Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Who will pay taxes if MCD and Delhi Administration fail to act

I as a very humble citizen of Delhi and as a senior citizen ask on my bended knees and folded hands...What is the PUNISHMENT to a nominated or elected member of MCD or Delhi Vidhan Sabha who knowningly defy law and fail to pay value of land according to actual to actual usage. If a shop in DDA DEVELOPED AND MCD MAINTAINED MARKETS in Madhuvan, Preet Vihar or Nirman Vihar New Delhi 110092( to quote an example). is subdivided and for years, MCD PROPERTY WING , area councillor and MLA do not act... this shows action is born out of considerations not in public interest.So is the status of electricity theft and other degraded activities.

If a citizen raises voice, he is threatened to be eliminated or stabbed. This happend to me on last friday(26th march 2010). The driver saw two persons in auto rikshaw just near boundary wall of my home..asking my house number. When he asked the purpose...they just ran towards gate. I was going to attend a weekly meeting of our philosophy group around 4.30pm in ankur appartment.The driver on my return to home told my wife that the two persons in auto were taking rounds around a group of neighbouring houses. When our saw them or rather they saw driver...they enquired my house number.

Over a couple of years.. i have been raising issues like illegal taxi stands in Madhuvan and Preet Vihar and since then a couple of times i faced ire of affected persons. But you know ladies..since that very time my wife is confined to bed due to disturbed blood pressure. But you persons who raise such issues face threats, gets beaten up or get eliminated..but even then we go on persisting...hoping...hoping...Kabhi subh woh aigee...kabhee subh who aigee.

Friends...time is running out. Our respectable CM needs money for developmental works. The government needs money for COMMON WEALTH GAMES.Let this be the agenda of our next RWAS meeting.Hope our VOHRA JI IS LISTENING.

kk ghei
Vice President
New Delhi 110092

The purpose of launching of this blog is the interaction amongst the RWA's of Delhi as well to raise & highlighten the civic problems being faced by residents. We request to all the members that plz concentrate on these issues only.

With best regards

B S Vohra

The role of RWA's in nation building

The members & office bearers of the RWA's are the persons who are willing to work for the society. They can spare some time out of the busy schedule and that's why they join the RWA. If allowed & authorised properly, the RWA's can play a vital role in nation building.

The planting of trees in localities, maintaining the parks, Educating the local residents about water harvesting, about Child Labour, Keeping an eye on civic problems to avoid spread of diseases in the localities, Spreading awareness for cleaning of water coolers regularly as well a lot more can be included in the activities of the local RWA's.

Only 25% of properties in Delhi are paying property tax. If taken in confidence, this figure can break the records with the help of the local RWA's. These can be used to keep an eye on the neighbourhood. These can also be used in managing the traffic at critical points. Members of these RWA's can be taken as SPO's, Traffic police monitors etc. They can also be included in the local committees formed by various authorities such as MCD, Electricity, Jal Board etc.

But it depends upon the Government policies that how much use they want to take out of these local RWA's. In any case, there is least doubt in saying that these RWA's can play a vital role in nation building.

With best regards

B S Vohra

From April 1, pay more for driving on toll roads

NEW DELHI: High inflation rate is set to make your travel expensive on tolled highways from April 1. As per revised toll notifications issued by NHAI for about two dozen sections of national highways, the increase in toll rate per km for the year 2010-11 is approximately double than the average increase in the past two years.

National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), which revised toll rates for 23 NH stretches across the country on Tuesday, fixed the per km user fee for cars at 76 paise, five paise more than that last year.

Interestingly, a comparison of the increase in toll fee shows that between 2007-08 and 2009-10 the user charge went up from 65 paise to 71 paise.

"But this year the revised toll fee is higher due to steep increase in the wholesale price index (WPI). The WPI impacted an increase of toll by 7%, which is significant," said an NHAI official.


With thanks : source : Times of India

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A meeting of the RWA's of Delhi East Dist.

We are pleased to inform that we are on the way for A Meeting of the RWA's of Delhi East District. The purpose of the meeting will be interaction of RWA's as well to share the civic problems of the respective areas. We will try to invite the local elected representatives as well the media.

The meeting in no case will be allowed, to settle scores on political grounds. Instead it will be a honest effort to highlighten our problems through the RWA community. The participating members will strictly be above the party levels. Two persons from any RWA can attend this meeting.

The detailed schedule will be intimated shortly, though the meeting is expected to be held in the month of April End. Those willing to attend this meeting must confirm the participation by a mail with complete contact details to

We will be pleased to have your suggestions in this regard. The subscribers of our blog can also attend the meeting.

Thanks & Regards

B S Vohra

Delhi Govt. Rolls Back Cooking Gas Hike By Rs.15, VAT On CNG

The Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi on Monday announced a roll back of hike in LPG cylinders' prices by Rs.15 and the value added tax (VAT) on compressed natural gas (CNG).
The Delhi Government had earlier withdrawn the subsidy of Rs.40 on LPG cylinders and levied a five percent VAT on CNG.
It means that the price of LPG gas cylinders will now increase by Rs. 25 and can be purchased at Rs 307.80 per unit by general public in Delhi.
On March 22, announcing the budget, Delhi Finance Minister A. K. Walia had said that the withdrawal of subsidy on LPG and enhancement in VAT rates were necessitated by the increased expenditure on infrastructural projects related to Commonwealth Games 2010.
The Delhi Government had removed the current subsidy of Rs. 40 on the LPG, which would have led to increase in prices up to Rs 322.80 per gas cylinder.
Walia had said that the withdrawal of subsidy would have relieved the State Government of a burden of Rs 160 to Rs 170 crore per annum.
With thanks : Source : Daily India

MCD To Start Its Own Dog Sterilisation Unit

To check the everincreasing stray canine popu- lation in Delhi, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) is planning to open its own dog sterilisation centre.
"The increasing number of stray dogs on Delhi roads is a perennial problem. We are now planning a centre which will be run by our vet- erinary department," Municipal Commissioner K S Mehra said.
The civic body has iden- tified 30 acres of MCD land in Mukundpur in north- west Delhi for the centre, which, it hopes will come up before the Games..
Officials said the stray dog population in the city has been increasing despite sterilisation measures. A dog census carried out by NGO Wildlife SOS on behalf of MCD last year had put the number of street dogs in the city at 2.62 lakh and the den- sity of stray dogs at nearly five per km.
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With thanks : Source : Hindustan Times

Your Cell Bill Likely To Rise By 2% Soon

Telecom Ministry Proposes Cess For Telecom Equipment Industry
INDIA'S 560-million cellphone users will have to pay an extra 2% of their bill amount as R&D cess to boost the telecom equipment industry if the government accepts a communications ministry proposal. Mobile phone users currently pay 12% service tax and 2% education cess on their bills.

