Thursday, June 9, 2016

Special Session of Delhi RWAs - To Discuss SOLUTIONS ....... We all know the PROBLEMS

Dear Friends,

Today, 9th June 2016 Delhi Government and the three MCDs are going to sit for Special Sessions respectively, to POINT FINGERS AT EACH-OTHER.

We the RWAs do not have the same Luxuries of Space and Funds to call for a Special Session at the Drop of a Hat ........ SO I TAKE THE LIBERTY OF CALLING THIS SPECIAL SESSION ..... ONLINE.

To get the Discussion for Solutions moving I place before you a Proposal and seek your inputs on how to SET THE MCD HOUSE IN ORDER ........ this proposal is further to my earlier mails on the State Election Commission's fresh attempt DELIMITATION ........

Is it time to formulate Separate Municipalities based on DEMOGRAPHY and not GEOGRAPHY ?????

There are many Delhi’s within Delhi ...... Urban Villages; Rural Villages; Unauthorised Colonies; Resettlement Colonies; Planned Developed Colonies (Flats & Plotted); Lutyens Delhi and Cantonment. The needs and lifestyles of inhabitants are vastly different and Municipal Laws and Delimitation of Wards on the basis of Geography and Population have failed to provide orderly development or quality services in the city.

While NDMC for Lutyens Delhi and Cantonment Board have performed well in maintaining their respective areas, MCD has failed miserably on all fronts. The past decade has seen many experiments to make MCD work efficiently ....... but things have gone from bad to worse.

The question is, why have all attempts to streamline MCD come to naught? Doubling of Councillors and Trifurcation of MCD ...... were experiments carried out to achieve a POLITICAL STRANGLEHOLD RATHER THAN TO ACHIEVE EFFICIENCY.

The latest attempt at Delimitation of MCD Wards on the basis of Population is again aimed at Political Hold over the most Vulnerable section. No one is against development of deprived sections of the city but tilting the balance of Political Power on the basis of Population alone will create animosity amongst fellow citizens.

Democracy does not mean Majoritarianism, if the same formula were to be applied in Assam / West Bengal / Bihar / UP etc, then many High Density Areas would get many more MLA’s ....... if such Delimitation Formula is not acceptable there, then why in MCD? Populism and Discriminatory deployment of funds and resources will be the net outcome of Population Based Delimitation.

Therefore, is it time to formulate Separate MCD’s based on DEMOGRAPHY and not GEOGRAPHY ????? ...... ie URBAN/RURAL VILLAGES; RESETTELMENT & UNAUTHORISED COLONIES; PLANNED DEVELOPED COLONIES etc on the lines of NDMC and Cantonment Board.

This way areas and population of similar Demographic Profile will have the complete attention and fund allocation for development based on ground realities. What works for Planned Areas does not work for Resettelment Colonies or Village areas. The type of Manpower and Infrastructure required is also vastly different ...... or for that matter, even the MINDSET.

Fund Allocation for the different Municipalities can then be based on Weightage Points for Population, Geographical Spread, Tax Collection, Infrastructure etcwhich can be fine tuned by experts.


Warm Regards,

Rajiv Kakria

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