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PGC HEARING REGARDING ENCROACHMENT of madhuvan road BY Universal Public School preet vihar

Chairman Public grievances commission new delhi held hearing
of above mentioned case
KK GHEI complainant versus MCD.
MCD officers or authorised person was absent as was the case in earlier hearings also.
One of the reason is that Commissioner MCD was directed in earlier hearing to send STATUS REPORT.
Order passed earlier by PGC MEMBER has not been implemented so far.
This case was initiated on reference from sh.naseeb singh Hon'ble MLA to chairman PGC IN 2008.
MC of our society resolved in 2005 to check status from MCD AND DDA ABOUT OUR 15 FT ROAD running at the back of houses from 68 to 77 on the eastern side of madhuvan.
Surprisingly, despite admission by DDA of encroachment of above road (by above mentioned school)in report to Lt.government nothing has been done.
So, now our last hope is the authority of chairman PGC.
Hope at least order from said authority may be able to elicit reply from Commissioner MCD.
kk ghei
vice chairman Madhuvan RWA

Online RWA Directory : East Delhi District section

SMS message has been sent to the RWA's being added in this directory. Please confirm your contact details immediately. The areas include :

Geeta colony, Raghubarpura, Shastri nagar, Rani Garden,

Bhola nath nagar, Garhi mohalla, Shahdara, Vishwas nagar, South Vishwas nagar, Poorvi Vishwas nagar, New Sanjay Amar Colony,

Krishna nagar, East Krishna nagar, New Krishna nagar, East Azad nagar, Kanti nagar, West Kanti nagar, Chandu park, East Guru Angad nagar, Mausam vihar, Radhey Shyam Park, Sukh vihar, Baldev park, Jagat Puri, Anarkali,

Mayur vihar phase 1 : pkt 1,pkt 2, pkt 3, pkt 4, pkt 5, Federation mayur vihar -1, Mayur vihar phase 2 : pkt A, pkt B , pkt C, Trilokpuri, Samaspur, Patparganj, Acharya niketan, Kotla,

AGCR, Bank enclave, Chitra vihar, Nirman vihar, Dayanand vihar, Shakarpur, IP Extn., Kiran vihar,Laxmi nagar, Pandav nagar, Jagriti enclave, Ganesh nagar, Joshi colony, Vinod nagar, East end enclave, Ashoka niketan, PD vihar, Vasundhra enclave, Surajmal vihar, Madhuvan, Anand vihar, Vishkarma park, Yojna vihar, Mandawali, Saini enclave, Preet vihar, Rajdhani enclave, Garhwali mohalla, Krishan kunj,

Vivek vihar, Jhilmil, Kasturba nagar, Vasundhra enclave, Kondli, New Ashok nagar, Ashok nagar, Village Ghazipur, Mayur vihar phase 3, Dallupura, etc.

With best regards
B S Vohra

Game Set : Delhi Gets Its Latest Architectural Marvel

Delhi will soon have a new tourist spot, just in time for the Commonwealth Games.  

Guru Tegh Bahadur Memorial, an architectural marvel that promises to give an insight into the life and teachings of the Ninth Guru of Sikhs, is ready and likely to be inaugurated soon.

Constructed along National Highway 1 (GT Karnal Road) near Singh Border by Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation (DTTDC), the memorial would be known for his architecture, design and world class illumination.

"It has a unique concept. The central pylon represents Guru Tegh Bahadur while the three semi-arches represent his three disciples. Ten mono- liths around it represents ten Sikh Gurus and disseminate their teachings," chief engineer Jose Kurian said.

Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit, who also has the charge of the tourism department, visited the memorial on Saturday evening and commented that this architectural marvel would also be known for its greenery and soothing landscape.

With thanks : source : Hindustan Times : Original link from headline above.

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आर डब्लू ऐ ओंन लाइन डारेक्टरी

दिल्ली की सभी आर डब्लू के कार्यकर्ताओं की और से आर डब्लू भागीदारी दिल्ली को हमें ओंन लाइन डारेक्टरी जैसी सुविधा देने की घोषणा करने पर हार्दिक शुभकामनाएँ और धन्यवाद। हमारे लिए यह एक महत्वपूर्ण सुविधा होगी। हमारी और से एक छोटा सा सुझाव है की इस डारेक्टरी में सार्वजनिक विभागों में जैसे एमसीडी, जलबोर्ड, होर्टीकल्चर आदि के कर्मचारिओं की जानकारी भी हमें उपलब्ध करा दी जाय जो Hअमारे लिए अति आवश्यक है।
आदर सहित
जुगल किशोर गुप्ता
न्यू कोंडली

Mobile phone service towers are health hazard and our BLOG

Kindly recall that our blog high lighted RISKS AND GREED OF OFFICERS AND SERVICE PROVIDERS which has resulted into authorised and unauthorised such towers in residential colonies and locations where public go for health check ups and to obtain other services.
Even venues of CWG games are not safe.
Our concern now is to at least concentrate in TRANSYAMUNA AREA.
Despite appearing in this blog, my submission was published in CITYPLUS under captioned of TOWERS OF SHAME.
Let us EXPOSE nexus and get all concerned punished and imprisoned so that there is terror in the mind of such greedy persons who enrisk our and our children lives.