The telecom department first floated this proposal in 2006, but did not press for implementation. It now wants to revive this option of imposing an R&D cess, an internal department note said. This is part of a 14-point strategy that the Department of Telecom (DoT) is advocating to transform India to a telecom manufacturing hub.
"It is estimated that the requirement of telecom equipment would be over Rs 5,00,000 crore till 2015," the department's internal note said, adding, "However, despite the growth of market many folds, share of indigenous equipment has fallen down from 74% on 2003-04 to 30% in 2008-09."
Some of the 14-point turnaround strategies have been implemented over the last few months. For instance, last week, the government issued a directive mandating foreign gearmakers to manufacture core telecom equipment locally or mandatorily transfer technology to Indian manufacturers within a three-year period.
With thanks : source : Times of India

'Only 25 Percent Properties In Delhi Pay Tax'

Only 25 percent of the properties in the national capital are paying property tax, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) told the Central Information Commission (CIC), which has termed the revelation 'startling'.
The revelation was made during a hearing of an appeal filed by an RTI applicant, Naved Ahmed, who sought information regarding property tax of a particular property in Okhla village.
Municipalities levy tax on properties within their jurisdiction on the basis of their value. It is a major source of income for the civic agency.
'The respondent (MCD) states that until 2004, the property tax department used to send bills to the owners of property.... After 2004, when self-assessment scheme was implemented, the MCD has not been able to clearly identify which properties have paid property tax,' noted information commissioner Shailesh Gandhi in his order dated March 25.
'The respondent admits that whereas there are about 40 lakh (four million) properties in Delhi, only about nine lakh pay property tax. This is indeed a startling revelation and if the city taxes less than 25 percent of properties it is a very sad comment on the way it is being administered,' he added.
With thanks : Source : SIFY
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Monday, March 29, 2010

Unfinished Roads Turn Speed Bumps In Commonwealth Games Countdown

IT'S A race against time with the Commonwealth Games less than 200 days away, and organisers are scorching the asphalt in the final dash for deadlines.
But the Municipal Corporation of Delhi's (MCD) project to redevelop 19 major roads around venues for the mega event is hardly off the starting blocks.

Will these roads be ready for Games?

The civic authority's own internal work records show that at an average only about 10 per cent work is complete on all these key stretches.
MAIL TODAY is in possession of a copy of the MCD progress report till February 2010. A sizeable amount of Rs 153 crore is being lavished on these roads for that runway-smooth ride and installation of elegant street furniture. Beautification involves a thorough revamp of footpaths, central verges and streetlights as well as the use of durable bitumen to relay the roads.
But in keeping with its past track record, the MCD has not been able to move beyond the initial stages on most of these link road projects despite starting months ago. In fact, work on some stretches is just 1 per cent complete.
AT A CRAWL Sample this. Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium is the main venue for the opening and closing ceremonies.
STEP1:MCD makes estimates of different projects
STEP2: Approval of the estimates goes to the chief engineer
STEP3: Projects comes up before standing committee meeting for approval
STEP4: Projects are discussed in the MCD House
STEP5:Tenders are floated
STEP6: Bidding is done
STEP7:Contractors are finalized and projects awarded

With thanks : source : MailToday

1,398 Acres Illegally Occupied

DDA Draws Up Its First Estimate Of Encroachment In City

In a first of its kind exercise, Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has made an estimate of how much of its land is under encroachment. The figure comes to around 1,398.53 acres, the maximum being in east zone. While unauthorised colonies have taken up the bulk of such land, slums come a distant second followed by commercial and religious encroachments.

The exercise was undertaken in November last year after The Times of India carried a report on how slums had mushroomed on DDA land valued around Rs 200 crore in posh Vasant Vihar locality and even on adjacent forest land. DDA's newly-appointed officials on special duty for land protection had undertaken the survey. The officials all of them ex-servicemen were appointed in July last year to remove encroachments on DDA land and to check the menace.
The total land under encroachment in east Delhi was 679.84 acres, of which, 545.59 acres was occupied by unauthorised colonies. The biggest chunk of land that had been illegally occupied after east Delhi was in north zone where a total of 130.06 acres was under slum clusters.
With Thanks : Source : Times of India

Metro To Rope In More Volunteers To Manage Crowds


Two days after a man and a woman lost their legs after falling on the tracks at a crowded metro station, Delhi Metro officials said they will rope in more volunteers to tackle ill-mannered commuters.
'Given that we estimate the commuter footfall to reach 2 million by October when the Metro operations will increase to 190 km, we are certainly trying to plan out another programme to increase the number of volunteers for crowd control. We have not decided on a number,' Delhi Metro spokesperson Anuj Dayal told IANS Sunday.
The Metro ferries around 950,000 commuters daily on its nearly 96-km network. By October, ahead of the 2010 Commonwealth Games, it will access nearly all areas of the national capital as well as suburbs like Gurgaon covering 190 km.
During peak travel hours, that last till 8.30 p.m., around 16 customer service executives man crowded platforms to direct crowds. Later this number reduces to four.
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With thanks : source : Sify

Why not an Amnesty scheme for the Conversion charges before the sealing drive ?

It is being heard that MCD is sealing those shops or properties which have not yet paid the conversion charges. We hereby request to the MCD that as done by you in the property tax, MCD must give a general Amnesty to all those who have to pay the conversion charges. A tax free & penality free period of even 15 days will help the shopkeepers to clear the dues.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

A meeting of the RWA's of Delhi East Dist.

We are pleased to inform that we are on the way for A Meeting of the RWA's of Delhi East District. The purpose of the meeting will be interaction of RWA's as well to share the civic problems of the respective areas. We will try to invite the local elected representatives as well the media.

The meeting in no case will be allowed, to settle scores on political grounds. Instead it will be a honest effort to highlighten our problems through the RWA community. The participating members will strictly be above the party levels. Two persons from any RWA can attend this meeting.

The detailed schedule will be intimated shortly, though the meeting is expected to be held in the month of April End. Those willing to attend this meeting must confirm the participation by a mail with complete contact details to

We will be pleased to have your suggestions in this regard. The subscribers of our blog can also attend the meeting.

Thanks & Regards

B S Vohra

PPP model in education sector from 2011

In a bid to ensure implementation of the Public Private Partnership (PPP) model in the country's education sector from 2011, the Government on Friday set up three committees to finalise the nitty gritty of the entire process.

