Monday, September 12, 2016

BYPL, BRPL, TPDDL consumers - Do you know ?

RTI reply :  The Electricity Code & Performance Standards 2007 says, "In case, the bill is received late and the time available for payment is less than fifteen days, the consumer may apply within two days of receipt of such bill for extension of due date and the Licensee shall extend the due date so as to allow fifteen clear days from the date of communication of grant of such extension".

अगर आपको, आपका बिजली का बिल देर से मिलता है तो आप अपनी बिजली कंपनी को लिख कर पूरे 15 दिनो का समय माँग सकते हैं. इस का लाभ यह होगा की एक तरफ तो आपको पूरे 15 दिनों का समय मिल जाएगा, दूसरी तरफ आपके ऊपर कोई लेट फी वाली पेनाल्टी भी नही लगेगी.

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This is a clause in the Electricity Code & Performance Standards 2007, that is absolutely favourable to the consumers but I am sure, most of the Delhiites are quite unaware of this favourable regulation of the Delhi Electricity Supply Code & Performance standard, 2007 & if it is given due publicity, it will be beneficial for the consumers.

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