Problem of Water in Kotla

Kindly  Water Is Not  coming In Kotla Area .
So Pls Slove problem.
Lator Singh Bhati

Saturday, May 29, 2010

BSES--Poor quality work

I got an electric meter of 1 KW installed for car garage adjoining  my DDA flat. Garage is also allotted by DDA. First BSES demanded RS. 3600 for the same. But on protest for overcharging they reduced it to Rs. 600.
Meter was installed within 3 days but the aluminium cable they have used is substandard. In fact it is unsafe for use. It does not have PVC covering of proper thickness and much more.
Gurcharan Singh, M.E.
( Retd. Sr Vice President, Industrial Cable ( I ), Ltd )
36, Shivalik Aptts, Alaknanda
New Delhi-110019

MUST READ : Here's what mobile phone towers do to you and me

Radiation City

“People do not understand,” he says. “Because radiation, unlike air, water and sound pollution, cannot be seen or felt. most Indians have only started using cell phones over the past 10 years.” Dastur says he notices that his employees, like his family members, are already complaining of increasing headaches and extreme fatigue. “In five years, emr will be the number one killer after heart attacks.”

Forty of the 100 spots have “extreme anomaly” in radiation levels. This means the levels are close to seven times the safe limit. These are high risk areas. The readings were so high at times that the device used to measure the radiation, a High Frequency Analyser, could not record the radiation anymore
Thirty-one spots have “unsafe” radiation levels. This means the levels are two to six times the safe limit
Nine spots are “borderline”, just over the safe limit
Only 20 of the 100 spots surveyed in Delhi have safe radiation levels
Connaught place and khan Market, two of Delhi’s top marketplaces, have extreme anomaly
Safdarjung hospital, Modern School in Vasant Vihar, the Delhi Police headquarters, and the ISKCON temple fall in areas with extreme anomaly
The prime Minister’s residence, 7 Race Course Road, is in the borderline zone
The All india Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), india’s premier healthcare institution, is in a borderline area
10 Janpath, where Congress president Sonia Gandhi lives, is safe
Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit is safe at her official residence, 3 Motilal Nehru Place
The opening and closing ceremonies, and the athletics competition, of the Commonwealth Games will be held in unsafe areas
The Yamuna Sports Complex, where the Games table tennis and archery competitions will be held, is unsafe
Cell radiation is slow poison. Effects begin with fatigue and could end in cancer. It is nearfatal for ones with pacemakers.

The Delhi Metro, another great beacon of progress, is also emitting levels of radiation that are beyond safe norms. This is another worrisome blind spot.

Hazards from EMR range from short to long term. A headache today could mean a tumour tomorrow.
IMMEDIATELY Could hinder pacemakers and ICDs, which could be fatal for patients
3 YEARS Appetite loss, sleep disorders, headaches, short term memory loss
4-5 YEARS Tinnitus, muscle spasms, visual disorder, skin ailments
5-10 YEARS Drop in sperm count, cardio and respiratory problems
8-10 YEARS Acoustic neuroma, brain tumour, leukaemia

With thanks : Tehelka Magazine, Vol 7, Issue 22, Dated June 05, 2010

Spreading Awareness

Friday, May 28, 2010

RWA Directory

Dear Shri Vohra ji,   
Excellent idea/concept and timely publication on line! How many and how best our RWAs could use it? I wonder if all the RWAs have internet connection and conversant with using of it. In fact all govt. departments and RWAs have the 'internet' facility, all communications could be done through this channel which could have quicker action and compliance. This will save a lot of time, energy, paper and money of the RWAs as well as the various Govt. departments in correspondence!
I wonder what is the geographical jurisdiction of "East Delhi" district. Can you spell out which are the colonies will be covered in this district. If I am not wrong perhaps Delhi East has been divided into two districts! Kindly clarify.
As far as our colony is concerned, I could send a short write-up of our Society with the names, contact nos. etc. of the present office-bearers, if desired and covered in your proposed "East Delhi District" jurisdiction. Kindly confirm.

With best wishes and regards,

TK Balu
Secretary/RBECHS/Anand Vihar

Telephone directory of RWA's

Congratulations for implementation of a long pending suggestion and NEED for interaction between bloggers and others. This will help us to share our success and failures to solve day to day problems of our area, our cries of pain and pleasure and our our efforts to be heard by the authorities.

If practical (and feasible), a beginning could be made to make existing data about our members, sympathisers and concerned authorities, mobile,e mail and land land numbers, name and addresses.

Vohra ji, kindly accept my personal compliments for this EXCELLENT EFFORT.


The residents of B-Block of Priyadarshini Vihar have been suffering from a heavy commercial traffic on a colony's inner  lanes. This lane between Gate No.B-1 and B-2 is, although 30' wide, the working space is hardly 20', and is located just parallel to a newly constructed over 100 ft. wide 4-lane main highway on the Khureji nallah, called dis-used canal.