The three committees would deal with issues like the guidelines for implementation of the Government's ambitious project, the academic levels to be taken care of, extent of cooperation between the Government and the private sector among others. The decision was taken at a meeting of the members of the Round Table on School Education on Public Private Partnership, set up by the HRD Ministry.

In all, the Government plans to set up 6,000 model schools, of which 2,500 will be under the PPP mode, from the next academic session. The Centre has maintained that the 2,500 proposed schools will be better than the Government ones and has even come out with its concept note on involving the private sector to give a major boost to the primary education sector.

"The Government has come closer to finalise the PPP mode. Nevertheless, the vexed issue of the extent of Government's financial burden still remains to be fully resolved. It will take some time before the differences between the two sides are sorted out," sources said.

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with thanks : source : daily Pioneer : code 599FBPYXQZKC

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Beware of fake emails

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Dr. Monga - Plz look into the matter

On 21.3.10, there was an eye camp arranged by Sarthak Siksha Samiti and R.W.A Geeta Colony Block 181A with the help of Sharp Sight Centre. We required community center to arrange properly., so I collected recommendation letter from area councellor Dr. V.K Monga on 19.3.10. I talked to Deputy Direactor of C.S.D, MR. Naresh Pratap Singh. He asked me to collect councellor’s letter. I responded positively. He told me to reach in civil lines office. I sent my son, he showed him the recommendation letter and permission letter as well. The moment he read the request letter, particularly name – Mrs Meera Sabharwal, he told my son to wait for an hour outside and gave excuse that he is very busy at that moment. After one hour he tried to meet him but he denied. After one and a half hours he went inside directly and requested him to give the permission as the area councellor had already recommended. He told him to go upstairs and meet the director.. when he reached there, the director told him to meet the assistant director as nothing is in her hands. He then reached Assistant director’s room and requested him to sign the request letter so that the free eye camp could be managed properly. But the Assistant Director started giving him lame excuses and finally told him that he could not do anything as nothing is in his hands and said that the actual signing is in hands of Mr Mahesh Pratap Singh. He is the concerned person, who can give the permission.

Now the question arises:-

1) if nothing is in their (Dy. Director, Asst. Director) hands, then who has the actual signatory power?
2) Why are they sitting there?
3) Why MR. Naresh Pratap Singh asked me to collect first area councellor’s recommendation letter?
4) Why he told me to reach civil line office with the recommendation letter?
5) After reading my name, they told my son to wait outside for an hour?
6) Why he sent him to meet another person?
7) Why he wasted his two and a half hours? Didn’t he think that time is precious for every one?
8) What is the use of MCD’s community centres if it could not be provided to the local residents for their community activities although it was free on 21.3.10, Sunday.

All this shows that Mr Mahesh Pratap Singh took revenge from me for the case which I won.

Mrs. Meera Sabharwal
RWA - Geeta Colony

Ladies' Coaches Before Games, Says Lovely

The Metro line may extend till Jamia Millia Islamia in the third phase. Delhi transport minister Arvinder Singh Lovely said this in the Assembly today. He added that ladies' special coaches would also be attached to all Metro trains before the Commonwealth Games start.
He said this while responding to queries raised by RJD MLA Asif Mohammad Khan and BJP MLA Jagdish Mukhi.
The MLAs asked why Jamia Millia Islamia had not been connected to the Metro network when Delhi University's North campus and JNU had been provided with the facility. Lovely said that Jamia would be connected to Kalindi Kunj route. Delhi University and JNU were covered in the first and the second phases respectively. To connect Jamia to the Metro route is underway. The work might be taken up in the third phase, he said. If the Metro reaches Okhla, it will have a station at Jamia, he added.
The minister also assured that a coach for women would be added before the commissioning of the Commonwealth Games. The department would think of adding another coach of first-class standard.
He admitted that there is huge rush in Metro trains. Keeping this in view, the Delhi Metro has planned to add ladies coach.
The minister said that the government had been considering issuing a combine travel card for Metro and DTC buses. According to sources, the proposal was sent to the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation a few months ago, but as of now it has not been cleared.
With thanks : source : Tribune

Govt Favours Vertical Growth In Cities, Relaxing Of FAR

Government on Friday said that it favoured a "vertical growth" of cities instead of urban sprawl, given the scarcity of land, and would encourage a relaxed floor-area-ratio regime.
"Vertical growth would be facilitated due to scarcity of land. Urban sprawl occupies more land in cities," Urban Development Minister S Jaipal Reddy said. He, however, wanted all civic facilities to be put in place before such a growth in cities like Delhi.
"We are ready for vertical growth except in the heritage zones like the Lutyen's Bungalow Zone. The regime of relaxed FAR (Floor-Area-Ratio) will be encouraged," he said.
A higher FAR --limit imposed on the ratio of the total floor area of the building to the size of the land-- will allow more storeys to be built in the houses.
Speaking at the national conference on 'Indian real estate' organised by the Assocham, he quoted from a report of the UN Habitat to point out that by 2050, one billion people of India will live in cities.
with thanks Source :
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Friday, March 26, 2010

Join the 'Earth Hour' by switching off all lights this Saturday - 8.30 PM - 9.30 PM. Just for one hour.

This Saturday, the symbols of our civilization, iconic buildings and landmarks from India to Australia to America, will stand in darkness, to help bring to light one of the biggest challenges of our generation-- Climate Change. The 'Earth Hour' that began as a show of solidarity against climate change has today become a global movement. It brings together a whole generation of humankind, from across the world and across all walks of life, in celebration and contemplation of the one thing we all have in common - our planet. It is a call to stand up, to take responsibility, to get involved and lead the way towards a sustainable future. This year over a billion people from over 90 countries and 900 cities will come together to mark the Earth Hour.

To know more and to pledge your support, log on to

Krishna nagar - a posh locality with chaos every where.....

A posh locality, the first DLF colony but with scores of problems. We can say it's chaos every where in Krishna nagar. For Example :

Road number 57 intersection at Mandir marg :
Any one from any direction, with or without helmets, without caring the traffic lights, can cross the road. Bikers from inner lane intersect the flow of traffic. You can find one sided traffic on both the sides of the divider. Barriers removed for 26th Jan Republic day parade are not yet back. Diggings have been done for installation of Over bridges on both the sides of the road number 57, but can be the cause of any major accident if work is not completed immediately or not covered properly in time.

Mandir Marg : The main & busiest road touching road number 57, is mostly jammed. Haphazard parking of vehicles on the road causes frequent traffic jams. The bottle neck at Vaishay Dharam Shala & Happy school intersection causes severe problems for residents. The pollution levels as well regular honking makes the life worst. Proper red lights with traffic police duty is the only hope for the residents. Gates have been installed by Inner lanes and many of these lanes are closed from both sides, 24 hours. This further aggrieves the traffic situation in the area.

