Monday, June 6, 2016

RWABhagidari meet on the MCD Ward Delimitation & Property Tax - EDMC !

Dear Mr. Vohra, 

Kudos for your wonderful and fruitful meeting organised at Leela Hotel, which I had perforce to miss, as I lost my mobile phone somewhere in Gazipur when I talked to you. I was very keen but the loss of the phone disheartened me so much I was totally upset as I had all the numbers thereat! However, I got the report through your channel. Thanks for updating me always in all fronts. I am one of the rare admirers of your's feats and herculean efforts being made ceaselessly and constantly! What decisions had been taken by the Govt. agencies concerned are not known. All discussed but no decision taken, is the present scenario, perhaps. Kindly keep us informed the vital decisions taken on property tax, delimitation etc., particularly on payment of property tax front, as there is a lot of confusion about it. Since the final decision is not yet known, will they extend the date for final payment from June to July or 

August! I wonder!!
With best wishes and deep regards,
TK Balu

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