When this road was not constructed, the politicians and the bureaucrats had given assurances that once the road was ready, the woes of our residents would be over. This road is functional for over two years now, and the RWA and the residents have met with the area MLA, who is alsoa senior minister in the Delhi Government; the area Councillor,and the Traffic Police right up to the Joint Commissioner level, a number of times, but the problems of the residents remain unresolved. The traffic is so much used to using this lane as a convenient short-cut to and from their destinations, that they start fighting with the residents who try to stop them.  Traffic james on this hardly 100 meter long lane, is common. High speed and honking by vehicles prohibit the children and the elderly people to even come out of their own houses.

The ACP (Traffic) has been requested several times to provide two constables for peak hours to divert the traffic on to the dis-used canal road, particularly the tractor-trolleys, mini trucks, mini buses, buffalo-driven buggies and other commercial vehicles, during peak hours. No one listens and the residents living on that lane, including over 20 senior citizens, continue to suffer this trauma."

Ram Gupta
General Secretary
Priyadarshini Vihar RWA

A request from RWA member to dispose puppies

RWA member from Mayur Vihar is willing to dispose 4 LAB, fawn colour puppies, original breed. If interested, you can call him on tel number 011- 22616385.

Launching soon : Online Directory of RWA's of Delhi

We are launching soon an online Directory of RWA's of Delhi. We are launching it starting with the East Delhi District & soon all the other districts of Delhi will be included. It will have details of all the registered RWA's with Tel numbers & Mail ID's of  the office bearers. It will also include contact details of all the concerned Government bodies of the area such as  mcd,  bses,  horticulture, police, traffic police, mtnl etc. alongwith members of  Delhi Assembly, Corporation, MP's  etc. 

As the East Dist. part of the directory is nearing completion, please mail us details of your RWA alongwith names & contact details, address, cell number, mail id of  the office bearers, at the earliest.  For the time being, we are assigning a separate page to every RWA added  in the directory, where, you can also write few lines about your activities. All the other RWA's of Delhi can also mail us as above for inclusion. It is absolutely free.

A hardcopy of the directory is also under consideration but we are willing for a GREEN DIRECTORY to avoid cutting of trees for this venture & therefore preferring only the ONLINE EDITION. Please let us have your valued comments, views & suggestions in this regard.  If you wish to add your banner advertisement in the Directory Portal at a very nominal cost, please feel free to contact us.

Thanks  & Regards

B S Vohra

Babus can't charge extra fee for RTI plea

New Delhi: In a decision that will have far-reaching consequences, prime minister Manmohan Singh has given a big relief to right to information (RTI) applicants.

He has directed that no fee be charged from an applicant on account of postal expenses or deployment of manpower for supplying information.

The department of personnel and training (DoPT) works under the PM. DoPT, which looks into RTI applications, has issued a directive saying a public information officer (PIO) cannot charge any extra fee for supplying information other than what has already been prescribed by law.

“It is hereby clarified that when a PIO takes a decision to provide information on payment of fee in addition to the application fee, he should determine the quantum of such fee in accordance with the fee prescribed under the fee and cost rules and give details of such fee to the applicant together with the calculation made to arrive at such a fee,” the department said in a late night order issued on May 24.

It said neither the Right to Information (Regulation of Fee & Cost) Rules, 2005 nor the RTI Act give powers to the PIO to charge any fee other than what has been prescribed in the fee and cost rules.


With thanks : source : DNAINDIA

New Anti-Littering Law In The Offing

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) is going to invite public opinion on an anti-littering law, which has been sent back by the Delhi government for this purpose before it is implemented. Under the law, fines for offences like spitting, littering and urinating in public among others will be increased sub- stantially.
"We will issue a public notice inviting the opinion of Delhiites on the anti-littering law. We had sent it to Delhi government for approval and were asked to first invite people's views on the law," said a senior MCD official.

"We want to implement the law before the Games to deter people from littering the city," the official added. Under the antilittering law, spitting, defecating and bathing in public places would invite hefty penalties from the munic- ipal inspectors who would challan people on the spot. The fines would vary between Rs 200 and Rs 500.

With thanks : source : Hindustan Times

No More 24X7 Groundwater Supply For Parched Delhiites

Residents of multi- storey buildings and owners of farmhouses and hotels in the city could have a tough time in the days ahead.
Consumption of uninterrupted round-the-clock ground- water will soon be a matter of the past for them.

Concerned about the fast depleting water table, the department of Environment, Delhi Government has decided to show no mercy to residents who illegally draw groundwa- ter by installing borewells or tubewells.

The department, through a circular issued on May 18, has ordered formation of an advisory committee at each revenue area to check violations and seal illegal wells, seize drilling rigs and permanently disconnect water supply.

Each committee will be headed by a Deputy Commissioner (Revenue). "After the Delhi Jal Board (DJB) restricted the supply of water, the illegal drawing of groundwater through borewells and tubewells has increased enormously," said a senior DJB officer.

With thanks : source : Hindustan Times

Sealing, demolition back from June 1

From June 1, traders in Delhi will face a tough time with the return of sealing and demolition. The Supreme Court appointed monitoring committee on sealing of unauthorised commercial establishments has directed the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) to start sealing local shopping centres for non-payment of conversion charges.
Most such shopping centres are located in areas such as South Extension Part I and II, Defence Colony, Greater Kailash I and II, Lajpat Nagar, Rohini, Saket. The committee has also asked the MCD to demolish all illegal construction carried out by the owners at these shopping centres. According to the civic body, many shopkeepers have constructed additional floors illegally. These will be demolished.

