Wednesday, September 14, 2016

RWA- Not too late to act on Chikungunya !

Dear RWA

This is the time for RWA to work more closely with the members in their colonies to ensure that breeding of mosquitoes is stopped and arrested at the earliest stages. Fogging cannot be carried out endlessly and also does not help much

At the level of your RWA please ensure that the primary problem of clear water collection and mosquito breeding is arrested

Please keep on reminding residents through Whatsapp to empty all such flower pots, flower vases, coolers, tyres, open tanks, and other vessels. People are by now aware but need to be reminded on a regular basis. 

Ask the MCD for larvicides and remind people to ensure that the coolers are not allowed to become breeding grounds

If possible ask for fogging but do not depend alone on that- This is a big mistake RWA make

Within the RWA domain carry out regular inspection of water pooling in tanks in the parks, or accumulating in depressions on the ground

All is not lost. Act now


The Secretariat
United RWAs Joint Action

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