Tuesday, June 21, 2016

RWAs Vs Mohalla Sabha !

Mr Anthony Raju has reviewed the views of Mr T K Balu as below :

It appears that the local Govt. have decided to establish 'Mohalla Sabha' at all places all over Delhi to serve dual purpose - (i) to get to know the grievances of 'aam aadmi' living at various colonies etc. and thus get first hand information and (ii) to collate and present them in a consolidated manner to the respective Govt. agencies for redressal of such grievances in an expeditious and smooth way, so that the 'aam aadmi' get the satisfaction of getting them resolved, which had not been done for a considerable length of time, despite having been expressed to the Govt. agencies concerned! 

True the RWAs can also play a vital part in this noble exercise as they have been attending to them in their own way by bringing them to the notice of the Govt. agencies. 

I wish the Mohalla Sabha expected to be constituted meet the local RWAs and get to know their common grievances and what they wish to do, so that they could be more useful and effective, as the former had been dealing with such problems over a period of time! 

In short both the RWAs and the proposed Mohalla Sabhas could be complimentary and supplementary to each other in resolving the common problems of the residents in each colony!! In other words if both these organisations work effectively and purposefully, almost all problems could be resolved and arrived to a logical conclusion in the over all interest of the residents in different colonies. 

The Mohalla Sabhas should not become another mouthpiece of the Govt. and function like a Govt. agency and if it happens, their establishment and role and purpose will be defeated and they cannot achieve their avowed aim and objectives in ample measure for which they are professed to be established and no satisfaction or change could be brought about!! This is my personal view and experts may express their opinion/views on the matter!!

Taking all these issue into the consideration , All India Council of Human Rights, Liberties and social Justice demands and requests Honourable Delhi Govt. and LG saheb to take the view of our org and the other RWA so that an amicable solution can be given to the Delhi People, said Dr. Anthony Raju , Advocate.

But in our opinion , The Delhi Govt must give strength to RWA instead of making another junk Sabha , to waste time and public money.


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