The sealing and demolition drive is expected to begin from South and Central zone of the MCD. In each area, more than 100 such shops will be affected. In South Delhi alone, nearly 700 shops will be targeted..................................................

Areas to be affected: Local shopping centres across the city will be affected including South Extension-I and II, Defence Colony, Lajpat Nagar, GK-I and II, Green Park, Rohini, Shahdara south and north among others.

With thanks : source : Hindustan Times

No relief from water crisis

with thanks : Hindustan Times - HT Live dated 28.5.2010

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Launching soon : Online Directory of RWA's of Delhi

We are launching soon an online Directory of RWA's of Delhi. We are launching it starting with the East Delhi District & soon all the other districts of Delhi will be incorporated.

It will include details of all the registered RWA's with Tel numbers & Mail ID's of  the office bearers. It will also include contact details of all the concerned Government bodies of the area such as  mcd,  bses,  horticulture, police, traffic police, mtnl etc. alongwith members of  Delhi Assembly, Corporation, MP's  etc. 

A hardcopy of the directory is also under consideration but we are willing for a GREEN DIRECTORY to avoid cutting of trees for this directory & therefore preferring only the ONLINE EDITION.

Please let us have your comments, views & suggestions in this regard.  As the East Dist. part of the directory is nearing completion, please mail us details of your RWA alongwith names & contact details of  the office bearers at the earliest. All the other RWA's of Delhi can also mail us as above for incorporation.

Thanks  & Regards

B S Vohra

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Requests made to Delhi Traffic Police via Facebook

As the Delhi traffic police came on Facebook, we have added certain requests to DTP as below :
On 20th May, 2010  :  Rwa Bhagidari DELHI TRAFFIC POLICE : Plz solve the traffic jam problem on F block, Mandir marg, Krishna nagar, Delhi - 51. Vid of Traffic jam can be viewed on

On 26th May, 2010 Rwa Bhagidari    Delhi Traffic Police: Please depute a permanent traffic police officer to control the traffic on the very busy crossing at Road number 57 intersection at F block, Krishna nagar, Mandir marg, Delhi - 51. Plz check the traffic lights also which are mostly switched off, even in the absence of Traffic police.
On 26th May, 2010 again  : Rwa Bhagidari  : Last year in summer holidays, i went to GHPS Hargobind enclave to deposit fees of my kids. It's a very very wide road & always dozens of car's are parked outside the school. But on that fateful day no car was parked outside the school except mine & that too just for few minutes. My car was at the extreme end of the very very wide road, which is always empty. But to my surprise, on that day my car was towed away and i had to spend 300 for Challan plus 100 for searching the location to collect it. Please note, there is not even any board saying NO PARKING ZONE.

Park And Pay Only Rs 10

Do not pay more than Rs 10 for parking your car up to 10 hours at any MCD park- ing lot and Rs 20 up to 24 hours.
In DDA-controlled lots, the charge for upto 12 hours is Rs 10 and Rs 15 for 24 hours.

Anything charged beyond that is illegal. The civic bodies submitted the statements of existing parking fees in the Delhi High Court on Tuesday after a lawyer, Sugriva Dubey, complained he was charged Rs 700 for parking his car for seven hours at the New Delhi railway station.


With thanks : source : Hindustan Times

RWABhagidari blog on Facebook now

RWABhagidari blog is now live on Facebook also. You can log on to Rwa Bhagidari on Facebook to join as a friend as well to share the messages with each other.

Awkward Social Situation For Traffic Police

Delhi Traffic Police perhaps did not anticipate the questions that would come their way when communicating with the public through the Internet.
A few weeks ago the department had logged on to social networking site Facebook and microblogging engine Twitter to provide necessary information about its new plans and initiatives and also make users aware about the city's traffic condition.

Facebook has also offered a platform for citizens of Delhi to put their suggestions, reactions and views.

The initial few days were smooth for the police to handle. But of late certain questions have put the cops in an embarrassing situation.

For instance, Alok Kathuria, who identified himself as a Delhi resident, today asked through Facebook: "Will the GK1-Sant Nagar red light ever be fixed? It's been more than three months, the traffic does not stop because drivers coming from Nehru Place never get to know when it becomes red."


With thanks : source : Hindustan Times

Krishan nagar Resident Welfare Association Directory

Krishan nagar Resident Welfare Association has published a directory, which contains, details of all the 137 members as well important telephone nos of different govt departments, related to the area. It was launched on 23rd may at Raghunath mandir , krishan nagar by MLA Dr Harshwardhan , MCD councillor Dr Monga & Shri Rajesh Gaud. Function was Attended by more than 45 organisatins repersentatives followed by tea party. Precided by RWA President Shri Bhagwan dass, all the members appreciated effort done by Mr Sandeep Kapoor in this regard. 

