Friday, April 30, 2010

Delhiites Are Rich And Can Pay More For Power, Says CM

With electricity tariff revision a hot subject in the capital, chief minister Sheila Dikshit on Wednesday said Delhiites are ``rich enough to be able to afford to pay more for power consumption''. The tariff announcement by regulator Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) is due any day now. However, top sources revealed there may not be a tariff hike at all except for higher slabs where people consume over 400 units.

Speculation is rife on whether the power regulator will allow the discoms a hike in consumer tariff, especially with discoms pushing largely for an increase citing higher power purchase costs and increasing financial difficulties. In a city where citizens have seen increased water tariff, hiked bus fares, subsidy withdrawal on LPG cylinders, and increased VAT on a range of items including diesel to mop up additional revenue for the government, discoms insisted that a hike in power tariff was long overdue in Delhi.

A source, however, said: ``There may not be any need for a tariff hike at all. It all depends on numbers. Discoms have been claiming a number of things that have become expensive, but the fact of the matter is that with so many power plants coming up in the city, they will have to buy expensive power only for a few short months which will be trued up and after that they will be surplus. Then discoms will be able to sell more power outside and make more profits.''

Officials added even in April, where Delhi saw power cuts largely due to Grid problems, discoms still made huge profits by selling power outside in the exchange. ``Delhi required peak power only in some durations and for the rest of the day -- by selling outside in the power exchange -- discoms made a net profit of about Rs 93 crore,'' said a senior official. Experts added that there may be a hike only in the higher slabs, so only people who consume more power would be burdened with higher bills. ``This would also help the government push for their cause of energy conservation by providing a deterrent to consumers into using power,'' said officials.


With thanks : source : Times of India

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Moving Tale Of MCD Babus And MNC-Type' Offices

The place where one works from has a direct effect on the performance of the work- er, they say.
The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) seems to have realised this finally. After oper- ating for years from cubbyholes of government offices with wooden chairs and tables, the civic agency is up for a MNC- style makeover. The transfor- mation will not only be limited to the furniture but will usher in a new work culture, the civic body claims.

MCD babus will be using swanky, air-conditioned, aes- thetically designed modular fur- niture with modular worksta- tions once MCD moves to its new headquarters: Civic Centre on Minto Road.

"The modern day furniture will not only enhance the beau- ty of the interiors but will also provide various benefits such as comfort and portability," said a senior MCD official. The budget for this makeover is a whopping Rs 55 crore.

According to the civic agency, Godrej Industries is supplying the new furniture that comes with a five year warranty too. While furnishing work has been completed in 10 floors, it is still being carried out in 15 floors. The civic body hopes to complete the work by the end of next month.


With thanks : Hindustan times.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I do not know if above contention is born out of their actual accounting data or is the figment of their fertile imagination.
During written submissions and oral arguments, we have been pointing out their wreckless spendings.I had given examples of DESU IN SEVENTIES AND IN EIGHTIES.
An executive engineer used to maintain around a lac of consumer in transyamuna area and then in 1988 to 1994 an Additional chief engineer or even a superintending engineer was responsible for total area under the jurisdiction of BSES YAMUNA POWER LTD.
Compare it with anual expenditure on staff salaries, their perks and other expenditure and their accountability. In our days, all political big wigs or even small fry used to breath fire over our neck.
In the event of breakdowns, even senior most officers would be personally supervising supply restoration work.
But before DERC they claimed of public interaction and excellent performance to justify price hike.
An ordinary consumer of electricity has no excess money to spare for INCREADE TARRIF.
Kindly do not be a prey to their design.

kk ghei

RWABhagidari SMS Channel

We have observed that many of the RWA's are not able to get connected to our blog as  they are not able to use the computers regularly. But a cell phone is a most common thing nowadays. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that we have added RWABhagidari SMS Channel to our RWABhagidari blog. Please subscribe the blog and than you will get Automated updates of the postings on the RWABhagidari blog by way of an SMS to your cell number.

Please use your cell phone & send a SMS to  9870807070 with the message ON RWABhagidari  as below : 9870807070: ON RWABhagidari 

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Arhar price shoots up to Rs 70

The prices of pulses in the Capital have once again gone up significantly.
Mother Dairy and Kendriya Bhandar have decided to increase Arhar dal price from Rs 62 to Rs 70. The decision was taken by the Grain Merchant Association after it got green signal from the Delhi Government on Monday. Sources said that Arhar dal has arrived as bumper crop this year. It has already started arriving in the market. As the Grain Market Association has increased the price, it seems something is fishy.
Earlier, the price of Arhar dal was decreased to Rs 62 from the Rs 66. But again the issue of price hike is likely to create panic among the people as it is going affect their home budget.
With thanks : source : Pioneer : Link in headline above.

DCPCR Issues Health Guidelines For Schools

In a bid to make sure incidents that led to the death of Shanno and Akriti are not repeated, Delhi Commission For Protection of Child Rights (DCPCR) has come out with guidelines, telling schools how to deal with medical emergencies.

As chief minister Sheila Dikshit released report on ``psycho-physical requirement and medical crisis management mechanism in schools'' along with ``guidelines for medical crisis management in schools'', officials said that DCPCR guidelines are aimed at preventing death of children in schools. The report has been prepared by a 15-member committee formed by DCPCR.

The report deals with the wide spectrum of medical emergencies and suggests measures to deal with them in a school. The report details first-aid measures to be undertaken in case of asthma attack and breathing difficulty it reportedly claimed life of Akriti Bhatia, a student of Modern School, Vasant Vihar last year bleeding, choking, burns, drowning, ear and tooth injuries, fractures etc.

The report asks schools to make necessary arrangements to deal with medical emergencies. These include constitution of an emergency response team, either a fulltime doctor or a doctor on call for the school hours, inclusion of safety and accident prevention in regular curriculum, a dispensary on the ground floor of the school building, training of staff and senior students in cardio pulmonary resuscitation and a database of students and their ailments.


With thanks : Source : Times of India

Discoms In Debt, Cry Foul

With the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) gearing to announce the new power tariff in the national Capital, the power distribution companies are crying foul as they allege that they have got into debt because of bank borrowings.
According to sources in power department, though the discoms have reduced their losses to 63 per cent in 2002 to under 20 per cent in 2010, they do not have money to purchase power.
"Discoms are running short of money to purchase power from the neighbouring states. They have bank borrowings to the tune of Rs 5,676 crore. New Delhi Power Ltd (NDPL) alone has a debt of Rs 1,400 crore in 2010 financial year. BSES Rajdhani Power Limited (BRPL) and BSES Yamuna Power Limited (BYPL) have a debt of Rs 2,627 crore and Rs 1,649 crore respectively in the current year," sources said.
He said that discoms are drawing attention to the fact that since 2002, there has been a whopping increase in the cost of purchasing power.
With thanks : source : Tribune

Jal Board Plans To `Rationalise Supply'

With thanks : source : Indian Express

Detailed news can be viewed from original link from the headline above.

