Thursday, April 8, 2010

Petrol Pumps To Strike On Friday

More than 400 petrol pumps in the city will observe a protest closure from Thursday midnight to Friday midnight.The Delhi Petrol Dealers Assoc- iation (DPDA) had announced the strike last week.
The strike will be to protest the 20 per cent increase in VAT on diesel that came into effect on April 1. While diesel is cur- rently priced at Rs 38.10 per litre in Delhi, it costs Rs 34.50 per litre in Haryana and Rs 37.42 per litre in UP. "This hike in diesel rates will force most of the sales to the states border- ing the capital," says DPDA president Atul Peshawari.
"We are not left with choice.
Within less than a week of the new prices being implemented, our sales have fallen by 50 to 60 per cent. We're expecting them to down by 80 per cent by next week. This is something that will affect the Government's rev- enue as well," says Peshawari.
So while Delhiites may not be able to buy fuel for one day, their troubles are far from over. A member of DPDA, said if their "demands are not met they are likely to go on an indefinite strike towards the end of the month.
He says, "We have been asking the Delhi government to reduce the price difference between diesel rates in Delhi and Har- yana since 2008, but our pleas have fallen on deaf ears. The Haryana government, on the other hand, has been bringing down prices." He adds, "While we'll ensure that all private pumps are shut, we will also ensure that company pumps are also not functional."
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With thanks : Hindustan Times

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