Saturday, April 10, 2010

We get what we deserve

Majority of us believe in Karam phal. We are reaping what we have sown in past life. We are constantly evolving by either moving upward or down ward.Good deeds and meditation will lead us up the ladder and vice versa.

What is moksha to many may mean reward of meditation or tapasy in jungle for years to gather. Buddhist and jains lay stress on good actions. Christians lay stress on serving mankind.
Scientists in their own way believe in above theories. Action and reaction will also lead to above.
It is then surprising why we indulge in illegalities of every conceivable type,like grabbing of public spaces, stealing electricity, willfully avoidance of taxes and disobediance of traffic signals.
Perhaps we feel law is to be implemented by weakest persons of society.
We can get away by muscle or money power.
What image we are presenting to world beyond indian borders.
Vohra ji what is your take on the subject.

kk ghei
vice president MRWA Madhuvan new delhi 110092

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