Dirty Drinking water straight from Dhobi Ghat ?

Areas in the first DLF colony, Krishna nagar, are facing the acute problem of Dirty & Smelly drinking water. For the last few months, the colour of water changes every day, from black to yellow to earthen & vice versa with bacteria & unknown particles as well with soapy effects as it has come not from the pipes of DJB but from any Dhobi Ghat. We can not use it for drinking or washing clothes & utencils, or for a bath and therefore, none would like to take it even free of cost. But the agony is that we are purchasing it from DJB by paying monthly bills.

The area MLA,  Dr. Harshvardhan visited us and saw the condition of water a few days ago, while the DELHI AAJ TAK was airing a live show on Dirty water. He made a dozen calls to various DJB officials .  We are thankful for his efforts but so far the quality of water remains same, most of the time.

We are thankful to Delhi Government for making dozens of changes in the East Delhi Map. The standard of living  has definitely improved a lot. But if Govt could give more instructions to  the concerned officials for keeping an eye on the basic civic problems, we will be thankful. We have great hopes from our MP Mr Sandeep Dikshit.

Monday, April 26, 2010


It is may they say,a tree in our mind or brain is not the tree what is existing out side us. Every instant we are changing. Infact every thing in this MRITYU LOKE IS CHANGING AND IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE.
Lord Buddha never talked about soul or god but only about DUKH.
We believe in torturing our body so that we may have place in heaven or better we do not come in this world at all.
This means we are not in hurry to correct our selves or to be humane to others.
That is why,we can overtake from left and defy every conceivable law.
Even we want to defy natural law of decay and death.
We want to be pardoned of all our sins, because we are religious or prentend to be so.
Why then we evade taxes and laws of land. Why our chosen ones fail set to example of exemplary behaviour.
But look, how we change when we go and work abroad.
Why god had to incarnate time and again in this land of ours. Surprising as it may seem, but the land of buddha and area associated with him are not shining example of peace and tranquility.
Till then vohra ji go on blogging (or flogging your self).

kk ghei

विश्वास नगर के लोगों को दिया आपदा प्रबंधन का संदेश

पूर्वी दिल्ली, जागरण संवाददाता : आपदा प्रबंधन सप्ताह के दौरान यमुनापार के निवासियों को कठपुतली शो, नुक्कड़ नाटक और मैजिक शो आदि के माध्यम से आपदा प्रबंधन की बारीकियों से अवगत कराया गया। इस मौके पर आयोजित प्रतियोगिताओं में भी लोगों ने बढ़-चढ़ कर हिस्सा लिया। आपदा प्रबंधन की जागरूकता गाड़ी रविवार को विश्वास नगर में भीष्म रोड चौक, 18 क्वार्टर रोड पर पहुंची। यहां पर आरडब्ल्यूए के महासचिव ललित मोहन शर्मा के सहयोग से कई कार्यक्रमों का आयोजन किया गया। जिसमें लोगों ने विपरीत स्थितियों से मुकाबला करने वाले ट्रिक्स के बारे में जाना। यहां क्विज प्रतियोगिता भी आयोजित की गई। इसके बाद जागरूकता गाड़ी राम विहार पहुंची। जहां पर आरडब्ल्यूए के सहयोग से आपदा जागरूकता को लेकर कई कार्यक्रम आयोजित किए गए। दोपहर बाद जागरूकता गाड़ी रामलीला पार्क गांधी नगर, छाछी बिल्डिंग कृष्णा नगर मार्केट पहुंची। यहां लोगों को जागरूक करने के बाद जागरूकता गाड़ी विवेक विहार इलाके में रामलीला मैदान मुकेश नगर, विश्वकर्मा नगर स्थित प्रतापखंड और झिलमिल कॉलोनी पहुंची। इन जगहों पर भी लोगों को जागरूक करने के लिए पर्चे वितरित किए गए। शाम के समय जागरूकता गाड़ी अग्रवाल फन सिटी मॉल पहुंची, यहां पर पहले से ही आपदा प्रबंधन जागरूकता के लिए हस्ताक्षर अभियान चलाया जा रहा है।

Courtsey: Dainik Jagran 26-04-2010


General Secretary
Vishwas Nagar RWA

New Power Tariff Likely From May

The proposed electricity tariff hike, that were supposed to be implemented from this month, may now be effective from May 1. According to sources, the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission is likely to announce the new tariff structure this week after a series of delays.It all depends on DERC whether it will allow a hike in power tariff.

The power regulator was keen on announcing the new tariff in March end but there were several delays in announcing it. According to sources, some discoms kept submitting new information to DERC regarding their financial positions even after the public hearing was concluded. While the regulator refused to take any new information into consideration while deciding tariff revision, the move by the discoms has led to delay in making the announcement.

"There is a lot of speculation going around on whether tariff will be changed or not. Discoms have been campaigning for a hike since long. They argued the cost of everything else from petrol to water in the city has gone up but power tariffs have not been revised for the past four years. They claimed the input costs for providing power have gone up," said DERC officials.

Detailed news can be viewed from the link in headline above.
With thanks : Source : Times of India

Disaster Management Awareness programme launched by DC - East

A Disaster Management Awareness programme has been launched by DC East to generate awareness amongst general public. Yesterday Mr Lalit Mohan Sharma, Gen. Secy. Vishwas Nagar RWA arranged the show in his area. A day before it was held by Mrs. Meera Sabharwal, President Geeta Colony RWA in her area. Many more RWA's are showing great interest in this awareness activity.

Disaster can be Natural or Man made. For Example Floods, Earthquake, Tsunami, Cyclones, Forest fire etc. come under the Natural disaster whereas the use of Nuclear, Chemical or Biological weapons, Mine fires, Terrorist attacks, Cyber attacks etc. come under the man made disaster.  Delhi  comes under the Earthquake Sisemic Zone 4 and is very prone to Earthquakes of the  magnitude of  5 - 6 or 6 - 7 or even 7 - 8. 

Therefore, we need an effective Disaster management system, where in case of any such disaster, we could start the rescue work on our own without waiting for the instructions. Proper guidelines must be drawn for all the Govt Agencies as well NGO's, RWA's  & all others, with duties assigned so that if we face any such disaster, we are ready to start our work immediately.