Mr. B S Vohra from RWABhagidari blog also marked his attendance though busy for a Live Telecast on Delhi Aaj Tak on the civic problems being faced by the residents of the area.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Power rates shall go down if CM allows AND DERC has courage

Bloggers may recall the struggle in which couple of us participated to reveal truth about cost and performance of BSES and Tata distribution companies in Delhi. There were written and oral submissions and our dear Sharama ji did wonderful job besides others. We feel satisfied that DERC LISTENED BUT our political bosses spannered the tariff reduction proposal of DERC. We need to know what is happening.

I take this opportunity to say that DESU had spent a good deal of money to buy equipment which helps work on LIVE LINES AND no shutting down of line or transformer is needed. It is really regretful to see that a complete transformer is shut down plunging almost complete colony into darkness even when a work is to be carried out on a line feeding a small segment of colony.

Further, regarding customer education or interaction with residence NO MINUTES ARE ISSUED. I draw attention to MEETINGS HELD IN KARKARDOOMA AND NIRMAN VIHAR. No minutes of meeting have been received (and not even issued). The representative of residents associations and societies had made several suggestions but we do not know what happened. BSES MUST HAVE at least a monthly meeting to know how consumers are reacting to their unsheduled and announced shedding or planned shedding.

Merely publishing in some obscure news paper does not satisfy us. Why TV CHANNELS OR NATIONAL NEWS PAPERS COULD BE MEDIUMS TO INFORM PUBLIC.

Delhi police biggest human rights violator, says NHRC

The Delhi police is the biggest culprit among all government organisations in the Capital facing allegations of human rights (HR) violations. Its record might have seen some improvement in more serious categories of HR violations like custodial death, fake encounters and false implications, but the common man continues to be at the receiving end of its high-handedness and insensitive attitude, a figure compiled by the National Human Rights Commission says. 
The statistics of all Delhi-specific complaints the NHRC received in the past three years shows that the numbers stood at 6210, 5433 and 5228 in years 2007-08, 2008-09 and 2009-10, respectively, marking a constant decline. However, what did not decline is the Delhi police’s share in the complaints the NHRC got from the public and authorities too in certain cases. 

With thanks : source : Tribune

Road tax up, vehicles to be costlier

Your dream vehicle is set to get costlier, as the Delhi cabinet today gave its nod to a hike in road tax. 

Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit said two-wheelers costing up to Rs 25,000 would continue to be charged at the rate of 2 per cent as earlier. 

However, two-wheelers costing between Rs 25,000 and Rs 40,000 will be charged at the rate of 4 per cent instead of the earlier 2 per cent. Two-wheelers costing more than Rs 40,000 will now invite tax at the rate of 6 per cent.

In the cars section, cars costing up to Rs 6 lakh will be charged at 4 per cent instead of the earlier 2 per cent, while those costing from Rs 6 lakh to Rs 10 lakh will invite road tax of 7 per cent. Cars costing more than Rs 10 lakh would be charged 10 per cent.  

All cars costing over Rs 6 lakh till now invited 4 per cent road tax. 

When asked what led to this sudden hike, the Chief Minister said this would go a long way in restricting purchase of luxury cars and discourage use of private vehicles. 

The new rate will come into force after the issue of a notification, she said. 

The Capital has no scope of expansion and has limited road length. With the registration of around 1,000 new vehicles every day, the city is increasingly witnessing long traffic jams. There are around 60 lakh vehicles in Delhi, the Chief Minister said.  


With thanks : Source : Tribune

Power rates likely to go down

The Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) is likely to announce the power tariff for 2010-11 this week. It will also submit the statutory advice on the tariff order to the Delhi government in a few days before going public with the new rates. 
The DERC has already written a letter to the Delhi government stating that the new tariff order needed to be announced immediately. 

According to sources, the new order might bring some respite to consumers as the DERC is said to have reduced the rates. 

After the Delhi government came to know that the commission was preparing to slash rates by 20 per cent, it directed the DERC on May 4 to maintain the power tariff to the last year’s level.

The independent power regulator had sought the solicitor general of India’s opinion to clear the controversy triggered after the government directed the commission not to go public with its new tariff till the issues raised by the private power distribution companies were examined.

Though the solicitor general advocated in the DERC’s favour, the members of the commission have decided to make the announcements this week.

The discoms had opposed the move on the grounds that they were running into deficit as they were buying costly power from other states to meet the demands of the Capital. While on the other hand, the DERC had reportedly taken the stand that the discoms were having healthy profits and their cost of buying power would substantially come down once Delhi became power surplus before the Commonwealth Games.

Highest power demand in 50 yrs
Delhi today met its highest-ever power demand at 4581 MW in more than 50 years. The earlier record of peak demand was 4408 MW on July 8, 2009. 

With thanks : Source : Tribune

Techies find new project : Beg to fix leaking sewerage

GURGAON : These days, if you take the Rajiv Nagar road, you are likely to see four handsomely dressed boys “begging” for Rs 10 from passers-by.

The four boys are software engineers working for a multinational information technology company.They need this money to get an overflowing sewerage manhole repaired in Sanjay Gram, where they live. The four boys have been living in this locality since July 2008 in a rented accommodation.

“This manhole has been overflowing for the past 10 days and nearly 500-meters of the Rajiv Nagar road leading to our locality, Sanjay Gram, has become non-motorable. When we asked the RWA, they couldn’t help us for want of money,” said Sailesh Jha (27), a software engineer with Aricent Technologies.

