Monday, June 20, 2016

Suggestions for APP Based Luxury Bus Service : B S Vohra

The Ministry of Transport,
Delhi Govt.

Subject : Suggestions for APP Based Luxury Bus Service

Dear Sir,

Please consider as below :

If the Bus aggregator has to decide the Bus route, he will prefer the posh localities as the starting / end point to maximize his gains. This will leave, most of the other colonies untouched by this premium bus service.

Moreover, the passengers mostly have to go to different destinations. How the Bus aggregator will adjust his route ? Will there be more than one buses from every starting point for different destination’s ? In such a case it will again add to the pollution & traffic jam on the roads.

If the Bus aggregator has to fix the fare, he will go for the maximum possible fare as there is no upper limit prescribed. This will have budgetary impact on the pocket of common man. This will also have an impact on the pre booking of the bus.

Payment of tickets through mobile app may also be a problem for few. Similarly, due to pre booking, if bus remains empty, it will impact on the reliability of the service as the passengers on the way are not allowed in the service. Similarly, if at the last minute, bus aggregator pays ten times to the passenger and refuses to take the bus, it will again impact on the reliability of this service.

Such kind of pre booked passengers on the fixed destinations will mainly be during the office hours. Will the buses ply as a routine after the office hours also as in case bus remains empty, bus aggregator will try to avoid the journey.

Last Mile connectivity is a major issue for Delhiites as once out of the Metro there is no suitable connectivity available. Govt must consider this kind of service atleast for the Last Mile Connectivity.

With best regards,

B S Vohra
Social Activist, President,
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front – Federation

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