B S Vohra

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Police and traffic violators

Go to any corner of delhi, the storey is the same. Traffic light jumping,insane driving are the norms. Gone are the days when in connaught place inner circle,traffic would stop to allow pedestrians to cross road on zebra crossings.We have become brazen and UNCARING IN THE LAND OF BUDHA.

But despite common wealth games and raising issue in bhagidari meetings, there is no progress to make footh paths fit for walking even in MADHUVAN colony of IAS, JUDGES, TOP POLICE FUNCTIONARIES or in PREET VIHAR COLONY( NEW DELHI 110092.

No wonder that even a private school in preet vihar has EMBOLDENED ENOUGH to block 15 ft road of madhuvan from NAGRAJ MARG TO PREET VIHAR A BLOCK.
Even an order of PUBLIC GRIEVANCE COMMISSION TO SDM PREET VIHAR(ISSUED IN 2009) has not dented or blunted inaction of MCD AND POLICE. Immediately police must start interaction with citizens groups at thana and dy commissioner level. POLICE COMMISSIONER MAY ALSO KINDLY TAKE NOTE OF WHAT IS HAPPENING IN parliamentry constituency of sandeep dixit, son of our most respectable and beloved CHIEF MIMINSTRE SHIELA JI

Fee hike & the formation of PTA's

The Directorate of Education had issued guidelines that Schools can enhance the fees, only with the consent of the parents. They were also directed to form the PTA's as per guidelines issued by the DOE. We appreciated a lot, the grand effort of Mr Arvinder singh Lovely, Minister of education who took keen interest in resolving the issue.

But we feel shocked that a group of 40 Principals have met CM in this regard and conveyed their apprehensions about seeking consent of parents in deciding the school fees.

Just a few months ago the same DOE had issued orders to increase the fees & all the schools  had happily accepted the directive & collected as said in the order with retrospective effect. A good number of parents were hurt by this order. Now again, these schools have raised the fees on flimsy grounds and now ,when the DOE is critical of the issue, the management of these schools has conveyed apprehensions to the CM.

We again request to the DOE as well MOE to give a serious thought to it & see that the orders & guidelines are accepted by all the schools.

Fee hike stir: schools slam directive to seek parents’ consent

School principals of unaided (private) schools have reacted sharply to the circular issued by the Directorate of Education (DoE), which said schools will no longer be able to increase tuition fee without taking parents into confidence. 

On Saturday, a group of 40 principals met Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit. In a meeting that lasted 20 minutes, the schools conveyed their apprehensions about seeking consent of parents in deciding the school fee. The CM assured them that she will look into the matter immediately. 

Calling the circular illegal, S.K. Bhattacharya, president of the Action Committee of Unaided Recognised Private Schools, asked for its immediate withdrawal. 

Inappropriate action
“It contradicts the provisions of the DSEA 1973. How can the parents decide what the fees should be?” he said. “It is impractical to let parents decided since they do not have any responsibility of meeting the expenditure incurred in the running of the school. They cannot be allowed to interfere in management of the school.”

Mohini Bindra, principal, Ramjas School, said as per the Delhi School Education Act (DSEA) 1973, schools had already submitted their fee structure to the DoE for the new academic year by March 31. 

With thanks : source : Hindustan Times

Saturday, April 24, 2010

No Garbage Dumps Near Shopping Centres: HC to MCD

The Delhi High Court on Thursday expressed serious concern over poor maintenance of waste collection centers (dha- laos) across the city.
The court told the civic agency that garbage dumps should only be constructed at places earmarked for it and not near shopping centers. "The MCD is to ensure the dhalaos are properly main- tained. They should be as per norms with regular check up to ensure that persons are per- forming their job," said a bench of justices Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Valmiki J. Mehta MCD standing counsel Sanjeev Sabharwal told the court that the orders will be immediately conveyed to the MCD commissioner and the Sanitation Superintendent and it will be ensured that there will be no complaints in the future.

Sabharwal also said the civic agency would try its best to avoid dumps near shopping centres but said DDA will have to provide more space for them.

With thanks : source : Hindustan Times

Delhi Police Launch Anti-Stalker Helpline Soon

Now, help is a call away for women if harassed by stalkers in the capital. Delhi Police will soon operationalise an anti-stalkers cell under it crime branch where women can file such complaints.The police will launch the new helpline (1096, 27894455) for women who are harassed by stalkers.This helpline will soon have a dedicated staff for handling disturbing calls.
"We have an anti-obscene call cell. We are satisfied with its functioning. So, we are now planning a new initiative to help women," said Delhi Police commissioner Y S Dadwal. A total of 14,061 calls were made to the anti-obscene call cell till March this year since its inception a year ago.

A senior police official said the modalities for setting up the new cell was under process. "Most probably it will be under the anti-obscene cell," he said.

With thanks : Source : Times of India

Transport Dept Officers To Nab Traffic Violators

The Next time you feel the urge to flout a traffic rule, think twice. In addition to the traffic cops keeping a lookout, the Delhi government's transport department will also be waiting to nab you. In a move that is aimed at strengthening the enforcement wing of the transport department, Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit on Thursday flagged off 35 vehicles, which will have six officers each to keep an eye on traffic violators.

The vehicles will remain on roads at strategic points and officers will have the power to take action under various sections of the Motor Vehicles Act.

" These vehicles are a red signal for violators and a step to further contain incidents of over- speeding and accidents. This will go a long way in the strict enforcement of the Motor Vehicles Act and book offenders and take immediate and appropriate action," said Dikshit.

The officials of the transport department are empowered to carry out all that the traffic police do and more.

With thanks : Source : Mail Today

Water crisis and DJB

Pigeon closes eyes thinking cat has walked away. But when the cat pounces upon i do not know whether pigeon realises its folly or not.
DJB was created thinking what ails delhi citizens on water front shall be cured. The myth has exploded like a bad joke. It is beyond imagination that a part of delhi will be water starved. WATER NOT AVAILABLE EVEN FOR ONE HOUR...and we think ourselves to be advanced city like any other city of the world.
DJB must daily publish in news papers and on tv channels, areas which are water starved and how long this situation will last. Are they loking for rain GOD?
Water harvesting has not been adopted by MCD OR DELHI ADMINISTRATION OR EVEN CENTRAL GOVERNMENT except big ads in news papers.
Let all government run or aided school premises,government offices be used for water harvesting.
Water needs to be brought from adjacent states and it is no use blaming political setups.
CWG are approaching. DJB must act swiftly.
kk ghei

Water crises in Shahdara Jawahar Mohalla and many more..

There are lot of problem of water in Shahdara area . Residents of Jawahar Mohalla, Farsh Bazar, Trunk wali gali, Doonger Mohalla ,Prajapati gali all are not getting water at least one hour in a day. Condition of area is very worst.Everywhere people contact us. We talk to DJB still there is no result. We again request to our area MLA and DJB to take it urgent matter and shortout the water crises. There are many area in which pressure is very low, Pl. increase the pressure so that the problem could be solved.

