Wednesday, April 21, 2010

BJP's 'mother of all rallies' on Wednesday

New Delhi, April 18 -- With the BJP out to stage the "mother" of all rallies and march to Parliament on April 21, Wednesday could well turn out to be a nightmare for commuters. In a bid to show the party is back on its feet in terms of mass agitations, party chief Nitin Gadkari is making his team sweat in the heat amid efforts to assemble more than a lakh supporters from across the country in the Capital to rally against the rise of prices of essential items. "The protest march to Parliament will be record breaking," the BJP president said, adding the party would try to show it cares more for the aam admi than the Congress.
BJP leaders said special care is being taken for providing "sanitary infrastructure" by arranging over 6,000 mobile toilets, water taps and tankers.
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With thanks : Source : Hindustan Times

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