Friday, April 16, 2010

MCD Gardners policy

Shivalik Aptts is a DDA self financing society located in Alaknada , Kalkaji in South Delhi. Society was not satisfied with performance of 2 gardeners provided by MCD to maintain 5 parks who were more of occasional visitors rather than gardeners. Recently the up keep of these 5 parks was transferred to its the society. MCD Councellor handed over maintenance of 5 parks measuring 1.5 acres in a formal function. Society was paid Rs. 27000 by cheque at the rate of Rs. 6000 per acre per month. Cheque handed over covered the expenses of maintenance for 3 months initially. Both the gardeners have been withdrawn.
This raises serious questions about the money that MCD is paying rather than wasting on gardeners. For 1 year, 2 gardeners get salary with allowance of about Rs. 3.6 lacs as it is learnt -- needs confirmation- that on an average a gardener costs tax payer Rs. 15000 pm. Against assumed expenses Rs. 3.6 lacs per annum for 2 gardeners MCD expects same work to be done with annum payment of just Rs. 108,000 to the society. This is just 30 % of what MCD spends on the gardeners. Of course cost of plants, fertilizers etc remain a common factor in both cases as MCD will be supplying these.
With this change over will MCD retire / terminate 2 redundant gardeners or these will be retained as extra buden to Delhi tax payers?
Is there a norm as to how much garden area a gardener can tend to. By paying just 30% MCD expects same work to be done by just one part time gardener. Does MCD has nearly 3 times the gardeners that it actually needs if this example was considered a norm .
Gurcharan Singh
36 Shivaik Aptts

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