Rajesh Agrawal 
Gen. Sec. Shahdara RWA

Friday, April 23, 2010

Bhagidari meet of preet vihar area held on 23 rd april 2010

Congratulations SDM PREET VIHAR AND STAFF for organising meeting in an excellent manner and wise decision to allow only ONE PERSON PER RWA TO SPEAK.
Proceedings were tape recorded and hope the points made are acted upon.
Participants including my self pointed out problems duly raised since 2005 and requiring NO FUNDS have not been attended BY MCD,DDA AND DJB.
Formation of action groups of participants along with dy.commissioner staff had been made time and again but not implemented.
This creates a doubt about integrity of MCD OFFICERS IT SELF.
Sh. Ramesh Pandit had introduced a system of marking attendance by safai karamchari in society office.
This resulted into very good sanitation. BUT NOW THIS PLAN HAS BEEN ABANDONED.
Vohra ji, kindly communicate our heart felt appreciation to concerned SDM.

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Plz start mailing your comments as well details of any civic problems being faced by you in your area for uploading in the blog.

With best regards

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Community Hall Ka Kiraya Ab 50 % Menhga

दिल्ली नगर निगम ने कम्युनिटी हॉल के किराए में 50 फीसदी वृद्धि करने का प्रस्ताव तैयार किया है। इससे पहले निगम विवाह आदि समारोहों के लिए पार्को के किराए में वृद्धि कर चुका है। निगम अधिकारियों के मुताबिक बढ़े किराए से जहां निगम के आय में वृद्धि होगी वहीं आमदनी होने से समुदाय भवनों के रख-रखाव पर खर्च करने में सुविधा होगी। निगम ने राजधानी के विभिन्न समुदाय भवनों को ए से लेकर ई श्रेणी तक विभाजित किया है।

ए श्रेणी के कम्युनिटी हॉल का वर्तमान किराया 10 हजार रुपये है जिसे बढ़ाकर 15 हजार रुपये करने की तैयारी है। इसी प्रकार बी श्रेणी का 5 हजार से बढ़ाकर 7,500 रुपये, सी श्रेणी का तीन हजार से बढ़ाकर 4,500 रुपये, डी श्रेणी का 1,500 रुपये से बढ़ाकर 2,250 रुपये और ई श्रेणी का किराया 500 से बढ़ाकर 750 रुपये करने का प्रस्ताव है।

हालांकि विपक्ष इस प्रस्ताव का विरोध कर रहा है लेकिन निगम में भाजपा के पास पूर्ण बहुमत होने के कारण इसमें बढ़ोतरी तय मानी जा रही है। निगम सूत्रों के कहना है कि जिन पार्को के रट 500 रुपये प्रतिदिन थे उनका किराया बढ़ाकर 4 हजार रुपये कर दिया गया है। इसके अलावा एक हजार रुपये प्रतिदिन वाले पार्को के किराए की दर 8 हजार रुपये कर दिया गया है। पंजाबीबाग स्टेडियम, मानसरोवर गार्डेन, रमेश नगर के पार्को का किराया 25 हजार रुपये प्रतिदिन की दर से कर दिया गया है। समुदाय भवन के किरायों की दरों में बढ़ोतरी इस माह के अंत तक कर दी जाएगी।

एमसीडी के मुताबिक बढ़े किराए से जहां निगम के आय में वृद्धि होगी वहीं समुदाय भवनों के रख-रखाव पर खर्च करने में सुविधा होगी। निगम ने समुदाय भवनों को ए से लेकर ई श्रेणी तक विभाजित कर रखा है।

With thanks :  Business Bhasker

Now a new mode of payment for electricity bills

Power distribution company BRPL has entered into an agreement with Oxigen Services India to allow its customers the option to pay their electricity bills using "OxiCash" -- a virtual e-wallet platform. Customers also have the option to pay their electricity bills at a neighbourhood Oxigen retail outlet."OxiCash is a unique cash-based online payment solution specifically aimed at customers who prefer to use cash for online transaction payments.

BRPL customers can pay their electricity bills using OxiCash by logging on to or at over 7,500 Oxigen web-enabled retail outlets across Delhi and the National Capital Region. For online payment of bills they simply have to enter their BRPL CRN number as printed on the electricity bill, OxiCash e-wallet ID or registered mobile number and six-digit password," said BRPL CEO Gopal Saxena.OxiCash is a virtual e-wallet and easy to get over SMS.

It has a 12-digit e-wallet ID and is linked to the customer's mobile phone number..

With thanks : Hindu

Revive Encroachment Monitoring Body: RWA

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) has failed to control illegal construction and encroachments, says a resident welfare association (RWA) in east Delhi, who has written a letter to the Lieutenant-Governor and sought his intervention in this regard.

The RWA has urged the Delhi High Court and the Union urban development minister to revive the high court monitoring committee, as illegal construction and encroachments have increased manifold even after the assurances given by the MCD and DDA.

The Delhi High Court had appointed a monitoring committee to keep a check on illegal construction and encroachments in Delhi. The MCD had got the committee suspended after assuring the high court that it will not allow any illegal construction to come up. Every fourth house in Delhi is being reconstructed illegally. Fourth floor is being allowed to come up despite the Supreme Court judgement on the issue still pending," said Anil Bajpai, president, RWA federation (east Delhi).

The members said the MCD had turned a blind eye to the rapid increase in illegal construction.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Property Tax

Dear Friends

We must raise the issue of closure of counters for submitting Property Tax at DC office /Zonal Office Building in Vishwas Nagar behind KKD courts. Only one centre in Geeta Colony is not at all sufficient for whole East Delhi. If not in each MCD ward, there should be a property tax collection centre in each Assembly Consituency.

L. M. Sharma
Vishwas Nagar RWA

Parents Say Won't Pay Hiked Fees,Ask Schools To Form PTAs Consult Them Before Raising Tuition Fees

Last year parents held numerous protests against what they called an `unjustified hike' in school fees

To try and rein in rising school fees, parents of students of 30 city schools on Sunday decided not to pay the hiked fees for the new session. Parents gathered at a meeting called by the All India Parents' Association (AIPA) on Sunday, following the latest guidelines issued by the directorate of education (DoE) on April 16. The DoE guidelines now make it mandatory for a school to get the consent of its Parent Teacher Association before the school-managing committee approves any hike in the fee.

According to AIPA, parents will not pay any hike in the fee for the new session, which started this month, unless every school forms a valid PTA and takes its consent before hiking the fee. Schools have invariably increased the fee by 15% to 20% at the start of the session even though such a hike is unnecessary in most cases.

