Thursday, September 29, 2016

Waste segregation at source key to solution on waste issues

Dear Sir,

Waste segregation at source is key to solution on problems arising out of ever increasing uncontrolled waste generation. We have to look for solutions at the source of waste generation itself.As per article in TOI on 27th Sept 2016, 431 truckloads of domestic waste is dumped in a single day at east Delhi Gazipur dumping site. This is what  we need to work on as it constitutes valuable green waste from individual households and when disposed off mixed in poly bags generates toxic fumes. This mixed domestic waste is a health hazard and cause of great environmental pollution.

 Out of total domestic waste 65% is from Kitchen and is green waste.Residents and communities should be  made aware of importance of waste segregation and it also should be made mandatory.Secondly awareness on  easy cost effective ways of composting should be made available and encouraged.Thirdly government and agencies should help in easy implementation of the processes by making space available for the project. The manure thus produced should be accepted by government nurseries. By initiating these measures the problem can be tackled to a large extent.

The benefits are bound to surpass the efforts made in this direction.
The segregated waste disposal will save time of garbage handlers as they spend close to half a day in segregating waste at Dhalaos. They will work in much hygienic conditions and ensure cleaner environment around waste dumping sites.
The valuable green waste will fetch them good money once they are shown and given easy composting solutions.The government will not be under constant pressure to look for landfill sites.Citizens will get respite from air and environmental  pollution. The financial empowerment of poorest of poor would surely have an impact on controlling crime around dumping sites.Lessen the use of polybags for waste disposal.Save stray cows and animals from ingesting polybags along with green waste .And most important would be , that our efforts will lead towards preserving the fertility of soil for future generations.

Our SHIELD society has initiated such measures by training people in various localities with fair amount of successes.We had initiated the project more than six months ago in few areas of Sangam vihar ,Safdarjung B4 ,Masjid Moth DDA Flats phase1 ,Shahpurjat Dhalao etc.We in our experience have found that the major roadblocks is  our limited outreach to people and awareness on options of composting available to people.Principal of Saint Kabir school Hissar learnt the technique from our Harit Kachra Kranti whats app group and successfully introduced the concept to school children. We should introduce this in MCD schools as mandatory school project for class four or  five students. At that age children are more receptive to new ideas.The benefits of the project are far reaching and manifold.

Since the creators of the problem to large extent are citizens ! rich or poor ,the solution also lies in our hands.

Ranju Minhas

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