“We do not expect a favourable nod from the civic authorities. Therefore, we decided to beg for the money and get the line repaired from the collection,” said Jha.
With thanks : source : Hindustan Times

Paint your house, pay for it : MCD

If your house falls on any road that leads to a Commonwealth Games venue, the MCD wants your house repaired and painted. Here’s the catch: You get it repaired, you pay for it. 

And just in case people don’t comply, the civic body is likely to make the renovations mandatory.

Residents of Defence Colony, Lajpat Nagar, East of Kailash, Bhogal, Karol Bagh, Chandni Chowk have already received such letters from the MCD.

“We had a meeting in April wherein the government asked us to motivate the residents to take up façade improvement of their houses and buildings. In many cases, it was recommended that the whitewash of buildings also be carried out. I have informed all the deputy commissioners to hold meetings and encourage the residents,” said MCD commissioner K.S. Mehra. The MCD’s central zone, where most of the CWG venues are located held a meeting to this effect on May 8.


With thanks : source : Hindustan Times

Monday, May 24, 2010

Kaal - A short story

A man dies and goes to heaven....he says to Lord never gave any notice that i was going to die so i didnt prepare or pray .

God said so I did....first I weakened your got operation to get your eyesight corrected.

Then I made your hair go white to remind dyed your hair.

Then I made your legs ate multivitamins.

Then I made your teeth got a denture made forgetting that all these were reminders...

The man was speechless.

Cost overruns for CWG 2010

With thanks : Youtube

IMD Plans To Offer Weather Updates On Mobile Phones

The India Meteorological Department (IMD), the country s official weather forecaster, plans to offer updates on tem- perature and rainfall and warn- ings about disturbances in weather on mobile phones.
It has invited bids from tele- com companies and service or- ganizations to put the service in place nationwide, assistant di- rector general A.K. Bhatnagar said.

There is a lot of data that is already available on our web- site, but given IMD s mission of invigorating its weather dissem- ination services, this is a key ini- tiative of ours to send out data to a large mass of people, he said.

Some private weather fore- casters, such as Skymet, already offer customized weather analy- sis and predictions on mobile phones, but they rely on data and analyses from foreign weather agencies.

With thanks : source : LiveMint

Discom Didn't Buy Tools We Paid For ?

Power consumers in Delhi, who have paid crores of rupees for electricity supply, may not get the kind of service they are expecting. A new audit indicates that the city's largest power supplier may not have installed some of the equipment that it claims to have bought.

Auditors have found that equipment installed at the BSES Rajdhani Power Limited's (BRPL) supply bases do not match details of the machinery the company claims exists on site. For instance, in January, auditors inspected 45 of the company's 990 kilovolt-ampere distribution transformers and found that particulars on none of them matched with what it had submitted for probe.

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आर डब्लू ऐ , डी-१ ब्लाक , न्यू कोंडली

सर्वप्रथम  मंगलोर में हुए विमान दुर्घटना में मारे गए सभी यात्रियों को न्यू कोंडली आर डब्लू ऐ की और से श्रधासुमन.
महोदय  हमारे छेत्र  में एक भी सफाई कर्मचारी न होने से छेत्र में काफी मात्रा में गंदगी हो गई है. सभी पार्क  बुरी हालत में है. नालियां हमेशा जाम रहती है. गलियों की भी हालत ठीक नहीं है. बारिश के मोसम में स्थिथि ख़राब हो सकती है. कृप्या हमारी सहायता करें.  
हमारे  डी-१ ब्लाक में दिल्ली भागीदारी वाले बोर्ड जो कुछ गलियों में लगने थे कुछ  काफी पहले लग चुके थे पर एक-दो बोर्ड बिना लगे ही छोड़ रखे है जिस बारे में ठेकेदार से बोलने पर भी ये नहीं लगे.
आदर सहित
जुगल किशोर गुप्ता
आर डब्लू ऐ   डी-१ ब्लाक न्यू कोंडली

Telephonic counselling for school kids

Dear Friends,
Snehi an NGO based in South Delhi is starting telephonic counselling from 20th May onwards, timings would be morning 10AM to 6PM in the evening.The helpline would be for ten days.Snehi offers free psycho-social support and counselling .For help Students and parents can call at 011-65978181.
Mrs Ranju Minhas
volunteer counsellor


Dear Sir,
A property tax payment camp was held at Priyadarshini Vihar from 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, 22nd May 2010 to enable the residents to pay their property tax without standing in long queues at the MCD office.  About 100 people, including some from neighbouring colonies paid their tax and obtained receipts.  The RWA organize such camps with co-operation and  support from the MCD every year for the convenience of the residents. 

Ram Gupta
General Secretary
Priyadarshini Vihar RWA

4,000 e-Ricks To Hit Capital Roads Before Games, Drivers To Be Specially Trained

Rickety rickshaw rides are set to be replaced by a world-class experience the e-rick is on its way to Delhi. Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) is introducing new rickshaws a hybrid between an  autorickshaw and cycle-rickshaw that will be fitted with GPS systems.

These will be manned by drivers who will not only speak English but will also be trained to take tourists around the city's popular destinations.