We have now decided to pay the same fee as before and not the hiked amount, said Ashok Aggarwal, national president, AIPA. Aggarwal added, ``Parents of nearly 30 schools were present in the meeting, including Summer Fields School, Kailash Colony; Air force Bal Bharati, Lodhi Road; Green Fields School, Safdarjung Enclave; Ramjas School, Anand Parbat; Sachdeva Public School, Rohini; Vishal Bharti School, Paschim Vihar; Navy Children School, Chanakyapuri and others on Sunday morning which went on for almost two-and-a-half hours. We will make other parents also aware of this decision. DoE's fresh guidelines have given us a legal backing. If schools take any action against the parents, we will move court.

Detailed news can be viewed from the Link in the Headline above.
With thanks : source : Times of India


On 20th april 2010,around 2pm, mrs.rastogi(Resident of 83 Madhuvan new delhi 110092) was on her way to fetch children as usual from the bus stand near the entry gate of society. Motorcycle borne youths pounced upon her,snatched her chain and ran away in full view of security guard and other ladies.
This is not an isolated case.
FIRS are lodged but cases remain untraced. Society who charges enormous money every month from all residents remain unconcerned. The plea is that this is an individual case and let the individuals take up.
The police has also got the stock answers. Sample a few;
1.Why you wear gold chains? You are encouraging such incidents.
2. Have you noted down motor cycle registeration number.
3. Yes registration number is noted. But it is a fake number plate.
You can add N number of such bhanaas.
Manu samrti directs raja to protect property and life of citizens of the state.
Raja has no right to collect taxes if raja fails to protect.
Our problems are manifold. CITIZENS HAVE NO SAY. Bloggers their duty done after blogging.
Nothing tangible is achieved if we FAIL to monitor even one thana in transyamuna.
Let us pick up only one category, collect data and monthly meetings are organised.
As a president of EAST of kailash, we used to organise such meetings and area councillor,Member LEGISTATIVE COUNCIL and officers concerned would also be present.
kk ghei
vice president MRWA
Joint Secretary Consortium for welfare of citizens

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

BJP's 'mother of all rallies' on Wednesday

New Delhi, April 18 -- With the BJP out to stage the "mother" of all rallies and march to Parliament on April 21, Wednesday could well turn out to be a nightmare for commuters. In a bid to show the party is back on its feet in terms of mass agitations, party chief Nitin Gadkari is making his team sweat in the heat amid efforts to assemble more than a lakh supporters from across the country in the Capital to rally against the rise of prices of essential items. "The protest march to Parliament will be record breaking," the BJP president said, adding the party would try to show it cares more for the aam admi than the Congress.
BJP leaders said special care is being taken for providing "sanitary infrastructure" by arranging over 6,000 mobile toilets, water taps and tankers.
Detailed news can be viewed from the link in headline above.
With thanks : Source : Hindustan Times

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Delhi Mayoral Elections To Be Held On Apr 28

Elections for the posts of mayor and deputy-mayor of Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) will be held on April 28. Sources in the ruling BJP said three names that of incumbent mayor, Kanwar Sain, leader of MCD house Subhash Arya and BJP councillor Jagdish Mamgain are doing rounds as the possible party candidates for the post.
An announcement to this effect was made by the office of the municipal secretary, which said that the last date of filing nominations for the two posts is April 23. Candidates can withdraw their names any time before the elections.
With 172 seats, BJP has a clear majority in the 272-member house, and its candidate will get elected as the mayor. According to the rules, the post of mayor is reserved for a woman in the first year of the tenure of the corporation and for a scheduled caste candidate in the third year.
This time, the mayor will have a tenure of two years. The tenure was for one year each in the last three years. ``The mayoral elections assumes significance this year because of the Commonwealth Games and also due to the fact that the councillor who becomes mayor will hold the post till the next municipal elections in 2011,'' said a councillor.
With thanks : source : Times of India

In 20 Mins, Get That Heathrow, Hong Kong Ride

Trains From Spain Have Landed At Mundra In Gujarat, On Way To Capital; Promise Comfortable And Novel Experience
In five months from now, Delhiites can bid adieu to unending jams on the way to the airport and harassment by cabbies.
They will reach the airport from Connaught Place (CP) in specially engineered super luxury Metro coaches, which promise a noise-free ride in a plush ambience, in all of 20 minutes.
The first lot of new trains arrived at Mundra port, Gujarat from Spain on Friday and are on their way to the Capital now. The special coaches have specially been designed for the showcase Airport Express Line, which is scheduled to open in September this year.

The new trains are very different from the existing ones running on the Delhi Metro network. These will have seating for all passengers and the seating is transverse commuters will face the direction of movement of the train for added comfort.
The interiors of the trains have been designed keeping commuter comfort in mind. The lighting is diffused, the seats upholstered, and each coach will have LCD screens for entertainment, which will double up as flight information boards for convenience of air travellers.
Even as the trains zip past the city at a speed of about 120 kmph (the designed speed is higher at 135 kmph), one will not feel any discomfort inside the coaches.
The trains are engineered to reach near-zero noise levels and all the components flooring, insulated walls, windows have in-built noise reduction features. The wheels too have added lubrication for less noise and better riding comfort. The train doors are plug-and-shut type, which shut after sliding out a bit and then move back into original position.
With thanks : Source : Times of India

Preet vihar area bhagidari meeting on 23rd April 2010 at DC office

Invitation letters have already been issued regarding above meeting. The already discussed items have been itemised and now it becomes easiers to chase up.

Unfortunately for us residents of Madhuvan...none of items already discussed and part of agenda in 2009 and 2008 (but remaining pending) are not appearing in agenda. I hope this is an honest ommission and I am therefore placing on record so that these are followed properly.

NAGRAJ MUNI MARG : From T point of patpar ganj ..vikas marg to preet vihar near durga is impossible to walk along foot path. House owners have ZIGZAGGED IT, CONVERTED IT TO A PARKING LOT and no space for pedestrian, because taxi stand, dhaba and fruit permanent stalls occupy foot paths.At couple of places, concrete benches have been made to block 100% foot path. Easiest solution was to raise foot path level as has been done along sharpur side road. Already this item was minuted and responded by traffic police.

