Friday, June 24, 2016

RWAs Vs Mohalla Sabha !

Dear Vohraji,

Hats off to you for bringing to the forefront, problems of citizens of Delhi. As regards RWAs vs Mohalla Sabha, first we have to understand the difference between the two identities. If there is no difference & both are going to serve the same purpose then the old system of RWAs should be continued.

I am not against the Mohalla Sabha, but it appears to me that they are & will not be any different from the RWAs in terms of there constitution or functioning.The ultimate aim of both the systems is to provide efficient & effective services to the citizens of their respective areas.

What ever "NEW" the Govt wants to introduce can be done & achieved by the effective participation of RWAs also by way of empowering them furter. Hence I feel no need of any new system right now unless there is some serious flaw(s) with the existing system.

Yours truly,

Deepak Chadha
RWA Krishan Nagar.

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