While 10 of these battery-operated, eco-friendly rickshaws will be seen on city roads by next month, MCD hopes to launch 4,000 of these before the Commonwealth Games. Said an MCD official: "We hope to replace all rickshaws plying in the city with the new e-ricks. There are a total of 99,000 licenced rickshaws in Delhi."

The e-ricks will have space for two to three people and will work as feeder services for Metro in areas like Vikas Marg, Vishwavidyalaya, Chandni Chowk, etc, besides plying near popular tourist sites.


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Colony Gates / MCD

I had attended this meeting in Town Hall Ch.Chowk, as Secretary RAW Pocket-3,Mayur Vihar-1, Mr. O.P. Sehgal President FedrationMayurVihar-1 was also present in this meeting. The Presentation was elaborated by the Ch. Engineer MCD. During open discussion it was pointed out that the norms for the security Gates were too general and shall not fit for every place and every entry-Exit point. The only common point which needs the attention is that :-

1) Gates must be maned round the clock.

2) The Height and width of the Gates must not block the entry of Fire tenders, Ambulance, etc. at the time of emergency during day and night.

3) If entry gate Exit gates are available the above system be strictlyfollowed. One gates should be used at Night from 10.00PM to 6.0 AM for the security of the residents.

4) If only one entry & Exit gate is available opening and closing the gates must have security guards ( minimum 2 round the clock.)

5) If the RAW is following the above norms properly than WHY & HOW RAW should be accountable for any mishaps ?

It is observied that many a times, mostly at nights, some drunk car drivers or Trucks with building matrials or Delivery vans/ trucks of Tent suppliers force their entry late at night from the gate which is closed ! where as the other gate is open ?

BUT these persons are seen fighting and abusing the duty Gaurds to get OPEN the Closed gates only as per their desires ? During marriges, even in nearby place, it has become a show off to park cars in side of the gates at will and open drinking starts ? The Gaurds dare to stop this at the gates!

RAW has NO powers to check this and the Police/MCD is not to be seen there. Who has bell this cat ?

Where are the powers with the RAW to set right such un lawful activities by the residents or out siders ? The only action taken by the RAW is to call Police help, which we all know how fast is this task to get police help ?

Therefore, it is my humble suggestion to the authorities to form watch & Ward commitees from the recomandations of the Residents of that RWA to have the powers to directly co-ordinate with Area Police, MCD, DJB, Power supply etc.officials MLA's or Muncipal Councelors to help the Residents as well as Govt. agencies to have peace, security and proper community services to all.

MayurVihar-1 Pocket-3.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

In deep sorrow !!

The entire nation was grieved to hear about the crash of Air India boeing 737 at the Mangalore airport killing 158 passangers, in the early morning of 22nd May 2010.  

All the residents of Priyadarshini Vihar, Delhi 110 092 convey their heart-felt condolenses to the bereaved families and pray to the Almighty to give them strength to bear this irreparable loss!
In deep sorrow!!
Ram Gupta
General Secretary
Priyadarshini Vihar RWA

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The best government is that which governs least

The foundation of any governing unit is money which lubricates the state and meet expenditure of salary,repayment of amount due to citizens,anticipates populations explosion and provides for additional required services. The government if fails to collect legitimate dues,whether property tax or amount fixed for erection of towers for mobile phone services.

Such a government shall go on finding ways and means to milk already paying honest citizens. Baffeling as it may be seen, MCD has failed to act against its officers who are willing partner in tax evasion and all type of illegalities.Now it is for citizens like you and me to see through this game of levying more taxes and shirking responsibility of collection. Least governance does not mean NO GOVERNANCE

Shocked to hear about the accident in Mangalore as well loss of life

We are really shocked on hearing about the accident of Air India flight in Mangalore killing over 150 persons. Our deepest sympathies with the families of those killed. Words can never express the sorrow we feel in our heart.

B S Vohra

Green signal for new power tariff order for the Capital

The Solicitor-General of India has given the go-ahead to the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission to announce the new tariff order for the Capital. The Commission had written to Solicitor-General Gopal Subramanium seeking his opinion on the validity of the Delhi Government's policy direction asking it not to go ahead with the tariff announcement just a day before it was due. Armed with the Solicitor-General's opinion, the DERC has now shot off a letter to Delhi's Power Secretary pointing out why the Commission is not bound to adhere to its earlier directive. The Solicitor-General's opinion is a major boost for the DERC's contention that it cannot be stopped from passing the tariff order.
"The direction issued by the Delhi Government under Section 108 of the Electricity Act (EA), 2003, has given rise to questions regarding the extent and applicability having legal connotations. This matter was referred to the Solicitor-General of India for giving his valuable opinion," says the DERC letter to Power Secretary Rajendra Kumar.

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MCD gets tough on colony advertisements

Residents living in society flats in the national Capital would soon have to shell out a heavy fine if companies that advertise their brand or products on the society's entrance boards do not pay a charge to the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD).

In an attempt to extract advertisement tax from companies which advertise their brand's name on the welcome boards at the entrance of these residential blocks, the MCD is conducting a survey to ascertain the exact number of societies in Delhi with advertiser sponsored welcome boards.

