Monday, June 27, 2016

RWAs Vs Mohalla Sabha !


Mohalla Sabhas is replacement of Bhagidari scheme of previous government. It is purely political gimmic as was with bhagidari, The present system is being evolved on the basis of density of voters who are mostly pro aap. Secondly the funds will also be utilized on these voters rather than tax payers. This is another way of giving freebees to its own workers.

The tax payers of Delhi in planned colonies are suffering with several problems like filthy drains, bad roads, stray dogs and stray cows, acute parking space, transport etc etc.

The Mohalla sabhas will end up with political fights among various political parties.

This is high time to wage a planned agitation by grouping ourselves (RWAs in planned colonies, who are in majority and major contributors of taxes etc,) Let us form a group via social media to begin with. Unity has strength ...sangathan (union) has strength.

Pl give some thought to this imminent problem which is looming large on our heads very soon.

 with best wishes

M M Lal Bhasin
Patron, RWA D Blk Ashok Vihar,
President, Delhi Electricity Consumers Society (Regd)

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