Friday, September 9, 2016

No fogging done - Anand Vihar - T K Balu


It is a pity that neither the EDMC nor the local administration has taken adequate care and concern about the public's welfare at large nor any advance anticipatory action had been taken to prevent the menace, which has since spread all over Delhi, particularly in East Delhi. To doubly confirm there is no house in Anand Vihar, which has not been affected by the present menace and no efforts have been made by the  EDMC or the Delhi Administration at any stage despite hue and cry! We wonder what our Govt. officials or the so called 'public representatives' are doing in the present precarious situation! Of course, all these politicians would come soon at your doorstep seeking your valuable votes for the next term to ruin further! We must teach them a lesson, which they should remember forever in their life time! What for they had come to public life - to enhance their status through various means at the cost of the public and live a lavish life!! We have not seen so far such a callous situation in EDMC area. Go anywhere you will find garbage piling up-. See the sight in front of schools in Anand Vihar. You could very well realise the state of affairs. How the children and teachers will escape from this menace when such is the precarious situation! No fogging done and no door to door inspection has been carried out to check the ground situation! Will anybody listen to the public hue and cry?

With regards,
TK Balu/Anand Vihar

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