Clearance of PUBLIC NUISANCE CAUSED BY UNIVERSAL PUBLIC SCHOOL PREET VIHAR NEW DELHI 110092 BY REMOVAL OF BLOCKAGE OF MADHUVAN 15 ROAD . This item remained on agenda for more than four years. In fact honourable LT.GOVERNOR DELHI ALSO SOUGHT REPORT. DDA chief engineer in one report admitted of this encroachment in one of his report which is part of bhagidari records. Public Grievance Commission also heard this matter....OP RAI SECRETARY DOCHBS LTD VS MCD SDM PREET VIHAR WAS DIRECTED TO TAKE COGNISANCE AND REMOVE THIS ENCROACHMENT OF PUBLIC ROAD OF MADHUVAN. Action is still pending and public is deprived of use of this public road despite follow up with various authorities from 2005 on ward till date.


Respected vohra ji....kindly consider to submit memorandum to chief minister regarding blogged items so that authorities are made to act.

JOINT SECRETARY Consortium For Welfare of citizens

Dirty, smelly water in F Block, Krishna nagar

Now a days, the residents of F Block, Krishna nagar, are suffering from the Stomach Ailments. Some have extreme gastric problems & some others have loose motions as well stomach pain. All this is due to the dirty, smelly water being supplied in the Taps by the Jal Board. Some times the water is so dirty that you can match it with nullah. When it is not so dirty, it is so smelly that even after Filtering it, it is not drinkable.

Yesterday, we spoke to Mr Kapil Kapoor, a local resident. He said, " its better for the kids to drink Cold drinks instead of the Tap water as water quality is really bad, even though, the cold drinks are no good for health". Mrs. Raj Rani Ahuja from the same area, exhibited a glass of dirty water. Mrs. Pooja Dhawan said that we can not drink this water, even after properly filtering.

We request to our Area MLA Dr Harshvardhan as well MCD Councillor Dr. Monga, to please look into matter in an urgency.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Property tax form for 2010-11

It is a pity that the MCD's Property tax office located in Geeta Colony does not make available requisite number of forms requested for by the RWAs. The residents are willing to pay the tax much in advance of the target date but the MCD is loathe about it. We had requested for a camp at our society's office and make available the necessary number of forms but lo, silence prevails and they don't reply to any letters unless and until you visit their office a large number of times and meet babus and beg for the camp and no. of forms.

We can't understand why when residents are readily willing to pay in advance, the MCD Property tax office sit idle till June and hurry up to make collection. Our simple request is to arrange to hold the camp at the earliest in Anand Vihar Society's office where requisite facilities will be provided and make available the requisite number of forms requested for. Or make it available on the website so that we could download and get them printed for our use. Form available on the website pertains to 2009-10. Last yeat too considerably delay took place in making available the forms and holding the camp.

We trust you could help us which will be of immense assistance to each and every RWA!

TK Balu
Hony. Secretary/RBECHS/Anand Vihar

A request to all the RWA's, members, subscribers, visitors of this blog

In one of the best decisions taken by the Education Minister Mr Arvinder Singh Lovely, Directorate of Education, has issued certain very important guidelines. Please contact immediately to the school administration in which you have your school going kids so that you are a part of the, to be constituted Parents Teachers association of the respective schools. The detailed guidelines have already been uploaded on this blog and can be viewed by DOUBLE clicking the links below. The guidelines as given by Directorate of Education are as below :



Please add your comments in case you face any problem in this regard. You can also mail us at

With Best regards

B S Vohra

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Copy of the order of Directorate of education is being reproduced below for the benefit of parents. Please click on the pages below to read it in expanded form.


B S Vohra


Copy of the order of Directorate of education is being reproduced below for the benefit of parents. Please click on the pages below to read it in expanded form.


B S Vohra

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Few questions about Cell Towers to be asked from MCD

1. Do you agree that the cell towers remit radiation ?
2. If yes, what are the prescribed safe remission limits ?
3. Do you have any track record of all the cell towers of Delhi that what is the actual level of radiation remitted by each one of them ?
4. If yes, how many of these were remitting radiation over & above the prescribed safety lavels ? Please give us a list.
5. It is said that the proportion of newly developed cancer cases was three times higher among those who had lived during the past ten years at a distance of up to 400m (about 1300 feet) from the cellular transmitter site, compared to those living further away. Do you have any data or track record of percentage of cancer patients in the areas as above ?
6. It is said that, “People who are living near mobile tower 400-500 metres should get their houses tested for radiation and use anti-radiation devices to prevent diseases”. Have you taken any steps in this regard ?
7. If not, WHY ?
8. Do you think that instead of caring for the lives of Delhites, just raising the Fees from 1 Lakh to 5 Lakh is the step in the right direction ?
9. Do you think that snatching the right of RWA’s to refuse to install the cell towers in residential areas of Delhi is in the right direction ?

B S Vohra


Kindly recall eariler messages appearing in this blog. Please vohra ji, advise if all messages published on a particular subject could be viewed at one place and one after the other.
In this way, views already expressed and now being amplified could have a better effect.
On this very subject TOWERS OF SHAME my message would be relevant.
In europe, america,gulf countries and in egypt, towers like minare kulalumpur or like our tv tower pritam pur in north delhi are erected and utiised for wireless services including mobile phones.
What was the back ground (except cost cutting) to allow such towers in residential colonies need to be spelled out. NOT ONLY LEGAL BUT ILLEGALLAY ALLOWED AND FUNCTIONAL TOWERS ARE ADMITTED BY MCD.
The officers allowing such financial loss have gone scot free.
Right from commissioner down below to dy.commissioner heading zones need to be made answerable and recovery made from their salary. The area councillors whether in power or in opposition also must share their valuable thoughts on this matter.
It is common knowledge that nothing illegal can come in their constituencies unless it has their tacit or otherwise blessings.
This issue has already been raised and CIC ORDERED appropriate action. Orders are available on their web site.
Citizens group must unite and follow up.


RTI on details of mobile towers spreading radiation ?

We must file an RTI for details of Cell Towers which are remitting radiation. The fear of radiation can be seen by the emergence of COBALT 60 in the Mayapuri Scrap Market. But whats about the spread of radiation by these Cell Towers directly in our homes which is responsible for the spread of cancer.

Views of our members, subscribers & visitors are being awaited.

Impact of mobile towers spreading radiation in residential areas

This is the Impact of radiation being spread by Mobile towers on Rats, who never use the mobile phones. Just imagine the impact of these mobile towers on human beings, who never leave the mobile phone. Ever thought about the LEVELS of radiation spread by these mobile towers ? You will be shocked to find that in majority of cases, the radiation being spread is over & above the normal level & almost touching or even above the alarming leval. We are allowing this radiation in our residential areas, in our homes and it is one of the major cause for the spread of CANCER.

pic from : liveindia

People who are living near mobile tower 400-500 metres should get their houses tested for radiation.

