Monday, June 20, 2016

Suggestions for APP Based Aggregator Luxury Bus Service : Rajiv Kakria

The Ministry of Transport,
NCT, Delhi.

Sub: Suggestions for APP Based Aggregator Luxury Bus Service


Following are some points that I see missing in your proposal and a few points that I feel need to be further clarified or amended. The points are in random order, not necessarily in order of importance.

1. PHOTOGRAPH AND BADGE OF DRIVER is not enough ..... Proper Verification of driver and Conductor/Cleaner must be ensured. Anyone with past criminal record must be kept out.

2. EVERY DRIVER SHOULD UNDERGO SPECIAL TRAINING in Social Etiquette's and driving test conducted by Transport Department involving independent institution like AAUI or IIT etc so that we do not suffer like in Blue Line days, especially in case of Licenses issued in other states.

3. ENSURE DRIVERS AND CLEANERS SHOULD HAVE UNIFORMS ......... Blue Line Drivers were seen driving in Sleeveless Vests during summers and wrapped in blankets during winters.

4. TIME LIMIT OF JOURNEY - a reasonable fixed Time Limit for completing a Journey.

5. THE OWNERS AND AGGREGATORS MUST HAVE PARKING FACILITIES for each bus ..... in the Blue Line days the Colony Roads more so near Urban Villages became the Parking Lots ...... causing congestion and feeling of insecurity as the support staff made the bus their home and night shelter ....... from cleaning the bus to bathing in the open was a common sight.

6. THE SERVICE SHOULD BE AVAILABLE 27X7 maybe at correspondingly reduced frequency between 10:00 pm to 7:00 am ....... only then will people be encouraged not to buy cars. If people have cars they are unlikely to move to Buses.

7. THE BUS AGGREGATOR CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO DECIDE THE ROUTE of the bus as suggested ........ all Routes must be prefixed and once the Aggregator picks the route he shall have no right to alter and/or change it. Otherwise they will make the routes longer and serpentine with the passenger not knowing how long it will take to complete the journey.

8. INCENTIVISE LOW DENSITY ROUTES by allowing higher rates. We Must Learn from the Uber And Ola Experience ...... maximum rate per KM must be fixed and not wait for Cartels to form or everyone vying for lucrative routes like in Airlines, A cess can be introduced on high density routes to subsidise low density areas.

9. PRE-APPROVED SPECIFIED DESIGN / COLOUR MUST BE ENSURED -  all buses under the scheme should have Large clear windows without curtains. For night driving buses should be well lit inside for clear visibility from outside. Nirbhaya case should be kept in mind.

These are preliminary submissions, I request you to give an opportunity to elaborate in person along with fellow activists so that our concerns are suitably addressed.

Warm Regards,


Rajiv Kakria

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