council of ministers of the state.

This means that the decision of the cabinet prevails and the state government's decision to double the existing circle rates is likely to become a reality soon. The L-G's role is limited to giving a formal approval in this case, considering the fact that the state has been unrelenting on its stance.

Smarting from the L-G's ticking off that she was wrongly claiming credit for the success of the Commonwealth Games, Dikshit had turned the circle rate issue into a case of Raj Niwas' overbearing behaviour. The CM had apprised the Union minister for home affairs, P Chidambaram, on the issue of circle rates in November.

with thanks : times of india : link above for detailed news.