Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Sir this is to inform you that i am resident of Navrachna Appartment East Arjun Nagar delhi 110032. This comes under Ward No 225 of MCD. Almost every house has one patient for fever dengu chickengunia.A complaint no 3679 filed in shahdra south control room no action. A Complaint No 201686310 was filed in PGMS.DELHI.GOVT.IN which was transferred to EAST MCD and Pending with Dr Das still no action The Govt do nothing inside the Cooperative Group Housing Society only work for mcd is cleaning of road outside and fogging which is not done MCD Blaming Delhi Govt when they are insensitive to complaints than they have no rights to blame others. sir now i have  received reply from Deputy Health Officer shadra Soth Zone vide DHO/SHAH(S)2016-17/1721 DATED 23.09.2016 that team visited the area on 16.09.2016 and carried out spray work yes the team visited and sprayed on stagnated water. the inspector has telephoned me  as i was in the office i have reqested them to meet sh n k malhan resident of c-14 a social activist and it was decided that fogging will be done on 17.09.2016 but no body turned up on 18.09.2016 the malaria breeding checker came and told us that fogging will be done after half an hour but no body turned up when this malria staff  telephoned the fogging staff he was told that there is no need for fogging in navrachna appartment . they are doing weekly fogging in nearby LAHRI COLONY AND OTHERS WHICH COMES UNDER WARD NO 226 OUR WARD COMES UNDER WARD NO 225. NOW THERE CONTENTION THAT they are doing weekly work the checkers  comes weekly and put liquid in cooler what about others. this is discrimination with us it is pointed out that as i was complainant so my house was fogged and the fogging was done in three other house all others are left .  i have reported this to all councilor, mp and mla and complaint to chief minister office failed to move this insensitive mcd chander mohan Navrachna appartment east arjun nagar delhi 110032 

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