Friday, June 3, 2016

Let’s get India-Insured!

Life Insurance penetration in India is less than 3.3%. We are on a mission to get India - Insured @ we will help many to understand insurance due to following features-
Ø  What is claim settlement ratio? Surrender value?? Riders??? Worried & Confused! Easily understand all the terms explained in simple language!
Ø  Highest Returns? Lowest Premium? Our Highest and Lowest Tabs will help you!
Ø  Annuity Plan Vs Pension Plan? Avoid confusion by individually going through different life insurance covers.
Ø  Simple Term Insurance Vs Savings Plan? We have categorized all popular plans so that you can find the best one!
Ø  Plans from a particular insurance provider? Get a list of all the policies from your desired insurer!
Ø  More guaranteed returns than available insurance plans? Find all policies with guaranteed returns higher than the one you chose!
This is how we help!
Ø  Put plans side by side and evaluate them based on 80+ parameters like death benefit, maturity benefit, critical illness cover, etc!
Ø  Get information about 400+ insurance plans from 25+ insurance providers!
Ø  NO subscriptions! NO Registrations! No Spam! No tele-marketing! 100% Free of Cost & Unbiased Information!

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