A news from the past :
9 Jun, 2008. NEW DELHI: A Government proposal to make it compulsory for mobile phone manufacturers to specify the radiation levels (SAR) emitted by mobiles has been hailed by experts.
The Department of Telecom is considering guidelines according to International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) standards on emission for limiting exposure to electromagnetic radiations from mobile towers and handsets.
"The dangers of people suffering from ill effects of radiation are many, such as cancer and brain tumor. Radiation can cause miscarriage in pregnant women and trouble in pacemaker or even insomania," said V.S Tripathy, president (Technical), Cogent EMR solutions, anti-radiation product making company.
"People who are living near mobile tower 400-500 metres should get their houses tested for radiation. And use anti-radiation devices to prevent diseases," said Tripathy.
Karmajyot Sewa Trust President VB Gupta said that the trust had filed a PIL in Supreme Court in August 2005 for control of radiation and norms for putting up mobile tower setup. With the united effort of several NGOs the Court had ordered the government to look into the matter, it said.
Gupta claimed that in India, nearly 270 million customers use cellphones and there are over three lakh towers, which emit electromagnetic radiations and application of ICNIRP norms would be a boon to people.

"The buying power of Indians has increased and with it the number of electronic appliances and mobile phones. All electronic appliances emit harmful radiations, strict norms should be applied to see that radiation remain within permissible limits," said Zafar Haq, Cogent Head corporate affairs.
The Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) has opposed the government proposal to make it mandatory for mobile phone manufacturers to specify radiation levels on mobile phones and monitor levels of mobile towers.
With thanks : source : LiveIndia

What are the Dangers of Living Near Cell Phone Towers?

German study: 3 times increased cancer risk
Several doctors living in Southern Germany city of Naila conducted a study to assess the risk of mobile phone radiation. Their research examined whether population living close to two transmitter antennas installed in 1993 and 1997 in Naila had increased risk of cancer.
Data was gathered from nearly 1,000 patients who had been residing at the same address during the entire observation period of 10 years. The social differences are small, with no ethnic diversity. There is no heavy industry, and in the inner area there are neither high voltage cable nor electric trains. The average ages of the residents are similar in both the inner and outer areas.
What they found is quite telling: the proportion of newly developed cancer cases was three times higher among those who had lived during the past ten years at a distance of up to 400m (about 1300 feet) from the cellular transmitter site, compared to those living further away. They also revealed that the patients fell ill on average 8 years earlier.
Computer simulation and measurements used in the study both show that radiation in the inner area (within 400m) is 100 times higher compared to the outer area, mainly due to additional emissions coming from the secondary lobes of the transmitter.
Looking at only the first 5 years, there was no significant increased risk of getting cancer in the inner area. However, for the period 1999 to 2004, the odds ratio for getting cancer was 3.38 in the inner area compared to the outer area. Breast cancer topped the list, with an average age of 50.8 year compared with 69.9 years in the outer area, but cancers of the prostate, pancreas, bowel, skin melanoma, lung and blood cancer were all increased.

With thanks : source : LiveIndia


let the public go to hell. Even otherwise,who cares for them!!!

RWAs have been crying for empowerment, such as, involvement in decision making with regard to development projects in their respective areas; certification for satisfactory completion of works by civic and other agencies; erection and maintenance of security gates in colonies; etc. etc.

Without any authority,RWA is like a lion without teeth. The only tooth provided by the MCD has now been taken back by its high-powered Standing Committee. It has decided that there was no need for RWA permission for installation of cell towers in residential areas.

Where have those reports gone which suggested, just two years back, that the heat generated by the electromagnetic radition emitted by cell towers could cause high blood pressure, headaches,Sleeplessness, fatigue, cataract, reduced mental concentration, and in some extreme cases even Cancer.

In exchange of the above decision, the Standing Committee has increased the fee for installation of the cell towers from one lac to five lac rupees. MCD will get 4 lac more per tower, let the public go to hell. Even otherwise,who cares for them!!!

Will the citizens of Delhi accept it ???

Ram Gupta
General Secretary
Priyadarshini Vihar RWA

Friday, April 16, 2010


MCD must get its legitimate property tax and other taxes. Only authorities must ensure that they are not milking the same cows again and again. The number of houses and commercial establishments may be know to authorities as Delhi city has been in existence for more than 2500 years. A lot many times population survey, increase in population every year due to migration and plus natural growth(births minus death) has been carried out.
As back as 1960 first master plan envisaged one lac annual increase and 4.5 units(children and adults) per dweling unit criteria. So, minimum 20,000 dwelling units neeed to be added every year.
We have all data available .
Why only 3 lacs are paying property tax. Why others are not brought under tax net.
Why responsible officers incharge of property tax at zonal and corporation as a whole have NOT BEEN ARRESTED AND JAILED SO FAR.This applies to other taxation wings also.
A time is not far when general sentiment will be against administration and thus law and order situation will deteriorate further.
Why bhagidars cannot play active role.It is high time we raise our voice in all fora at our command.
Let us friends act because every thing is at stake.

kk ghei

Delhi Metro refuses to share pillar design details

Can the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation withhold information about the pillar design of the Metro service citing Intellectual Property Rights?

A full bench of the Central Information Commission will decide the tricky issue of whether the design of the pillar collapsed last year can be made public under the RTI Act or the IPR over the same allow DMRC to withhold it.

Last year in July, a cantilevered bracket of Metro pillar number 67 collapsed near South Delhi's Lajpat Nagar area killing six and injuring more than 15 people. The Delhi Metro had attributed the accident to a "problem in the design" of the pillar claiming they "were trying to rectify it."

There was a defect in the peer cap which caused the displacement," Delhi Metro spokesperson Anuj Dayal had said.

An RTI applicant Sudhir Vohra sought designs of the pillar number 67 along with structural drawings of both the foundation and the superstructure, including all steel reinforcement details, foundation details, engineering calculations and soil tests from DMRC.

The corporation refused to share any details saying it holds the IPR of the designs and other details and their disclosure would affect the commercial interest of the company which makes it.

The corporation also cited issues of safety and security saying disclosure of design specifications to the general public as well as to the RTI applicant would directly affect the safety and security of the Metro Rail system.


With thanks : Source : PTI &

Delhi will have best industrial estates after new law: CM

Expressing confidence that the city will have the best industrial estates after implementation of Delhi Industrial Development Operation and Maintenance Bill, 2010 , Chief Minister Sheila Diskhit said it will reduce multiplicity of authorities.

‘There has been a problem in managing industrial estates due to multiplicity of authorities in Delhi. The government has now decided to transfer management of all estates to the Delhi State Industrial And Infrastructure Development Corporation,’ she said.

Office bearers of traders and industrialist associations today called on the Chief Minister along with her parliamentary secretaries Anil Bhardwaj and Surendra Kumar and conveyed their gratitude for granting an extension of six months to complete construction on the plots allotted to them by the government in industrial estates.