Rainy season : During rainy season, every part of Krishna nagar, the first colony of reputed DLF is filled with knee deep water. You can find the floating beds in homes, filled with knee deep muddy water. Residents suffer heavy losses of furniture and other articles due to water logging in homes. Since last over 20 years this problem is existing. Nullahs have been made this time but so far not connected with each other & therefore have become the breeding ground for mosquitos.

Drinking Water : Though new pipe lines have been laid in some parts of the area, still the residents get smelly and dirty water in taps.

Dog Bites : The dogs in dozens, chase the school going kids, bikers, cars, as well morning walkers. Many instances of dog bite have been reported. In nights, these stray dogs bark so loudly, that the residents can't even sleep.

Thefts : Many incidents of Lock breaking of shops on Mandir marg have been reported in the last few days. Wheels of many cars have been removed from the cars parked outside homes on the Mandir marg.

A lot more to say.

Budget And The Common Man

Price hike and the on coming games are the subjects on the lips of every body in delhi. Requirement of fund no body denies. Money is required for developmental works and also for upkeep of existing facilities.

Are we serious about collection of funds or we want to just hike prices ?
I have raised this question because MCD, DDA or delhi administration are not collecting legitimate dues. The whistle blowers are threatened with dire consequences including elimination.

Please seek answers to the following :
The land allotted about twenty years ago at throw away prices to establish primary schools to influential individuals…but now they are running colleges over couple of years and no completion certificate ever obtained.No attempt to recover land cost and like mobile towers erected without permission have caused crores of rupees loss.


Even DDA developed markets now handed over to MCD . The shops have been converted to two or three shops without any fear of law or god.

Why Delhi Administration is been upon loosing good will of common man baffles me. A person like me has no plat form to raise voice. But the party workers are knowing pulse of people. Neither they are engaging themselves in introspection nor they are encouraging public inter action.

Let us not befool our selves.. LET US ACT.

Vice President
Madhu Van RWA
Madhuvan new delhi 110092

Yahoo - Facebook - password stealing viruses

Password-stealing virus hits Facebook

Hackers have flooded the Internet with virus-tainted spam that targets Facebook's estimated 400 million users in an effort to steal banking passwords and gather other sensitive information.
The emails tell recipients that the passwords on their Facebook accounts have been reset, urging them to click on an attachment to obtain new login credentials, according to anti-virus software maker McAfee Inc.
If the attachment is opened, it downloads several types of malicious software, including a program that steals passwords, McAfee said on Wednesday.
Hackers have long targeted Facebook users, sending them tainted messages via the social networking company's own internal email system. With this new attack, they are using regular Internet email to spread their malicious software.
A Facebook spokesman said the company could not comment on the specific case, but pointed to a status update the company posted on its web site earlier on Wednesday warning users about the spoofed email and advising users to delete the email and to warn their friends.
McAfee estimates that hackers sent out tens of millions of spam across Europe, the United States and Asia since the campaign began on Tuesday.
Dave Marcus, McAfee's director of malware research and communications, said that he expects the hackers will succeed in infecting millions of computers.
With Facebook as your lure, you potentially have 400 million people that can click on the attachment. If you get 10 percent success, that's 40 million, he said.
The email's subject line says Facebook password reset confirmation customer support, according to Marcus.
with thanks : Source :

Thursday, March 25, 2010

A meeting of the RWA's of Delhi East Dist.

We are pleased to inform that we are on the way for A Meeting of the RWA's of Delhi East District. The purpose of the meeting will be interaction of RWA's as well to share the civic problems of the respective areas. We will try to invite the local elected representatives as well the media.

The meeting in no case will be allowed, to settle scores on political grounds. Instead it will be a honest effort to highlighten our problems through the RWA community. The participating members will strictly be above the party levels. Two persons from any RWA can attend this meeting.

The detailed schedule will be intimated shortly, though the meeting is expected to be held in the month of April. Those willing to attend this meeting must confirm the participation by a mail with complete contact details to

We will be pleased to have your suggestions in this regard. The subscribers of our blog can also attend the meeting.

Thanks & Regards

B S Vohra

Now, a plan to make Subhash Marg in Daryaganj one-way

New Delhi: Months ahead of the Commonwealth Games, there are plans aplenty to make Delhi picture-perfect for the hordes of tourists coming for the Games. One such plan doing the rounds is to make Daryaganj a one-way street.

Officials of the Shahjahanabad Redevelopment Corporation (SRC) revealed that the corporation is mulling a proposal to make Subhash Marg in Daryaganj one way. ‘‘There have been representations from traders and residents of the area to make the road one-way. We have forwarded the proposal to the traffic police and will hold discussions on the proposal to reach a consensus,’’ said Savitur Prasad, managing director, SRC.

The proposal came after issues of safety and security were raised. According to a senior government official, the idea behind making the road one-way is not only to reduce the heavy traffic movement in the area which leads to serious safety issues but also to ensure that the locality remains attractive and visitor-friendly, especially in view of the coming Commonwealth Games.

Delhi traffic police, meanwhile, are opposing the plan. Their contention is that if vehicles are diverted towards the Ring Road via New Daryaganj Road, it will lead to congestion at the Shanti Van crossing.
For detailed news, please click the headline above.

With thanks : Source : Times of India

बिजली की दरें भी बढ़ने की संभावना

राजधानी में बिजली की दरें बढ़ने की संभावना से इनकार नहीं किया जा सकता। यह जानकारी आज सूत्रों ने दी। हालांकि इसकी घोषणा हो ने में अभी तीन हफ्ते का समय लग सकता है।
डीईआरसी के एक अधिकारी ने बताया कि बिजली दरों में बढ़ोतरी को लेकर अभी कोई फैसला नहीं लिया गया है। इस पर विचार किया जा रहा है जिसमें तीन सप्ताह का समय लग सकता है। बिजली कंपनियों ने दिल्ली इलेक्ट्रिसिटी रेग्युलेटरी कमिशन (डीईआरसी) में पिछले साल दिसंबर में 2010-2011 एग्रीगेट रेवेन्यू रिक्वायरमेंट (एआरआर) फाइल किया था। इसमें एनडीएमसी को छोड़ते हुए तीनों कंपनियों ने घाटे का हवाला देते हुए डीईआरसी से बिजली की दरों में बढ़ोतरी करने की मांग की थी।
इसमें पिछले चार सालों से बिजली की दरों में बढ़ोतरी न होने की बात कहते हुए बीएसईएस यमुना ने ओवरऑल बिजली की दरों में 60.04, बीएसईएस राजधानी ने 69.60 और एनडीपीएल ने 52.48 प्रतिशत तक की बढ़ोतरी करने की मांग की है जबकि 2010-11 के लिए बीएसईएस की दोनों कंपनियों ने करीब 8 फीसदी और एनडीपीएल ने बिजली की दरों में तकरीबन 10 प्रतिशत तक की बढ़ोतरी करने की मांग की है। जानकारों का कहना है कि महंगाई की बढ़ती रफ्तार को देखते हुए लग यही रहा है कि बिजली की दरों में भी बढ़ोतरी की जाएगी।
with thanks : source :

