Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Surprise Test For Delhi Motorists

And you thought you know all the rules of traffic just because you hold a driving licence! The road ahead is full of bumps for Delhiites to whom breaking traffic rules has become second nature.
The Capital's residents holding valid driving licences registered in the state will be in for a surprise check of their knowledge about traffic laws and driving rules in the coming days.
After endless challans , traffic- awareness initiatives and advertisements, the Delhi Traffic Police recently came up with the idea to correct -- hopefully -- the common flaw with city motorists: little knowledge about traffic rules.
Every few days, a draw of sorts of motor vehicle licence holders will be conducted.
Whoever's name is picked, he or she will be called in for a surprise test.
In the test, the licence holders will have to answer some of the most basic questions related to the Motor Vehicle Act and other road safety laws, his or her general awareness about the traffic laws while driving and possible reaction to different traffic scenarios.
With thanks : Source : MailToday

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