Sunday, April 11, 2010

Water scarcity in delhi and intentioanal neglect of society tube wells

We read that next war could be on account of sharing of water between nations. Suggestions have been floated like slicing ice berg and towing them to water scacity area.
Delhi is facing acute water shortage and even winter months are no exception.
But strangely some time back a decision had been wrongly taken to keep tube wells of societies in operative.
I refer to our Delhi Officer's House Building Society Ltd Madhuvan New Delhi 110092.
Society handed over potable water supply arrangements to MCD in 1995 and our filtered water supply pump had been operational for couple of years. Mr.Sudhir pump operator was on MCD pay role for operation of tube well.
Now i am informed that tube well along with water filterational equipment has been lying inoperational because DJB has taken some decision not to operate these tube wells.
There could be hundreds of such installations through out delhi. To not to augment water supply arrangements is beyond my thinking.
I fervently appeal that all societies and others having such arrangements must impress upon our elected representatives and DJB AUTHORITIES TO MAKE THESE TUBE WELLS OPERATIONAL and help to reduce water scacity.

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