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A request to all the subscribers of the blog

Dear Subscribers,

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1. You have to add your mail ID & Click the Subscribe button.
2. You will have to add the verification code to check that the subscription was mannual.
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But it has been observed, that many of you, who subscribed the blog, have not yet verified the confirmation mail. As a result, though your mail ID appears in our Subscribers list, you are not yet getting our updates.

Therefore, if you had subscribed the blog and still not getting our mails, please re subscribe the blog as per steps 1 to 5 as above. Please note, the blog subscription button is on the top left of every page of the blog.

Secondly, may we request to our valued subscribers, to please forward details of the blog to your friends & relatives, just to widen our reach.

You are also requested to mail us details of any RWA activities in your Area, as well any civic problems of your area, for uploading on this blog.

with best regards

B S Vohra

Rollback of 4% VAT likely on LPG

There may be a rollback of about Rs 12-15 on the cost of LPG cylinder in the national Capital. After public outcry, the Delhi Government is mulling rollback of four per cent of VAT rate from an LPG cylinder which may give relief of about Rs 12-15 per cylinder to consumers. The indication on the same came during the Budget discussions in Delhi Assembly on Tuesday.
Participating in the Budget discussion, Congress MLA Mukesh Sharma urged Delhi Government to waive four per cent VAT rate on the LPG cylinder to bring the cost of the cylinder at par with that in the neighbouring States of Haryana, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh.
Later, under attack for withdrawing subsidy on LPG cylinder and
increasing VAT on CNG and diesel, Dikhist said she was "open" to reviewing the budget proposals noting that her's is a "sensitive" government. "We are open to it," Dikshit said when asked whether government will review its decision on withdrawing subsidy on cooking gas and increased VAT on a number of items. "Our's is a sensitive government. We always try to address the problems of the common man," Dikshit said. The Chief Minister said that the Government has received several suggestions pertaining to roll back of four per cent VAT from LPG which may give relief about Rs 12-15 per cylinder. "The idea is good and the government is considering it," said Dikshit.
For detailed news, plz click the headline above.
With Thanks : source : The Pioneer

"Govt To Loot 'Aam Aadmi' to Pay For The Games

The Delhi government on Monday presented a budget proposing to make bot- tled cooking gas, diesel and CNG costlier to fund the Common- wealth Games in October.
"This is a growth-oriented budget for the Games," said finance minister Ashok Kumar Walia, presenting his seventh budget. In plain English, Delhiites must pay more.
The government proposes to withdraw the Rs 40 subsidy on each LPG cylinder and increase VAT on diesel and CNG to hike prices by Rs 2.37 and Rs 1.09 a litre, respectively. If these pro- posals go through, expect hikes in taxi and auto fares.
"We'll demand increasing the fare of the first kilometre from Rs 10 to Rs 15," said Sobhran Singh Rajput, president, Bhartiya Tiphaiya Chaalak Sangh.
Walia justified the withdrawal of the LPG subsidy, saying: "We have been giving subsidies as long as it was feasible. They were costing us Rs 850 crore to Rs 1,000 crore."
This subsidy was announced in June 2008.
Taxes are going up on a host of other items such as high-end mobiles and apparel.
With thanks : Source : Hindustan Times

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sheila Makes You Pay For The Games

Her government unleashes a tax whammy on Delhiites already reeling under rising prices
DELHI chief minister Sheila Dikshit has a plan to fund the beleaguered 2010 Commonwealth Games in the Capital -- she is going to make you pay for it.
" I would appeal to the residents ( of Delhi) to understand our position," Dikshit told PTI soon after finance minister A. K. Walia's budget speech on Monday which raised taxes on various goods and services in the city- state. " We need money for the Commonwealth Games. I am sure people will extend their cooperation to the government." She then said the budget was " development- oriented" and that it would " further increase economic activity in the city". As a result of Dikshit's tax raid on the common man, essential commodities such as diesel, domestic cooking gas, tea, coffee, ghee, aerated drinks, cutlery, kitchen utensils and CNG fuel for public transport will be dearer after April 1.
If that were not enough, the Delhi state budget has increased taxes on luxury products such as expensive watches, mobile phones priced above Rs 10,000, pens costing more than Rs 1,000, and readymade garments priced at Rs 5,000 and above. This is a direct result of an increase of 7.5 per cent in the value- added tax for all these products.
Walia said Central government funding for the Commonwealth Games was much less than what the state had hoped to receive, therefore raising taxes was inevitable. In the previous fiscal, the government had allocated Rs 2,105 crore for Gamesrelated projects. The finance minister said Delhi state has already spent Rs 15,000 crore on improving infrastructure ahead of the event that will be held this October.
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Monday, March 22, 2010


Budget effect on prices : Keep your tears in your eyes. If arguments in DERC against BSES tariff hike go awry....then expect substantial hike in electricity rates. The shop keepers can raise prices of their goods. The salaried can fight for increase in salary. But what about pensioners?

Situation very bad if you are DESU OR DVB PENSIONER. Astonishingly, so far our grades in accordance with sixth pay commission and there after salary fixation has not been done. Only some amount had been paid. I retired as additional chief engineer in September 1994. Thereafter, this post was abolished and all were upgraded to the post of chief engineer. Prior to privatisation, our grades had been revised in accordance with PAY COMMISSION.
But now we are orphans.

What happens to officers and employees who are unfortunate to be pensioners of Desu Or Dvb. Will any body tell us how we will meet this avoidable price rise. Honourable Chief Ministre is heading Power Ministry in NCR..Union Territory of Delhi.

Vice President
MRWA...Madhuvan New Delhi 110092

And now the Delhi Budget pushes prices upwards.....

The consumers will have to pay Rs. 40 Extra for each Gas Cyllinder as the subsidy has been removed. Price of Diesel is up by appx. 2.37 paise as the VAT is raised by 7.5 %. Therefore, we can expect a spurt in prices of every thing we buy, under the impact of Diesel. More details to be added soon.