The government recently decided to grant extension to 8123 allottees who have not been able to complete construction due to certain reasons.

‘We have been safeguarding interests of industrialists and traders and it has been expanding arena of the Bhagidari initiative.

The new industrial policy will pave the way for establishment of service sector industries and IT sector enterprises,’ Ms Dikshit added.

Representatives of Narela Industrial Complex Welfare Association, Bawana Chamber of Industry, Narela Re-location Industrial Welfare Association, PVC Compound and Footwear Manufacturing Association, All India Federation of Plastic Manufacturers and Tri Nagar Traders Associations were also present.


With thanks : Source :

MCD Gardners policy

Shivalik Aptts is a DDA self financing society located in Alaknada , Kalkaji in South Delhi. Society was not satisfied with performance of 2 gardeners provided by MCD to maintain 5 parks who were more of occasional visitors rather than gardeners. Recently the up keep of these 5 parks was transferred to its the society. MCD Councellor handed over maintenance of 5 parks measuring 1.5 acres in a formal function. Society was paid Rs. 27000 by cheque at the rate of Rs. 6000 per acre per month. Cheque handed over covered the expenses of maintenance for 3 months initially. Both the gardeners have been withdrawn.
This raises serious questions about the money that MCD is paying rather than wasting on gardeners. For 1 year, 2 gardeners get salary with allowance of about Rs. 3.6 lacs as it is learnt -- needs confirmation- that on an average a gardener costs tax payer Rs. 15000 pm. Against assumed expenses Rs. 3.6 lacs per annum for 2 gardeners MCD expects same work to be done with annum payment of just Rs. 108,000 to the society. This is just 30 % of what MCD spends on the gardeners. Of course cost of plants, fertilizers etc remain a common factor in both cases as MCD will be supplying these.
With this change over will MCD retire / terminate 2 redundant gardeners or these will be retained as extra buden to Delhi tax payers?
Is there a norm as to how much garden area a gardener can tend to. By paying just 30% MCD expects same work to be done by just one part time gardener. Does MCD has nearly 3 times the gardeners that it actually needs if this example was considered a norm .
Gurcharan Singh
36 Shivaik Aptts

Govt Set To Hike Property Circle Rates in The National Capital

The circle rates for sale and purchase of properties in the national Capital are going to be high. In order to meet the expenses and deficits, the Delhi Government is likely to increase the circle rate of properties ranging from 30 per cent to 100 per cent.
The new circle rates will be fixed according to the properties falling under various categories. The concerned department has sent the proposal to planning and finance department for comments. If sources are to be believed, the new circle rates of properties would be implemented in Delhi within two months.
Delhi Government had earlier introduced the circle rates in 2007, dividing the Capital into eight categories. The circle rate of properties is the system in which the Government fixes the minimum or maximum rate of the land depending on the categories of colonies.
Top sources said that there would be massive hike in the circle rates to improve the financial health of the Capital. The proposal for new circle rates will be brought before the Cabinet by next month.
"Under the new proposal, posh colonies would have to pay more ranging between Rs 1.25 lakh to Rs 1.50 lakh per square metre as circle rate. Currently, the circle rate is fixed Rs 43,000 per sqm for posh colonies falling in the category A. The Government has taken a fresh categorisation of colonies, added two new category-rich and super rich colonies dividing the Capital into 10 categories," a source said.
For instance, colonies like Vasant Vihar, Greater Kailash, Hauz Khas, Mahendru Enclave, New Friend Colonies, Sukhdev Vihar, Jor Bagh, Niti Bagh, Defence Colony, Civil Lines falling in super rich colonies would have to pay more circle rate during sale and purchase of properties. According to proposed rate, there would be over 30 percent increase in the circle rate to those colonies falling under D,E,F,G and H category.
With thanks : source : The Pioneer

No need for RWA permission for cell tower installation

New Delhi, Apr 15 (PTI) For installation of a mobile tower atop a building in Delhi, there is no need to take permission from concerned residents welfare association from now onwards.

This has been decided at a meeting of the MCD Standing Committee which effected several amendments in its recently- unveiled policy on cell towers.

The meeting also decided that from now on, only regularised buildings will have such towers. According to earlier policy, such structures could be also installed on unauthorised buildings.

In case of residential buildings, permission from RWAs was mandatory earlier.

The MCD had on February 9 unveiled a new policy on mobile towers. According to the revised guidelines for cell towers, the amount payable by the service providers to MCD for installing a tower has been increased from the present Rs one lakh to Rs 5 lakh.

with thanks : source :

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mediation centre and bhagidari movement

Many noble thoughts die premature death at the alter of action.
Take the case of bhagidari cell of dy.commissioner east delhi administration.It may be equally true of other parts of delhi.
Problems raised over three to four years and requiring no fund do not get solved.
Even there is no continuity of minutes of meetings.
The minutes must reflect pending issues raised but still pending. The second part could be items completed.
But what happens is that when ever a fresh meeting starts all old items are forgotten and there is clamour to be heard. It baffles me...why a time limit of say five minutes is not put up and all members get their turn one by one.
Also since 2005 no list of bhagidars with addresses and phone numbers is not circulated.
Similarly notice of meetings could be sent through sms or e mails and of course by daak.
There is no system that bhagidars are informed of meetings and agenda is delayed in postal transit.
The departments send their junior most functionaries and thus the very purpose of such meetings is forefeited. Even action taken report is loaded with generalities and specifics are avoided.
Respectfully i submit that senior officers must be held responsible for inaction or evasive replies.


Got a Conflict ? Call Mediation centres now

Delhi CM Mrs. Shiela Dikshit today inaugurated the Mediation centre at Patparganj Industrial area. The programme was attended by various personalities from Judiciary, Ministry as well RWA's & Trade associations.

If one has got any conflict or dispute i.e. a family problem, husband wife conflict, parking dispute or a Vivad of any other nature, now one has no need to go to the Court for such petty issues. One can approach a Mediation centre in his area and get the problem solved by the process of Mediation. As the charges are almost negligible, one can save the money as well the time through this process.

The Mediation centres have been Formed by Delhi Dispute Resolution Society ( Regd. ) ( Deptt. of Law, Justice & LA, Govt. of NCT of Delhi, & soon atleast 8 more such centres will be inaugurated in Delhi with an option of Sub centres if required.

CM has great hopes from this scheme and she requested to add all the details in the website of the mediation centres in all the Four local languages i.e. English, Hindi, Punjabi & Urdu, so that every one could understand & avail the benefit.

The details are being uploaded on this blog for the benefit of one & all.