Thursday, June 9, 2016

Special Session of Delhi RWAs - To Discuss SOLUTIONS ....... We all know the PROBLEMS


Refer to thought provoking letter from Sh Rajiv kakaria letter on the subject my submission is that:
1. MP  councilor and mla fund should be scrapped and instead Distric development committee be formed representing rwas politicians and bureaucrats and expert on the development.
2. all mcd employees represnting sanitaion staff must wear i cards so that proxy workers be caught.
3. there should be single authority for all sanitaion work in delhi
4. services of all types in Group Housing Societies be taken over by the respective departments withdraw special rebate of 15% in house tax
5. Bring CGHS at par with plotted colonies societies.
6. all CGHS should be provided with single water connection
7. discrimination with CGHS be stopped immediately
8.reduce sewerage charge and service charge on water bill which is high.
9. all street lights should be open with single button and swithced off in similar manner the light are on at several places even during day time.
10 energy audit and water audit may be conducted in theft prone area other should not be forced to pay for thief.

with regards 
chander mohan

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