A terror SMS from your cell? Possible

Imagine getting a lewd SMS from a number you know, going to police with a complaint and then finding out that the supposed sender is clueless about what happened.
Two such cases have been reported to Mumbai police in the past month. Though they are yet to track down the sender, they have managed to unearth a bizarre truth, that of the `masked SMS'. The user has to register on a website (for as little as $10) and can send text messages to and from any mobile number on the planet without being identified.
Mumbai police have managed to track down two or three websites that are used to send masked messages and are collaborating with IT experts to get to the bottom of the matter. ``We have received two complaints in the last one month where the sender's number was camouflaged,'' joint commissioner of police (crime) Rakesh Maria told TOI on Saturday.
IT industry sources said, ``It's rare for the real miscreant to be caught in such a situation because people might register under false identities and also commit credit card fraud to pay the small registration fee,'' says IT expert Vijay Mukhi.
Imagine getting a lewd SMS from a number you know, and the supposed sender is clueless about what happened. Two such cases have been reported to Mumbai police in the past month. Though they are yet to track down the sender, they have managed to unearth a bizarre truth, that of the `masked SMS'. The user has to register on a website (for as little as $10) and can send text messages to and from any mobile number on the planet without being identified.
With thanks : Source : Times Of India

Printing of books : message from Kanpur

as in kanpur(up) city and other city there has a electric light problem in examination time that student always get unable to study there book in night so their may be other option , we can use that print on book which can also shine in night (as radium can shine in dark), means if publisher will use radium like ink for printing then student may get relief in dark for studing.................

Saurabh Nigam

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Water Harvesting

Water harvesting is the need of the hour. Demand of water consumption is out stripping the supply and we have to beg or threaten others to quench thirst of delhites. The contribution of government at centre or state level does not inspire any confidence. It is good to observe that now delhi government is activating the abandoned RENNY WELLS. I had seen at three to four feet water level along ring road while erecting 33kv(33000volts)tower line from Indraprasth Power Station to Kilokri village(very near to maharani bagh new delhi).

In fact not only water was gushing out but snakes also coming out from the pits being dug from tower foundation pits. Even in south Delhi, hand pumps were sunk to less than thirty feet. Now even in east delhi..water table is going down. It is possible that wars in less than fifty years may be fought for water.

It is amazing how government was advertising and telling individuals to harvest rain water. At least now government must wake up, action action plan for 2010 to 2011 needs to be announced. Five year plans need to be formulated and monitored by activating bhagidars.

kk ghei
vice president
RWA madhuvan new delhi 110092

RWABhagidari blog covered by CCN news

RWABhagidari Blog - was today covered by CCN News service, the biggest cable network of East Delhi. You can view it in the CCN news today i.e. 21st March at 8pm & 11pm as well tomorrow i.e. 22nd March at 8am, 8.30am as well 9am in the morning.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit dedicates Diageo’s ‘Water of Life’ initiative to Delhi residents

You are here: Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit dedicates Diageo’s ‘Water of Life’ initiative to Delhi residents.
Diageo, the world’s leading premium drinks business with an outstanding collection of brands like Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff and VAT 69, today dedicated its latest Water of Life initiative in India, the Jal Sanchay Abhiyaan in Delhi.
Chief Minister, Mrs. Sheila Dikshit, was the chief guest at the dedication ceremony of Jal Sanchay Abhiyaan along with Ramakant Goswami, MLA and Vice Chairman of Delhi Jal Board and Bishan Singh Bedi, former captain of the Indian Cricket team. This public private sector partnership is supported by the Bhagidari initiative of the Delhi government with implementation support from the Delhi Jal Board, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, Delhi Development Authority and Central Groundwater Board.
Diageo has teamed up with the Forum for Organised Resource Conservation and Enhancement (FORCE), a leading water conservation NGO, to construct rainwater harvesting structures for the replenishment of groundwater through 50 abandoned tubewells in Delhi. It is estimated that the project will provide between 10,000-14,000 people with up to 40 million liters of clean water per year.
Diageo’s Water of Life programs across the world provide local communities with greater access to clean water and advance environmental conservation in line with the UN’s Millennium Development Goals, which include halving the number of people without sustainable access to safe drinking water by 2015.
In addition to the tangible benefits of increased water access, this project aims to foster greater awareness and education among local communities about the importance of water conservation, particularly among the youth. Diageo is building community capability by working closely with the Resident Welfare Associations, the Delhi Jal (water) Board and local government, as well as by involving Diageo employees.
Roland Abella, Managing Director, Diageo India said, “Access to clean water is a universal human need and holds a special significance for our business, which itself depends on a reliable supply of clean water. Projects such as the Jal Sanchay Abhiyaan which provide access to water and promote environmental conservation reflect our commitment to support local communities and represent an important component of our Water of Life program.”
Jyoti Sharma, President, FORCE added, “80% of rural India and 50% of urban India is dependent upon groundwater for its domestic water needs. Jal Sanchay Abhiyaan is an excellent example of a joint stakeholder effort to ensure drinking water security for this vulnerable segment. We look forward to continued collaboration with Diageo”.
Lin Menuhin, Corporate Social Responsibility Director, Diageo Asia Pacific, told reporters at the dedication ceremony, “We are delighted to be contributing to the local community here in Delhi. We have a long-standing relationship with India through our brands and it is important that we also invest in the social wellbeing of the communities. Together, as individuals and as a business, we can make a difference.”
Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit, Ramakant Goswami, Bishan Singh Bedi, Diageo, FORCE and the residents of Naraina Vihar were the first to sign the pledge committing to respect and value water everyday in every way.
with thanks : source :

Prices going up again...... Milk... CNG...RBI Repo rate.....

Prices are again going upwards now. Mother dairy has raised the prices of milk as below. A litre of toned milk (poly pack) -- the highest selling Mother Dairy product -- will be available for Rs 23 from March 20, instead of the current price of Rs 22. The price of full cream milk has been increased from Rs 28 to Rs 30 per litre and that of toned/ bulk vended milk (token milk) from Rs 20 to Rs 22 per litre. CNG will cost up by 50 paisa now onwards. Even RBI has raised the Repo limit by 0.25%.

Mr Rajesh Agarwal from RWA Shahdara

Mr. Rajesh Agarwal from RWA Shahdara is the new member of our blog. As we got his pic today, it's being uploaded now.

He is a very active social worker from Shahdara RWA as well attached with Yamuna action plan 2nd for the cleaning of Yamuna river in Delhi.