"All the apartments in the capital have these welcome boards and they are sponsored by the advertisers who pitch their products on them. They need to pay us for advertising their brand otherwise we will take strict action against the companies and the society's president as well," said B N Singh, director of the advertisement department in the MCD.

There are approximately 2,000 societies in Delhi. According to him, notices to advertisers are already in the process of being sent for the payment of advertisement tax. MCD officials have decided to fix the charges for the boards. "The advertisers will have to pay us Rs 100 for one square metre per month. According to our estimates, the normal welcome board being displayed comes to around 10 square metre," Singh added.

This way, for a 10- metre board size, an advertiser has to pay Rs 1,000 per month to the civic agency. According to Section 143 of the Delhi Municipal Council (DMC) Act, the MCD's permission is mandatory for advertising of any form."Take for instance: so and so company welcomes you to XYZ Enclave. For the people living there, it's a free board as the advertisers sponsor the board and gets it placed on the societies' entrance gates.

Thousands of people get to see it. If this is not advertisement, then what is?" Singh asked.
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Friday, May 21, 2010

Jal Board Unveils Summer Plan To Keep City's Water Woes At Bay

Part from adding 35 million gallons to its supply a day (MGD) since last year in preparation for this year's early summer, the Delhi Jal Board (DJB) announced its summer action plan on Thursday.DJB's complaint redress system has been made more efficient deployment of water tanker and prompt attendance to complaints and leakages, a DJB spokesperson said.

DJB CEO Ramesh Negi said the situation was not as bad as the previous years after the Jal Board started taking strong measures against illegal water connections and rationing water supply. "Compared to past years, the water situation is manageable this season. Unauthorised colonies and JJ clusters that do not have piped water supply and depend on tankers, are usually the worst sufferers. We have not just rationed piped water supply but also tanker supply, which is paying dividends."

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Road Tax On Luxury Cars To Be Raised Three Times

The one-time road tax or registration fee imposed on new four-wheelers is set to be raised in the national Capital. The Delhi Government's transport department is bringing a Cabinet proposal pertaining to increase in the road tax on the new vehicles, with special focus on luxury cars. The proposal is expected to be discussed in the Cabinet meeting on Monday. 
The minimum road tax to be proposed is four per cent on the car priced less than Rs four lakh. The cars like Maruti Eeco, Chevrolet Spark, Tata Indica, Maruti Zen will come into the above category. The maximum road tax is proposed to be 12 per cent on the car priced above Rs one crore. BMW M series, Porsche, Mercedes Benz SL Class, Audi A-8, Rolls Royce Ghost, Lamborghini Gallardo Coupe will fall into this category. 

Currently, there are two slabs of the road tax in the Capital. The lowest is two per cent for cars costing up to Rs four lakh. The highest road tax is fixed at four per cent for cars costing more than Rs four lakh. It would be pertinent to mention that Delhi Government has generated revenue over Rs 530 crore from registration of new vehicles. 

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Food inflation up at 16.49 pc

Food inflation went up by a notch to 16.49 per cent for the week ended May 8 and analysts expect prices to remain stuck around this level until the advent of a normal monsoon.Annual food inflation in the previous reporting week was 16.44 per cent.Analysts said food inflation would come down drastically only in the later half of the fiscal when the impact of a normal monsoon becomes visible on crops.
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Now, You Can Drive Faster On Delhi Roads, Speed Limit Raised On Key City Roads

Now, you can travel the entire stretch of Delhi Gurgaon expressway or DND flyway at 80kmph without having traffic cops flag you down for speeding. In a move that attempts to bring road rules up to speed with ground realities and with various infrastructural projects getting completed ahead of Commonwealth Games Delhi traffic police has upped speed limits on several arterial roads in the city.

The new limits on most stretches now range between 50 to 80kmph and there are plans for further revision as more roads get cleared out in the near future. The move also puts Delhi in the league of international cities where speed limits are high on expressways and highways for quick vehicular transit and low in residential colonies and markets, where pedestrian movement is heavy.

With the changes, effective from May 20, the speed limits on all expressways is now 80kmph for cars and two wheelers. On most stretches of major roads like Ring Road and Outer Ring Road, it is 60kmph, and in residential areas, 25kmph. For trucks and buses, however, the limit has been fixed at 40kmph on all roads except residential areas where it is just 20kmph.

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Sub Station - 6 - (BSES) VK

Dear Sir,  
I wish to inform you that on the main road towards B-1, Vasant Kunj, near DAV School, your Empty "Cable wire junk wheels" are lying outside your BSES Sub Station - 6, at Vasant Kunj from last 6 years & there is no one to check the same. The place is looking like a junk Yard & the same should be removed from there & sent to your junk yard ASAP.

I tried to call Mr. Mangal Singh at 931 266 7490, but he did not pick up the phone. You are requested to please let us know, who will be responsible for the same or forward the complaint to the concerned officer / department.

The same is in the case of cemented poles, which are also lying there from last 6 years at the T point.

You are again requested to kindly let us know the concerned zonal officer incharge whom we can contact with his e-mail & tel no.
Thanks to do the needful.
Best Regards,

For Green Glade Apartment (RWA) Regd.  
Harpal Kochar
Hony Vice President (RWA)
(M) 9810027511