We are pleased to have him in our blog and expect his very active participation in this blog as well.


B S Vohra

BSES suspects consumers to be thieves

I am informed that BSES has sent letters to large number of consumers about suspected theft. I do not want to comment unless the concerned person, say at least one from one area contacts me in person A-78 MADHUVAN NEW DELHI 110092 and mobile 9811868133.

If required..i will go to BSES OFFICE...but no generalised action is possible. Please immediately contact and do not delay it.

Vice President
Madhuvan new delhi 110092

The stray dog menace in F Block, Krishna nagar

Residents of F Block, Krishna nagar are facing the problem of stray dogs, roaming in the locality. In the nights they bark so loudly that you can not even sleep. In the morning hours, when school kids are out on the road for catching the buses, these stray dogs in dozens, create a lot of problem, by barking and chasing the school kids, morning walkers, bikers, scooters & cars. A kind of terror is existing in the minds of school kids as they fear of a dog bite. Several maids who come to the area in the morning hours have been bitten. A resident of the area was so badly bitten by these dogs that it took her over a month to recover. We request to Dr. V K Monga, councillor of this area, to please look into the matter at the earliest.

BSES letter to consumers

Submitted by : Mr. Rajesh Agarwal

Plz note Mr K K Ghei is willing to meet the consumers
who have received this kind of letters from BSES.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Protest Against Public nuisance caused by public sector offices


State Bank of India branch has been functioning in A-61 Madhuvan (near preet vihar) new delhi 110092. We are staying just near rear side of above house. The electric connection to above said bank had been provided about five years earlier, by stringing service cable from the pole in front of house number 67. Elecricity to all houses of Madhuvan located along Nagraj Muni Marg has been provided from front side from LT LINE meant for only these houses. In fact to house number 61 from where state bank is functioning had earlier been connected to above front side LT FEEDER.

But when bank branch was established the feeding point was changed causing very low voltage and voltage fluctuation to our houses. We had protested in writing and i as an honorary secretary of Delhi officers Co..op House Building Society Ltd had brought on record this illegality. My complaint was duly acknowledged and forwarded to chief engineer Karkar Dooma BSES YAMUNA power ltd...but it remains pending till today.

The generatior has been installed on rear side of above building . This is a generator which generates not only electricity but is generating gaseous fumes and Noise which is un bearable.
The requests to manager a couple of times did not bring any result.

Now i as VICE PRESIDENT OF MRWA have taken up this issue with honourable Lt. Governor DELHI. My humble request is that in case public sector units create such situations, never suffer in silence. Go on contesting and sharing with all of that authorities wake up.


Canine terror in Geeta Colony

with thanks : Hindustan Times

Bhagidari no longer attracts


with thanks : Hindustan Times

Projects Stuck But MCD Funds Idling

Devlopment work in the Capital is crawling, thanks to the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD). But the civic authority can't blame the snail's pace progress on a dearth of funds.
It has come to light that the MCD has not fully utilised the funds sanctioned to it by MLAs and MPs for the development of their constituencies. In 2009-10, 62 MLAs and eight MPs gave about Rs 102 crore to the MCD.

But only about Rs 6 crore was spent till February 28 this year. This means that a huge sum of Rs 96 crore is lying unspent. In fact, there are 34 MLAs whose funds have not been touched at all! These include Surender Kumar from Bawana, who gave over Rs 2 crore; Bijender Singh from Nangloi Jat, who gave Rs 1.5 crore; Kanwar Karan Singh from Model Town, who gave about Rs 2 crore; Harsharan Singh Balli from Hari Nagar, who gave Rs 2.7 crore; and Bharat Singh from Najafgarh, who gave Rs 2.8 crore.
These funds were released by the MLAs for civic work in their constituencies such as revamping of roads and parks and construction of community halls.
for detailed news, plz click the headline above.
with thanks : source : mailtoday

Dal At Subsidised Outlet Costs More, YEllow Peas Dal NAFED Selling at Rs 3 More Than Market Rate

It was started as a market intervention strategy to check price rise but retail outlets of the National Agric- ultural Cooperative Marketing Federation (NAFED) seem to be doing just the opposite.
Its outlets are selling yellow peas dal at Rs 26 per kg where- as the market rate for the same is between Rs 22-23 per kg.
In November last year, the Delhi government had laun- ched a scheme of providing pulses cheaper than the mar- ket rates and had actively adve- rtised the sale of this dal thro- ugh retail outlets of NAFED, Kendriya Bhandar and Mother Dairy.
Naresh Gupta, the president of the Delhi Grain Merchant Association, said, "The current wholesale price for the yellow peas dal is Rs 1,700 per quintal or in other words Rs 17 per kg. Even after adding packaging and transportation cost, the retail rate does not go so high."
HT spoke with many retail grocers across Delhi and most of them said the dal was not much in demand and hence they did not stock it.
One of them said, "This dal is not very popular. The sale has started to pick up slowly now." He said the dal is actu- ally peas, so one won't be eat- ing it daily.
for detailed news, plz click the headline above.
with thanks : source : Hindustan Times

Road Tax Up, Pay More For Your New Car

Come April and you will have to pay more `road tax' -- or registration fee -- on the new cars and two wheelers that you buy.
The Delhi government has decided to increase road tax on new vehicles in the upcoming state budget, due on Monday.
It proposes to raise road tax on cars priced at less than Rs 4 lakh from the existing two per cent (of ex-showroom price) to four per cent.

The government has pro- posed different tax slabs rang- ing from five per cent to nine per cent on cars priced at more than Rs 4 lakh.
That means a Honda Civic 1.8V AT (ex-showroom cost Rs 13. 71 lakh) at six per cent road tax will now be dearer by Rs.27,420. A Maruti Alto Lxi (ex-showroom Rs.2.63 lakh) at four per cent will be dearer by Rs 5,267.
Road tax in Delhi is, at pres- ent, among the lowest in the country.
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with thanks : source : Hindustan times

Discoms Cry Pauper, Ahead of Games, Pvt Firms Claim They Lack Money To Buy Power

Delhi's private power distributors have said they do not have enough money to buy power for the ensuing summer months, thanks to an unprece- dented cash crunch.
In letters written to Delhi Electricity Regulatory Comm- ission (DERC), the chief execu- tive officers of discoms North Delhi Power Limited (NDPL), BSES Rajdhani and BSES Yamuna have sounded an "SOS" claiming last year's torrid sum- mer and the subsequent power crisis increased their power pur- chase cost by at least 30 per cent and messed up their numbers for good.

Painting the picture of an impending doom in a year that hosts the Commonwealth Games, the CEOs have said a combined revenue shortfall of over Rs 1,000 crore this finan- cial year has left them broke.
This comes a day after the Delhi government tabled in the Assembly balance sheets of the three discoms showing healthy profits.
"As per our earlier projec- tions, we were supposed to have a surplus of over Rs 200 crore by the end of this financial year. But the turn of events were such that now we actually have a shortfall of over Rs 500 crore," said an NDPL spokesman.
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with thanks : source : Hindustan Times

Ban On New Projects In Highly Polluted Industrial Areas In Delhi, Some Put On Hold In UP

Delhi government has put new projects and those on expansion on hold till August in highly polluted industrial areas after an environmental assessment of such clusters by the Central Pollution Control Board and IIT found immense air, water and land pollution.
"The environment ministry in January had asked us to impose a moratorium in the Nazafgarh drain basin, identifying it as a critically polluted area based on Comprehensive Environmental Pollution Index (CEPI)," a senior Delhi government official said today.
The moratorium is also imposed on industrial clusters in Anand Parvat, Naraina, Okhala and Wazirpur which lie on the Nazafgarh drain basin and have exhausted their environmental capacity over the years.
The environment assessment of the industrial clusters by the CPCB and IIT, Delhi had found that of the 88 most-polluting industrial clusters, 43 had reached an upper limit in terms of air, water and land pollution.
Till the moratorium is in place, the environment ministry assisted by CPCB and local bodies will frame a guideline to improve the conditions in the clusters.
Similarly, construction and expansion in at least 22 industrial clusters in Ghaziabad and six in Noida in Uttar Pradesh has also been put on hold as they have been identified as critically polluted clusters, a senior environment official added.
Noida Phase I, II, III in Noida and Mohan Nagar, Rajinder Nagar, Kavi Nagar, Loni, Roop Nagar and Bulandshahar Road industrial areas are some of the clusters where further expansion has been banned.
for detailed news plz click the head line above.
with thanks : source : Times of India

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Road side dhabas have their origin in hoary past. Be it wild west of America or passes in hills or the river mouths near sea or even the sea beaches, the scene is not complete without hawkers, roadside eateries..which evolved into present days semi pucca or fully constructed places. Even in Delhi, when moghul empire sun was setting, the cooks came out of LAL QILA and spread their specialities for the common man.

The partition of India saw very large population explosion in Delhi. Road side eateries came up in almost every part of Delhi. Today, these places have spread their wings. Road sides, foot paths have been grabbed and traffic movements are obstructed. Developmental Works are at stand still unless these wonders of the past are removed. But then there are mobile eating places or the dhabas functioning in parking lots. Most of these are visited and cater to the poorest of poor and exist throughout length and breadth of this country. To demolish them all or to allow to function them cannot be decided as per laws of the land or city. We have to decide for each location.

So, be merry and enjoy your egg praathas or kebabs with drink or without drink till these dhabas are alive.

KK Ghei
A-78 Madhuvan
New Delhi 110092

Yamuna action plan - 11

ACORD Asian Centre for Organisation Research & Development (ACORD), arranged a meeting at India International house, Lodhi Road, New Delhi at 5 pm today. The purpose of the meet was to generate an awareness about cleaning the river Yamuna. Every one knows the pollutant level of Yamuna in Delhi, which gets almost 18 sledge filled nullahs in it at various places in Delhi.

ACORD provides consultancy services, conducts organisational studies, designs and conducts training programmes and works as a resource organisation; designing and scripting audio-visual aids such as films, tele-spots, radio programmes and folk media etc. ACORD’s Mission Statement is “to achieve and sustain world-class standards in facilitating organisational effectiveness and human resource development. Be a world class organisation in terms of quality, time, cost and client satisfaction.

The meeting was attended by various RWA's of Delhi East. In the Quiz competition, Mr. Lalit Mohan Sharma from Vishwas Nagar & Mr. Rohit from Gandhi nagar, received the prizes. Engineers from Delhi jal board explained in detail about the future plans for cleaning Yamuna river in Delhi.

Learner’s licence test on computer

Delhiites may finally get some respite from touts and corrupt Regional Transport Office (RTO) officials to get a driving licence issued. Starting Monday, the process of issuing learner's licences, the first step for a licence to drive, was made fully computerized, minimizing human interface in the testing. The change has been initiated at the Vasant Vihar RTO and will be extended to 12 other RTOs in a month's time.

Now, about 1,400 people who go to different RTOs in the city to get licences issued will have to undergo a computerized test. Unlike the existing process where tests are taken on paper by officials, who reportedly pass candidates even without sitting for it by accepting bribes there have also been complaints of deserving candidates getting the red mark because they have refused to pay bribe -- the new process has little human interface. Once a person has taken the test and passed it, s/he will be granted a licence.


With thanks : Source : Times of India

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I am informed that a large number of consumers in areas like Krishan Nagar, Shahdara and adjoining colones have received notices, directing them to visit BSES office and are made to sign some papers. Kindly recall my earliest posts. I had and still offered my services to any RWA.SOCIETY OR INDIVIDUAL in connection with safety(to avoid electrical accidents) and harrasement cases.

KINDLY NOTE THAT in the event of actual theft...i will not be of any use. The following information may be of use kindly read :

It is no body’s case that theft of electricity by consumers is to be defended. I would say such activity is to be CONDEMNED and punished. But let us understand theft of electricity and how bogus cases are built up.

The distribution agency, be it electricity board or private company, arranges to measure how much energy is consumed by the consumer. Arrangement is also made to measure maximum load ( in terms of Kilowatt etc) in say one month or period specified in CONDITION OF SUPPLY. This is being done by recoding readings manual or through electronic capturing device.
Such readings are then transferred or recorded in books known as METER READING BOOKS.
Extraction of electricity bypassing such devices is known as theft of energy. In the event of sudden drop of recorded consumption....the meter reader reports if the meter has stopped recording or is burned or damaged. Thereafter, such installations are kept under observations. In the event of PRIMAFACIA EVIDENCE, the raids are conducted and in the event of theft, photographs are taken, report prepared by inspection team and got to be signed by CONSUMER OR HIS(HER) representative.

However, there are very many incidents of framed up cases to extract money. In some cases there could be genuine mistakes committed by inspection team. There could be suspected cases of theft. The consumers receiving such notices MUST ACT WITHOUT DELAY. In the event of proven theft, there could be IMPRISONMENT besides financial burden.

My suggestion is that consumer receiving such a notice must take advice of knowledgeable PERSON. However in the event of theft or efforts to tamper with meter... the culprit must be ready to face consequences.

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